Coldain Military Wristguard  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Era:Scars of Velious
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
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Entered: Wed Feb 14 20:35:56 2001
Modified: Thu Feb 3 02:23:56 2022
With the Coldain Military Bracers quest, you must have at least dubious faction to the Coldain and to the Kromrif/Kromzek.

In The Great Divide, kill a Coldain War Wolf, (PH's being the coldain tracking wolfies around the coldain areas). Coldain War Wolf drops a "Velium War Wolf Choker."

Bring the choker to a A Frost Giant Wolf Tamer under the bridge that leads to King Tormax's throne room. Just jump down the side of bridge.

After giving the Wolf Tamer the choker he gives you a wolf harness.

With the wolf harness now in your possession say "I am looking for more work".

A frost giant wolf tamer says 'Yes. I was charged with a certain... delivery. Apparently one of our good friends named Erdarf in Thurgadin needs a shipment of one karsin acid bottle. You can find such a thing in Crystal Caverns. Maybe one of the orc dogs has it. Find a way to get one of those bottles to our good friend eh? When you do, let me see whatever it is you find on him.'

He is being sarcastic... Erdarf is not really a friend and the Karsin acid will poison him.

A "Bottle of Karsin Acid" is no drop, and is looted off of random easy kill orcs in Crystal Caverns. About 1 out of 15 drops a bottle.

If your faction is good with both giant and dwarf then give the karsin bottle to Erdarf (in a bar near the cleric guild), and he "gives" you a gem of persuasion.

Now, with Gem of Persuasion, you can do the Kromrif Military Leggings OR you can do this:

Go back to giant wolf tamer, give him gem of persuasion, he gives you a giant's version of the gem.

Give him the wolf harness and the giant version of the gem, and he gives you his giant control harness. If you want, you can start the whole quest by handing in the Karsin Acid.. it is not necessary to kill the Coldain War Wolf and hand in the Choker.

Anyway, bring this giant control harness to the Shardwurm Broodmother in Great Divide (located in the wurm caves).

After giving the Broodmother the giant control harness, head to the Coldain Mine camp in the south east part of the zone and see Korf Brokenhammer.

Wait for the Broodmother to come. She suddenly comes running to the side of the cave and starts attacking, 1 second later, the dwarf with the coldain bracers (Korf Brokenhammer) starts running southwards (right of the cave entrance), hurry and root him. If you miss him you may miss chance on the bracer.

Now, the Broodmother becomes Korf's pet and will hit you if you're too close to Korf.

Kill Korf and find the Coldain Military Bracer on the corpse.
Submitted by: Purin Dameus
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Quest still works with mule technique
# Apr 14 2019 at 9:05 AM Rating: Decent
31 posts
The quest still works using the mule technique. I did it with two accounts. Planted my mule at the broodmother-- then when main was outside the mines where Korf and Relik are I did the turn in. The user that said it takes about 4 min for broodmother to show at mines was correct. For some reason I ended up getting two broodmothers attacking Relik. Make sure you check the mines for Korf and Relik and then ask people in zone not to kill any of them. When broodmother shows wait for Korf to run then kill him.
Ssauleron Soulrender
Iksar Bloodreaver
Check first
# May 20 2016 at 7:36 AM Rating: Decent
2 posts
On Phinigel...with many people working on this quest, I did not realize one point and had to start the quest over again. BEFORE you hand in the item to the broodmother, check that Korf has respawned in the cave. If Korf and Relik are not there, and you hand in to the broodmother, she will walk to the cave, but nothing happens...the two coldain will respawn but remain in the cave. They have to be in the cave BEFORE you hand in to the broodmother.
Level 1 mule
# Mar 23 2016 at 10:22 PM Rating: Decent
28 posts
Followed the guides posted earlier and did this on rage fire with a lvl 1 ogre shaman mule that worships rallos zek.

Just get a port to Great Divide. Bind the lvl 1 in Thurg. From there its simply finding someone to give you a sow. You can buy invis pots in Thurg near the cleric guild off a vendor.

Got the bracer. Score!!

Faction hits for killing Korf at the end were....

-30 Coldain
-7 Dain Frostreaver IV
+3 Kromzek
+15 Kromrif
Works on Progression
# Sep 28 2012 at 11:08 PM Rating: Decent
10 posts
I did this quest on 9/28/12 Vulak Aerr

The Velium War Wolf Choker is dropable and it becomes the Blood Wolf Harness when you hand it in. Blood Wolf Harness is also dropable. You get the Blood Wolf Harness back when you do the turn in for the Control Harness, so not a bad idea to check the Bazaar.

