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Minimum Level: 54
Maximum Level: 56
Expansion: Ruins of Kunark
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Known Habitats:
  Old Sebilis
Factions Increased:
  Legion of Cabilis
Factions Decreased:

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Easy strategy, work around adepts
# Aug 16 2001 at 12:54 PM Rating: Good
Here's how to break king with a 50 enchanter.

Go to rock and jump right into the mote before the bridge. You will swim towards zone in and then turn left and go down a hole. This is the slim room because there's slime on the floor that makes you slide. You might need to kill about 2 frogs that roam outside this little jail cell. Jump in the moat right outside the slime room and swim around till you see a fork in the passageway, take the turn and go up. Be prepared to fight immediately because there will be frogs close to you pop up spot. The enchanter should be last so everyone else can run interference. The enchanter should have no problem mezing the illis frogs with dazzle. Make sure everyone assists, and I dont' recommend pet classes except mage.

From the jail drop in point go straight ahead and ignore the side jails. There is a small room here with 2 spawns. You can either pull them to the drop in point or rush the room. From here you can pull exit and the surrounding frogs if you like. I would clear out exit which is the room to the left with a door. Once exit is clear have the puller pull single roamers from the miconid area, marked by a door also.

Once the myconid door has been breached, have your puller pull up the right corridor all the way up to the king room. Once all roamers have been taken care of move to the king room. There will be a 3 spawn on the "throne" of the myconid king. Ignore them for now and hug the right wall until you get to the very back point of the room. The three spawn will not agro. Hopefully the king will not be up or this will be hell. Set up shop with buffs and then pull the 3 spawn, note the king ph. Kill the two side spawns and then wait a full 3 minutes before killing the king PH. Should any adepts appear switch to the adepts and tash and mez the reavers and warriors. Adepts and king should be handled by the warriors and a lvl 60 shaman. Shaman will be able to land the slow easily, although lvl 56 shaman gets same slow. You can go oom trying to land it though at lvl 56.

Party make up:
Warrior: lvl 54 or more, dependent on equipment
Cleric: noodle user is good because you can have a complete wipe out, noone's fault
Shaman: lvl 60 so that slow will stick without effort, if you can tash, malo can be lower lvl at 56+
enchanter: lvl 50+ with tash dazzle can stick on reavers and warriors, everyone switches to adepts when they show up.
mage: COH makes this a whole lot easier
monk/rogue: for true damage
or ranger for snare and damage or even wizard.
Small complaint
# Aug 16 2001 at 11:17 AM Rating: Decent
I understand Verant want us to group. I understand they don't believe in bottom feeding, or want it. However I think it is [oh how do i put this nicely] not nice that at lvl 53 I realy can't affect adepts.

Let me explain. Pre-kunark you had different lvls of the mez spell. The only difference was the duration or area of effect. At no time did the mob take into account the lvl of mez, risk vs reward, time vs mana cost of mez. Now the adepts CANNOT be mezzed with dazzle or below, kinda like root spells. This means an enchanter below lvl 53 cannot do anything to adepts. Reavers aren't a problem but adepts are basically off limits as well as the king. This isn't what I thought verant preached. The king is only 5 levels above a lvl 53 and the adepts are only about 3. 54 also demarks c2. This just adds to the discrimination of enchanters by lvl. You might not agree or even understand but think about this: a cleric isn't hampered by this, nor are any other meleers. You might say an enchanter still can speed and clarity, but think about if your cleric couldn't heal, he still has other options, he could buff. Before you get upset, stop and think if you were a lvl 53 enchanter and wanted to do king.
No Mercedes drop
# Jun 10 2001 at 5:52 AM Rating: Default
After the 2nd complete heal for this shroom, I said to me group that this better drop a mercedes or somethin. But it dropped like 5p. Was yellow to me at lvl 52
update non stunables
# Jun 09 2001 at 4:27 AM Rating: Good
397 posts
56+ mobs can NOT be stunned and you can basically tell if your adept or reaver is lvl 56 because it will keep hitting you when you try to stun it regardless of landing the spell.

You have to use GoK (glamour of kintaz?) or Shado (someone mentioned this, no clue what it is - I'ma sham)

lvl 56 caster mobs will regen about 200 mana a minute regardless of being mezzed, non agro, etc. so your chanter needs to either suck about 4k mana in 3 minutes, manasink, or chain GoK... probably a combination of manasink, GoK, and steal mana would work best.

All the chanters I've seen use GoK or manasink on these, but they weren't really exceptional.

lvl 56 adept killing can make or break your king party. You need to put these down first, unless yer fighting king... then spend the mana to mez these with GoK
update non stunables
# Mar 13 2007 at 9:49 AM Rating: Decent

Adept info
# Apr 12 2001 at 8:18 AM Rating: Excellent
397 posts
This is a higher level version of the Myconid Priest mob that frequents the shroom area of lower sebilis.

There was a rumor that these resisted all stun spells, but after extensive testing; I found the rumor to be false.

These things have about as high resists as the Myconid Reavers, so they are pretty tough. If you tash + malosini them you can use the chanter ae stun spells on them quite easily. Being that these are actually quite common, and quite hard to kill without casting both tash and malosini on them, I would reccommend bringing a mage or shaman when killing shrooms..

Yes these can be level 56 so you might get an enrage. Just turn off autoattack for a second till the mob stops enraging, then polish them off.

Never seen anything drop from these but supposedly the rares are

Green jade axe - sk weapon
gem encrusted ring - 10ac 8str ring, slightly better than velium fire opal ring if you ask me.
cobalt bracer - 21 ac eff shrink? targetable
And very rarely spells - not even close to as common as juggers drop spells, but still makes it worth it for lvl 56+ to kill these things.
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