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Jade Inlaid Coffin  

WT: 10.0 Weight Reduction: 0%
Capacity: 2 Size Capacity: TINY
Item Type:Container
Merchant Value:50 pp 0 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Tiana
Item Updated By:RondorNorador
IC Last Updated:2020-02-25 18:29:10
Page Updated:Fri Mar 13th, 2020

Average Price: No Data Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Vendor listing - Premium only

Quests: This item is used in quests.
East Cabilis

Zone(s) Found In:
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Confirmed sold in the Bazaar by Dashelo Dalroshan
# Oct 20 2013 at 11:15 PM Rating: Decent
26 posts
Confirmed sold in the Bazaar by Dashelo Dalroshan for 52pp
Ssauleron Soulrender
Iksar Bloodreaver
sold in nexus
# Jun 23 2003 at 12:02 AM Rating: Decent
118 posts
the spell/ jewelry guy in the building between nexus SH exits Dashelo Dalroshan
Lolwenye Rootsmoocher
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RE: sold in nexus
# Aug 24 2003 at 1:37 PM Rating: Decent
57 posts
Sold in the Bazaar actually. Dashelo Dalroshan, located in the middle building, first guy on the left as you enter it (-750,20) and, unless someone sold it to him, he has all 3 coffin types for sale. The Jade Inlaid Coffin, Tiny Jade Inlaid Coffin for under 70 plat. And the Black Ceremonial Coffin for under 2 plat.
RE: sold in nexus
# Feb 11 2005 at 11:13 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Dashelo Dalroshan Does not sell Black Ceremonial Coffins. Though I'd save YOU ALL the trip.
** Information **
# Mar 05 2003 at 5:36 PM Rating: Excellent
14 posts
Used with Summon Corpse spell - Necro 39 / SK 51.

** Corpse Summoning Spells Information **

Lesser Summon Corpse - Necro 12 / SK 25. Can summon corpses up to level 35. Uses component: Black Ceremonial Coffin (not expensive).

Summon Corpse - Necro 39 / SK 51. Can summon corpses up to level 65. Uses component: Jade Inlaid Coffin (expensive).

Conjure Corpse - Necro 57 / SK 65. Can summon corpses up to level 65. Uses component: Tiny Jade Inlaid Coffin (not expensive).
RE: ** Information **
# Jul 30 2003 at 5:09 PM Rating: Default
758 posts
So why do they have the two types (small and large)? Is there a difference for Planes, failures, etc.?
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RE: ** Information **
# Oct 03 2003 at 2:40 AM Rating: Decent
1 post
My understanding is that the Tiny coffin can be carried inside a bag, wherease the Jade inlaid coffin needs an inventory space. Consequently you can carry far more tiny coffins around (if you need to summon a wiped out party) and they are far cheaper.

But for my SK that will still be a way off yet :(
RE: ** Information **
# Jun 27 2005 at 7:07 AM Rating: Decent
344 posts
The Jade Inlaid Coffin is a two-slot container (although you cannot combine anything in it).
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