When you are waiting for Korf. You need to not attack him when he is standing outside the cave doing nothing. Once the broodmother appears on the scene, he despawns and a new Korf spawns and begins to run up the hillside south of him. If you kill Korf before he respawns he WILL NOT have the bracer. He was grey to a level 60, and dropped easy to a 60 Necro Solo.

(if you need a trick to get the gem of persuasion. I got a Chanter to use dictate (charm spell) on him, and did the hand in to the charmed dwarf in Thurg. got me around the KOS status)

Good Luck!
Quest still works, and my walkthough
# Feb 13 2008 at 7:13 AM Rating: Good
237 posts
Just completed the quest last night, so it still works fine. I followed the advice/directions posted below for using a mule, and tweaked/clarified a few things. So my walkthrough is a combination of previously posted information, with my own edits thrown in.

Create a mule that worships Rallos Zek. An orge shaman can do the turn-ins in Kael Drakkel and Thurgadin. I did this on the Test server, where I could /testbuff to level 25 and had SoW and Shrink spells, but only invis to animals. I used no potions, but if you are doing this on a live server then you'll need invis, SoW, and Shrink potions.

Take the mule to just outside the orc fort in Eastern Wastes and camp. Take the main to the orc fort in EW, clear a path for the mule from the front to the Crystal Caverns zone in, then zone into Crystal Caverns and camp. Log in the mule and bring it into Crystal Caverns and camp at the entrance. Log in the main and kill any mob in the zone, preferably near the entrance, until a Bottle of Karsin Acid drops. Camp the main, log in the mule, and have the mule loot the Bottle of Karsin Acid.

Take the mule to Thurgadin. Shrink yourself a couple of times, then go in the main gate, go left and then when the path forks go left and Erdarf is in the first building on your left. Hand him the Bottle of Karsin Acid, no dialogue is necessary. You receive Gem of Persuasion.

Take the mule to Kael Drakkel. Run to Bank in KD, from there you take the path to your right (facing bank) up towards Tormax Area. Keep running (nothing will attack) until you see the ice bridge. Look to your left and there is a slope down towards below the ice bridge. Walk down it, you will see Gleed Dragonhunter and Nerik Wolfsoul and you will see A Giant Wolf Tamer also. Give him the Gem of Persuasion, he will return the Giants Gem of Persuasion, which you give back to him. No dialogue is necessary. You will receive a Giants Harness of Control.

Take the mule to Great Divide. Take the mule to the shardwurm caves in the center of the zone and camp outside of the tunnel. Log in the main and take the main to GD to the coldain tunnel that is southernmost and easternmost. Go into the cave to make sure Relik AND Korf Brokenhammer are up. Then go to the shardwurm caves in the center of the zone and check to see if the Shardwurm Broodmother is up, and kill any shardwurms on the way to the Broodmother to clear a path for the mule, as some of the shardwurms see invis. Camp the main outside of the shardwurm caves.

Log in the mule and take the mule into the shardwurm caves to get to the Shardwurm Broodmother. From the north you enter the caves and take the first left then the next left. She should be indifferent to you. Give Broodmother the Giants Harness of Control, then camp the mule.

Log in the main, and take the main back to the coldain tunnel and camp the main outside of the tunnel. Korf and Relik will now be respawned outside. When the Broadmother shows up she will attack Relik. Korf will respawn and start running south. Wait until Korf respawns and begins to run before you attack, or he will not have the bracer on him. Kill him and loot your bracer, he is level 45 and medium to low MR.
# Dec 21 2003 at 9:10 PM Rating: Excellent
75 posts
for those looking for actual loc of korf :

