Permafrost Keep  

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Type: Indoor
Continent: Antonica
Instanced: No
Keyed: No
Level Range: 15 - 50
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Home to the ice dragon herself, Lady Vox, Permafrost Keep is one of the most dangerous dungeons on Antonica. With hidden traps, a maze of caverns, giants and goblins at every turn... there are countless ways you could meet an icy grave here in Permafrost.

Note: For the higher level revamp version of this zone (available only in special events - usually branded as "Hardcore Heritage", running several weeks in the spring and/or summer), click here.

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Summoned out of the Zone
# Oct 28 2012 at 11:57 AM Rating: Decent
6 posts
ok so these words come on my chat box in yellow saying You Have Been Summoned, and then I get teleported into everfrost peaks, Any Idea why?
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Summoned out of the Zone
# Oct 28 2012 at 8:33 PM Rating: Decent
2,308 posts
You aggroed Vox.
Somewhere heckling Fleven about updating quest info lol...
Raid Expedition
# Jul 01 2011 at 8:45 PM Rating: Decent
169 posts
IF you click on the door inside of Vox's Lair you can get the Lady Vox's Lair expedition. I zoned in staring at her. Yellow to 90 raid tag. Someone go have fun with her and post the info :P

I actually attacked to investigate. She hits for 20k+. Have fun!!

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Note to all Drakkins
# Jan 27 2008 at 12:43 AM Rating: Decent
12 posts
Silverwing crystal
# Jan 15 2008 at 11:13 AM Rating: Decent
22 posts
I've been thru Permafrost several times on different toons, xp'ing and farming Diamond Dust. The only time I have seen the crystal for the Silverwing quest drop is from what I believe is a spawned mob an elite Honor guard I think is the name. Luckily the crystals are tradeable. This mob was in the area just down the hill from Greshvoule, where the sage is.
Where have all the radiant shards gone...
# Dec 03 2007 at 9:34 AM Rating: Decent
7 posts
I spent 3 hours looking for the Silverwing item and the previous items shard. I only found one shards. Seems to be a bit sparse on the drop rate.

I was mainly in the area where Greshvoule is and the area before the large open area where the elites and IGs are. This may have been the problem.
# Nov 02 2007 at 1:42 PM Rating: Decent
187 posts
If you are thinking about heading over to this zone for fast XP, forget it, you will end up loosing more than gaining. First off the Goblins run, some at 50% others between 20% and 50%. When one runs, the whole zone is coming, you can count on it. Took my 29 Necro down here because while in the MM Hot Zone she looted a Silverwing Loop. Ear slot item with AC +8 HP/Mana/End +15 Str/Int/Wis +5 and fire/cold +3 Req lvl 20. Upon looting it she got a quest, which had her seeking out Aiden Silverwing in Crescent Reach, who btw is up on the hill over by the dragons. Quest had her heading over to Permafrost Keep, which I took to be this zone according to the maps, anyway. As rough is it went, with every gobbie banging away at her, she got the Named Barbarian Gustoff or something. 30 minutes latter nothing but corpses littering the the hallway. XP gained, about two yellows, could have done the same with out the trains in MM.

After the slice and dice it took a while to loot all the corpses, and I didn't find the item I needed for the quest. But did find another Questing loot, Silverwing Circlet finger slot AC +10 HP +20 Mand/End +15 Sta/AGI/Dex +4 Cold +3 Disease +5 and again a quest to go see the same guy in CR.

Continued down into the zone trying to find more mobs and eventually found a Red Giant, who had to be dropped by the 58 Cleric following her around. Giant ran and pulled some Giant Spiders who killed the Necro. Trying to get back to the corpse for the Rez the Cleric fell into a hole full of Giant Polar Bears, Giant Spiders and Giant Dire Wolves, Dropped three before she succumbed to battle related injuries...dual rez in GL quickly followed.

