Fang Breakers

The following quests require Fang Breakers faction

Quest Name Minimum Faction Required Maximum Faction Allowed
The Broodmother

The following items require Fang Breakers faction to purchase

Item Name Minimum Faction Required
Durus Faycite Shard: Solemn Elixir Max Ally
Durus Faycite Shard: Trial for Power Max Ally
Emblem of the Fang Breakers Max Ally
Serrated Wereorc Dagger Max Ally
Irae Faycite Shard: Galvanic Ash Ally
Irae Faycite Shard: Multichromatic Assault Ally
Spell: Flashflames Rk. II Ally
Spell: Howl at the Moon Rk. II Ally
Spell: Scales of the Reptile Rk. II Ally
Spell: Talisman of the Cougar Rk. II Ally
Spell: Trial for Power Rk. II Ally
Were-Orc Bone Shield Ornamentation Ally
Irae Faycite Shard: Ethereal Burn Warmly
Spell: Arc of Arrows Rk. II Kindly
Spell: Aurora of Morrow Rk. II Kindly
Spell: Bite of the Borrower Rk. II Kindly
Spell: Bonestitch Charm Rk. II Kindly
Spell: Eleventh-Hour Rk. II Kindly
Spell: Survival of the Fittest Rk. II Kindly
Tome of Battle Frenzy Rk. II Kindly
Tome of Knuckle Smash Rk. II Kindly
Knuckle Bone Stringing Cord Indifferent
Bloodmoon Taxidermy Kit Apprehensive
Knuckle Bone Extractor Apprehensive

Zones in which you can raise the faction

Zones in which you can lower the faction

NPCs you can kill to raise the faction

Quests you can do to raise the faction

NPCs you kill to lower the faction

Quests you do to lower the faction

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Max ally not rq
# Jun 14 2009 at 1:45 AM Rating: Decent
48 posts
Agreed max ally not needed.
Ally Faction
# Feb 24 2009 at 7:08 PM Rating: Decent
54 posts
Emblem of the Fang Breakers, Serrated Werewolf Dagger, and Were-Orc Bone Shield Ornamentation all became available the moment my toon reached ally faction, along with the type 3 augs and all rank II spells. Max ally is not required.
faction mobs
# Nov 30 2008 at 9:01 PM Rating: Good
at shadowmane camp

Shadowmane Totemcaller and Champion both give fangbreakers faction
# Jan 18 2008 at 7:56 PM Rating: Decent
74 posts
nvm i see it up there

Edited, Jan 18th 2008 10:57pm by serogy
# Jan 09 2008 at 5:12 AM Rating: Decent
Do u get spells from doing this faction?
# Apr 05 2008 at 12:09 AM Rating: Decent
1,272 posts

The spells are sold by Derak Fangbreaker (who should also be listed as a "NPC you kill to lower this faction").
Another Quest for Faction
# Nov 29 2007 at 6:19 PM Rating: Decent
23 posts
Quest given by Tyrinam (loc: -2583, 1153) in Loping Plains also gives Fang Breaker Faction
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