approx loc for Korf when i found him on sol in the caves at teh southeast end of the zone. loc is : -5048 , -3488, -509 inside the tunnels in the big room with shiny crystals middle/end
A very great item if you are a dotting Druid
# Nov 12 2003 at 10:52 AM Rating: Default
I love to dot and I did this quest yesterday with a 54 Druid. She took me to the places and I looted the acid, got the gem, went to the Giant Tamer and did the exchanges. She took her 54 Druid and went to the cave entrance while I took my level 1 Troll Warrior into the cave (had sow and invis from her) and gave the item to the Broodmother. She started to walk out so I stayed put. It took about 4 minutes for the Broodmother to walk to the cave where to the 2 NPC's spawned at. They spawn just outside and a little to the South of the cave opening. When the Broodmother gave the item to Korf he despawned and then popped back and started to run so make sure you are ready to root him as fast as you can AFTER he runs. I then camped out my level 1 and logged in my 59 Druid (camped out just above the cave entrance). I grouped with her and took him down, very easily too. I looted it, took the faction hit but I had great faction before and I did not notice any change afterwards. This is a great item to have for a soloing dotting Druid.
# Oct 22 2003 at 2:07 AM Rating: Decent
221 posts
I did this quest 2 times,the first time the quest worked ok,the 2nd time the broodmother cave to outside of cave but the 2 npcs DID NOT SPAWN.She waited for about 10 mins and despawned.
I make it =)
# Sep 02 2003 at 12:31 PM Rating: Decent
I do the quest 2 time in the same day.
Around 1h00 ~ 1h25 with 2 caracter. (warrior lvl 1 and my main 59 Necromancer).

I use this guide.
RE: I make it =)
# Nov 21 2003 at 1:10 AM Rating: Default
One problem I have with this "guide" is that the sow and invisible were pretty much useless to my level 1 mule character. They each only lasted about 2 minutes on him. Or perhaps its just yet another Verant nerf?

I also think I messed up the quest when I tried it, I assumed the npc's spawned outside the caves, but after reading the guide again, it sounds like they spawn at another cave? My game crashed (not the computer) after I tried camping my mule character. What a waste of time.

Edited, Fri Nov 21 13:41:46 2003
RE: I make it =)
# Jan 02 2004 at 9:47 PM Rating: Decent
i had no problem with my sow or invis on my lvl 1 fellow that did this for me.
# Jul 06 2003 at 4:04 AM Rating: Excellent
Ok, I just did this quest in about 30 minutes as a 45 ogre shaman who worships Rallos Zek with No Additional help. I was rather confused when I did it so I just wanted to post a total walkthrough so anyone can do it!

1) Go to Crystal Caverns in EW and kill any mob in the zone. I killed mobs at the entrance and on my third kill, a Bottle of Karsin Acid dropped. Either have you, or if you are KOS to giants, have your RZ worshipping mule loot. (Make a small class if possible)

2) Go to Thurgadin, go in past the bank and then when the path forks go left and Erdarf is in the first building on your left. Hand him the bottle of karsin acid, no dialogue is necessary. You receive some kind of gem.

3) Take you/your mule to Kael, running there is kinda tricky with a level one, but it is just a matter of being careful not to drop down and die from fall damage. Run to Bank in kael, from there you take the path to your right (facing bank) up towards Tormax Area. Keep running (nothing will agro you) until you see the ice bridge, there are Tormax Faction monsters on the other side of the Ice Bridge, do not cross it. Look to your left and there is a slope down towards below the ice bridge. Walk down it, you will see Gleed Dragonhunter and Nerik Wolfsoul (not sure on exact names) and you will see A Giant Wolf Tamer also, just give him the gem you received from Erdarf, he will return it to you with a slight name change, give it back to him again. No dialogue is necessary. You will receive a Giant Harness of Control.

4)Go to GD, make sure beforehand that you know where to go after giving Broodmother the harness. You must go to the Dorf Tunnel that is southernmost and easternmost, it should be easy to find. Give Broodmother the Harness, and run to tunnel, Korf and some other dorf will be waiting outside, when the Broadmother shows up (you can see her walking toward you) she will attack the other dorf and Korf will respawn (he was blue before, then he respawned and was even)and he will run off to the Southwest. If you agro him he will stop and act like a normal mob. Kill him and loot your bracer, he is level 45 (even con to me) and medium to low MR. I malaisement'ed him which was resisted, then i tried slow anyways and it him him. He hits for 115-125, somewhere in that area. With Stoicism + Horse he was an easy kill at 45, but I am rather twinked, you may want to get a partner, but a group is unnescessary. If you have stoicism you can solo him as a shaman.

If you need to buff or make a pet, you can. As soon as you give harness to broodmother, she will wander off, and she takes about 5-10 minutes to get over to Korf. I ran over to Korf, and casted level 44 pet, and hasted him and sowed him and then sat and waited.

