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Golden Ear Stud  

Slot: EAR
INT: +3
Focus: Burning Affliction I
WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)

Item Type:Armor
Merchant Value:0 pp 1 gp 5 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Tiana
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-12-11 07:08:00
Page Updated:Mon Jul 6th, 2020

Expansion: Original Original

Average Price: No Data Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 4

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This item is the result of a quest.
Expansion List - Premium only.
Quest Name
Find Lucie Elron
The Gnome Take


This item is found on creatures.

Lake Rathetear
NPC Name
a gnoll embalmer

Qeynos Hills
NPC Name
Varsoon the Undying


Uploaded November 27th, 2008
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Still dropping
# Jun 25 2023 at 9:32 AM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Server: Oakwynd TLP
Expansion: Original
Location: Lake Rathetear near South Karana Zone line.
Summary: After MANY Embalmer kills I was beginning to think I wasted my time. It did indeed drop... finally. Note: There is a quest or two that have a better chance of getting this earring.
Placeholder spawn time "adjusted"
# Sep 22 2008 at 9:17 AM Rating: Decent
This used to be awesome, till they fixed the placeholder respawn time.
It's now 30 ticks (3 minutes). It used to be 3 ticks (18 seconds!)
It was great to go here at level 8 when I got the new pet, to equip myself and sell a couple for decent money.

Now you're looking at an hour or two to get an ear stud unless you're fairly lucky.
It's totally random whether you'll get the dress from Cuburt, plus totally random what the reward will be, so maybe 1 in 30 placeholder/Cuburt kills will get you an ear stud. It used to just take 2-4 minutes to get a dress drop. Those were the days, oh well :)

Like everyone said below, just camp the bloody spot at +135,-62 and every three minutes (after killing the last placeholder) a mangy rat, gel cube, sewer rat, or Cuburt will spawn. You can ignore giant sewer rats, spiders, beetles, beggars, etc. About 1 in 6 times at a guess he'll drop the dress. Turn it in to Zamel by the pool outside the bank area, and (guessing again) 1 in 5 times the reward will be the stud.

How to get there: sewer entrances got shuffled from time to time long ago but it's been the same for years now. Get in the water by Zamel and swim down the hole inside the little "cave" area. Swim out to the east, continue forward until you hit land, and you're at the end of the route the placeholders patrol (+230, -180). You can wait here or go south, west along the walkway, and south again to the blood spot marking the spawn point at +135,-62.

Edit: use the soulbinder by the bank so you can just gate back to ZAmel whenever you get a dress drop.

Re-edit: I think I need to up the camp time estimates...I just spent 4 hours, got only 3 dresses, and no ear stud :/

Edited, Sep 22nd 2008 1:41pm by Azrin

Edited, Sep 26th 2008 10:37pm by Azrin
Placeholder spawn time "adjusted"
# Feb 27 2011 at 5:08 PM Rating: Good
4,580 posts
My experience matches up well with what others had been saying:

-cubert always spawned on the same red/burnt spot by where the frogloks are lazily floating.
-mangy rat spawned there too.
-some others things were there, but I was mass killing so I didn't isolate it (needed silks anyways so was more useful than sitting for 3 minutes).

approx. 20 cubert kills in about 6 hours. 4 dresses dropped. 1st two turn ins gave me hematite. 2nd two I got earrings.
Does this wear out
# Feb 11 2003 at 1:38 PM Rating: Decent
Used the stud happily for a month - each time I got a message someemthing like, "ear stud sparkles" when I cast a root or snare spell. About two weeks ago, I stopped getting the message. Does this mean the stud isn't working, or just that the message was cut out in one of the patches? I'm still wearing it in hopes it is doing its job silently.
RE: Does this wear out
# Jul 22 2003 at 2:13 PM Rating: Default
The affliction line no longer affects roots or snares. They removed that component as far as I heard
RE: Does this wear out
# Feb 11 2003 at 8:25 PM Rating: Excellent
Doesn't wear out. You'll still get the message, if you cast your lower level damage over time spells. Only works on spells up to level 24.

Also, in the last patch, they "fixed" the bug that had the affliction items working on snare, root, charm, slow...

Was never supposed to work on those, according to sony. Just took them 9 months to fix :(
info on quest
# Jul 30 2002 at 8:11 PM Rating: Excellent
674 posts
Did this quest yesterday on the Luclin server. I am normally on Terris thule. This quest rocks. The only thing I am dissapointed about is that I did it at level 10 and had a FEW turquoise conned Gel cubes. (so SOME xp) I am an ENCHANTER. I was seeing a weird pattern and some glitchy stuff with the place holders. Like i could kill one and one would spawn and de-spawn really quick, or poof out. or like 3 cubers in a row.

