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What is Overseer

The Overseer system was introduced into Everquest during the March 11, 2020 patch.


- Become the Overseer! Gain the loyalty of iconic Agents and protect Norrath from the ever-present ripples of Discord. Send your Agents on harrowing Overseer Quests, into moments spanning the entirety of Norrath's history, and restore balance where you can. Along the way, you'll gain fabulous rewards and grow in power. You may even draw the attention of Norrath's most famous heroes, and perhaps a few particularly nefarious villains. Do you have what it takes to gain the allegiance of Norrath's elite?
- Access the Overseer interface via the EQ Menu > Quests > Overseer option, or by entering the command /overseer.
- A mysterious presence in the Plane of Knowledge is interested in the coin gained through Overseer Quests.

How do I get started?

You can get to the Overseer interface a couple ways.

  • Click on the EQ button, Quests, and then Overseer.
  • Type /overseer

You will be presented by the Overseer UI and placed into the Quests tab with a tutorial quest. I was given the quest The Overseer Rises as my first tutorial quest.

It tells you to Select Agent to add the Faydark Bandit to the Quest Party. I click on Select Agent button below and it adds a Bandit in the Available Agents section below.

Quest List

The Overseer Rises


A ripple of Discord passes through Greater Faydark, disrupting what should be a moment of peace. An orcish warband that should not exist is on the move. But where Discord appears so too can Order. And even unlikely allies can become agents of balance under the right conditions.

Click [Select Agent] to add the [Faydark Bandit] to the [Quest Party]. Then click [Start Quest]. Duration: 5s Success: 74%

The Start Quest button is greyed out but I am able to preview the reward.

Clicking on the Bandit button in the Available Agents section it adds 1 of the two bandits to the Quest Party section. It labels it as Spy (1). Now the Start Quest button is available. I clock on Start Quest! button. It asks "Are you sure you want to start The Overseer Rises? It will be moved to your Active Quests Tab for 5s and the following Agents will be unavailable while the Quest is Active: Bandit."

I click yes. It shows me the Duration: Finished and Success: Success! 2 buttons are available, Collect Reward! and Preview Reward. I click Collect Reward and I am presented with a new window that wants me to select between 2 rewards. Overseer Agent Lorist The First Recovery.

I select Overseer Lorist and it shows in the chat window that "Lorist has been added to your collection of Overseer Agents." "You have successfully been granted your reward for: Tutorial - The Overseer Rises"

It puts me in the Active Quests tab which doesn't show any active quests. It tells me "No active overseer quests are running at this time. Go to the Quests tab to start an overseer quest."

I click on the Quests tab again and it shows a new quest named The First Recovery.

The First Recovery


The struggle continues. Our unlikely ally, the Faydark Bandit, is now a prisoner of Crushbone! Perhaps a clever agent like the Kelethin Lorist can orchestrate a jail break and bring an end to this disruption?

In the Quest Party section I shown a Common Diplomat (1). I click on Select Agent, and it adds Lorist (1) down in the Available Agents. I click on the Lorist button and it adds it to the Quest Party section.

I click Start Quest! and say Yes to the popup. Within 5 seconds it shows it's finished. I click on the Collect Reward button.

I am presented with 3 options to choose from for the reward. Recover Agent, Overseer Agent: Gatherer, and The First Conversion. I click on Recover Agent.

It shows in my chat window, "Gatherer has been added to your collection of Overseer Agents." "You have successfully been granted your reward for Tutorial - The First Recovery"

The First Conversion

Stronger allies must be found if balance is to prevail, and those that have already fought deserve a rest. By returning agents to their original path, a peerless new ally may be sought to continue the fight.

Add the [Faydark Bandit], the [Forest Gatherer], and the [Kelethin Lorist] to the [Quest Party]. The click [Start QUest!].

Duration: 5s Success: 74%

Preview Reward shows me:

Tutorial - The First Conversion

All of the options for this reward include: Overseer Agent: Equestrielle The First Recruitment: Ak'Anon The First Recruitment: Felwithe The First Recruitment: Kaladim The First Recruitment: Kelethin

I click on Select Agent button for each Any Common Job ( 1 ) sections and click below on each agent int he Available Agents section.

