Guards of Qeynos


The following quests require Guards of Qeynos faction

Quest Name Minimum Faction Required Maximum Faction Allowed
Corrupt Guards Apprehensive
Exterminate the Vermin (Qeynos North) Apprehensive
Exterminate the Vermin (Qeynos South) Apprehensive
Find Lucie Elron Apprehensive
The Crate (evil) Amiable
The Crate (good) Indifferent

Zones in which you can raise the faction

Zones in which you can lower the faction

NPCs you can kill to raise the faction

Quests you can do to raise the faction

NPCs you kill to lower the faction

Quests you do to lower the faction

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damn it
# Nov 09 2003 at 10:00 AM Rating: Decent
I cnat believe this the citxzens of quynos regard me indifferently yet the quynos guards still kill on sight?!
Faction Levels
# Sep 25 2003 at 10:45 AM Rating: Decent
How can I tell the faction level(s) for each of my characters?

Thanks in advance.
going out of my mind
# Mar 25 2003 at 9:36 AM Rating: Decent
OK I handed in 126pp (2 gp at a time) to Fabian (yes my hand was hurting when I got done)
I got 630 positive Faction hits to
League of Antonican Bards
Knights of Truth
Guards of Qeynos

I went from aprehensive to warmly with fabian who I imagine is on the bard faction

I am still KOS to most guards in Qeynos and dubious to a couple inside the city.

not sure how much it takes to improve this faction? I have also killed more gnolls than I care to count and quite a few bandits.

I killed the millers for a level or 2 and as a result am very KOS to qeynos and all of the Karanas. Anyone know a faster way to increase the faction that using fabian? I suppose I could kill gnolls and bandits for the next year or so?

edit 2/26/03 nevermind i have gotten dubious and got back into Qeynos

Edited, Wed Mar 26 14:36:51 2003
Another way for faction
# Dec 28 2002 at 7:50 PM Rating: Excellent
619 posts
You can give Fabian in East Freeport 2gp for these faction hits:

Your faction standing with League of Antonican Bards got better.
Your faction standing with Knights of Truth got better.
Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos got better.
Your faction standing with Ring of Scale got worse.
Your faction standing with Mayong Mistmoore got worse.
Iksar SHD in Qeynos
# Jul 01 2002 at 9:21 AM Rating: Default
Seen several post asking about factions in Qeynos with Iksar Shadow Knights...but not really any replies.

I see alot of people talk about their Iksar Monks in town alot too, but is their more limitations on a SHD?...not to mention my religion is Cazic-Thule or whatever.

Heard on EqAtlas that based on some religions, you can raise your faction all you want and still be KOS.

Any info would be appreciated.
Brook ~Refugee Iksar in Qeynos who is scared as hell of Highpass Hold.
RE: Iksar SHD in Qeynos
# Jan 20 2003 at 3:01 PM Rating: Default
You know, I have been trying to raise my faction in Quenos too along with FP militia. I can not do my monk epic with out it. Now the funny thing is I used to be KOS, as in scowls ready to attack. For some reason, which I have no clue I am now threatening. This is one step in the right direction. I have turned in picks to the one guard in WC to raise it more, but have only gotten 69 faction hits in the right way. I have also went from indiff in Coldain area to Ally with 339 hits. So, I believe which I have read a lot, that we can get to dubious or higher, but need to get about 3000 hits in the right direction. Which will take some time and money. Good luck to ya, and iskar monk are all Cazic-Thule religion. So is one monk says he is in, then it is possible, just time consuming.

Tilmon longtale
47 iskar monk
RE: Iksar SHD in Qeynos
# Feb 10 2003 at 8:33 AM Rating: Default
I am now dubious to the Free Port Millitia. I turned in about 300picks to the one guard out in West commons. Then, right inside the zone to EC from WC on the right is a small hut. Inside there is a vendor. I killed him about 50 times. Then I went thru the tunnels from West Free Port to North Free port and killed 3 of the lvl 20ish guards. POW, dubious to Free Port Militia. This worked fastest for me. I am also Dubious to the Ashen Order from killing the orcs. Now I have been giving 2 gp to Fabian in East Free Port and have gotten my bards faction to indiff, but still have not raised my Guards of Qeynos from KOS. Dont' know how much money but I will keep paying my 2 gp until i see change. I have made it go from Kos to threatening with Knight of Truth. The North Freeport guards. Good luck to all you evil ppl. And I have proven that religion of Cazic-thule has nothing to do with it.