So Lesson learned is,

***The watch quests are now some kind of Hot Zone excursion quests with looted stat items, and the Lvl 25 Hot Zone is seriously under conned and brutal when it comes to add's.**** Just ran by the watch quest guy in PoK, so maybe the watch quests are still active for the other zones.

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R. Smith, Capt. RMS Titanic
# Jan 09 2008 at 7:51 PM Rating: Decent
49 posts
When you see James the Watchmaker in PoK he will tell you where to go for the gears/rod for each quest. I recently started a new toon and have found that the quests send you to the previous hot zones. I am on the combine server, but I can't imagine it would be any different on the reg servers.
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# Feb 04 2008 at 7:45 PM Rating: Decent
187 posts
k, ya, a few days latter I stumbled upon the watchmaker in PoK, he is still handing out those quests but I have yet to do check to see if they are still dropping. I did return some time latter with a newer toon and walla, got what I needed in about 30 minutes plus I found an aug that dropped as well:

Req Lvl 25
Mana 10
End 10

Edited, Feb 4th 2008 10:48pm by Ranvaranai
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Al Einstien

"Where in the bloody **** is all this water coming from?"

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this sucks as a hot zone
# Oct 30 2007 at 12:20 PM Rating: Default
5 posts
i went here with my 24 ogre berzerker. most goblins conned gray with a few conning green.then outta nowhere a barbarian npc named Greshvoule starts bashing on me.he conned red and i had to run for the zoneline.never could get past him. and with everyone so preoccupied with that stupid card game getting a group to kill him is highly unlikely.the pok on the stromm server is a ghost town.
# Nov 21 2006 at 11:16 AM Rating: Decent
195 posts
As i didnt see anything on any ice giant, I will give you my experience, I had just now, as I tried to get some diamond dust from them.
I was in with my Lvl 63 Enchanter, and my Aeldorb animation, buffed with all I had. As fight started with them, I can only tell one: Tashanian landed, root landed time to time, Torment of Argli landed ... ANY OTHER SPELL WAS RESISTED!!! NO IMMUNITY ... JUST **** RESIST .... NO battlespeed reduction, NO Manaripping, NO Dot, NO DD, simply nothing!!!!!!
I was able to keep my animation alive for a few, but as they always came at least with 2, and then I couldnt eliminate the cleric .. well the thing was eaten ...
That was the most shocking, I ever realized in EQ .. they had been grey to lightblue for me ... and I couldnt do a thing!!!!!
Would appreciate further experience on that...
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Ayonae Ro (Tribunal)
# Jun 20 2007 at 10:14 PM Rating: Decent
195 posts
Hmm .. you mean some kinda bellycaster?

Gonna try the next time ... thx for the hint!
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Ayonae Ro (Tribunal)
# Jan 22 2007 at 7:12 PM Rating: Decent
7 posts
you have to be in melee range to get any spells to stick, my slow was landing fine inside thier hit box :)

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what is the pop time on lady vox
# Apr 13 2006 at 5:15 PM Rating: Decent
8 posts
what is the pop time on lady vox...i never knew her pop time
# Jul 04 2005 at 5:53 AM Rating: Default
194 posts
Uhh gotta admit that it's never a good idea to let one of em ice giants get to flee.. before I could sneeze I had 5 of em on me and some magus, Gated with 2% hp left, and came to PoK dead. >_<
I underrestimated Permafrost!!
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RE: ph34r
# Jul 16 2005 at 1:09 AM Rating: Decent
11 posts
me and a group of 35-40s were in there last night and had the same prob...i told them to run (the big cheese in the group) and chanter gated. rest of the group stayed and i thought we were gonna die cuz the magus was nuking the crap and more out of me. suddenly the nukes stopped...i got a heal from shammy. magus was oom and now slowly beating on me. we destroyed the other 4 warrior type IGs while i held magus on me. then we started beating him down...slowly. entire group (including the monk) was well out of mana at the end but was an extremely fun fight after the magus went oom.
New "door"?
# Apr 13 2004 at 6:23 AM Rating: Decent
I was putzing around on my little Warrior in Perma, and noticed that near the fire room (the room before the flag room, about halfway between there and the Scout) there are two "locked" pieces of ice.