I would get *Sewer rat,sewer rat,gel cube,gel cube,mangy rat,cubert* it seemed to have the mangy rat very seldom, and it would churn out the same spawn several times in a row. The large spider AND fire beatle also seem to kind of go the same path. Another thing is the Begger would fight the mangy rat, and take it out.

Sometimes to try and force the placeholders to cycle I would not loot the body all the way. Leaving a gel cube and a mangy rat, in hopes that would force cubert to spawn.

Some of the loot os OK, its not great. the ONLY loot thats worth it down there is the dress (of course) and the plagued rats tails which for me sold for 1.7 pp. thats a lot to a poor chanter.

Ummm I found all the spawns very easy, I would stand, root, chaotic feedback and fight for a bit. Now... about the pets. its not all true. I decided to summon a pet, he made it MUCH faster, and I was taking some decent damage at times without one. (the gel cubes have this amazing and exagerated reach for attack) The trick is ROOT the mob or kill it quick and then like the one guy said.... attack somehting else fast. You will not loose your pet.

Also the dress now is LORE. you can only have one at a time. Sometimes as a reward he gave Hematite, and that was a really crappy reward. he WAS apprehensive, and after ILLUSION HUMAN and ALLIANCE he was AIMIABLE. What else can i tell you all? I DID get 2 earrings off about 5-6 dresses. The earrings ALSO now have a FOCUS EFFECT something like EXTENDED AFLICTION (I) - it seems to make my root and some other spells last longer. I HEARD it will stack, so its like i have effect focus II. Thats very nice and it IS noticable. tht makes it worth it. +6 int and a focus.

OH yea and thanks to those who told the EXACT location (under bank bridge) and info on quest. And the pet info about attacking a mob right away to get pet back. You guys rock.


Edited, Tue Jul 30 21:24:44 2002
· 'Valdon Gravedancer' Terris-Thule. Dwarven Cleric 34th circle.
· 'Junglebug Sugarpants' Terris-Thule. Halfling Druid. 52nd season.
· 'Shinook Eldergod' Terris-Thule. Troll Shaman of 32nd rite.
· 'Soultree Vixen' Terris-Thule. Woodelf Ranger of 34th season.
RE: info on quest
# Sep 26 2004 at 10:01 PM Rating: Decent
220 posts
Did this quest as lvl 13 Wizard. Killed gnolls in Butcherblock with group for few hours to get up faction from indiff. to amiable with Zemel- i am gnome. Spent 4 5 hours of easy fighting. The Tunnel by the bank works both ways .. but going out have to look up to see. Well worth it for 2 rings - 6 int
:=))... remember the dress is lore - so do a turn in each time - its very close with the zone up the water tunnel. Great!!! newbie quest addition - there arent many for int casters past basic newbie armor - which is also great improvement. Have fun all.
RE: info on quest
# Sep 27 2004 at 9:56 AM Rating: Good
3,705 posts
This isn't an addition, this quest has been in the game since the beginning. I used to do this quest back in 2001 when I first started playing EQ.
No need form quest
# Jun 14 2002 at 1:18 AM Rating: Excellent
This drops also in Southern Karana from the named gnoll just about 200 meters from the bridge at the zone to Northern Karana. His name is Ghanex Drah.

I killed him many times and dropped the earring at least 3 times within 2 days (real life time).

He is about 10 minutes pop and about lvl 15. He has a skeleton pet which is never higher lvl then Ganex Drah himself.

Edited, Fri Jun 14 02:14:58 2002
# Jun 09 2002 at 12:05 AM Rating: Default
This quest mainly depends on luck. LOTS of luck. I camped Cuburt with another guy, and for 5 straight kills he NEVER dropped a dress. I somehow managed to hit the luck jackpot: I managed to get a dress AND get the stud after I turned in the dress.

I think faction does have something to do with it. Zamel is amiable to me, a human agnostic magician. (After doing some minor faction quests.) However, a karana worshipping halfling ranger only got a gem for turning in the dress.
RE: Cuburt
# Jun 09 2002 at 11:56 AM Rating: Decent
3,705 posts
There is NO faction associated with the reward for this quest, if he gives you anything, you will have the same chance of a stud as anyone else. I have done this quest so many times I don't want to think about it, and a few times have gotten cubert in less than 10 minutes, gotten the dress, and then the stud. Other times, it took an hour to get a dress, and then got a gem, or even worse, several, before I got the stud. It is RANDOM.