Edited, Sun Jul 6 04:56:55 2003
RE: Walkthrough
# Aug 23 2003 at 3:57 PM Rating: Excellent
280 posts
I did this quest a few days ago as a 61 ogre shaman ( my main ). This walkthrough is pretty good but there are a few points Id like to add:

1. My shaman has never done any CoV/dwarf/giant faction work in Velious, so I was dubious to all involved ( except one--more on that later ).

2. The entry to Crystal Caverns isnt marked on the EQATLAS map. It is INSIDE the Rygorr fort in EW on the south wall in the middle. You click an iron gate to open it then click on the orb behind it to zone into CC. Despite the fact that the CC map shows 2 zone points into EW, that is the only one I was able to find.

3. Heres what I did: zone into GD from PoK, bind at book, head into EW with full buffs, sow and levitate ( make sure you get some bat wings ). Invis and zone into CC from the Rygorr fort. The zone had a few farmers in it and since Id never been here I just /ooc'ed that I needed a bottle of Karsin Acid and would pay 50pp for someone to pick me up at the ZL and lead me to a mob that dropped it ( you can kill your way thru and hope for one to drop but I dont have alot of time to play so I just paid someone to escort me ).

4. After you get the Karsin Acid, gate to the book and head to Thurgadin ( BTW I had maps of all the zones I was to visit printed before I started this quest ). Visit Erdarf in building #18 by the bank. Make sure you dont stray from the shortest path and also head thru the city UNINVIS. If you get aggroed just root it and gate out. I didnt have any problems up to this point.

5. After you get your item , gate out and head to KD. This is where I had problems. I had never killed a giant and also worship RZ so my understanding was that all of KD would be dubious. Not so. I strayed from the path and opened a door ( I think to the bank ) and I got jumped by a giant. I just rooted and gated out.
The second attempt I made my way to the wolf tamer guy ok, but one of the other NPCs by him and also a drakkel wolf were /con threatening. I invised and got behind the wolf tamer. When I dropped invis I rooted the wolf so he wouldnt aggro me while I did the 2 turn ins. Bad mistake. The wolf tamer guy aggroed me. I ran but got lost. He rooted me so I slowed him trying to get off a gate. Mistake #2. After I died, some other group killed the now roaming giant tamer and I got a faction hit. Next time I returned to KD to try again I was now threatening to 2 see-invis giants on the ice bridge.

6. I returned to GD to the Coldain Velium mines and started killing dwarfs. I killed about 50 and looted 12 Coldain heads. I returned to KD to the first giant recruiter as you enter KD and did the head turn ins. Turn in 4 heads at a time and you get back KD faction but take hits on Coldain and CoV faction. This was enough tho to get me to indifferent/dubious to all the KD mobs tho, and I proceeded to do the hand ins to the wolf tamer. I gated back to the book in GD when I was done.

7. This is the most important part of the quest. Head to the shardwurm caves in the center of the zone and check to see if the Shardwurm Broodmother is up. From the north you enter the caves ( invis ) and take the first left then the next left. She is indifferent to you ( even uninivised ). Dont do the hand in yet. Head back out of the caves and head to the Coldain mines in the SE of the zone. Go all the way back ( again, invised ) and make sure Relik AND Korf Brokenhammer is up. Make sure no one is killing them.

8. Now head back and turn in the harness to the Broodmother. She will start heading out of the caves and towards the dwarf mines. Head back there as quick as you can. Korf and Relik will now be respawned OUTSIDE the caves entry. At this point I made a pet and buffed him up. The Broodmother came in less than 5 minutes. She will attack Relik and Korf will respawn and start running south. DO NOT ATTACK KORF UNTIL HE STARTS RUNNING, other wise he will not have the bracer on him. He is a light-blue con to a 61 so Id guess he's 40-45 in his respawned form. Dont lose track of him. You may want a tracker to help you here just in case you lag or something while Korf starts running. The Broodmother will kill Relik, and then just stand at the entry to the mine. Korf was obviously an easy kill for a 61 shaman. I looted my bracer and gated out.

Note: GD is never empty. You may want to announce to the zone that you are pulling the Broodmother for a quest and ask that she not be attacked while you do this just so someone doesnt ruin your quest. I was now KOS to dwarfs so I couldnt have gone back into Thurgadin to do another hand in. Would have had to make a mule.

