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Tier Two in Secrets of Faydwer consists of Bloodmoon Keep, The Mechamatic Guardian, The Hills of Shade, The Crypt of Shade, The Fortress Mechanotus, and the Gyrospires Beza and Zeka.

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Difficulty Info

T2 zones are roughly equivalent to Frostcrypt in The Serpent's Spine in terms of difficulty.


T2 armor is better better than Praetorian's in TBS, and has 35% focii. T2 armor also has a considerable number of mod2's, including several ones just introduced with SoF. The T2 armor sets: Leather is Scratched Hide, Chain is Alloy-Linked, Plate is Warped Steel, Silk is Glossy Silk.


Name Proc Drop Info Ratio Type
Hook-Bladed Hand Axe Flesh Rot II Thornheart 31/22 Generic 1hs
Exoskeleton Backup Short sword Shock of Spikes Jon E V 29+4/22 Generic 1hs
Yarnhilted LongswordRune III Ebontail 56+5/33 Knight-only 1hs
Axe of Vine Hewing Chaotic Strike IV Erollisi`s Spite 29+7/24 War-only 1hs
Grawlthin's AxeEthereal Strike Grawlthin 68+1/34 Generic 2hs
Tristos' Weighted WrenchBite of Bertoxxulous Engineer Tristos 30+3/23 Generic 1hb
Steelgrip Power-WrenchRoot Bablage, Master Lifter 34/25 Generic 1hb
Hardened Slime CudgelHand of Holy Vengeance V Metal Slime 41+2/25 Priest 1hb
Energized Hydraulic RodNone Garden Keeper IXV 24+1/25 Caster-only 1hb
Main Whirlie Propeller ShaftFiery Strike III Whirlie Fizzlebot 70+3/36 Generic 2hb
All-Purpose LongwrenchNone The Gearmarshal 59/33 Caster-only 2hb
Shortblade of Heart PiercingLifesap II Kaestille Pureheart 26/19 Generic 1hp
Pointed Control ShaftShock of Spikes Steam Engineer LIIV 28+1/21 Secondary-only 1hp
Magma-ground DirkNone Chief Machinist Bildarol 18/19 Caster-only 1hp
Perilous Pike Lifesap III Siegemarshal Kenti Tinwhistle 60+1/30 Generic 2hp
Sanguine SpearLifesap III The Collector 64+2/32 Knight-only 2hp
Deadly Weeder's KnivesFlesh Rot III Groundskeeper Cotongle 26+1/18 HtH
Ralfin's BloodorbNone Ralfin 28/19 HtH
Elkhorn LongbowImproved Dodge II Lian Swiftstalker 36/25 Bow

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