The Dream Destroyer  

a rare creature

Uploaded November 28th, 2010 by Cylius

Note: For all map points of nameds in Sanctum Somnium (for "somnium.txt" map files), see this quest entry.

PHs are the "a dream shade figment" mobs in the tower in the far northern part of the zone.

It hits for a max ~14,000; and has ~1,000,000 hitpoints.


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Level: 94
Expansion: House of Thule
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Lucid Remnant of Knowledge
# Apr 20 2012 at 3:15 PM Rating: Default
Dropped the Lucid Remnant of Knowledge for me today along with the Dream Destroyer's Essence. My Shaman was very happy. Pretty straight forward fight, as others have stated. Hardest part is getting there. With all the See Invis between the entrance to this area, and the location, be prepared to have at least one death in your party along the way. Best bet is clear your way in, and the same getting out, or gate out if you can.
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# Oct 18 2011 at 2:42 AM Rating: Decent
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Drop down through false floor to the lower floor. Then head to the north east corner of that area. Should be a giant warrior in room with ladder up to first floor. Go up ladder and there should be a non agro kobold at top of the ladder. Go out door and to the left. You will be heading for the circular room on map that is north of the ladder.

In center of circular room is a column of water that seems to have five levels. Two above and two bellow from where you enter room. PHer mobs are at bottom and top floors of column.

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Soulhate Necromancer of Evening Reign
# Dec 07 2013 at 11:48 PM Rating: Default
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Thanks. Great directions.
# Jul 10 2011 at 5:32 PM Rating: Decent
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Spawned on bottom floor after 2 clears. Pretty easy fight and it dropped lucid remnent of desire, dream destroyers hand, nightmare ruby
a few things to note
# Jul 06 2011 at 9:30 AM Rating: Default
This is a rare spawn. I think I saw it about 15 or so times over a 4 day camp (camped 2 or 3 times each day) each one lasting between 4-12 hours each. Averaging 11 hours each day. I camped it with my 90 beastlord w/ 2800 aa and my 90 shaman w/ 1600 aa and a cleric and tank merc both T5 j-man. It was a fairly easy camp for me to hold and kill. The only problems I encountered were when I attempted to maintain the PHs in both rooms. I died a few times trying to travle between the rooms. Usually in the middle floor where the dream shade roams around the column of water. And the other problem was in the top floor where both mobs roam unlike in the bottom floor.

To reach it you must run to the north hallway with the Dream Phantom regular mobs. Run down the hallway to the first roaming dream phantom then turn right. You might have to kill the three down that length of the hallway. There might be a dark ritualist sitting in a side hallway with one of the dream phantoms. The second to last door on the left after you turn right leads you to a room with 2 mad beggars and a ladder leading down.

You'll drop down into a safe room with a dream phantom or dream phantom illusion right outside the doorway. The path is fairly straight forward to the ladder leading up except for 2 doorways you need to go through. The first room with 2 doorways is where you need to go through the second doorway not the first. The second room with 2 doorways is a U-shaped room with a doorway to the right and one straight ahead but behind a wall dividing the room. Go through the straight ahead door. There should be a dark beast (worg mob) in this room. Only the dream phantoms and the dark beast see invis so it's a easy path with next to no adds if you have to kill to move through. The last room has a giant warrior in it but doesn't see invis so it should be easy to climb up.

There should be a kobold skirmisher in the room above also doesn't see invis. Leave the room and turn left then left again. There will likely be a roaming dream phantom outside the door and does see invis. You should be able to see the light blue colored column of water just down the hallway. Usually there is a dream shade mob roaming around it. Everything in this area does see invis. IVU doesn't work in here either. Use the column of water to travel up or down to the rooms with the dream shade figment mob. This is where The Dream Destroyer spawns.

Short version:
1. go down long hallwway and turn right
2. go through second to last door on left
3. drop down the ladder
4. follow the path through the rooms
5. take the second doorway in the room with 2 doorways
6. take the straight ahead doorway in the u-shaped room with the worg (not the doorway to the right)
7. go up the ladder
8. exit the room and turn left then left again
9. enter to column of water at the end of the hallway
10. go up or down as far as you can

This is a long and boring camp. With only 2 mobs in The Dream Destroyer's room, unless you travel to both camps or kill everything in the tower, this is a low exp camp. The Dream Destroyer is on a 16 min 30 second spawn timer. (yes I've timed it) The top floor both mobs roam but in the bottom floor the dream shade sits in the back of the room and doesn't appear to move.