This info and Torporr's walkthru should cover everything you need to know on how to get you CMW. The effect Burning Affliction is not as good as Affliction Efficiency but its nice and the bracer has decent stats for something that is so easy to get. Good luck all...

61 Ogre Oracle on Luclin server--Chaotic Winds--Venerable Aggrok

Edited, Sat Aug 23 17:07:38 2003
RE: Walkthrough
# Sep 01 2003 at 12:35 PM Rating: Decent
Both of the above walk-through's are very well done, and I found them to be very useful.

After having tried to do this with my barb shammy and trying to get faction built I would definitely recommend going the ogre/troll mule route which is detailed below in other posts.

Just get a druid/shammy for SoW/Lev/Invis as you take the level 1 mule from zone to zone. If you don't have a shammy for "escort" duty make sure your mule has an Ant Potion on him so he can get into the bar to give Erdarf the Karsin Acid.

Best of Luck,

Jumgurorm Atrociter
53 Mystic
Divine Aura
The Brell
# Jun 25 2003 at 5:28 AM Rating: Decent
64 posts
The quest is now working!! Just got mine 6am june 25th ;-}
# Jun 21 2003 at 6:19 AM Rating: Default
the acid is gotten better off the geo's near the bottom than off the orcs but if you dont know the area dont try it i know know the area after some guess and check CRing.
Quest Broken On Torvonnilous.
# Jun 12 2003 at 7:20 PM Rating: Decent
After handing in the Giant Control Harness to the Shardwuem BroodMother today, she failed to leave the Shardwurm Caves. A group member couldn't get Korf on track until the hand-in & we ran over to the caves and waited for 15 minutes for the BroodMother to show.

I know she didn't move we'd left another 2 group members were back in the Shardwurm caves. After killing Korf - no Wristguard. Ho hum...

Caminaara DawnRazor.
Plagurist Red Defiler.
Proud Member of Twilight Brethren.
Torvonnilous Server.
RE: Quest Broken On Torvonnilous.
# Jun 19 2003 at 11:16 AM Rating: Decent
20 posts
Went to do this last night for a friend on Vazaelle. Have done this probably 8 or 9 times for various guild members using the troll mule method and just getting the bottle of karsin acid.

The BM and her two guardians were both moving like they were lagged, but I decided to give it to her anyway. Got the message 'the collar snaps on and she wanders off...' but she didn't go anywhere, and the two dwarves never spawned.

We killed the two guardians, and when they reset, they kept doing their lag dance. So I tried attacking the BM, and see if she'd pull out and do something useful. Nope. She would attack if you got close to her, but if you backed off, she wouldn't do anything. (And for those of you thinking easy kill/xp, nope, I landed a full pyrocuror on her, and she didn't move past 1% damage.)

My friend petitioned, and we got a guide response pretty fast. He tested a few things and confirmed she was bugged. He told us to petition for item reimbursement for the quest hand in (ha! faster to just go get it by hand) and to do a /bug. A little later, I went to get my mule ready for another hand in, and it looks like she had been perma-killed.

Hopefully they'll have this fixed in the next patch.
RE: Quest Broken On Torvonnilous.
# Jun 19 2003 at 10:07 PM Rating: Decent
64 posts
Your description of the events matches mine exacttly... On The Rathe server i used a RZ Mule to hand in the giant control harness and got msg that she wanders off... BUT she jsut continued her 'LAG DANCE' as you so aptly described it.

I petitioned and got very corteous and prompt response and reimbursement of the harness later that day.. The GM killed BroodMutha and i m awaiting her not very confident that she wil be fixed upon respawn... /crosses his little froggie fingers...
RE: Quest Broken On Torvonnilous.
# Jun 19 2003 at 10:21 AM Rating: Decent
Did this with the help of a fellow guild member who set up the quest, an got the same results, think this quest is now bugged.


# Jun 09 2003 at 1:40 PM Rating: Excellent
Just did this for my 50 druid. Confirming a few things.

1) You can solo this quest with a mule. I used a 16 ogre warrior of Rallos Zek. He was dubious to giants and only a little better to the dwarfs.

2) Buy your mule some Bood of the Wolf (if Sow drops), many, many Cloudy Potions (they are defective and you never know when invis might drop at the worst time) and an Ant Potion, if you are not smarter than I am and use a halfling warrior or some other small worshipper of Rallos Zek. (Remember, you have to do a turn-in in Thurg.)

