Jaggedpine Druid Tunic  

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Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Armour Set
  • Experience
  • Faction
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    Era:Planes of Power
    Group Size:Solo
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    Nolan Greenwood may be found at 1052, 1825, -9.73.

    You say, 'Hail, Nolan Greenwood'

    Nolan Greenwood gives a gentle nod to ______, 'Greetings. I am Nolan Greenwood, warder of the Jaggedpine and retainer of our [ancient ways]. The recent introduction of [outsiders] whose faith and loyalties mimic our own toward The Rainkeeper has led to the rebirth of a long lost excitement and use for my talents, thus my presence here today. Usually, I would not be so easily found for when presented with the choice, for I prefer the sanctuary of the open forest to the confining walls of my room here at Fort Jaggedpine.'

    You say, 'What ancient ways?'

    Nolan Greenwood says 'As with any culture, my friend, there are countless established ways of life, worship, law, and order. It would be impossible for me to explain all of our ancient ways in a single conversation -- and even more impossible would it be for you to understand them. You must experience and [accept them as your own] to fully understand.''

    You say, 'I accept them as my own.'

    Nolan Greenwood raises a brow and gives a gentle, warm smile to ______'s declaration, 'I see, and am very pleased to know that your interest has grown and your heart is opened to know the path of The Rainkeeper. As I retain the laws and order of nature that we of the Jaggedpine have sworn ourselves to, I will be more than willing to give you what words I can to guide you toward true discovery of what it means to be of The Rainkeeper's service and pledge. The rest shall be taught through your own experience in these [trials].'

    You say, 'What trials?'

    Nolan Greenwood says 'To show your devotion to the natural world and strengthen your abilities to protect it, you must engage in a symbiotic relationship with nature. As you give your devotion and one day your life to the natural world, it will equally provide the [tools] that will aid you to execute the duties and protection you have pledged to uphold.'

    You say, 'What tools?'

    Nolan Greenwood says 'Sustenance, shelter, and the necessities that we must have to survive are all provided by the world that we must protect. The wilderness will also lend its spiritual force to you, and it is the fullest potential of that spiritual force that I can see you and many other druids have yet to truly harness. Do not think that we reave these things from nature -- for as I said, our relationship must be mutual. If you invest the time and prayer to [ask of her], she shall provide the rest to these needs most willingly -- as a mother would her beloved child.'

    You say, 'What shall I ask of her?'

    Nolan Greenwood says 'These questions are not of the vocal expression, my friend. To request nature's aid, you must go in-search of that aid. In that search, you will provide unto her nothing less than a service equal to what it is you seek. My beloved daughter, Cheyloh, and [I shall guide you] through this quest.'

    You say, 'How shall you guide me?'

    Nolan Greenwood says 'I will give you the guidance of words and my knowledge of the details pertaining to your tasks. My experience and talents in the ways of making proper and the most efficient use of that which nature will grant you in gratitude of your service to her shall be at your disposal as necessary and appropriate. The first of your tasks will be to acquire and return to me two items -- [Silver Griffon Feathers] and a [Jade Studded Rawhide Tunic].''

    You say, 'What Silver Griffon Feathers?'

    Nolan Greenwood says 'There is a beast known as the Silver Griffon whom lurks in the darkest of shadows cast by Luclin's light. Although this creature was born of those that are natural, the Silver Griffon himself is not. Once a great and powerful creature of the Karana Plains, the beast known as the Silver Griffon was killed and its spirit corrupted by the priests of The Plaguebringer when their scourge was brought upon those plains not too long past. Put this creature to rest and from its ethereal wings, bring me its silver feathers.''

    You say, 'What Jade Studded Rawhide Tunic?'

    Nolan Greenwood says 'As the Qeynos faithful of The Rainkeeper have come to us, we have sent some of our most adept brothers and sisters to them as an act of good faith in hope that our ways would be exchanged. One such adept is Jhaya Wyndrunner. She, like myself, is a keeper of our ways -- a former apprentice of mine, in fact, and a master in the arts of weaving. Speak to her about the Jade Studded Rawhide Tunic and she will give you further guidance on how you may acquire it.''

    Jhaya can be found in Surefall Glade (/loc?).

