Tarton's Wheel  

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Maximum Level:125
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
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  • Spell
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Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
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This quest begins with Sulgar at location is 3030, -2395, -58, in Everfrost (just into the main area of Everfrost and to the north boundary).

You say, 'Hail, Sulgar'

Sulgar says 'Hail, traveler! Would you happen to [know] the location of any of the spokes of Tarton's Wheel?'

You say, 'What is Tarton's Wheel?'

Sulgar says 'Tarton's Wheel was a device that Tarton constructed to let him travel through the planes. If you are [interested] in helping me reassemble it, I will [reward] you well.'

You say, 'What reward?'

Sulgar says 'If you bring me the [Staff of the Wheel] and the [Star of Eyes], I will reward you with a rune of frost and a rune of the astral - for personal use, of course..'

You say, 'What is the Staff of the Wheel?'

Sulgar says 'The Staff of the Wheel and the Star of Eyes are made by combining the ten spokes of Tarton's Wheel in a [wheel case].'

You say, 'What wheel case?'

Sulgar says 'I will lend you this wheel case - put the ten spokes of the wheel in it when you have collected them. I did say lend, however. I shall need the case back. Once you have constructed the Staff of the Wheel and the Star of Eyes, I will trade you them for a rune of frost and a rune of the astral.'

You receive "A glowing chest" (identifies as "Tartons Wheel Case"), a 10-slot TEMPORARY container, and a Tome of the Wheel, which reads:






In the crossing
Of the waters
Rests a ship
On its side

Drowned sailors
Swim around it
Past this ship
The Azia lies.

In the land
Of wind and snow
This stream of water
Does not flow

Below the ice
Upon dry land
The Beza rests
Held by no hand

In the Lake of Rathe
An island looms
It hides a treasure
In its womb

A stone tower
Protected sleeps
Those who guard it
Can not weep

A cauldron stews
But does not boil
Its edges rock
Not dirt or soil

Inside the cauldron
Lurks a door
The Dena lies
Some paces score

Once Trolls did live
Within these halls
Then vengeance struck
Their might did fall

A well of water
Upside down
The Ena rests
Yet does not drown

The tears of Marr
A pool do make
Two towers stand
Within this lake

In one tower
Guarded high
The Fana dreams
Of sleeping dry

Upon the mountain
Through the pass
The Tiger Roars
With eyes of glass

The Tiger sees
The waters fall
Geza is held
Under its thrall

Under this city
Upon the coast
Tunnels stretch
And secrets boast

Two dark pits
Within the ground
Fins circle Heda
Round and round

Under the Mountain
Where the sunless mass
The Blind Fish swims
With eyes of glass

The Blind Fish sees
Through azure haze
The Izah rests
Within its gaze

Upon this house
Was laid a Doom
Its owners rise
From beyond the tomb

Now sunken is
A Dwarven crest
Where the Jaka lies
But can not rest

There are 10 pieces that you need scattered across the face of Norrath, each called "A Rod."

The locations are as follows:
(1) [azia] On the ocean floor in Eruds Crossing past the zombie boat where the zombie sailors hang out. (location - neg 1162, pos 2340);

Here are some video guides on the original zones. These videos are not for the revamped zones.

(2) [beza] In the underwater cave in the Everfrost plains. It is in the "house" all the way back and right in the cave, where 3 dry bones guard it in the center of the room;

(3) [caza] Lake Rathetear. Underneath the first island you see is an underwater tunnel leading to a stone tower. It's on the top floor of the tower. (You need enduring breath for this one);

(4) [Dena] Dagnor's Cauldron, right outside the entrance to Kedge Keep, at -890, -740. If you face with your back to Kedge, it is directly diagagonally left, in a corner - or you can swim straight out and down from Unrest;

(5) [Ena] Lower Guk in the Reanimated hand room. This one is the only one you need a group for, unless you're brave and kamakaze it. Warning, the floor is the same color as the rod in this room and it makes it very hard to find with the hand and the dar beating on you;

(6) [Fana] Southern Desert of Ro, northern section, in the underwater tower in the lake, at +3695, -1740, -35;

(7) [Geza] Highhold Pass, on the patio at The Tiger's Roar, at /waypoint -268, 585, -14

(8) [Heda] Qeynos Aqueducts, in the shark pit;

(9) [Izah] Neriak in the water in front of the bar called "the blind fish". The bar has 4 glass windows that are underwater, and the rod spawns right in front of those windows;

(10) [Jaka] Unrest in the water outside the right side of the house near where the the gnome spelunker is. Instead of going into the tunnel that leads to him, you go a little right of that entrance and there's a very short passage where you can find the rod.

You have fashioned the items together to create something new: Staff of the Wheel.
You have fashioned the items together to create something new: Star of Eyes.