3) Your mule is mostly safe in GD because the things in that part of the zone won't aggro on you. The only exception is the Shardworms.

4) Just Run your mule to CC. Get an invis for this because not only will the orcs aggro on you, but all of the animals on the way. Of course, the giants won't.

5) Acid drops in CC. Someone left one on a body right near the entrance so I just grabbed it and ran! Didn't even need to bring my main over to kill orcs!

6) Remember to invis back up for run to Thurg.

7) Remember that Ant potion? You will need it now to turn the acid in for the Gem.

8) Going through Kael is no problem. I went LD twice in there and wandered all over. You want to go south, past bank and under bridge to King Tormax. I jumped off bridge, but there is a safe way down on the left just before the bridge.

9) The Wolf Tamer would not talk to me but he would take turn ins. Remember, you need to give him the gem TWICE! The wolf harness is not necessary.

10) Get your mule Back to GD.

11) I made sure I could find the Broodmother first, then ran down to find Korf. I got Korf on track and just camped at the entrance to the Coldain mining caves.

12) Now the scary part; invis up and get your mule to the Broodmother. She has no PHer. From the north, just go left twice. She is at the end of the second cave, right past 2 shardworm guardians. I had no trouble getting there with the Cloudy Potion but someone was killing shardworms so I didn't see many.

13) /ooc to let people know not to kill the Broodmother. Most know that she is a quest NPC and drops nothing of value, but she is only 50th level. (I conned her with my main!)

14) For some reason, your invis doesn't drop when you do the trade with the Broodmother. Just to be safe, I walked my mule back to the rear of the Broodmother cave AFTER the turn in when I camped out.

15) It will take a while for the broodmother to get to Korf. Just target him and wait. /shout to remind people not to kill the Broodmother a few times, like once every 2 minutes.

16) When the Broodmother arrives, you will know to kill Korf because: a) you will lose target on him as he respawns, and b) he takes off running! I lost him completely for about 5 seconds and had to track him to find him. However, that meant he was quite far from Relik, his dwarf friend, and the Broodmother.

17) Root, snare, dot, dot, dot, root (resist), root, dot, dot, dot, root, dot, dot, dot, root, dot, DD, dot, dot, one dead dwarf. (That is with a 50th level Druid. Your milage may differ.) I rooted a lot because he was close to zone and I didn't want him to despawn!)

18) Hit to Coldain wasn't too bad. Was amiable to start and after killing him was still amiable. No CoV hit. Dain hit unknown, but less than Coldain.

19) The Broodmother was NOT back when I logged back into my mule. Since his invis was still up, I ran like a big ogre chicken to the PoK book and zoned.

A great quest. I recommend it.

50 druid
Golden Eagle Trading Company
Help with Broodmother
# Jun 06 2003 at 1:33 AM Rating: Decent
Im yet to finish this quest because I cant find my way to the broodmother inside the caverns. I scouted most of the place with a lv 38 ranger for quite some hours and im yet to see her on track. I figured she might have a PH or something so i logged onto my necro and started killing most of the wurms that where sitting in diferent caves, and I never got a spawn. Only named wurms I saw were the Matriach and Shardtooth. Locs to Broodmother spawn and or timer would be appreciated :)

Edited, Fri Jun 6 01:56:22 2003
Dorf up?
# Jun 05 2003 at 12:18 AM Rating: Decent
FYA, make sure no one is farming dorfs for faction. I ran into this last night when I went to do the quest. Ogre mule ready to turn in.. 61 necro waiting near cave. Turned in. broodmother left... waited... waited.... waited... BM came... no dorf. I went inside and found 2 peeps clearing the back room where he spawns.

I was kinda upset about that, mainly about me not checking to see if anyone was back there.

Once again Make Sure the dorf is up in his real form before starting the quest.
Confirm a few things
# May 24 2003 at 9:23 PM Rating: Decent
Just wanted to confirm a few things here that I questioned till I did the quest.

The quest will not work all the time like some of the previous posts say. If the dorf doesn't run when the broodmother comes then no bracer. You must do it again.

There ARE some shardwurms that see invisible if you are using a mule. If you get some of them try to get around them. If you can't then you might have to wait or thin them out with your main with some help.

One thing I didn't see mentioned anywhere is that if you use an ogre or troll you can't get into the bar in Thurgadin without a shrink potion to hand in the acid. Buy a shrink potion or have someone attack him and pull him out of the bar and then have mule do hand in.

