TDS Progression #23: The Cost of Balance  

Quest Started By:Description:
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Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Money
Time Limit:06:00:00
Success Lockout Timer: 06:00:00
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:The Darkened Sea
Group Size:Group
Min. # of Players:3
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Sun Oct 26 03:00:31 2014
Modified: Sat Feb 12 08:52:32 2022

The Darkened Sea Info & Guides: Overview | Progression & Task List | Raiding | Visible Armor

This group mission begins with Firiona Vie (click for map image) in Arx Mentis, located at the zone-in.

Pre-Requisites for Requesting:
- Completion of "A Rising Storm" (Tempest Temple)
- Completion of "Gathering Clouds" (Tempest Temple)
- Completion of "Clearer Skies" (Tempest Temple)
- Completion of "The Edge of Balance" (Katta Castrum: Deluge)
- Completion of "The Abscent Scholar" (Katta Castrum: Deluge)
- Completion of "Just Recompense" (Brother Island)
- Completion of "The Cover of Night" (Brother Island)
- Completion of "Loyal is the Heart" (Caverns of Endless Song)
- Completion of "Leave No Brother Behind" (Caverns of Endless Song)
- Completion of "Two Sides of the Shield" (Caverns of Endless Song)
- Completion of "The Sacred Profaned" (Degmar, the Lost Castle)
- Completion of "Crying for the Dead" (Degmar, the Lost Castle)
- Completion of "Burden of the Past" (Degmar, the Lost Castle)
- Completion of "An Endless Cycle" (Thuliasaur Island)
- Completion of "To Remake Eden" (Thuliasaur Island)
- Completion of "Fit for the New World" (Thuliasaur Island)
- Completion of "A Fickle Wind Blows" (Combine Dredge)
- Completion of "What Hate Begets" (Combine Dredge)
- Completion of "Deep Lies the Snow" (Combine Dredge)
- Completion of "Free Us From Ourselves" (Arx Mentis)
- Completion of "A Beginning From an End" (Arx Mentis)
- Completion of "All Rivers Lead to the Sea" (Arx Mentis)

Say "apex" to request the task. This task partially takes place in the non-instanced version of the zone.

You say, 'Hail, Firiona Vie'

Firiona Vie does not take her gaze from the citadel, thinking about the [path] that [Lanys] had led her on since the incident aboard the [ship] -- thinking about Dagda. 'Is this what my companions felt when I was lost? Did they too feel as though at any moment I could step ashore and greet them as though I had merely returned from a long journey? Did they remind themselves I would never return -- and then regret everything unsaid and [undone]?'

You say, 'Undone?'

Firiona Vie closes her eyes. 'If only I could undo everything this journey has done to us: the betrayal, the despair, the death... If only Lanys and I had remained [dead] to the world...'

You say, 'Dead?'

Firiona Vie says 'I came to heal Tsaph, to give life and balance again to the Buried Sea. I have brought death with me. The sea darkens -- with tears, with the [blood] of those I love...'

You say, 'The blood?'

Firiona Vie says 'How much snow must fall to cover all the blood? How much to wash away a river, a sea?' Firiona clenches her fist. 'Before the snow covers all our headstones, more blood will flow. We shall [dismantle] the citadel piece by piece.'

You say, 'We'll dismantle it...'

Firiona Vie holds your gaze. 'Al`Kabor returned and shared what he learned in the citadel schematics. The portal controls rely upon key generators and the master power conduit to reject unauthorized persons. If we destroy these, we will have access to the [apex]... and Lanys.'

You say, 'What about the apex?'

Firiona Vie looks up at the citadel again. 'Lanys, Calix, your journeys to the sea shall be swift. We are coming for you.'

You have been assigned the task 'The Cost of Balance'.

Al'Kabor has identified the systems the Citadel uses to block undesirable people from using the portal systems. You must destroy the key generators so that you can reach the apex of the citadel and confront Calix and Lanys.

