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Cutthroat Insignia Ring  

Quest Item
AC: 1
DEX: +2
WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)

Item Type:Jewelry
Merchant Value:0 pp 2 gp 1 sp 5 cp
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:Gidono
IC Last Updated:2021-12-11 07:08:00
Page Updated:Sat Feb 19th, 2011

Average Price: No Data Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 8

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This item is found on creatures.


This item is used in quests.
Expansion List - Premium only.

Quest Name
Cutthroat Rings

Neriak Commons
Quest Name
Ancestral Dark Elven Armor
Dark Elf Cultural Armor (DoN)

South Ro
Quest Name
Ortallius' Cutthroat Rings

West Freeport
Quest Name
Orange Sash of Order
Stonehand Trousers

Used in 2 recipes.
Recipe list - Premium only.


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# Jan 28 2004 at 1:50 PM Rating: Decent
There are 5 quests for this item and some nice faction. Do your item and quest searches, People.
Smiley: dnp
Low Exp?!?!
# Nov 29 2003 at 9:20 PM Rating: Decent
Hey, I leveled twice at lv. 11 + 12 doing the Derv. camp in N. Ro, so it's not THAT bad EXP. 'Course, it WAS a pretty full group.
RE: Low Exp?!?!
# Nov 30 2003 at 11:28 AM Rating: Good
3,705 posts
He was talking about the quest, not killing the dervs.
Not the S. Ro quest
# Nov 05 2003 at 2:10 AM Rating: Decent
experience at level 12 is very little and unless twinked you have a hard time getting to S. Ro if you are below level 12.

used to be good experience but must have been nerfed.
best quest?
# Jun 15 2002 at 3:14 AM Rating: Decent
which quest is most worth doing? if I'm, say, a dark elf rogue.
Actually listed for sale here?
# Oct 31 2001 at 1:08 AM Rating: Good
3,705 posts
I'm just surprised that someone actually has these listed in the classifieds for sale. Who would want to go through the trouble of logging on and meeting someone for 1pp? Heck, I have banded armor I sell, and won't bother unless someone wants several pieces, or I'm already on and in a city.

Besides, these are not worth 1pp. I give them away by the pair to any newbie whith nothing on their fingers. After all, anyone with over 12 hours played on their character will be wanting to upgrade from these anyway.

They are nice for levels 1 to about 8. Past that, you should have better.
RE: Actually listed for sale here?
# Dec 17 2001 at 12:02 PM Rating: Decent
33 posts
12 hours play? Sheesh we arn't all twinked and you got to get to about 8th level to even be able to take down a cutthroat.
RE: Actually listed for sale here?
# Feb 21 2002 at 10:19 PM Rating: Excellent
3,705 posts
I agree that it is hard to kill the dervs below level 8, although I did get in a derv group at 6 myself. Not twinked. But my point is the stats are weak, and they are not worth paying for. When I start new character, and they are around the level to get these, I save up a couple bags of them, and then go to the wfp gate and hand them out to anyone under level 5 who wants them.

Also, 12 hours played is usually around lvl 10, in my experience, with melee classes. by then you should be able to at least afford some silver jewelry from the jeweler players with better stats. Personally, I like jagged bands, and its not too hard to come up with 60pp for a pair, if you save pelts and df belts, and sell them while you hunt.
#REDACTED, Posted: Aug 31 2001 at 6:38 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) plz mail me if u want 1 becouse i have a lot of themfor sail
All around great for a low level char
# Jun 30 2001 at 2:25 AM Rating: Default
This is a great ring because of a few reasons:
1) The Dervs still give me a nice amount of XP
2) Dex is always welcome, it is used to hit things and to continue your casting
3) If you talk to Guard Valon at wc, he gives you a quest where you have to fill his backpack with them which gives you XP, money, and faction when you complete it
#REDACTED, Posted: Jun 12 2001 at 11:18 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I would like to buy it, but I am currently around can I buy it?
How to get?
# May 19 2001 at 10:14 PM Rating: Default
how do i get the rings????
RE: How to get?
# May 24 2001 at 1:09 PM Rating: Excellent
178 posts
There are cutthroat camps in a lot of zones. West Commons, South Ro, Oasis, and North Ro. Dervish Cutthroats and Dervish Thugs can drop the rings.

The Nybright sisters probably can also drop the rings, as well as the bandit camps in Faydwer that are on dervish faction - although I'm not certain about that.

The rings are often sold to shops or auctioned, too, so you can get them that way if you need to.
RE: How to get?
# May 20 2001 at 10:40 AM Rating: Default
The Dervish Camp on the North wall of West Commonlands has a group called Dervish Cutthroats. Just about every kill will loot a ring. This is a pretty tough camp for low levels so bring a big group.
nice ring
# Jan 08 2001 at 5:54 AM Rating: Decent
It's a nice ring, the dex boost is ok, nothing flash, but they are not too hard to get so for effort exerted you get a decent reward.

Plus a lot of people have spares ;) because they are a quest item, and if you are lucky you can get them for free.
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