The Success: changes to 100%

Then I click on the Start Quest! button.

It shows me all my agents were incapacitated. Suffering from: Released (permanent)

Gatherer has been removed from your collection of Overseer Agents. Lorist has been removed from your collection of Overseer Agents. Bandit has been removed from your collection of Overseer Agents.

Duration: Finished Success: Success!

I click on the Collect Reward! button and choose Overseer Agent: Equestrielle

Equestrielle has been added to your collection of Overseer Agents. You have been successfully been granted your reward for Tutorial - The First Conversion

The First Recruitment Kelethin

With our new ally, an opportunity to recruit more agents has arisen. Her ability with nature should inspire the wood elves of Kelethin to join the cause.

Click [Select Agent] to add [Equestrielle] to the [Quest Party]. Then click [Start Quest!].

Duration: 5s Success 74%

I click on Select Agent and then Equestrielle from my available agents. It shows the Bonuses: from this agent to be Unicorn. Negatives: is blank.

Success changed to 100%

Under my agent reads.

Incapacitation Risk: 15% Type: Exhausted (36 hours)

I click on Start Quest! and hit Yes on the prompt.

Duration: Finished! Success: Success!

No Incapacitation!

I click on Collect Reward and I show the following rewards:

Overseer Agent: Silverwind
Overseer Agent: Lookout
Overseer Agent: Wander
Overseer Agent: Guard
Overseer Agent: Herbalist
Overseer Agent: Scoutmaster
Overseer Agent: Slavers
Overseer Agent: Scout
Overseer Agent: Minstrel

I select Overseen Agent: Silverwind.

I see the following text in my chat window.

Your available Overseer Quests have been rotated.
Silverwind has been added to your collection of Overseer Agents.
Lookout has been added to your collection of Overseer Agents.
Wanderer has been added to your collection of Overseer Agents.
Guard has been added to your collection of Overseer Agents.
Herbalist has been added to your collection of Overseer Agents.
Scoutmaster has been added to your collection of Overseer Agents.
Slavers has been added to your collection of Overseer Agents.
Scout has been added to your collection of Overseer Agents.
Minstrel has been added to your collection of Overseer Agents.
You have successfully been granted your reward for: Tutorial - The First Recruitment: Kelethin