Teleports can be destroyed by wizard spell - Spell: Xalirilan's Greater Appraisal (not Extrication)

Destroy the first teleport key generator in the garden on the lower level of the citadel 0/1 (Arx Mentis)

Destroy the second teleport key generator in the feeding chambers on the second level of the citadel 0/1 (Arx Mentis)

Destroy the third teleport key generator in the teleport room on the fourth level of the citadel 0/1 (Arx Mentis)

The above three generators are found in different locations in the non-instanced zone. They can be lockpicked and then /opened to update the task. Rogue Lockpick skill is known to work, as is the pure caster spell Wuggan's Greater Extrication (requires a Greater Scrying Stone reagent). The CLR Iony's Greater Cleansing reportedly does NOT work. The Archaeologist's Automated Antiquity Analyzer in range slot works also great on the generators.

You can also destroy them through DPS, but you'll have adds at health intervals of 90%, 70%, 50%, 30%, and 10%. Adds hit for a max ~13,000 each; are mezzable; and have a fair amount of hitpoints.

The first teleporter spawns 4x a gyro defender at each health check point; the second teleporter, 2x "???"; the third teleporter, 3x "???".

NOTE: If no damage is done to the generator for a period of time (even if you're at its location and fighting adds), it starts to regenerate.

You hear a low voice booming from the walls, as though it emanates from all directions. 'What are you doing in my citadel? What do you hope to accomplish? Tsaph Katta lies with us, and we already have the staff you seek. You cannot oppose us. My guards shall deal with you. And if they do not, my daughter shall.

Calix's voice again booms from the walls. 'The age of separation is over. All creatures of Norrath will become one. There will be no more strife, no more struggle. I wish you could understand. When Tsaph arises, he shall see. He shall see in my plan his original spark, perfectly kindled by my will.'

Calix's voice envelops you. 'You shall not be a part of the plan. There is nothing to redeem in you. You are only fit for the funeral pyre. Una shall consume you. Nothing shall remain.'

Speak with Firiona near the power room on the fourth level of the citadel 0/1 (Arx Mentis)


Hail Firiona Vie in the hall between the two north rooms of the citadel's top floor. This opens up an instanced zone (say "ready" to zone in).

You say, 'Hail, Firiona Vie'

Firiona Vie takes a deep breath. 'This is the power conduit of which Al`Kabor spoke. Destroying it will destabilize the magic in the citadel and fully unlock the portals to the apex. Tell me when you are [ready].'

Speak with Firiona in the power room 0/6 (Arx Mentis)

Hail her until the task updates.

Firiona Vie looks at the lines of magic flowing like a river through the conduit. 'The final dam between us. Our enemies have run their course. The sea approaches. Lanys and Calix, we are coming for you.'

Al`Kabor says, 'I still dislike destroying parts of this exquisite structure.'

Ognit Eznertob grips his staff. 'Perhaps if you cared more about flesh and blood than books and magic, Dagda would still be alive.'

Galeth Veredeth says, 'We cannot blame each other. We chose our courses, as did Dagda and Holmein. We all approach the same end, but some reach it more quickly.'

Firiona Vie closes her eyes. 'Father, sometimes I think that metal frame has robbed you of all the passion you once had. I cannot forget what Dagda and my companions have suffered. There will be an end to this -- an end to Lanys.'

Ognit Eznertob nods. 'Firiona and I have the right of it. I would rather die defending my friends than this citadel.'

Una Lucem says, 'I will let you die.'

Speak with Una Lucem 0/5 (Arx Mentis)

Hail her until the task updates. Be ready for a fight.

Una Lucem looks at you for a moment. She tilts her head and then leans in more closely. 'Why do you hate my father? He tries to make the world better, but you break his home and threaten him.'

Una Lucem says, 'You are strong, even though inferior. I liked seeing you struggle. But Father is right: I should not coddle nasty creatures. You are evil and must be killed.'

Galeth Veredeth's eyes are as expressionless as Una's. 'Una, your course need not end here. Your father's tributary shall die out; do not follow him. I know you are strong, but there is weakness in following a failed cause.'

Firiona Vie does not take her eyes off of Una Lucem. 'Father, you cannot appeal to her. She is a monster, a failed experiment -- Calix's flawed vision of perfection.'

Una Lucem looks at Firiona. She blinks once. 'I'm not a monster. I'm Calix's daughter, the future of the world. I like strength, the beauty of perfection, the trees, the ocean, and the stars above the citadel. But I don't like you. You are evil and have to die.'

Destroy the power conduit in the center of the room 0/1 (Arx Mentis)

Defeat Una Lucem 0/1 (Arx Mentis)

Una Lucem hits for a max ~26,000 and AE rampages. She casts two emote-based spells: "Energy Whorl" (50' range PBAE for 100,000 dmg) and "Citadel Beam" (frontal AE for 140,000 dmg).