Turn these in for your reward. (NOTE: With the recent revamp of the spell research system, the Rune rewards have each been replaced with "Shattered Rune". We need confirmation (8ish years after the spell research revamp) that this quest is still messed up)
Submitted by: Shaidar
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# Mar 24 2002 at 9:46 PM Rating: Default
In lower guk, by one of the zone-ins that is near a waterfall there is a room with a rod in it and i was wondering if it could be used for this quest
RE: Lguk
# Apr 08 2002 at 8:09 PM Rating: Default
No, That rod is for a Nec quest. It cannot be used for this one.
# Mar 24 2002 at 9:46 PM Rating: Default
In lower guk, by one of the zone-ins that is near a waterfall there is a room with a rod in it and i was wondering if it could be used for this quest
# Mar 19 2002 at 4:56 PM Rating: Default
Maybe I'm blind but I didn't see mention of being able to MQ this. Is it possible?
#Anonymous, Posted: Mar 22 2002 at 9:19 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Yes, MQ is possible. MQ'ing is possible on just about Every quest. only a very few can not be Multiquested.
# Mar 26 2002 at 3:44 AM Rating: Default
you can not get the staff by MQ but can have someone else get the runes from this quest for you to research. The staff is made by combining the 10 no drop spokes in the wheel case. Since you are not handing in items for the staff you cant MQ it to get the staff.

Joll Silvermoss
Ice Comet
# Mar 15 2002 at 11:45 PM Rating: Decent
So what chance do you have making Ice Comet with a 146 research skill?

Vukavar Theshort
#Anonymous, Posted: Mar 09 2002 at 11:35 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I soloed this rod, after the first two deaths, i made a mad decision to bind and die bind and die until I was in the chamber under hand. Then i would jump up grab hand, by this time i was dead. Then i would jump up and grab my corpse and gate out with the rod. This tactic only cost me 9 yellow bubbles. Never played that wizz again and destroyed all 10 rods. (sayed I was MAD MAD MAD)
Lake Rathe part
# Mar 01 2002 at 8:11 AM Rating: Default
Heh, you better pray that the cleric epic goblin isn't up. I swam there with invis and got waxed. In Oasis I did just fine with invis. Guess I got lucky that no see-invis goblins were up.

Btw, Sullon Zek sucks.
important info left out below
# Dec 29 2001 at 1:10 AM Rating: Default
When you talk to Sulgar...the key word to start the conversation is "wheel of tarton," not Tarton's Wheel. And by the way, at lower levels, help by 40+ level players is a necessity...in my opinion.
Lower Guk?
# Dec 28 2001 at 10:10 AM Rating: Default
As a level 30 Human (agnostic, never killed a froglok in her life)wizzy, I am finding a great amount of trouble trying to even GET to the 'Hand room' in Lower Guk. This is the last rod. I had no problems with any of the others. Is this possible to get without assistance? I am going to auction for some invis vs undead potions and try again. I find it unusual as no one else seems to have had that hard of a time with this part of the quest.
RE: Lower Guk?
# Jan 08 2002 at 7:56 AM Rating: Decent
Invis vs undead will only help you a little. I went down the river , and into the bedroom , but the next hallway has bats that will aggro and break your invis . That lead me to a corpse run . Throughout a few months , I have stopped in at Lower Guk to see if there would be a crowd , and finally got lucky . There were almost thirty people in the zone , and after asking nicely for an escort , I got the rod . I offered 200 plat for the guide, which was refused . Using IvU potions , and a guild raid made this easy ,
but I had died on two or three other attempts . My advice is be careful and be patient , and look nice with a great staff when you are done .
RE: Lower Guk?
# Dec 31 2001 at 1:56 AM Rating: Default
I just spent the last 2 days in Lower Guk trying to get this last rod. I had, the first night, a full group and a few level 50+'s to go in and get it. We failed. Tonight i was able to go in and get it with a small group of 40's and 50's and with IvU we were able to sneak by and grab the rod and evac out. I have heard of wizards at level 30 walkin in and getting it (I am 35) but I am wondering if it is easier when the zone is heavily camped. While I was down there, there were 18 players in the entire zone, and the trains were runnin! This is by far the most difficult rod to acquire. If you are goin, take some high level buddies who dont mind getting Rezzed!

Wizard of the 35th season
Brell Serillous Server
RE: Lower Guk?
# Dec 28 2001 at 12:27 PM Rating: Decent
I would not recommend trying to get this on your own. Although, I'm not sure that you couldn't do a kamakazi run and get the rod from the hand room and get out alive. However, when I did the quest, I simply sat at the zone and asked in OOC if anyone would be willing to kill the hand for me if it wasn't camped. A 50+ necro offered to do so, I then went in and picked up the rod. He even let me loot the Serpentine Bracer from the hand. Many people in LGuk are camping boring... slow spawns. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding someone to help you get this one. Beyond that, I didn't have to fight or kill anything for this quest, and it took me about 2 hours to complete. BTW, I did this quest at about level 29.