Well, I hopped on my main (who is a Rogue), and both pieces are pick-able, but they don't seem to do anything - or lead anywhere. There's an odd little thing on the ground under the first rock, which is revealed when it's opened, but I couldn't pick it up.

Any Rogues toyed around with this?
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vox raid
# Aug 05 2003 at 3:59 PM Rating: Default
21 posts
do me a favor... If you plan on leading a Vox raid at least know some sort of anything against her. had a open held raid today on luclin and i became the SA in the leaders group and he was asking me how to raid and kill vox. if you host a raid you should know a lil bit about the mob your trying to kill.... i shouldve left before we went in but... was a total wipe when we went in vox. before I get me vengence on her I will read up pretty hard on her... if anyone is on luclin server and is gonna raid vox... lemme know im always up for trying to extract the last bit of pride off her.

Doene Laforge
52 pally on luclin
Prickly pear
# May 26 2003 at 1:28 PM Rating: Decent
I have a sk on Tallon Zek that needs to get herself a prickly pear from this zone. Can anyone give me a strategy for getting this loot without a vox raid? hehe, i mean do i have to have a monk or are the spawns far enough apart, do i have to drop into these "pits" and if so do i need a port out, will i agro vox on the way? i have only been there for raids and dont know what any part of that area is actually like with one group or even just a few friends.. im lvl 50 atm and pretty much all of my hunting partners are 48-52. plz help me...this item is almost never for sale on my server and vox raids seem to be almost non-existant.
# Apr 21 2003 at 1:33 AM Rating: Decent
50 posts
I have been snooping around this zone becuase I love the caverns!
Anyway, there are a few spots I would like to camp, but it seems that when i show up, the creature that belongs there is no where on my track!
Any idea on how to spawn these things? I hvae tried to kill the rooms and surrounding areas with no luck so far.
Barbarian in the Flag Room??
# Mar 13 2003 at 12:02 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Does anyone have any information on the barbarian that now stands in the Flag Room right alcove? He cons dubious and light blue at 50th lvl. He is making this room VERY difficult now, do to the fact that as soon as you aggro the nearest goblin to him, he jumps into the fight and starts pounding you. Considering that most of the other mobs in here in this room are mid-20's or less, it's a very strange place to stick this guy. Anyone know when he showed up or why? I didn't write down his name...starts tigh a G. I killed him and he dropped a no drop pouch of some sort. I'll get the name of him and the item and post it here.

Safe journeys.... ~ Kina
Kinani Longwalker
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RE: Barbarian in the Flag Room??
# Mar 14 2003 at 11:51 AM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Additional info, his name is Greshvoule, and drops a no drop - lore 'Pouch of Polished Jade Stones'. Haven't been able to find any additional information.

~ Kina
Kinani Longwalker
50th Lvl Druid Soldier of Tunare
#majingokurules, Posted: Nov 03 2002 at 9:30 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) How much you have to pay now to play the game
about vox
# Oct 28 2002 at 12:59 AM Rating: Default
3 posts
has anyone here ever killed lady vox yet?