Una Lucem raises her sword. (5-second warning for Energy Whorl)
Una Lucem swings her sword. (seen as she casts Energy Whorl; done every 65 seconds)

Una Lucem draws upon the destructive magic of the citadel (5-second warning for Citadel Beam)
Una Lucem fires the destructive magic of the citadel. (seen as she casts Energy Whorl; done every 65 seconds)

In the middle of the room is a targetable power conduit. After the conduit has been destroyed, Una Lucem adds another emote-based spell to her arsenal: Citadel Strike (a single-target version of her beam spell).

As the conduit explodes, Una Lucem loses the ability to cast her beam spells!

Una Lucem looks at her hands as she feels some of the citadel's magical energy fade. 'What did you do?'

Towards the end of the fight (around 15% health), she adds the buff Last Defense to her spells. This is a melee damage shield for 8,000; gives her a 70% chance to reflect incoming spells; and mitigates all incoming damage by 30%.

DPS her to 2% health for the update.

Una Lucem backs away from you and Firiona. Blood runs from her forehead into her wide eyes. 'But... Father told me I am perfect... how are you so strong? I must protect Father... Help me, citadel!' Una touches the symbol on her chest. She begins to glow as she channels the magic from the walls and prepares a spell.

See what happens with Una Lucem 0/1 (Arx Mentis)

Ognit Eznertob tries to cast a spell on Una, but the field around her deflects it. 'I can't strike through her defenses!'

Galeth Veredeth says calmly. 'My body will not last much longer. You have done fine work, Ognit, but this is its end. I will do as I must while I course along the river, just as we are all called to do.'

Ognit Eznertob shouts 'Wait, I can still repair you...'

Firiona Vie says, 'Do as you must, Father.'

Galeth Veredeth's body explodes in a blaze of fire and metal shards. Una Lucem screams out and falls to the ground, her legs shredded by the explosion.

Galeth Veredeth died.

Una Lucem is knocked out.

Speak with Firiona 0/13 (Arx Mentis)

Hail her until the task completes.

Una Lucem's tears fall from her wide eyes. 'What is happening? Why does it hurt so much? Father... I am not strong enough... save me!'

Una Lucem is surrounded by light as she is transported from the room.

Calix's voice booms from the four walls. 'You kill my people, wreck my citadel, and then... you dare to brutalize my daughter, the future of us all... Lanys was right about you. The full weight of this citadel shall fall upon you!'

Ognit Eznertob says, 'Galeth...'

Firiona Vie looks to the inactive body of a nearby stoneworker. 'His spirit is still with us, Ognit. It needs a new home.' She points to the stoneworker.

Ognit Eznertob looks at the body apprehensively. 'I don't know if I can manipulate something so complicated...'

Firiona Vie says, 'I trust you are more competent than you imagine.'

Ognit Eznertob begins tinkering and casting spells, trying to bind Galeth's spirit to the stoneworker's body.

Al`Kabor looks at the destroyed conduit. 'The portals will be open. If we move quickly, we can attain the apex before Calix musters his forces.'

Ognit Eznertob hops back, surprised as the stoneworker stands up and begins to glow with life.

Galeth Veredeth adjusts his joints and segments, feeling the differences in his new vessel. 'It resists me, but I can master it.'

Firiona Vie turns to you. 'Our way is open. It is your choice whether you shall continue or [leave] this place. Lanys and Calix await us. This stream shall come to an end.'

Firiona Vie says, 'Do you wish to [leave]?'

You say, 'leave'

Firiona Vie says, 'This is not over.'

Note: This mission does NOT spawn a loot chest. This task is repeatable with a 6-hour lockout timer from the time of request.

75 platinum
You gain experience!
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final line of text
# Jul 12 2020 at 8:04 AM Rating: Excellent
50 posts
Just a small point, but Firiona has one more line after you ask her to leave:

Firiona Vie says, 'Do you wish to [leave]?'
You say, 'leave'
Firiona Vie says, 'This is not over.'