Edited, Fri Dec 28 12:29:00 2001
RE: Lower Guk?
# Jan 08 2002 at 12:15 PM Rating: Default
Took myself (Level 30 Wizard at the time) and a 30 Ranger about 15 hours to finish the Staff of the Wheel Quest. 5 Hours to collect 9 of the rods from the various parts of Norrath, and 10 hours to get that lousy rod from underneath the Reanimated hand. I was fortunant enough to have along on the Lguk journey a level 49 Cleric who (after we all died when someone pulled the hand on us) was nice enough to rez us. Later a group of 50+ who were camping the Assassin was nice enough to clear out the hand room so I could run, snag my quest item and then port myself & my Ranger friend out.
After all the effort put into finishing this quest so I could A> Have a staff w/ +10 Int and B> Have a shot at getting my Ice Comet spell in a few levels. I was amazed that the next day some Bard was /auction'ing the Ice Comet spell in Gfay for like 200PP.

Oh well. :) Had No problem with the sharks, but bring friends along when you go into Lower Guk.

Seddie Aerie <Creations Myth>
Level 34 Wizard
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 18 2001 at 10:54 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) this quest is too easy, as long as u have help u got it all done, a few wolf forms and sows ( and a lvl 40 grp in Lguk!) and u are set, really this quest is way too easy( verent wasent thinking when they made this one ;)
Rumor? Plz Help
# Dec 01 2001 at 1:14 PM Rating: Default
i heard from some guy who claimed he did this quest that when you combine the rods...it uses your research skill (i.e. bad research means failure to make staff). Is this accurate? If so, then all you level 6's and crap who claim to do this are lying or lucky (but i doubt the second one.) Please...help me out only if you are certain about this (either it does need research or what). He may have been mistaken and meant that research was needed for the Spell:Ice Comet, but he insisted it was for the staff too....Thanx for any help.
RE: Rumor? Plz Help
# Dec 19 2001 at 11:34 AM Rating: Decent
not truei did this with no research skill andhave my staff
Lower Guk
# Nov 25 2001 at 2:04 PM Rating: Default
I managed to get 9 out of the ten rods with my mid level Wizzy and my wifes mid level Druid helping out. She cast a lot of enduring breath and levitate. i got killed twice. Once in Oasis because I binded near the inn, gated out to there once I got the rod and low and behold the goblins found me as I was medding, killed me dead. Not a big deal had the rod. Also died in the lake as my inivs wore off just as I got to the rod. Corpse recovery was interesting, you realy need enduring breth for this one. Was surpirised to find out I was KOS to the barbarian guards in Everfrost, I killed the dog in west karanas for the fish skin once or twice (ok four times) had to use invis to get past them.

Tried L Guk last night with a 16 necro to cast IVU, a friendly 45 Shaman and and 54 Bard. We got the crap kicked out of us and failed to get the rod. We all died, except the necro, who the mobs seemed to like. We got to the Hand Room OK, by using various forms of invis at the right time. The Shamand and Bard went in and pulled the hand, and I could not for the life of me find the rod. The various posts here say it is on a ledge after yuo swim up, I could not see a ledge.

Any help on a more detailed description of where the rod is in the hand room would be useful.

Paenne Gyver
Wizzy 25
karana Server
RE: Lower Guk
# Jun 04 2002 at 6:44 PM Rating: Decent
In the lower guk portion, go into the "hand room" and look UP. There is water on the ceiling. This confused me at the time but low and behold, go up the ramp then swim up to the top and BLAM, a ledge where the hand sits. Careful, the hand sees through the ITU and the Ghoul Knight sees a now uninvised Wizzy! If someone were to pull the hand, simply ITU (Invis to Undead) - go up and grab the rod. Luckily, we had a chanty (ITU) and a group pulling the hand. Good luck to you!
Not as easy as it sounds
# Nov 18 2001 at 4:43 AM Rating: Decent
For those reading these posts to get ready for this quest. Dont let these people fool you. I did this quest at lvl 44 just for fun and died 3 times. I read these posts and became over confident with the "lvl 9 and 17" that did the quest. I will give some Key points here