Edited, Mon Oct 28 01:00:26 2002
# Aug 12 2002 at 1:44 PM Rating: Decent
13 posts
Was using my 56 Cleric, 60 Druid ( to pull with ) and my 44 ( Dinged 45 while down there ) Warrior to kill IG's and Tent mobs. I was working through the giants first, then tents to actually reach the Pits. Noticed a mob on Track, The Ice Witch. NO CLUE What she's for, saw she was Dark Blue to my Druid Track List. My in game wife, Sueriana, 55 Druid, went to pick up a dear friend of ours Raventhorne ( THINK she was a 53 Rogue ) and our Guildie Dalamaretta ( AWESOME WIZARD WITH NON AGRO NUKE - Great legs too ). Upon their arrival, I went forth and buffed PoTG ( Seeing as 4 of the 6 were caster classes and PoTG gives Mana Regen ), Circle of Seasons, Resist Magic, RoTG ( Regrowth of the Grove ) and commenced pulling. After clearing the IG's and Tents there was nothing left to do but float down to the pits. Sueriana Foilage Shielded us and we dropped down. Once reaching the bottom I charmed a Polar Bear and had it kill a wolf encounter we first had. As I sat there I saw The Ice Witch in this cove straight back.
She was Dark Blue and Ready to Attack. We finished the Wolf and prepared for battle.
Athief pulled with Epic Snare, she nuked the crap out of Pant ( Probably due to being the lowest level ) but that's expected seeing as taunt is a hotkey anyway. She went down fairly easy, Sueriana DoT'ing, Dalamaretta Nuking, Raventhorne Backstabbing, Pant hitting, my Snare eating away at her and Nemisisof ( 56 cleric ) Healing those needing it. She dropped a Pure Caster Non Stat Scroll. Dalamaretta looted it. NO CLUE what it's for. No drop as well.
If anyone's seen her, killed her, heard of the Quest it belongs to or whatever... please send details... By the way, Injured Polar Bear drops a PLUS 5 WIS Shaman Only Weapon.
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Vox Raid
# Aug 04 2002 at 8:01 PM Rating: Excellent
46 posts
-Removed Original Post-
I have a small template up for Vox Raiding. Perhaps of some value to those planning her death.

Edited, Mon Sep 9 22:32:24 2002
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# Apr 09 2002 at 11:44 AM Rating: Decent
28 posts
Question on the frost totem that drops here how hard is it to get with a group and how much of a pain is it if things go wrong thanks
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Unrefined Ore
# Feb 21 2002 at 5:30 PM Rating: Decent
I have found HQ ore and unrefined ore. Can you refine the ore? I know what to use the HQ ore for but not the other. Please help
Mongoose Grey
RE: Unrefined Ore
# May 31 2002 at 5:18 PM Rating: Decent
21 posts
Unrefined ore can be used to restock the HQ ore vendors. Info can be found at Click on the quests link there
Songsoft Itipid
ahh more info
# Dec 18 2001 at 2:23 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
Not raid on vox, just looking for place to go with high 20's low 30's...thought i should add that.
Poss Raid
# Dec 18 2001 at 2:22 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
My guild is thinking of a possible raid here. Any tips, comments etc would be welcome. Don't know too much about this place. Looking for stuff rather than exp. Thanks :)
Guide to Perma Riches
# Nov 09 2001 at 3:04 PM Rating: Default
In response to the above post, that is a very foolish thing to do because if just one of them runs, and they will run the cowardly little buggers, you will get roughly 12 of these Gob's on your tail. If you choose to try the above method be prepared to Root or Snare and hope they don't either resist or you get interupted, if that happens make sure to have a Coffin ready for the Necro. Corpse recovery's can be a huge pain in the rear. Also if you are on the ledge and while fighting either fall off the ledge or get knocked off then you have around 8 on the floor that will come to the aid of their Icey brothers. Again I reinterate that Corpse recovery's can be a pain. Rangers can use Harmony to single pull from the room once the first 3 are killed from the entrance.

The bad thing about this zone is once you get past the flag room various Gob's, no matter what kind they are, have a chance to aggro you. I am a 52nd level Ranger and they still 50% of the time aggro. Once you move past the gate to the entrance of the King's room, it goes up to about 70% of them aggroing me. The deeper you go the higher the aggro.

A very good combo in here is a Warrior and a Cleric/Druid. Ranger and Cleric/Druid is also good. The key is not to get over ambitious, take it easy and the riches will come. The zone is not really an experience factory, but the loot isn't bad.