Not game-changing, but there it is...
Pick Lock doesn't work on the generators
# Apr 15 2020 at 12:20 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
Tried pick lock, nothing happens. Tried /open, got the response You can't open this item. In desperation, I used the rogue sense trap ability, and that updated the task and destroyed the generator.
Pick Lock doesn't work on the generators
# Feb 09 2022 at 9:38 AM Rating: Good
15 posts
The Archaeologist's Automated Antiquity Analyzer in range slot worked great on the generators. Much better than dealing with all of the adds.
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Gager - 95 Ranger
Pick Lock doesn't work on the generators
# Jan 31 2021 at 3:09 PM Rating: Decent
42 posts
I was thinking the same with my bard but then i brought up the abilities menu and hit the Pick Lock button instead of just clicking the generator and that worked.
# Apr 07 2020 at 1:26 AM Rating: Good
229 posts
The first sections destroying the teleporters was trivial, the mage spell Wuggan's Greater Extrication, which I had never used before in all this time, did the job. No agro from any mobs, just "Task Complete". Simples...

Una was another matter altogether. I gated / pet died / merc died / I died several times during this slog. Plus point is that Una's HP are same as they were when you go back to the instance.

Had to climb up the central conduit in order to target it. Kept sending in swarm pets and nukes, went down slowly but destroyed it in the end.

Una's reflection spell under 15% is a pain, unfortunately I was too lagged to back off in the way you do with some other nameds in this expac, so pet would die eventually. However, in the end I realised that as long as merc still has mana to keep you alive, you only need to send in swarm pets or equivalent to finish her off.

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my experience
# Dec 31 2018 at 4:38 PM Rating: Decent
30 posts
did this today with 107 necro em18, 107 ench and 2 heal merc

una lucem & power conduit
the power conduit is now targetable. i had to get on top of the ledge right next to it to cast on it however. i had pets tank una and dpsed the power conduit, had an issue where it was regenerating really fast, like out of combat regen, so had both casters meleeing the conduit while casting and it seemed to stop the regen. after power conduit dropped, i tried to finish off una, but her DS buff ate my pets so I FD'd and stasis'd, but as soon as i did that she popped back up to 100% instantly, so went into the hall and medded back to full mana. went back into room and dpsed her down, then when she was about to pop her DS buff i dropped haste from pets, popped fortify companion, had ench do macro spam rune on necro pet while necro kept dotting and it worked

Edited, Dec 31st 2018 6:18pm by Hithiquen
Finished tonight 8/16/2018
# Aug 16 2018 at 9:13 PM Rating: Good
668 posts
Was painful.

Seems I couldn't do damage to the power conduit (would show damage then extreme regen) unless I was meleeing it.

While fighting Una Lucem, would stick at 30-35% as long as the power conduit was "alive" ... even warped back to spawn point to refill health and remove all debuffs :(

As long as I was meleeing it, the power conduit slowly "died" with dots (shm pet wouldn't stay on the conduit). Once it was dead, could kill Una Lucem.

I tried disarm (with the AAAA) to no avail.

I was 2-box moloing group-geared (conflagrant) 110 PAL / healer merc and 110 SHM / healer merc. Took so long the mercs were oom as I tried to figure out how to "kill" the conduit.

Ultimately ... this isn't representative of true health of the mobs .. I did 21m dmg to the power conduit (over 470 seconds) and 70m dmg to Una Lucem over 1538 seconds hahahahahaha! That's how long it took me to figure out how to "kill" the power conduit.
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# Apr 01 2018 at 1:33 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
I soloed it to the power conduit part, not targetable. WTF,
droped task, did with guildie warrior, same, thank you EQ for fun on Eastern, wasted half a day!

# Apr 03 2018 at 1:44 PM Rating: Excellent
mazais99 wrote:
I soloed it to the power conduit part, not targetable. WTF,
droped task, did with guildie warrior, same, thank you EQ for fun on Eastern, wasted half a day!

Daybreak is aware of the bug and they haven't fixed it yet.
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Fix 1 thing , break 5 others
# Mar 21 2018 at 4:10 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Power Conduit not targetable
Can't target power conduit
# Mar 16 2018 at 8:11 PM Rating: Decent
22 posts
Hi all, Has anyone else been having a problem targeting the power conduit as of lately? I have put a bug report in and still haven't heard anything and this is the 2nd time trying 45 mins each time. I get Una to 30% and can't finish because I can't get the conduit on my target.