Almost every rod can be gotten with invis. You need endure breathe on more than one. Everfrost peaks requires it as well. Lower Guk took a group of 50+s to get the piece, and could not be done otherwise. too many mobs. The rest are fairly easy as long as you are invised up, as a matter of fact everything else was completely non-eventful once i invised before each attempted. Just a heads up so you dont die like I did. Use maps, it helped me greatly.
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 01 2002 at 10:53 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) shut the **** up ******!!
Just need a little help
# Nov 06 2001 at 3:31 AM Rating: Decent
I did this quest at lvl 17 with my wiz, and just finished. Pretty sure it can be done solo except for guk and maybe EF. I had a druid friend there for ports when I did most of em, all he ever cast on me was lev and breath, thats why I think most of it can be solo at my lvl. In qeynos, I went in at the rouges guild, and just fell down the pit into the shark pool, the 2 mobs outside the pool were non-aggro. Did get dog form for lake rath, deep was there, and me bein lvl 17, I didn't mess around, forget the loc of the tunnle opening, its the island with deep, cause you'll prolly get to see her if you get the rod. You don't need breath for oasis, I used invis. Look thru these posts, you'll find a loc for the one in dagnor's. Unrest was a bit tricky, if you had vis vs undead it would be cake, I caused a small train cause the undead in the water aggro me, then I ran back befor they walked back to thier spawn points and grabed the rod, if you stand with your back to the gazebo and right next to the water and the zone wall, you can jump in, turn aound, and the ledge with the rod is right in front of you. Lguk was without a doubt that hardest one, not at all possible solo, had a group of around 35 with me when I tried, that didn't work, but they had friends, so I got to watch 3 lvl 60's ( war, wizzy, and chanter )with thier epics clear everything from the safehall to the ghoul lord in about 5 mins with no brake, that was the hand and mage spawns to, pullin mobs about 20 at a time, no exageration ( the wizzys al kabor aoe took em out in about 3 casts ). EF was last cause thats were ya turn the stuff in, had a scale of wolf for the trip up, so I made it into the cave with no breath, just barely tho, saw the lich standin right in my way, so I quit while I was ahead for the day, came back and he wasn't around, so I cheacked out the house, 3 blue icebones, ended up rooting them all, grabed the rod and gated. Thats how I did it, hope it helps ya some.

Lamder Icestyyker
48 Warrior
17 Wizzy

Edited, Sun Mar 3 03:23:05 2002
Wolf Form = A Must!
# Nov 04 2001 at 4:40 PM Rating: Decent
This post is in response to the LUCKY wizards who looted rods (3) [Caza] from Lake Rathe and (6)[Fana] from Oasis with ONLY invisible and NOT WOLF FORM.
I did my homework regarding the Staff of the Wheel Quest and the comments to use wolf form and not were 50-50. Initially when I arrived in Oasis, I intended to follow the safer path and find a 39+ Druid to cast wolf form on me.
I shouted in OOC for hours with no avail; nonetheless, I bumped into several wizards who assured me enduring breath and invisible will do the trick.
So, I drank my enduring breath potion, cast invisible and off to the underwater tower I go! But this was not a happy ending... The underwater tower consists of 35+ Goblin Casters who SEE THROUGH INVISIBLE. When I reached the second story with rod in sight, several goblins chased me as I swam to the shore in desperation. I died of course but even worse... The goblins that chased me trained everybody on land! When I returned to my bind spot in Oasis I died 3 more times as I attempted to loot my corpse because the goblins would not return to their spawn spot underwater!In addition, I think these goblins are underconned. The only way to really know is to see for yourself.
This experience frustrated me SO much, I never considered looting the rod from Lake Rathetear without wolf form.
Nonetheless, got the rods and successfully quested for The SotW. If you have any questions and require help on Zeboruxok Server, send me a tell friends.

Clariel Myndfyre
Wizard of 35 Seasons
Graysons Few
RE: Wolf Form = A Must!
# Dec 13 2001 at 2:35 PM Rating: Excellent
Ok... I started reading up on this quest since I was lvl 10 (9 lvls ago), and I decided to make it an every once in a while thing. Well, I can tell you, I was hunting in Oasis at lvl 16 when I decided since I was there, I might as well grab a rod.
I'm sick of people giving tons of wrong info on quests! 1) EB is not nessesary for that rod! It took all of 30 seconds to swim straight down to the top floor, grab the rod, and get the hell out! Jeez, what did you do, stop for some coffee? and 2)I wasn't stupid. I invised myself before going down, and NO ONE SAW ME... I even poked a goblin.
I'm still a newbie in the world of EQ, but having searched for guitar tabs for years, I can recognize when people have no clue about something. I'd appreciate it if someone posts some actual, USEFUL advise for finishing this quest. Thanks

Lvl 19 Wiz (MM)
RE: Wolf Form = A Must!
# Jan 06 2002 at 8:22 AM Rating: Decent
ACCUTALLY....there are diffent classes of gobblins that spawn on top of the tower. If your spawn is caster...THEY SEE THROUGH INVIS!! My friend (26 wiz) and i (23 wiz) found this out the hard way. After one death we decided real quick to get help. We had a 48 Pally go in and clear it out but by the time the 2 were dead and he had healed and buffed me and himself to go back in they had respawned. Luckly this time they were war. class gobblins who didn't see through invis. I looted the wand and swam out without any trouble. I had NO wolf form or even SoW and didn't have enduring breath.

Anyways, just my 2cps worth. I am doing this quest slowly just as I go along. 6 rods down and 4 rods to go! Wish me luck!