Edited, Sun Jun 9 12:53:28 2002
# Aug 27 2001 at 7:59 PM Rating: Default
This quest does not depend on faction as far as I can tell most of the factors are random. I personnaly started this quest with my dark elf wizard conning dubious to zamel. I got the earing on my first try. It was pretty lucky, but goes to show that it is not faction dependent. The real limiting factor thus far has been the rate at which cubert spawns with the dress. I will post my full results when I am done camping cubert. I did try to do muffin quest to raise faction, but the bakery was out of muffins, so I gave the human enc that decided to help me the greater lightstone I got off a wisp off the boring run from nk for his effort.
RE: faction
# Jan 25 2002 at 9:39 AM Rating: Decent
Last time I checked, at dubious faction with Citizens of Qeynos (which both quest-givers are on) you would recieve no reward for turning in the dress. Both npc suspect that you are the one who killed the girl and will not reward you.
Bought mine for 8pp
# Jul 12 2001 at 3:26 PM Rating: Default
3,705 posts
I bought one of these from a guy in North Ro, for 8pp. Guess it was as good a deal as he said.
A study of Cuburt and the Golden Earrings
# Jun 28 2001 at 9:48 PM Rating: Excellent
Scroll File: Cuburt
Study: Qijnopix Quillpen

I first became familiar with Cuburt on accident, though I've now killed him more times than the average individual uses 'Sense Heading'.


Find the Sewer Custodian Zamel, and leap into the water next to him; under the bridge, and under a small niche, there is a tunnel down. Do not change directions, but go straight into it. Upon reaching the bottom, the passage forks off to the right and the left; the left goes further into the aqueducts. Take the right. You will go up another tunnel and come out into the air in a passage. Keep swimming straight on, and you'll quickly find a stone bridge.

First you should become familiar with your surroundings. The bridge begins at an alcove to your right, and swings around to a platform to the far left. The platform is useless; ignore it. Where the bridge turns off to the left, leading to the platform, will be referred to as the 'BATTLE POINT'. The alcove consists of a the main bridge, with a path running off of it to the left, which thusly swings around to a small water hole and the bridge. When you initially turn left into this alcove, there is a large black grease spot in the earth. This I've learned is actually corroded rock from the constant corrosive slime that the gelentanous cubes shed.

There are various creatures upon this platform: They include a large rat, a giant rat, a sewer rat, a mangy rat, a gelentanous cube, a fire beetle, a large snake, and a large spider. In your quest for Cuburt, ignore the fire beetles, giant rats, large rats, and spiders. If you see any mangy rats, sewer rats, or geletanous cubes, you will want to kill them - these are the only creatures that block Cuburt out.


Just past the burnt spot mentioned above, the creatures you will need to kill (Sewer rats, mangy rats, and Geletanous Cubes) will appear. The sewer rats are just barely more powerful than large rats; the mangy rats are little concern, for upon spawning they will often simply attack whatever creature it's nearest to, often ending up dead in the fight. The Geletanous Cubes can be dangerous for anyone of a lower skill - they can take around 150-250 damage, and hit for 10-14 depending on how strong they are. They also occasionally can slime you while attacking, using the Gela Root technique, which does not last for long, but can be annoying.

The biggest factors when hunting Cuburt, as with any creature, are Time and Patience. These can be greatly reduced with a very simple and effective method of hunting.

For the Mangy Rats and Sewer Rats, don't worry about them much; 20-30 damage will kill them, which can be dealt fairly quickly. If you do low damage though, use the techniques below.

When the creature in question spawns at the burn spot, attack them once and turn to run. Run down the bridge to the "BATTLE POINT" mentioned in the previous AREA section.

When you hurt one of these creatures, wether they be cube or rat, they will inadvertantly run. When they do this, they will go to one of two places depending on where they are. If you fight a creature near the wide Platform to the left far end of the bridge, they will simply jump into the water and swim down the corridors. Unless you're a very fast swimmer, these can be difficult to follow, and if you're commanding a pet that chases after the creature, do not plan on seeing it again for a time.

If you battle a creature at the Battle Point or closer to the alcove, however, they will still head for the water. The creature will head up the bridge, take a right turn onto a small bridge, and jump down into the tunnel that you originally entered the Acqueducts from. If the creature reaches the water, swim down the acquduct tunnel, and then go straight; you will find the fleeing monster stuck against the far wall. Swimming a few feet away, you can then easily kill them, resetting Cuburt's spawn.