Any thoughts are welcome please help
Can't target power conduit
# Mar 21 2018 at 2:10 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
Yes, I am having the exact same issue. Can't target the targetable "power conduit" in the center of the room. Without taking the power conduit out, it appears Una Lucem can't be defeated (like you - get her down to approx. 30% life but no lower). Asking for help as well.
# Feb 17 2018 at 6:21 AM Rating: Good
2 posts
The Teleport generators can also be taken out by the wizard spell - Spell: Xalirilan's Greater Extrication
Crazy Strat for Final Fight Without True Tank
# Jun 04 2017 at 9:43 PM Rating: Good
1,272 posts
We just managed to beat this quest with the wrong group. You really need a tank that can Non-DPS agro the final 15%. The following is the strat if you have no true tank.

Our group:
105 Mag + pet (tank)
105 Bard
105 Ranger
2x 105 healer mercs
1x 105 caster merc

1. We all DPSed and killed the conduit (easy). You don't need a tank for this, just enough healing power.
2. We then reset our agro (dying/gating), medded up and came back in (fellowship in the non-instance made this easier).
3. We had pet tank while we all full-burn Una to 20%.
4. Then ranger used Cover Tracks to lose all agro, then fired a single arrow to get back on the agro list.
5. Ranger set his healer merc to passive and COHed the merc to clear his agro (alternatively keep this merc out of the fight in passive throughout).
6. Bard+Mage (+other healer merc+caster merc) gated out. Una then continued to beat on the NPCs, but didn't reset as ranger was still on agro list.
7. Ranger put merc back on Reactive so he would survive Una's spells/Wild Rampage
8. Ranger used archery with disc along with Jolt and Jolting kicks to inch Una to death without taking agro from the NPCs

You can substitute the ranger with any class that can do ranged DPS and keep their agro to a minimum, archery is good for this though.
Taking out the Teleport Generators
# Jul 15 2015 at 12:32 PM Rating: Default
81 posts
Archaeologist's Automated Antiquity Analyzer works to pick the generators. See the link on how to equip and DO NOT forget Scrying Stone. A rogue is really handy DPS at the end though!
# Jul 07 2015 at 7:04 PM Rating: Good
2,938 posts
Wuggan's Greater Extrication works fine to destroy the generators. Be sure to /open them after casting the spell. Invis drops, of course, so it helps to have a class nearby which can cast instant group buff. Getting to the 3 generators is easy; the only problems are the wandering escapees from The Sorceror's Apprentice (i.e. broomsticks.)

For the final fight, must admit I was pressed for time so decided to just go for a straight burn, since this has seemed to work with every named so far in the progression missions.

Didn't work here. Una seemed to stop taking damage at 30%. In fact, she crept back up to 35%! We were able to keep the group alive with one druid casting group heal but with her HPs seemingly locked at 30-35% I knew the group's mana would run out. I didn't have the time this try to follow the strategy mentioned here which involves repeated cycles of rezzing and returning to fight over and over. It seemed to me she had gained effectively the Last Defense buff at 30%, instead of 15%, although my log doesn't show her casting that spell, at least not by name. If this is now the case she'll take twice as long to beat down to 2%.

Her spells are highly mitigated but the damage isn't insignificant, usually about 40-60% of a player's health per cast. I tried to avoid having to destroy the power conduit but with a long drawn-out fight it will be necessary since this eliminates her ability to cast beam damage spells, leaving her only able to single-target her nukes. (Plus now I realize its destruction is an essential step, but I figured I could do it after the Una fight. My mistake there.) That's going to be critical in an unusually long fight. Strangely, the conduit seemed hard to target or attack at times, almost like it isn't always "fightable." I tried to assign the mage and his pet to the conduit and nothing seemed to happen.

Next try we will hold our burns until it appears her HPs aren't dropping anymore and see if 3 casters on full burn can make an impact at this point. She drops pretty fast prior to this point so need to burn any earlier.

BTW, evac is no good since you land in the same room within her agro range. The only way I was able to get a rezzer to escape and rez corpses was to camp one out in the hallway out of her agro range.

Second try:

This isn't a hard task at all, really, because you basically have 5 hours and 40 mins or so to keep trying to kill the final named mob. If your tank dies, you can evac, rebuff and try again. Una's HPs stay where you left them, maybe gaining 1% if you take your sweet time. The other NPCs keep the fight going and none of them are every going to hurt each other. Check your log and you'll see that all these "red" nameds are whacking each other for 50-75 HPs a shot. (That's not a typo... it's not 50k-75k, it's 50-75.)