Badean Babiluv
23rd Wizardess
Diamond Cirle - The Tribunal Server
# Oct 24 2001 at 3:21 AM Rating: Default
Can this quest be done by a dark elf?
my 2 CP worth
# Oct 20 2001 at 7:26 AM Rating: Excellent
I started this quest a few weeks ago, I was a yellow into 24. I will put this in order as how i did it but leave the numbers the same for a reference in hope that it helps

(7) [Geza] Highhold Pass in the water near the waterfall closest to the Tiger Inn. There are 2 waterfalls there. The rod is in front of the one closest to the inn;

This is the first one I did just have sow and invis run in jump in the water at the loc and look in the corner there it is. 1 down 9 to go

(8) [Heda] Qeynos Aqueducts, in the shark pit;

Number 2 Just invis and run in. You will need a map I entered thru the hidden entrance in North Quenos. Print a map and follow it to the pit. The orge was up when i got there and i just clicked on the rod and picked it up without getting into the water.

(1) [azia] On the ocean floor in Eruds Crossing past the zombie boat where the zombie sailors hang out. (location - neg 1162, pos 2340);

Number 3 I would suggest getting enduring breath for this one. For when you swim down you get drift away from the loc you started from. I finally found the rod after several attempts then died 1 second from the surface by drowning. One death and a stupid one at that. (3 hour corpse run because i was looking for my corpse on the floor when it was suspended in the water above me and just out of sight)

(9) [Izah] Neriak in the water in front of
the bar called "the blind fish". The bar has 4 glass windows that are underwater, and the rod spawns right in front of those windows;

Just gated to the closes gate invised ran north to entrance to zone ran in and jumped. Invis ran out but i just hid in a corner in the water recast and went swimming again. One note the windows are under water, i was looking for them above water.

(3) [caza] Lake Rath. Underneath the first island you see is an underwater tunnel leading to a stone tower. Its on the top floor of the tower. (You need enduring breath
for this one);

This was easy zone in swim strait out to island. when you see the platform with the avicks on them go to the other side of the island and with invis and enduring breath swim in the tunnel. I have seen post that you need wolf form to do this or other parts of this quest or you will fail. Don't listen to that never used wolf form got the rod with no death here.

(6) [Fana] Oasis of Marr in the underwater tower next to the above ground tower, on the top floor;

More swimming and alas another invis too, get enduring breath for this one too after my death getting the 3rd rod i did not take any more chances more than nessessary

(4) [Dena] Dagnor's cauldron, right outside the entrance to Kedge Keep. If you face with your back to Kedge, it is directly diagagonal left, in a corner - or you can swim straight out and down from Unrest;

I used levate here and went to the the cords and went down looked for it and there it was. Was going to go get the next one but invis ran out on the way up so i zone back to bb ran to the bank and came back to do the next

(10) [Jaka] Unrest in the water outside the right side of the house near where the the gnome speulunker is. Instead of going into the tunnel that leads to him, you go a little right of that entrance and there's a very short passage where you can find the rod.

Remember to swim up for this one it is on a ledge that while still under water is not down in the deep part. It is hidden in the corner with skellies swimming around as were other stuff. Nothing agro on me I just went in follow the wall to the right till i hit a building that i could not run behind then went around that building giving every mob a wide berth as i did not have invis to undead but did have regular invis then jumped in the water and swam to the cords then gated out on the ledge.

Then I took a break and went back to lake of ill omen for a 2 weeks and gained 5 lvls and started the last 2 rods 3 yellows into 29. All the ones above this i did with only food and a summoned light source so if i died I did not need to worry about corpse retrival

(2) [beza] In the underwater cave in the Everfrost plains. It is in the "house" all the way back and right in the cave, where 3 dry bones guard it in the center of the room;

Get enduring breath as this is a long swim to the cave. I did not use invis here and was not agro by anything in the water. once i was above water i cast invis for the bear and hugged the wall to the right until i found the rod hut. I only got agro by a ice bone skellie in the tunnel to hut once and quickly nuked him. The rod is in the hut and the 3 skellies are now all INSIDE the hut. Seeing that i medded up in a corner behind the hut and then went to the front door and slowly moved in and with each step tryed to pick up the rod. Got the rod without any agro from the 3 skellis inside the hut. back out quick ran to edge and gated out 9 down and 1 to go.

(5) [Ena] Lower Guk in the Reanimated hand room. This one is the only one you need a group for, unless you're brave and kamakazi it. Warning, the floor is the same color as the rod in this room and it makes it very hard to find with the hand and the dar beating on you;

I waited a day or two until friday after doing rod 9 for this one I even went to ec and then gated back to ef for mammoth hunting. Well when the hunting got bad i started my long journey to Guk at 9:30pm yesterday a friday. I gated to North ro and with sow and invis a ran all the way south to guk.