RE: Guide to Perma Riches
# May 10 2002 at 9:58 AM Rating: Default
Druids/Rangers can only harmony in outside zones =/
However, the resisable spell that clerics, chanters, and other clases get soothe, or the lvl 7 i think it is bard song, to single target harmony the gobs, however these harmony type spells are resistable, where as harmony is abjuration type and cannot be resisted..

flames away..?
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# Sep 08 2001 at 8:06 PM Rating: Excellent
374 posts
I was just sneakin around this zone when I fell down a pit trap. I was a little freaked out but kept my cool and tried to find my way out. All of a sudden after goin up a couple of ladders I see these weird cone thingies with tentacles. Then they come after me and I see "An icy terror hits you for 95 damage. An icy terror hits you for 112 damage...etc...LOADING, PLEASE WAIT." I vaguely remember freaking out when they attacked me and I fell off some ledge into the middle of at least half a dozen ice giant maguses and a priest of Nagafen. I usually don't care too much about dying cuz I can just sneak/hide to recover my corpse, but this is the first time I'm screwed. Is there any way I can get my corpse out of there, besides hoping for a Vox raid that clears out that area? I'm on Xegony and if you can personally help me give Daviv a tell. Oh yeah and I'm 23 now, not 24 like my signature says:(
# Sep 13 2001 at 5:09 AM Rating: Default
I can only think of two ways to get your corpse back.

One is to pay a nice necromancer to come and summon it (will cost a pretty penny though).

Or wait for the next vox raid, they should be clearing the area with the priest of nagafen. So hope they succeeed and follow them on in to get your corpse.

Given vox has a 7 day spawn time though, the second option might take a little bit too long :(

Good luck in getting your corpse back
# Sep 15 2001 at 3:49 PM Rating: Excellent
374 posts
LOL! Thanks for the info, although by the time I read it I had finally gotten my corpse back. The funny thing is I had been searching for a necro for days and when I finally found one, there was a Vox raid going on at the same time! Wasted 175pp when I coulda gotten it myself...oh well.
#Anonymous, Posted: Aug 18 2001 at 3:02 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) hi, im a warrior on Vazaelle server, i was wondering if the block of permafrost is no drop, i would like to buy one of these or buy the looting rights, send a tell in game to Carraaki pleasse
# Jun 27 2001 at 2:33 AM Rating: Default
im a lvl 47 anything aggro me? on my way to Vox?
RE: Aggro
# Sep 27 2001 at 7:57 AM Rating: Decent
221 posts
I would say that while they SHOULDN'T... they may, particuarly in the King room. These gobbos aggro well above their level, and can cause problems. Plan on having to stop and fight once before you get to the giants... if you don't have to, all the better, but the LAST thing you want in a battle with the FGs is an annoying little Golin Elite Guard tugging on your cloak...
Zaloren V'Shnev
Enchanter of Innoruuk
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RE: Aggro
# Sep 13 2001 at 5:11 AM Rating: Default
Nothing will aggro you until you get to the double doors in the king room.

Behind these doors it is Ice Giants, woolly spiders etc. and they will be happy to aggro on you.
RE: Aggro
# Nov 28 2001 at 6:06 PM Rating: Decent
31 posts
That is incorrect, I have brought a level 60 character up there, and he gets agroed by the stupid green-con goblins all the time.
What LvL should I start
# Jun 05 2001 at 6:26 PM Rating: Default
What lvl will I be able to hunt here, I am currently a 14 mage but I will probably level up to at least 15 before even thinking about it (probably even higher). At this level will I be able to group or even solo by the enterance and just slaughter the lower level gobs and dire pups.

Mage of the 14th season
Lanys T'vyl
# May 15 2001 at 7:51 PM Rating: Default
I am low level but I am doing Lambent Greaves quest.