Tilmon Longtale
48 Iskar Monk
Kane Bayle
Iksar Monk is IN Qeynos!!
# May 27 2002 at 12:28 PM Rating: Decent
Thanks to the EQ Log File Parser, I can tell you EXACTLY what I have done to be dubious with the Qeynos guards. I have raised my faction by 637 points with the Qeynos guards, 531 points with the Qeynos merchants, 431 points with the Jaggedpine Treefolk, and 437 points with the Silent Fist Clan. This was enough for the guards and merchants, however the monks still are ready to attack - not sure what it will take to raise that enough to not have to use share wolf form to train & do the headband quests. Also, since the Miller's are still KOS, I have not bothered to check Surefall yet either. Will keep posting with my findings.

This took me a while (about 12 hours), but actually wasn't very hard at all - here is what I killed:
burly gnoll, a 8
elite gnoll guard, an 25
gnoll commander, a 3
gnoll guardsman, a 83
gnoll pup, a 14
gnoll scout, a 1
gnoll shaman, a 1
gnoll, a 132
patrolling gnoll, a 44
Refugee Splitpaw 1
scrawny gnoll, a 85
Splitpaw Commander 2

I also looted every gnoll corpse I could, and collected 97 gnoll fangs. I got a friend to invis me to get into Qeynos (was still KOS at this point), and zoned into South Qeynos. Once inside, my friend used Share Wolf form on me, and I proceeded to turn in the gnoll fangs & subsequent moon stones. These quest details to be found here - gnoll fangs:


I am now dubious with the guards & dubious to indifferent with the merchants. Beware though, still KOS to the monks, bards, and a few others - have had to re-route my path to the bank because of this. Also, since I am an Iksar, I really don't care about the hits to the corrupt guards, as I intended to tiger claw & tail rake their eyes out whenever I can!!

Also, keep in mind that if you can get a share wolf form, you can also complete the monk headband quests, which also give you exp & factions.

RE: Iksar Monk is IN Qeynos!!
# Nov 12 2002 at 2:39 PM Rating: Decent
Ok, if you see this, which file is that exactly. I am not being able to find a file such as eq log parser. pls post if you see this. would be appreciated.

Tilmon longtale
41 monk iskar
RE: Iksar Monk is IN Qeynos!!
# Jan 20 2003 at 3:05 PM Rating: Default
Found the program that takes care of all your char info. It is called EQmonk 1.1, shows all of the stuff you want to know about your monk. Shows factions you have done since you last loaded EQ on your hard drive. Your attack, defense and a few other things, Really nice program.

Tilmon Longtail
47 Iskar Monk
Need Serious Help!!!
# Oct 30 2001 at 11:08 PM Rating: Decent
OK to make a long story short, when my druid was level 27 I was understandably very anxious to get tp 29 so I stupidly camped the Millers in Qeynos Hills for 2 levels bottoming out my faction with:

Guards of Qeynos
Priests of Life
Karana Residents
Qeynos Warriors (can't remember their name).

I need help!! I hate hate HATE being KOS to what seems like half the known world. I went into the sewers earlier today (qeynos) thinking i'd be safe and Bait Masterson came after me.

I have a 27 cleric and a 29 druid. Someone suggested hunting the corrupt guards but I don't see how that will help considering I'll go KOS to them. Does anyone know if a good way to gain exp with 2 or more of the above factions or even just get un-kos to qeynos guards? I've hunted gnoll elites in blackborrow until I'm blue in the face but the faction won't budge!
RE: Need Serious Help!!!
# Jun 22 2002 at 3:05 AM Rating: Decent
As I have a 38 Shaman who is an Ogre I know how it feels being KOS to the world. First you don't have to panic at all. Just go into Blackburrow and stay there for a good couple of days. Destroy everything you see. Once you get good enough faction with the Qeynos guards turn in your gnolls fangs and moonstones. The fangs goto Captin Tillin in the Arena, and the moonstones goto Jonus Mcjub I think his name is anyway he is in the Fisher's Ale place near the docks in South Qeynos. That should help you out considerably.
What I Did
# Jun 25 2001 at 6:45 PM Rating: Excellent
After some intense bard bashing in South Karana (Vhalen Nostrolo) I totally destroyed my faction with the Guards of Qeynos. For the last two days I have been camping the Raiders in North Karana to get my faction back up. I took 7 empty backpacks, set up camp on the beach and went at it. As a level 35 druid, I used the spell Combust and was able to nuke 7 Raiders at a time (168 wisdom). This spell usually hits for 182 points of damage. After I'd taken out the 7 Raiders, I'd loot whatever weapons dropped (usually some nice bronze stuff) alcohol, bread, as well as the much desired bandit sashes. If I was encumbered (I'm just a little halfling girlie) I'd head up to the gypsy camp and sell off the weapons. Once I had collected 40 sashes (this took about 2 hours as the Raiders don't always drop these) I headed over to Qeynos to see my friend Chesgard who can be found in South Qeynos at the Temple of Thunder. I gave him the sashes one by one and each time received a weapon, gold & silver, experience and a faction boost. By the time I turned in all 40 sashes I was so encumbered my Agility was 1. I gave away two of the backpacks to a passing n00b druid and gated off to the Misty Thicket to sell the rest of the weapons. When all was said and done I had made a hefty little profit. Hope this helps anyone wanting to do this quest, it's very simple and gives good results.