Acolyte of BrellCommon
Advocate of BrellCommon
AkAnon EngineerCommon
AkAnon GuardCommon
Ambassador DvinnCommon
Anitohk the EverlivingCommon
Avatar of BrellCommon
Avatar of TunareElite
Bandit LookoutCommon
Banker RylisanUncommon
Barbed Bone SkeletonCommon
Barrith the BraveRare
Bilge FarfathomUncommon
Bimbalicus the SoulbleederRare
Blighted ScarecrowCommon
Butler SyncallRare
Captain SilverwindUncommon Iconic
Captive ElementalCommon
Cargo ClockworkCommon
Cauldron CliffdiverCommon
Cauldron MerchantCommon
Cavalier DevolahRare
Cloaked DhampyreCommon
Clockwork VIIXUncommon
Commander GearwellUncommon
Conium DarkbladeCommon
Coral CarverCommon
Crypt GhoulCommon
Crystallos Stone TraderCommon
Cursed RemnantCommon
Cursed TreantCommon
Dabner DredneverRare
Dark Elf CourierUncommon
Dark Reflection PoisonerCommon
Darkvine EntrancerCommon
Darkvine NightcreeperCommon
Darkvine ThistleCommon
Darvine ShadereaperCommon
Deathly HarbingerCommon
Deathly UsherCommon
Deathspore DecomposerCommon
Deep Muse HealerCommon
Dragnol CookCommon
Dragoon SzornCommon
Drangol CookCommon
Dwarven BlacksmithCommon
Dwarven LorekeeperCommon
Dwarven Trinket SellerCommon
Dwigus LowaterUncommon
Elder Fire DrakeUncommon
Elder Ice DrakeCommon
Eldritch WandererCommon
Elia the PureCommon
Emissary of CrystallosCommon
Emperor CrushElite
Ennixy FrennorCommon
Enraged Dwarf SkeletonCommon
EquestrielleUncommon Iconic
Estrella of GloomwaterCommon
Exiled LegionnaireUncommon
Faerie CourtierCommon
Faerie GuardCommon
Faerie Royal GuardCommon
Faerie TroublemakerCommon
Fallen NobleCommon
Farios ElianosUncommon
Faydark BanditCommon
Fippy DarkpawCommon
Firiona VieElite
First Ranger KeleCommon
Firstlight RefugeeCommon
Forest GathererCommon
Forpar FizflaUncommon
Free Diving LimnologistCommon
Galeth VeredethRare
Garanel RucksifRare
Glyphed GhoulUncommon
Goblin GruntsCommon
Goblin MapmakerCommon
Golden Haired MermaidCommon
Guard OrcflayerCommon
Guardian of the KeepCommon
Head Administrator GriganoCommon
Ice DrakeCommon
Inquisitive WandererCommon
Joren NobleheartRare
Junk DealerCommon
Kaladim GuardCommon
Kelethin GuardCommon
Kelethin HerbalistCommon
Kelethin InnkeeperCommon
Kelethin InnkeeperCommon
Kelethin LoristCommon
Kimble NogflopCommon
King Kazon StormhammerElite
King Tearis ThexElite
Kirathas DruidCommon
Kirathas VillagerCommon
Lady ChiasaRare
Lanika ShadstepperCommon
Lord Nethryn the ArbitratoRare
Lorisyn OakwyndRare
Lyirae OakwyndRare
Magus TiraCommon
Maid IssisRare
Marcia AttamilgadElite
Masked ChangelingCommon
Mayong MistmooreElite
Meldrath the MalignantElite
Minotaur LordUncommon
Mistmoore AdvisorUncommon
Nightrage DecapitatorCommon
Nightrage NarcissistCommon
Nightrage ProtectorCommon
Nightwalker ScavengerCommon
Nybright SistersCommon
Nylianne the TrueRare
Nyzil BloodforgeRare
Ognit EznertobRare
Orc ArsonistUncommon
Orc ChiefCommon
Orc EmissaryCommon
Orc LegionnaireCommon
Orc ScoutmasterCommon
Orc SlaversCommon
Orc TaskmasterCommon
Orc TrainerCommon
Orc WarlordCommon
Overseer Gakkor DeepscarUncommon
Overvolt Rigster the IVRare
Peg LegCommon
Phinigel AutroposElite
Pixie JongleurCommon
Pixie TricksterCommon
Priest of DiscordUncommon
Priest of NajenaCommon
Princess JoleenaRare
Reaver LebanezerCommon
Reclusive Ghoul MagusCommon
Retlon BrenclogCommon
Rogue ClockworkCommon
Scavenge DiverCommon
Scion Grave ScourerCommon
Servant of the AncientsCommon
Shadowman LeaderUncommon
Shadowmane WarriorCommon
Shadowy ScrivenerCommon
Shifty JenkinsRare
Siege SpecialistCommon
Signus BoranCommon
Sister DonnaCommon
Sleepers AcolyteCommon
Sneering GargoyleCommon
Soul SeductressCommon
Steam TraderCommon
Steam ZealotCommon
Steamwork HunterCommon
Steamwork MenderCommon
Steamwork Shock TrooperCommon
Tandan NybrightCommon
Teirdal ProphetCommon
The CollectorRare
The ProphetUncommon
Thistle UnderbrushUncommon
Thubr AxebringerRare
Tormented DeadCommon
Trapped ElementalUncommon
Trueborn EmbalmerCommon
Tumpy IrontoeUncommon
Tunarian ScoutCommon
Undead BarkeepCommon
Undertow SkeletonCommon
Unrest NobleCommon
Usbak the OldCommon
Vicious WorgCommon
Wandering GreenbloodCommon
Wandering MinstrelCommon
Wandering TinkerCommon
Werewolf GypsyCommon


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