Here's how we did it. I'm sure there are other ways.

We engaged Una and knocked her down to 30%, where she levels off if you don't destroy the power conduit. In fact, she'll creep back up to 35%, and then she stays between 30-35%. This went on so long we lost a heal and the tank died. So we evac'd. When you land be sure your pets are under control because due to Una's aoe nuke, the pets will reacquire agro and cause you to fight before you're ready. (This is why above I thought evac wasn't working. I was wrong.) We moved to the corridor out of Una's Line of sight. (Note that her LoS appears to wind around the corner a bit because if you set up just inside the corridor, such that you can't see her but barely, her nukes do hit you. They must be radar-guided to some extent, or they bounce off the far wall and invade the corridor. Whatever...

If you got Una down to 30-35%, now it's time to tackle the conduit. Nobody mentioned it here, but the conduit can be hard to engage. To attack it your tank and even casters need to climb up the side about halfway up. You can do this on the far side so the conduit itself protects you to some extent from Una's aoe spells, which she continues to cast on the NPC's who continue to engage her. The conduit has a LOT of HPs and is fairly resistant. Be sure to tash and malo it. Even with all our toons focused entirely on the conduit it took quite a while to destroy it.

Now for Una. They say she's leashed but while we were killing the conduit she moved from the wall toward the center of the room, with her back to the corridor. Perhaps the other NPCs pushed her. We set up our casters just outside the corridor and our healers inside the corridor. The tank engaged her such that Una's back was to the rest of the group. Nonetheless the group occasionally took some damage. An occasional group heal covered that situation when it occurred.

Una drops down quickly from 30-35% to 15%, now that the conduit is gone. (Nobody else here mentioned that it won't drop below 30% UNTIL the conduit is destroyed, btw, which appears to the case, at least as of this writing.) At 15% she casts her Last Defense self-buff which is nasty. If I had to do this again, I'd swap out the tank's weapons for non-damage items like the below mentioned Eye of Xygoz. (The are others). However we found a simpler way. The tank died at 10%. We did the whole evac-and-recover thing again. She remained at 10% through all that time, with the NPCs "ferociously" continuing to pound her for 50 or even sometimes 75 points of damage... per swing! Smiley: lol This time we had our tank trim his toenails while the casters all popped Silent Casting, then their burn AA's, and they collectively burned her down to 2% in about a minute. Despite their pitiful damage output, FV and her pals maintained agro. Probably because of the Silent Casting AND the fact that they'd been fighting her for 15 minutes straight. Game, Set, Match.

Note that THIS fight completes the required advancement tasks, and if you've finished the mercenary tasks, you are credited with the Seaslayer accomplishment. Sweet! Nothing like a t-rex illusion to run around in. The #24 fight is required only if you want to be able to obtain Arx raids.

Edited, Jul 9th 2015 3:06pm by Sippin
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task locks
# May 15 2015 at 7:31 PM Rating: Decent
174 posts
Task locks when you hail Firona in the hall
task locks
# May 15 2015 at 7:31 PM Rating: Decent
174 posts
Task locks when you hail Firona in the hall
Easy way, really?
# Apr 23 2015 at 8:13 PM Rating: Decent
323 posts
We had our first try today and we did it, but don't ask how.

Group geared, no raid ubah, all lvl 105, Dru/Clr/War/Enc/Rog/Mage - this seems again clearly a task for raid equipped people...
Killing the power conduit was no problem. Tank aggroed here AE to the wall.
But at 15% h.e.l.l. got loose.
Somehow we missed the trick.
Permanent AE-Heal-Spam and Heal spam on Warrior from Druid and Cleric could barely hold the warrior alive while Enc/Mage nuked/dotted and Rog used his bow/arrows.

Going into DPS killed ROG instantly.
Using pets got them eaten and the casters summoned ... and you know it... eaten.
Dispell on the DS didnt work.