Unlike other mobs in the expansion, I didn't see a weapon graphic on it when I killed it and it dropped the Dream Destroyer's Hand. I suggest you turn off run when you fight it since it does fear.

Out of 15 or so kills it dropped:
8-9 Dream Destroyer's Essence
4-5 Spectral Essence
5-6 Lucid Remnant of Knowledge
2 Dream Desroyer's Hand (the second one came after a server reset)

It also dropped a couple" rel="external nofollow" title="">Chilled Spectre Robes

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a few things to note
# May 17 2016 at 5:20 AM Rating: Good
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Excellent directions. One of the last two mobs I need for the zone's Hunter Achievement. The good news is I can bind here and secondary bind at the giant fort so rather than camping these last 2 mobs for endless hours I'm going to port in and out, slaughtering the PHers, until the nameds spawn.

One clear for each spawn and on repops I got my final two nameds for the achievement. I do believe now that these zones are ancient history they have way upped the spawn rate of these named mobs.

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Edited due to mixing up mob names.. sorry

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Casts something
# Dec 18 2010 at 3:14 PM Rating: Decent
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[Sat Dec 18 16:02:14 2010] The Dream Destroyer begins to cast a spell.
[Sat Dec 18 16:02:45 2010] The Dream Destroyer begins to cast a spell.
[Sat Dec 18 16:03:15 2010] The Dream Destroyer begins to cast a spell.
[Sat Dec 18 16:03:46 2010] The Dream Destroyer begins to cast a spell.
[Sat Dec 18 16:04:23 2010] The Dream Destroyer begins to cast a spell.
[Sat Dec 18 16:04:53 2010] The Dream Destroyer begins to cast a spell.
[Sat Dec 18 16:05:25 2010] The Dream Destroyer begins to cast a spell.
[Sat Dec 18 16:06:03 2010] The Dream Destroyer begins to cast a spell.

Rough time of duoing him, but he was casting something. Just did not have spell awareness to check.
Casts something
# Dec 18 2010 at 4:15 PM Rating: Good
Ok Vidy ... you've made me finally post something here ... Huge Gratz ... You are my hero ... I Love you man :)

[Sun Dec 19 01:15:44 2010] The Dream Destroyer begins to cast a spell. <Strike of the Dream Destroyer>
[Sun Dec 19 01:35:34 2010] The Dream Destroyer begins to cast a spell. <Strike of the Dream Destroyer>
[Sun Dec 19 03:07:22 2010] The Dream Destroyer begins to cast a spell. <Strike of the Dream Destroyer>
[Sun Dec 19 03:07:53 2010] The Dream Destroyer begins to cast a spell. <Strike of the Dream Destroyer>
1: Decrease Mana by 1410 (L1) to 9000 (L1266) per tick
2: Fear up to level 90

Also appears may possibly cast: Destroy Dreams (but not in our fights)
PB AE Decrease Hitpoints by 35000

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Casts something
# Dec 19 2010 at 1:37 PM Rating: Good
Oh, also dropped :

[Sun Dec 19 01:16:47 2010] Glowing Nebulous Dream Fragment
[Sun Dec 19 01:22:44 2010] Dream Destroyer's Essence
[Sun Dec 19 01:36:23 2010] Greater Nebulous Dream Fragment
[Sun Dec 19 01:42:13 2010] Dream Ghost Essence

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# Dec 11 2010 at 9:31 PM Rating: Decent
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Basically he spawns in the very far north circular room in SS. As you approach this room there is a water column in the front that you can swim up 2 levels and down 2 levels. The Dream Destroyer's PH are the 'a dream shade's figment' mobs. There is one PH at the very top, and one at the very bottom. He is not any more difficult than most trash mobs, and has no special spells or attacks, from what I can tell. there are about 3 mobs per level, except the top and bottom, which have 2. /loc +990, +210

He also drops 'Dream Destroyer's Essence' (type 7) and 'Spectral Essence' (type 7, and type 3)

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# Dec 04 2010 at 5:48 AM Rating: Decent
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it spawns right around.....where? =P
# Nov 29 2010 at 10:19 PM Rating: Decent
29 Nov 10

Dream Destroyer's Hand
Lucid Remnant of Knowledge (Head)
this mob
# Nov 25 2010 at 1:38 AM Rating: Decent
Drops the Dream Destroyer's hand
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