    You say, 'Hail, Jhaya Wyndrunner'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner gives a gentle, warm smile to ______, 'Hello, my friend. I trust that you are fairing well this day for I. . . oh, never mind that. I do not mean to be rude and impose my [troubles] to you, my friend. Please, forgive my lack of manners. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, of course, but I must return to my duties -- [time is so precious]. . . too precious'.

    You say, 'What is the Jade Studded Rawhide Tunic?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner gives a gentle, almost musical chuckle of delight, 'Nolan Greenwood must be quite excited to have his great talents be of interest and use once again. I will be more than willing to aid you in fulfilling my former mentor and dearest friend's task of you. Unfortunately, I am at a loss for the supplies that are necessary to aid you properly and my duties keep me safe in the Glade. I will need you to bring me two specific [items] and I will be happy to sew them into the tunic.'

    You say, 'What items?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'The items I require for this tunic will not be easy to acquire, my friend and I do apologize for the turmoil that you will likely plunge yourself into to fulfill this task -- but as is the way of those whom defend the natural world. The two items I need of you are the [Pouch of Polished Jade Stones] and a [Black Rawhide Tunic].''

    You say, 'What Pouch of Polished Jade Stones?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'Our artisans of the Jaggedpine pride themselves on the beauty and quality of their products. The jade stone has become a sort of a symbol to those of us in the Jaggedpine and it is used almost exclusively to decorate all of our powerful tools. Unfortunately, many others have found the potential of these stones and have begun to reave them from us and our craftsman have been too occupied with the recent events to make any great supply of these items. You must [find] one of the [stolen pouches].''

    You say, 'Where can I find the stolen pouches?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'With the creation of the passageway in Blackburrow to the Jaggedpine Forest, many of the poachers that are native to Qeynos soil have secretly made their way into our woodlands. They maliciously destroy our beautiful and sacred beasts solely for the purpose of monetary profit. We were not prepared to encounter such individuals and these thieves raided many of our establishments at Fort Jaggedpine. The artisans were not spared these barbarous acts and many of our precious stones were stolen. I know the name of the one who may have these stones -- Greshvoule.''

    You say, 'Who is Greshvoule?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner glares at the mention of the name, 'Greshvoule was one of many poachers to invade our forest after the construction of the subterranean passageway. He is a very cunning thief and a warrior not to be trifled with. He. . . killed one of our artisans and a dear friend of mine, Callisa, who specialized in the art of carving and polishing these jade stones. One of the rangers native to the glade graced me with his favor and found that the barbarian known as Greshvoule is hiding in Permafrost, trying to escape proper justice for his crimes against the glade. If you could find him and avenge the wrongs committed against my dear friend and the glade, I would be eternally grateful.'

    You say, 'What is the Black Rawhide Tunic?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'That is an item that you must forge with your own skills, my friend. We of the Jaggedpine use the resources that nature allows us to the fullest extent and it is our law that when we embrace nature's gifts, that the one whom has gained those gifts must use their own hands and work to earn that gift -- for she has granted it to you, and you alone. I can tell you [how to make the Black Rawhide Tunic] and perhaps make this task a bit easier for one as new to our ways as yourself, my friend.'

    You say, 'How can I make a Black Rawhide Tunic?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'To make the tunic, you will need to acquire the appropriate materials. These materials are a [Cured Panther Hide] and [Whisps of Potameid Hair]. These two items, if properly sewn together, will make the Black Rawhide Tunic that you will need to further your task to Nolan. But be wary, my friend. The tailoring of this item is not for the inept of this skill. You must master the thread and needle to be successful in sewing the tunic.''

    You say, 'What Cured Panther Hide?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'The poachers that have invaded our forest are far from having any mutual arrangement with the world they carelessly reave from. One such poacher, Elishia Blackguard of the Blackguard family is known to 'specialized' in furs. She has been seen skinning the corpses of our forest panthers and despite how despicable her actions are she truly is worthy of her reputation. Likely if you find her, you will find a Flawless Panther Hide. Once you have retrieved the hide and the [gifts of the forest], take the items to my brother, Lerian, who you will find here in the glade.''

    You say, 'What gifts of the forest?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'The great pines in our forest are a constant and generous source of sap. You can harvest this sap without harming the woodlands by foraging. The second gift is the Dew of the Hatchling, which you shall also find without turmoil as the forest will freely give it if you take the time to seek it out.'

