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In Firiona Vie and the Tower of Frozen Shadow: Appeared briefly in these zones as part one-time-per-server events in the weeks leading up to the Dragons of Norrath expansion (January 2005).

In Bloody Kithicor: Located in the Army of Light headquarters (western side of the zone outside the Highpass zone).

In Bloody Kithicor (Raid): Part of the "Bloody Kithicor" raid expedition (see this quest entry for event information).

In Discord Tower: Part of the Stasis event (see this quest entry for event information). For event loot, see the chest which spawns after successful completion.

In Al'Kabor's Nightmare: Located in the ruins of Felwithe at approximately -400, -5000.

In The Other Side of the Rift: Firiona Vie plays a part in sending Lady Lendiniara back home.

In Katta Castrum: Deluge: Firiona Vie (click for map image) is found on the main floor of the zone-in temple.

In the Combine Dredge: Firiona Vie (click for map image) is found at the zone-in as well as in the southeastern corner of the zone. She also appears in the mission "Deep Lies the Snow" (see this quest entry for details).

In Arx Mentis: Firiona Vie (click for map image) is found at the zone-in as well as the top floor of the citadel. She also appears in the missions "All Rivers Lead to the Sea" (see this quest entry for details), "The Cost of Balance" (see this quest entry for details), and "Confronting Calix" (see this quest entry for details). She also appears throughout the raid zone (see this quest entry for the raid expedition overview).

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Level: 90
Expansion: Seeds of Destruction
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Group Task: Bitter Victuals
# Nov 01 2008 at 9:43 PM Rating: Decent
90 posts
Sorry don't have a log or exact steps (had to drop task to get out) but we just finished this task. Names might be off a little but you'll get the point when you do it. Involved hailing a guy in the tunnel, he sends you out to collect 3 different venom sacks of some giant black spiders (found NW of the tunnel (they roam all over but found a bunch of them there) they conned light to dark blue at 81. Need 6 each of 2 of the sacs, and 3-4 of the other, can't remember exactly. Turn them in to the guy in tunnel he gives you 6 bottles of poison. After that you have to kill a named (yellow con at lvl 81, immune to run-speed changes, casts an AoE snare, dropped trash) and kill 6 Murkwater assassins (immune to run speed changes, white to yellow at 81, casts an an AoE snare type spell) then poison 6 chests using the poison received from first part of task. There are also Murkwater Poisonblades mixed in the camp (NOT immune to runspeed changes, have pets and cast an AoE snare and DoT for 770 a tick on me) There are also a couple Murkwater Alchemists (cleric type mob I believe, sends cleric hammer at ya) Also in the camp are several Obliteration mobs, non kos but have to be killed in order to poison the chests. Once all mobs in the camp are dead, just "trade" with the chests in the buildings and give them a bottle of poison. After that hail the guy in tunnel again and Task Complete, receive your reward. Have to drop task to get out though, we couldn't find a port out anywhere. Also during the mission we noticed a Named spider. Got screenshots of both the drop and the dead spider. Just not sure where to upload to.

lvl 83, GIANT spider


Glittering Monofaceted Eye
Magic, Lore, No Trade, Augmentation
req 75/rec 80

AC 5
HP 90
Mana 90
End 90
Agility 0+2

slots 7 or 8.

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