Upper guk was easy and took the same path i saw someone recently posted here via the ancient crocs to the undead side. A bit of warning when you zone in to lower via the water this route you will be under water. do not freak out like i did and just swim forward. It not a long swim so you do not need enduring breath. I got to a ledge by the bedroom and someone that was running from the lower side live pulled an undead and died ( i know cause i saw his corpse later when i started swiming again) once he was dead the ghoul came and pounded me to death (2nd death). got a rivive from someone in the bedroom and poof i was back binded myself on the same spot after looting my corpse and waited until the bedroom was under control went to the bedroom got a invis to undead ran down the hall past the ice bones (greater) and jumped down to the lower part (just past the icebone you come to a room go to the left and jump, yes take the damage for me it was 45hp)
then head north watch out for the pits stay in the center. i saw a post on another site that said stay out of the center i did and fell into the pit. But all is not lost after deciding not to gate back and seeing no undead down there which was good cause the invis to undead had wore off now i found a ladder and climbed back up. try to continue north and saw an aminated hand cast a spell and knew i was close saw another undead north of me did a loc and relized that the pit had taken me north of the hand room so moved back south and found hand passage bound my self right before the hand room and while the spell was being cast the hand and undead mob was pulled out not good. was able to focus enough to finish the bind and was bound right where i was going to die. At first i thought great i was going to be in a death loop but the puller pulled the 2 mobs out or the hall and when i came back i had an empty hand room ran to room swam up ran around found rod picked it up ran back into water ran to courpse looted and gated out woo woo woo woo

Forgive a spelling errors. Some notes use invis everywhere have sow and get enduring breath whenever you go into the water the extra time will reduce the stress of finding the rods if you don't have to worry about breathing. I did the first 8 naked the last 2 fully dressed. I never had wolf form and i bound myself on dry land at almost every site after the eurdin crossing death

My only question now is how do i use the Star of Eyes

# Oct 16 2001 at 9:44 PM Rating: Default
I did the quest i thought it was very easy and fun.I couldnt of done lower guk with out some help form a few friends that realy helped me out.(lvl 50s lol) but i did the quest at lvl 30 and didnt die once so u can do it im helping another that is doing it.And i know what to say to sulgar i dont like him but i finally figured what to say to him my hole guild guessed until 1 of them got it right, LOL.but other wise it was easy.And i only needed enduring breath once realy for the lake rather.You need wolf form for lake rather so that deep doesnt arrgo u and so that u can see in there.just some advice.

nammless server
# Oct 14 2001 at 10:20 PM Rating: Default
what do i say to sulgar?? i tryed everything just post it up
My experiences
# Oct 14 2001 at 5:56 AM Rating: Good
I just finished this quest yesterday after putting time into it off and on for 15 lvls. This quest is relatively not hard considering you really don't have to kill anything if you don't want to. It just takes some time, patience, and sometimes a couple of corpse runs, hehe. I recommend printing the quest out from www.graffe.com. This printout helped me considerably. These are my experiences with the different rod pieces and some of my observations:

Erud's Crossing: The rod is located at loc neg1162, pos2340. Just to the right of the front of the ship, just off of the deep end. I levved out to just before the loc and dove down to find it right in front of me. The killer sharks mentioned earlier in these posts weren't there for me nor my friend. However, I would recommend invis just in case this was a fluke, hehe. Also, you really don't need enduring breath unless your swimming skill sux (you will get a chance to get that skill up considerably with this quest, Lol). With a skill of 126 I was able to go down and search for a few secs before having to come back up.

Everfrost Caves: I did this one last because it was close to Sulgar. The entrance to the underwater cave is at pos2420 neg4060. You WILL need enduring breath (EB) for this one. I just bought an EB potion in Halas and dove in. A word of caution here, there is no light in this cave. It is extremely hard to see so have something that will get you to see well in here (if you're an Erudite like me, it's a necessity). If you swim North, you will eventually hit land. Just stay right the whole time and you'll get to the house. I walked in and grabbed the rod. Only one of three ice-boned skellies aggroed (green to 29). I rooted and nuked the skellie and Gated. I never saw the Lich that spawns in here.

Lake Rathe: You need EB and wolf-form for this one. Wolf form is the only way to ensure the DW Gobbies won't aggro. It is a long, dark swim to the tower. It is on the top floor of the tower. With wolf form, all the gobbos were indiff and I grabbed the rod and gated. To find the cave just swim directly out from the dock as you zone in from SK.

Dagnor's Cauldron: It's loc is neg890, neg740. From the Unrest entrance, just swim straight out and a little to the right. You don't need EB for this one, but invis is a must because of the Gobbos swimming around down there.

Lower Guk: AHHHHHHHH!!!!! Talk about frustrating for a lower lvl to get, Lol. Ok, face it, you will die on this one unless you are really lucky and have a couple of great escorts. Luckily for me I only died once. Just make sure you have an exp buffer for this one and expect to die a couple of times :). I was lucky enough to have a kick-*** chanter to escort me to the Hand room and mezz them while I grabbed the rod (Thanks again Yizenu!!!!). I zoned in and offered to donate for an escort.

Oasis: EB and wolf form again because of DW Gobbos. Underwater tower again and again on the top floor. The tower is east of the Specter tower right next to it. Just swim in and grab it.

Highpass Hold: This is the easiest one to get unless you're a darkie, which then you're going to have to invis the whole way there. It's right next to the Tiger's Roar Inn at the base of the closest waterfall to the Inn. Even a lvl 1 with no swimming exp can get this one, Lol.