However, this is time consuming, and takes much patience; therefore, pull the creature in question all the way to the Battle Point, or even a little past (but not too far, or they'll just jump in the water). This will allow you the maximum amount of time to kill the monster before he gets to the water. This way, I and various companions of mine, of various levels, have had perhaps one in fifteen creatures actually make it into the water, more then halving the time spent searching for Cuburt.


Cuburt will attack you on sight; when you kill one of the Cuburt place holders, run to the blackened spot, and either sit or just stand, waiting. If he spawns, he will immediately attack you. Cuburt is shorter then a dwarf, and looks in all other respects like any other Cube. He hits anywhere from 7-10 damage, can GelaRoot like his larger brothers, and has around 100hp.

The Battle Point is ESSENTIAL for Cuburt. Don't so much as touch him before you pull him there. If Cuburt gets into the water, he won't go up against the opposite wall as other creatures do; he'll simply disappear. And after waiting for him for half an hour, you do not want this to happen.

If you are a monk or other melee individual with attacks other then your regular, such as kicks or bashes, don't use them during the normal fight after you bring Cuburt to the Battle Point. Save special attacks, spells and such for after he starts running - he'll take off with about 30-40hp left, and you need to kill him before he hits the water.

Cuburt randomly appears. I recorded three individual hunting sessions - in each I spent 2 hours using these methods. The first time Cuburt spawned 8 times, with 3 dresses. The second time 9 times with 3 dresses, and the last time he appeared 11 times with 4 dresses. I received 6 Hematite gems and 4 Golden Earrings - the earrings I kept for myself, and sold the other two for 20pp each. Cuburt would occasionally spawn, then a sewer rat or other placeholder would spawn, then Cuburt would spawn again. This happened twice - generally he appears every 20 minutes or so if you're moving at optimal speed. The longest period of time between appearances was 35 minutes.

Other then the dress, Cuburt will drop snake scales, rat whiskers, and an occasional gem to be sold for 3-7gp. After 6 hours of camping Cuburt in individual 2-hour cases, I came out with 4 Golden Earrings, and a small cache of silver jewelry.

Best of luck in the sewers, and beware the slime - the green is safe, but the large brown piles should be avoided. These are sewers, afterall.

- Qijnopix Quillpen

(At the bottom of the scroll is a note scribbled in sloppy, sometimes backward ink)

This Bokbok. Me take care uf Qijie's papers. Qijie stoopit sumtimes; he forget easy stuff. He no told you be nice with Zamel, who you give da poor gurl's dresses to, utherwise you no get the nice gold ring, just lots of dum black rocks. Black rocks no good fur Ogre like me. If Zamel gived me a rock I'd smashum.

Another Place
# Jun 13 2001 at 7:59 AM Rating: Decent
There is a necromancer that is, id say about level 14 in South Kararna. He too will drop the golden ear stud. Ive killed him once with me ranger and never went to kill him again. But I did get that earring.
RE: Another Place
# Apr 22 2002 at 3:12 AM Rating: Decent
where's the necro? cubert is making me really, really mad.

Laewenen Vanexit, rogue of xev
# May 26 2001 at 11:24 PM Rating: Default
I did the quest while zamel ( the giver of the quest ) was way aprehensive .. hmm dosn't compute with the above post
RE: faction
# May 26 2001 at 11:25 PM Rating: Default
ups the post below ;)
still active
# May 16 2001 at 9:36 AM Rating: Decent
Just yesterday 5/15/2001 camped old Cuburt for a few hours with my lowly level 12 wizard. At first was concerned that the quest was no longer active. Cuburt dropping snake scales, 2 cp, etc. On the first dress drop, Cuburt 8 or so, my Erudite wizard recieved a hematite and exp. Saw no movement in blue but text said he gained experience. The next Cuburt dropped a dress, which when turned over gained an earring. After 5 dresses, I had 3 earrings. Hit another slump, with nothing but rat whiskers, or snake scales then 3 more earrings over 5 dresses. I am not saying it runs in a cycle, I am saying that stay with it, dresses will fall, and earrings earned. A couple of points, when I had an earring equipped, none were given, took earring off character, and poof earring. Coincidence? Also Shock of lightning, 78 HPs, puts him down now, no muss, no fuss. Only PHs I saw were sewer rats or gelantinous cubes. Spawns within a minute of death. Total exp over 6 earrings was bout a blue bubble. Do not pay 27PP for these, unless unable to take out Cuburt.
Good Hunting to all who read this
RE: still active
# Jan 25 2002 at 9:44 AM Rating: Decent
Mangy Rats are also placeholders.
# Apr 24 2001 at 5:14 PM Rating: Default
for the quest you have to be in good faction with the giver of the quest... better than indifferent
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