    You say, 'What Whisps [sic] of Potameid Hair?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'When the folk of the Jaggedpine came to the forest many centuries ago, the Potameides and other nymphs were plentiful across the whole of Norrath's then untainted wilderness. The Potameides assisted our ancestors, teaching them how to harvest safely from the forest and had given us the gifts of their spiritual essence with their blessings. This essence was essential in developing the powerful tools that Nolan has you questing for now. But, as the time passed and civilizations grew, these spirits of nature perished when the nature they are bound to were interrupted with the construction of these cities. The Potameides of the Hatchling are the only naiads of Norrath that any know to still exist. It is this extinction that they face which has made acquiring this essence so [trying].''

    You say, 'Why is it trying?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'The Potameides have become. . . hostile toward any mortal that dares to tread in their territory. This hostility is understandable, but it is not for natural reasons. Our neighbors to the north made a pact with Queen Nhyalia of the Hatchling, and the Potameides abide by this pact -- to destroy any that dares to cross the river. Some of us believe that they have become corrupt by abiding mortal requests and becoming pawns to our feral, wildling neighbors. Unfortunately, one must use force to retrieve the essence. But, do not be discouraged, my friend. The destruction of the Potameides is temporary, for as long as the river itself remains untainted, each spirit will return to guard her sacred home. You must seek out the Potameid Maidens, whose hair will hold the essence you need.''

    Upon giving the Flawless Panther Hide, Jaggedpine Sap, and Dew of the Hatchling to Lerian Wyndrunner:

    Lerian Wyndrunner studies the hide carefully -- using his eyes, fingertips, and sense of smell to be sure that it is indeed of the panthers native to the Jaggedpine forest. Accepting the true identity of the hide, Lerian removes a small vial of clear oil and smears it across the flawless midnight fur. He then retrieves the seeds from the small pouch given to him by ______, and begins to chant lowly and softly in his ancient druidic tongue. The seeds begin to sprout, growing at an unnatural pace from the nourishing oil. The fern imbeds itself in a beautiful design upon the hide as they grow -- their roots and the thin, delicate vines rendering the flora secure in its place. Lerian then offers the hide to ______, 'You will need to seek out one other item -- the Blackened Mithril Boots from the kobold priest in Solusek's eye. Once you have the boots, you will need a master's knowledge of tailoring to carefully fit this hide over the boots before returning them to Cheyloh.'

    Your faction standing with Residents of Jaggedpine could not possibly get any better.
    Your faction standing with Jaggedpine Treefolk could not possibly get any better.
    Your faction standing with Protectors of Pine could not possibly get any better.
    Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos could not possibly get any better.
    You gain experience!!

    You receive a Cured Panther Hide. Note that his text is screwy: he talks of boots, but still returns the Cured Panther Hide as expected)

    Combine 1 Wisps of Potameid Hair and 1 Cured Panther Hide in a tailoring container to make a Black Rawhide Tunic (trivial unknown).

    Upon giving the Pouch of Polished Jade Stones and Black Rawhide Tunic to Jhaya Wyndrunner:

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'Excellent, my friend! Well done indeed. These are exactly what I needed to make the tunic Nolan has requested of you. And. . . thank you for avenging my dear, departed friend. She shall be missed, and it is in her memory that I give you the Jade Studded Tunic. Go now, my friend. Nolan awaits and I am sure that he will be most impressed with your success thus far'.'

    Your faction standing with Residents of Jaggedpine could not possibly get any better.
    Your faction standing with Jaggedpine Treefolk could not possibly get any better.
    Your faction standing with Protectors of Pine could not possibly get any better.
    Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos could not possibly get any better.
    You gain experience!!

    You receive a Jade Studded Rawhide Tunic.

    Upon giving the Silver Griffon Feathers and Jade Studded Rawhide Tunic to Nolan Greenwood:

    Nolan Greenwood says 'You have done well, _______. I am impressed and most pleased to know that you are adapting and accepting our ways so easily. Take this and may it protect you in these troubling times.''

    Your faction standing with Residents of Jaggedpine could not possibly get any better.
    Your faction standing with Jaggedpine Treefolk could not possibly get any better.
    Your faction standing with Protectors of Pine could not possibly get any better.
    Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos could not possibly get any better.
    You gain experience!!

    You receive a Tunic of the Pine.
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