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Dargot Morte was born in the great town of Rivervale to a big family. His mother believed in The Goddess Karana, and taught him her ways. His loving Father, one of the High Paladins of Mithaniel Marr, began Dargot�s training when he was a young child. Dargot learned some of the best swordplay, from his father, friends, and from Marr on occasion. Soon after becoming a young man, his family-life was destroyed. One night while Dargot was playing with his friend the goblins mounted a massive assault on his city. His father fought to the death defending his land and family. Sadly during that battle his mother was also slain along with is brother and sisters. When Dargot arrived home to see his house still in flames. He cursed the gods for allowing this to happen. He had nothing. His life was a mess. He spoke to his friend and together they began their journey, but the life of an immortal goddess got in the way; taking from him the last ties to home. He began to seek another way of life. Through much study of the art of war he cleanse the forest of the infestation. Hearing the need of assistants in the land of Faydwer, the land of the Elves, he journeyed the seas. He spoke before a council of Elves asking to find where he could best assist. The High-Elves sent him to there close neighbors, the Wood-Elves. He went before the council of Wood-Elves and was granted the assistance of a young druid who followed the ways of Tunare to help in the removal of the Orc invasion. He soon took upon him the last name of Morte. This he did, because it seemed that death would always follow him.