Qeynos Aquaducts: Go in the Queen Klicnik entrance and go into the sewers. You are going to need a map for this one unless you want to search for hours on end, hehe. Everything in the aquaducts conned green to me at 27, including Riggin Vix, but I invised anyways and nothing aggroed including the sharks. I did have to get in the water to pick up the rod unlike someone said earlier where you didn't have to.

Neriak: I made a mule darkie to scope out my route for this one being I am of the lighter persuasion hehe. There are plenty of safe zones to re-invis here so don't worry about this one really. Just run in invis and jump in the water off of the small cliff as soon as you zone into the commons and swim over to the windows of the Blind Fish and grab it. Be advised though that was some other bag in front of the window also. It might have been coincidence, but the one you want is the orange rod looking one, hehe, it looks like all of the other rods.

Unrest: Located in the underwater tunnel just passed the gazebo. When you enter the tunnel, look for a passage above you, it is up there. There are zombies that swim in there (all green to a lvl 23), so watch for them.

So there you go, I hope this helps you in any way possible, and if you have any questions, send a tell to me if you're on the Zeb server :) and I'll answer any questions you might have regarding this quest if I can. Thanks again to Azal, Atlanka, and Kireina for the help with the different pieces ;).
More tips and hints
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I just finished this quest with my Level 10 wizard, with some help from a friendly 12 Enchanter. This quest can be done at this level if you have someone willing to give you invisibility and enduring breath from time to time, and you don't mind asking for help in Lower Guk. I bought some Invis. Vs. Undead potions that were (literally) a life-saver in some parts of the quest. Even with these, and buffs from the Enchanter, I still died half a dozen times and lost a level. So, be sure you start the quest with a cushion of experience so that you don't drop a level when you get killed a few time (which you almost inevitably will). Get more potions (Invis.vs.Undead) than you think you will need, as they don't last as long as you might think. Be patient and take your time. It took me most of a week, several hours a night, but it is satisfying to complete the quest and get the Staff.

So, here are a few tips that I can offer. If I had known these things (or read the posts here more thoroughly before I started) I might have died less times.

Erud's crossing: Stay well north of the ship so that the zombie sailors don't get you. Get enduring breath for this one - it is fairly deep. Also, use invis here to help avoid the sharks. I grabbed and gated, contrary to other advice given here.

Everfrost Caves: Go north under the ice in the river. You can't miss the caves if you just continue north. I wasted quite a bit of time searching the river bed near the ice hole for the entrance to the caves. Just go north past the ice goblins and into the cave. They will con green and will leave you alone. Be sure to follow the RIGHT wall around to find the house containing the rod. I went left and wandered lost in the caverns until getting killed by Lich. When you follow the RIGHT wall and get to the hut/house, use an invis vs. Undead potion and you won't have to fight the skels for the rod. Just grab it, get away from the house and gate outta there.

Lake Rathe: This one requires enduring breath. Invis is a good idea too. I found I was able to loot the rod through the window, while staying out of the sight/aggro zone of the MoBs inside. Stay to the left side of the window and try to just peek inside and grab the rod. It took several tries, but I got it this way. Move away from the tower a little and gate out.

Dagnor's: Enduring breath is a must here. Invis is a good idea, as there are a lot of aqua goblins and other creatures that would just love to pound on you if you are lower level as I was.

Lower Guk: Just face the fact that you will need help for this one unless you are already a high level. I was able to make my way to LGuk on my own, as I was only dubious to the Frogloks. (Thank goodness I have never killed a Froggie.) I told everyone in the zone my story (/ooc) and asked nicely for an escort to the hand room and help clearing it. A nice 54 Monk (I think) and 52 Cleric got me there (with only one death), cleared the room, and refused my offer to pay them something for their trouble.

Oasis: This one was easy with enduring breath and invis. Just swim in invisible and grab the rod. No sweat.

Highpass: This one was easy too. I swam in with enduring breath and invisibility, but probably could have done without either one or both.

Qeynos: This is a breeze with invisibility. Jump in, grab and jump out. Other posters on this site have said they had to kill one of the characters standing by the pit in order to get the rod to spawn. I had no such trouble. The rod was sitting there when I arrived. Had to get in the water to see it, though.

Neriak: This one was not a problem either. The guards in Neriak conned unfriendly, but invisibility handled that. Then, I swam in to get the rod and had no problems. Some say you can loot through the window of the "Blind Fish," but I didn't want to take a chance by being in there and having my invis fail.

Unrest: Here is another case where Invis.vs.Undead is needed. Follow the directions given elsewhere on this board to find the rod. Then CARRY it out. I tried to gate and was immediately smashed by the nearby undead MoBs because (of course) my invis broke when I started to cast.

If you go to Sulgay (loc pos 3000, neg 2400) and try to talk to him, be aware that he talks about [Tarton's wheel], but you MUST ask about "Tarton wheel" (singular, not possessive). I wasted quite a bit of time trying to ask about "Tarton's wheel." That just doesn't work. Better still, just walk up to him and ask about the wheel case. That is much easier.

