Jhaya Wyndrunner  

Quest NPC

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  • This mob spawns at -319, -476 in the southeast corner.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): No

You say, 'Hail, Jhaya Wyndrunner'

Jhaya Wyndrunner offers a warm smile, 'Hello, friend. I trust that you are faring well, as my... oh, sorry. I don't want to burden you with my [troubles]. Please, forgive my lack of manners. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. However, I must return to my duties -- [time is so precious]... too precious'.

You say, 'Tell me of your troubles.'

Jhaya Wyndrunner utters a sigh, disappointment and distress showing beneath her youthful features, 'I'm new here. My entire life until now was spent in the safety and solitude of the [Jaggedpine Forest]. However, recently we've had to confront [alarming events] that we were poorly prepared for, which meant leaving to look for help. Please, don't think that I object to being here. It's only that I long for my home... and I fear this land and these new people. They are my brethren in faith and we share a common goal, but I... I'm struggling with the change.'

You say, 'Tell me of the Jaggedpine Forest.'

Jhaya Wyndrunner's eyes twinkle, a glimmer of pride and sorrow, 'The Jaggedpine Forest is home for many who follow The Rainkeeper. Nearly two generations ago, Antonius the Third sealed off the entrance to Jaggedpine from Surefall Glade. His goal was to to preserve our forest from the expanding population that threatened our natural resources, our spiritual purity, and the peace that we had enjoyed for so long. The Jaggedpine, the sacred lands for those who follow Karana's path, was sheltered from this escalating chaos.'

You say, 'What kinds of alarming events?'

Jhaya Wyndrunner says, 'Recently, the Sabertooth gnolls from Blackburrow burrowed their way into Jaggedpine, apparently in search of a shrine. Though they were not initially aggressive, they became threatening soon after. Thankfully, we knew how to defend ourselves as we are accustomed to threats in the forest. Being sealed from the rest of Norrath for nearly sixty years did lead to other [dangers].'

You say, 'What dangers?'

Jhaya Wyndrunner smiles softly, her mood uplifted as she speaks of her homeland, 'Within the forest are the same dangers present in any wild forest. However, a unique addition found in Jaggedpine is the [potamides] of the Hatchling River.'

You say, 'Who or what are potamides?'

Jhaya Wyndrunner says, 'The potamides are graceful maiden spirits that jealously protect their watery home, the Hatchling River. They never attacked us at Fort Jaggedpine, but whenever we seek to collect the river's waters, they will attack as ferociously as if we were trespassers in a sacred temple. You know, I almost miss that! Despite the danger, the potamides are part of the untainted beauty of the forest. I deeply miss my home.'

You say, 'What makes you say that time is precious?'

Jhaya Wyndrunner shakes her head sadly and then glances to the north, 'Jaggedpine is in the gravest of danger -- and our way of life has changed... I suppose it MUST change for us to survive. I'm here to learn from our comrades and kin of the Glade and to share with them what we've learned since our separation from the outside world. I suppose I should be excited to learn about the rest of the world and meet our fellow warders of nature. But... this world is almost not worth knowing. It is so dark... so... corrupt.'

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Level: 60
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Known Habitats:
  Surefall Glade

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