The only thing which got no real problems was the Healer (?!?). He healed along and battle rezzed and healed and battle rezzed.
Druid gone into "Second Life" has helped also a lot because while UNA beat on the invulnerable druid the rest could dps him further down.
Perhaps a second toon with a long Invulnerable could keep this blue smurf interested long enough to get some stabs in the back ?!?
Parsed about 11 Mill. HP, but not sure, his mitigation is interesting. It was not pure elegance how the crew crawled back into the fight and killed itself regularly for countless times.
I think about 10+ or so near-wipes and rezzes till this critter was down from 15% to 2%. At about 2% the fight stopped and we got em.

If the group wipes and as long as one stays alive who does not actively damage UNA, then he can rezz and UNA stays at the percentage of life - perhaps goes up 1-2 points but then we could engage again.

Thinking about another trick if no Ubah-Raid-Necro or SK with Lifetaps are available.

Spells were barely reflected but perhaps we didnt realized it because Enchanter mega-anti-Nuke/Dot-AAs were active. The DS itself was the worst thing. The second was the horrible nukes. Without h.e.l.l. DPS at 15% down it is really a mess step by step. We casted all available DoT/Nuke-Protections from the Enchanter including the AAs but we needed too long to dps Una down. Fortitude/Riposte Discs from War/Rog were nice but after that even Last Disc couldnt compensate the damage output from Una.

Perhaps DS from Druid and Mage for the Warrior would be an idea but we had not the chance to test that so far.
DoTs from Enchanter didnt stick always (only 2 from 3). DoTs from Druid worked but Una has a bunch of hitpoints at the end with that method.

The Rogue did the trick with the key generators in no time. Without a rogue fighting through the adds will really give you a hard time. Get a rogue, the endmob is hard enough!

This seems to be the last Task in Arx Mentis, so it gives all Heroes AA/Trophies for completing that zone even there is one in Katta Castrum left.

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How to ace this fight
# Mar 14 2015 at 12:43 PM Rating: Decent
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used Wuggan's Greater Extrication.for the generators Have to be right against them to work. After all of the generators are done, zone into the instance.

For Una Lucem, have your tank agro her and face her away from the middle of the room (this allows dps to avoid the frontal ae). Have your dps kill the power conduit. Once the power conduit is down, it is time to dps Una. She's a simple fight up to about 15% when she uses her Last Defense buff. Other then the fact she has a tether and if she moves too far away she will regen 100%

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wrong spell name
# Feb 24 2015 at 9:20 AM Rating: Decent
The correct spell name is Wuggan's Greater Extrication not extraction
Can use
# Jan 18 2015 at 4:47 AM Rating: Excellent
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Archaeologist's Automated Antiquity Analyzer works to pick the teleport key generators. Wife's casting Wuggan's Lesser Extraction and mine casting Wuggan's Greater Extraction worked.
Teleport key Generators
# Dec 22 2014 at 1:22 AM Rating: Decent
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Found that the spell "Wuggan's Greater Extraction", which is an INT caster's pick lock spell, worked on the Generators. Cast... /open... move on. (don't forget your Greater Scrying Stones, purchased off of the Magus')

The WIS caster's version "Iony's Greater Cleansing" failed.
no there is no chest after beating this mission
# Dec 12 2014 at 7:49 AM Rating: Decent
There is no chest from beating this mission what a waste of my nite.
The Easy Way
# Nov 16 2014 at 3:38 AM Rating: Good
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I completed this mission in 8 mins and here is how. You will want a bard or rogue to pick lock and /open the generators (Archaeologist's Automated Antiquity Analyzer might work) . This allows you to avoid all of the adds. The bard or rogue will request the mission and the rest of the group will be at the Firiona Vie outside of Mayor Praetor Livio's room. After all of the generators are done, zone into the instance.

For Una Lucem, have your tank agro her and face her away from the middle of the room (this allows dps to avoid the frontal ae). Have your dps kill the power conduit. Once the power conduit is down, it is time to dps Una. She's a simple fight up to about 15% when she uses her Last Defense buff. Our tank used his Aged Left Eye of Xygoz to avoid extra damage from the ds. We had a necro load her up with dots before she used the buff. The necro dots finished off the fight easily. I have also burned through the Last Defense buff with sk epic up, but having a necro finish the fight is the safest way.
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The Easy Way
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This is still an outstanding strat!!! Used my bard to merely "Sense Traps" and that's all it took to disarm the key gen things. Had the mage standing by at the upper Firona and coh'd the group and we zoned in. Let the SK stand there and beat on Una while the mage and bard beat down the power conduit! Piece of cake!

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