Other than that the quest didn't work the first time I did it, but it did the second.
# May 09 2003 at 11:09 AM Rating: Decent
So I have my lvl 6 Rallos Zek Mule. I have gotten the "Giant Control Harness" However, I cant get in to the cave to give the harness to the Broodmother. I'm KOS to the Wurms? Never killed any but they even see invis... Any ideas. How do I turn in the harness if I can't get to the broodmother?

Tillweed, Bertox
# Apr 30 2003 at 5:44 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
I've done this quest three times. Each time, I've turned in the Gem of Persuasion, and all was well. Now, twice in a row, I've turned in a Gem of Persuasion, and the trainer says something like, "This is a nice trinket, but it would be a lot better with a harness". I tried giving him the Blood Wolf Harness, but that just doesn't work (he says "I can't use this...").

What is up with the trainer? Am I missing something? I've done this thing before, and still have a few friends that want the wristguard, but it's not working for me.

BTW, I have never taken a faction hit (with this character) in doing this quest. I have been careful not to touch *any* giants or dwarves so that I could preserve his ability to do this quest.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Wrex Havokk
35 Ogre Beastlord

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RE: Confused
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He gives you the "trinket", which is a Giants Gem of Persuasion. Give the Gem back to him AGAIN, and he gives you the control harness.

Quest Completed
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I completed this quest yesterday. I used a mule Ogre Warrior of Rallos Zek to get the Harness. As the pieces are no-drop, I had to keep him close by (and safe) until the item dropped and he could loot them. The only pain was getting the Acid from Crystal Caverns onto my 3rd level character.


- There is no need to hurt your Coldain faction to get the Blood Wolf Harness. You can buy this from the Bazaar or you can kill the Kromrif equivalent. It drops from a Drakel War Wolf (the real name is close to that and obviously unlike the other wolf names in the area). It spawns near the Wizard Spires in Great Divide. It drops the Blood Wolf Harness need to turn in a piece.

- Korf despawns and respawns as the quest starts. He respawns outside the cave entrance. Wait for him at the mouth of the cave.

- The normal Korf is 55th level. When the quest is initiated, the new (re-popped) version outside the cave is much lower and blue to a 51 druid.

- The Broodmother never becomes Korf's pet. He becomes the pet of the other dwarf standing at the entrance. Korf runs away as soon as the Broodmother attacks him. The other dwarf controls the Broodmother and you can fight Korf safely a little to the south (the direction he runs).

- My ogre was Apprehensive to Erdarf. He would not talk to me, but just handing him the Acid worked.

- My ogre was Dubious to the giant Wolf Tamer. He would not talk to me, but just handing him the items worked.

Hope this helps clarify things for others.

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still work??
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I did this quest today on the test server using the method described by a guy when you look up the item not the quest and the broodmother came to the dwarfs which DID pop and then stood there.....didn't attack Korf's friend...then the dwarfs despawned and the broodmother walked back.... I stayed around for another 30 min waiting and nothing happened except the brrodmother came back and stood there then went back.....she may patrol /shrug anyone done this in the past couple days?

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RE: still work??
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OK did the quest last night and it worked great. I also talked with a guy on Mith Marr that farms these things to sell....he gets everything ready then kills Korf and lets the person paying loot the corpse. He said that it has happened to him a couple times so if you do this quest and the broodmother walks up and just stands there just do it again =)

I also ended up doing the quest twice...once for me and once for a druid that was helping me. Both times it worked fine. I am not SURE but the first time my mule died after turn in so that MAY be the reason it failed. Just something to keep in mind =) Gl to all who try to get it. it is a SWEET item with afflcition efficency 3 on it =)
Wrong place
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Maybe it's new but I did the quest today and when you give the giant harness of control to the broodmother, the dwarf depop in the cave and repop outside of the cave and it's where the Brood come and attack the second dwarf (elric or something like that).

Charm him
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If you can get a group up there to pull the tormax entry mobs its easy enough to work down to pulling the wolf tamer from that area too. Add an enchanter to charm the wolf tamer (sometimes boltrans works , sometimes too high for anything but dicate or post 60 spells), then hes indifferent and you can do the turnins.

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Ok Lets say i F***ked up my faction with both parties involved. Should i just create the Rallos Zek Mule or try to get my main the Faction? and if i wanted my main to get the faction how would i go about doin it?
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