Lower level Wizard take heart - you CAN do this quest early in your life, as long as you don't mind the thought of dying a few times. Just take your time and do your homework. Parts of the quest are VERY nerve wracking, but can be done. And I enjoyed seeing many parts of Norrath that I had never been to before.

Enjoy the quest and enjoy the staff when you get it.

10 Wizard
Lower Guk
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I have completed most of this quest on my own. I am scared to death of the Guk portion. I do not know the zone at all . Can anyone give me more of a hint of what to expect to see when I am in the lower dead side . I am confused on some of the pits on the maps , and the concept of swimming up , and I have also read under the water , not underwater . Any help is greatly appreciated .
More Info
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Yes Wolf form does help, with the DWG.

Buy Invis Undead Potions for LGuk, and for everfrost. (The Lvl 51 Nec in there has a nasty habit of wandering about. He got me the first time I did this quest, that was before I picked up the rod.) The reason I say use the potions is simple, they last a lot longer, expensive at 15pp plus a shot but worth it, as they dont wear off half way through.

I'm on Tholuxe Paels Server, Done the quest twice, wanted the spell. I've just started it again with a friend, so any advice if wanted freely given.

Tholuxe Paels
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As a 42 wiz I did this quest in about 4 hours with only one death. I looked at many websites and pc posts before starting so I had lots of info to start with. This is what I found out during the quest:
1. No sharks spawned in Erud's xing. If you lev to the loc and dive down invis should be no problem. There are a couple of zombies near the ship but they won't bother if you are at correct loc. -1160 +2340
2. EF rod was a cinch. +2420 -4060
3. LR was a little stressful. Definitely need enduring breath or DMF. I swam down once to scope it out and lost all my stamina so didn't loot until second trip in. Some of the dwgobs saw invis and some didn't. I stayed close to the ceiling and floated down just close enough to grab the rod and swim away.
4. In DC you may want invis to undead as low lvl skellies are just annoying but loc is correct. -890 -740
5. LG is tough. I went on a weekend when the whole dungeon was camped so aggros were less likely. I used invis and invis to undead interchangeably (got a nec friend to help with that). When you get the Hand room you actually have to swim up.
6. Oasis has dwgobs also. Some saw invis so similar approach was used like in LR. I forget to get an loc but the tower is near the shore close to the inn. These guys are tough. They cast so if you aggro them prepare to run or gate.
7. HPH was really easy. I just invised, swam down and got it right below the waterfall.
8. The aqueducts in Qeunos was the only "tricky" one. I arrived and there were two npcs. Riggin Vix and Timvu. Timvu kept picking something up but I couldn't see what it was. There was no rod in the shark pit so I decided to kill the two npcs. Blue and green to me. When I killed them an ogre popped and the rod appeared in the shark pit. Invis worked fine for picking it up. So apparently Timvu is picking up the rod when he pops so you have to kill the greedy guy.
9. Nek was easy. I am DE =) Not sure how to do this if you aren't. I guess you could zone in and jump off the bridge or go to the Blind Fish and loot it through the window upstairs. That's how I did it.
10. Unrest is easy but get invis to undead and stick to right wall when you get in. Jump in the stream and the rod is actually up on a little platform in the stream. Loc is +520 -285

The stats on the staff are really great (10 int/hp/mana and wt 1 stone)and a death or two is worth it in my opinion until the epic quest. Also, if you turn in the Star of Eyes that Sulgar gives you you get exp. I got 2 blue bubs at 42 so it's nothing to scoff at. You get the no drop rune of the astral as well. Feel free to give me a tell if you play on Terris Thule server.
~Aelrye Manastorm~
42 Wizard
Neriak and wolf form
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Does anyone know if getting wolf form will allow you to enter Neriak safely? Just a thought, since it would make this part a little easier. hehehe

Elhana Gateshaper
34th Erudite wizard
Tunare server
RE: Neriak and wolf form
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how do you propose to get a wolf form in an indoor zone?
RE: Neriak and wolf form
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You dont need a druids help! Just invis and run in! there are "blind spots" to guards to refreash invis if need be. If your PvP say a little prayer first. Get to the next zone and the PoD is there. Jump in the water, swim right and the rod is under the bridge. swim back to the PoD and gate. Easy!
RE: Neriak and wolf form
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dont swim Back to the PoD u can use spells underwater just gate after u get the rod+)=
RE: Neriak and wolf form
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Probably won't work. DEs are evil and wolves are good race. Invis and sow are probably your only choices but con npcs as you never know when they can see invis. I was wolf form in OT once and even though I am DE the goons killed me quickly :)
Aelrye Manastorm
42 Wizard
RE: Neriak and wolf form
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Wolf form only lasts until you zone. I just got a friend (DE cleric) to take me there and I ran invised following her. I was lucky that invis lasted until I picked up the rod and gated.
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