Druid of the 35th Season
L`Malla - Druzzil Ro Server
How many
# Mar 25 2001 at 4:50 PM Rating: Default
I have an Iks SK and am killing bandits in FOB, how many do i have to kill to become dubious if not better to get in the city and turn in the sashes?? Also, how can i get in good with the merchants and the bank? Thank you all for your info on this matter.
Need help with Qeynos Citizens faction.
# Dec 06 2000 at 3:32 PM Rating: Default
There seems to be a lack of information on raising faction with Qeynos Citizens. If anyone knows if any of the Guards of Qeynos (or just in general) quests or NPCs also raise Qeynos Citizens faction, please reply.
RE: Need help with Qeynos Citizens faction.
# Mar 26 2001 at 3:40 PM Rating: Default
Complete the Lucia's Dress quest from this site
Getting good Faction for KOS Iskar Monk .....
# Oct 09 2000 at 7:07 PM Rating: Default
Well, this is quite easy if done right, and there will be some deaths, but it works. First things first, Kill Gnoll after Gnoll after Gnoll, and collect ever single Gnoll Tooth you can get your hands on. I personally saved up about 165 Gnoll Teeth, and hold onto them. After getting the teeth, have a friend with Camo or Invis, help you get inside Qeynos to the Captain in the Warrior Pit. Once there, get behind and the Captain and turn on sneak(have to have this skill, and Feign Death Helps alot as well, Also have a friend Hailing Ebon StrongBear away from you, so he doesnt try to Aggro). Turn in all the teeth, once you get done doing this, they should only be threathingly. Then have a friend camo you again, and turn in all the moonstones(at the Bar near the Docks) as well, they help with Merchant Faction. After the Gnolls are done head to WK and Camp the Hell out of the Bandits. I Personally got about 60 Bandit Sashes, and do the same thing here, get a friend to camo you in, and Sneak behind the guy you turn the Sashes into and turn them all in. After doing this Guards should only Con Indifferent and some Dubious, which means no attacks. But BE CERTAIN to look out for Corrupt, they will KOS even after this. If you want faction to become Amiable, continue turning in Teeth and Sashes, then go from there, once you get good with Guards, then the Bards Faction is very easy to get as well. Then who knows, I want to have that entire city Amiable, I will keep posting as I learn more. Be safe all, and if you have any questions, I will be checking back here, just post them, 8).
#Anonymous, Posted: Oct 08 2000 at 11:03 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) If your a worshiper of Catz Tull an you ever get enough faction to enter there city
How can one get faction
# Oct 08 2000 at 11:02 PM Rating: Default
# Sep 14 2000 at 9:45 PM Rating: Default
I believe that the bandits in West Karana also give faction for the Guards Of Qeynos.
# Aug 24 2000 at 5:40 PM Rating: Decent
i do believe tovax is against this faction since when i kill him i get +guards.

Tyfin, tunare
Got another one
# Jul 26 2000 at 11:01 AM Rating: Decent
Killing Escaped Split Paw gives good faction with guards. in SK
# Jul 24 2000 at 4:25 PM Rating: Excellent
the gnolls of Blackburrow are they not good faction if you are wanting to get into city??
# Jul 22 2000 at 2:09 AM Rating: Decent
Your list of guards of quenos doesnt have the Bandids in WK.
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