1. I want to know if Invis will get me through to the King's room.

2. Is King room usually camped?

3. Do Icy Greaves drop a lot here?

I would really appreciate answers. Thank you.

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# Sep 25 2002 at 9:08 AM Rating: Decent
27 posts
Permafrost is almost always empty, except for sometimes a raid shows up to kill Vox, and even that's not once a week like it used to be. Your best bet is to find a nice level 50+ person to come up with you. There's always a few people outside perma killing ice giants. Wait outside there for a while and see if you can get one of them to come inside for a couple minutes. It's not too difficult to wipe out the king's room at that level, and if you're lucky there'll be a pair of greaves in the first wipe. I can clear the room within 10 minutes and I've seen at least one pair every time I've gone there.

Alternately, just camp there and come on every so often to see if there's a raid up. Every Vox raid starts in the king's room so the gobbo's there are always wiped out. If you're lucky they'll hand you all the gear the goblins drop.
Grimjrakar ver'Magnussen
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# Aug 15 2001 at 8:56 AM Rating: Decent
221 posts
It will likely get you IN the room, but not to the King. The Elites and other higher level mobs can see thru it.

If you get lucky it will be camped. This zone is great for nice groups of folks cause the Lore loots getpassed to all the folks in the zone as longas you all share.

Yes, Icy greaves drop here.

Zaloren V'Shnev
Enchanter of Innoruuk
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Journeyman Smith
# Jun 04 2001 at 12:38 AM Rating: Default
Haha, Anonymous u are a sly one.... I too am on quest and "ever" is quite an apt description of waiting for outside help from strangers.
1) I think it will get you to room but not into it (may be wrong here)
2) I spent 5 hours on The Trib Server and struck out as nobody really ever showed up...several times I was the only person in the zone
3) I dunno as I never dared go far by myself
Grab "War and Peace" and prepare to wait for help.

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HI im new here at permafrost
# May 13 2001 at 8:35 PM Rating: Default
im a lv 30 warrior were should i hunt
# May 02 2001 at 10:05 PM Rating: Default
Im on the vallon zek server. Would a level 22 get any of these fine items? Probably, not unless with a fully equiped group. Im new in permafrost, and will try to level in their. Good thing their are a bunch of lvl 52's to pl you their ). Don't attempt fighting in any place in permafrost before getting buffed. If you are buffed really well you will be on your way to leveling extremely fast. If not buffed you are as good as dead (. Well just some advice. For a level 22 you could receive raw hide things-which you could sell, and crystals. Just found out they sell for 6pp each ) how wonderful. Well good luck everyone, and I would be extremely lucky to get Lady voxes stuff. That way ill get the Fungi tunic. Happy journeys to everyone. Die die lady vox die!!!! Once i reach lvl 52 ill describe everything in detail, but for know. Well know is not a good time to talk about perma since im new. And again happy journeys everyone.
Tarew Marr
# Mar 30 2001 at 8:11 AM Rating: Default
I play a lv 26 chanter on tarew, was wondering how populated this dungeon is and what the lv range is. wouold it be possible for me to get a pick up group..thx guys
RE: Tarew Marr
# Apr 06 2001 at 8:51 AM Rating: Default
Was in there last night - no pick up groups for you! There were 5 people in there (including myself) and they were all above level 50 camping the good gear in there for some odd reason.

For getting gear or for 'slumming' as Verant calls it, it is a nifty dungeon. For hunting, you are better off elsewhere.

what about vox?
# Mar 10 2001 at 1:41 PM Rating: Decent
15 posts
Ok i have a big question for vox. 1. what lvl is she 2. can a group of 20 lvl 40s and 50s killl her? 3. what kind of magic does she do 4. how hard does she hit. 5. can a big guild raid her and kill her? 6. how many ppl will it take to kill her? an enchanter needed? and 8. are there any dangers near her to be aware of?

BrItNeY !!!
RE: what about vox?
# Mar 19 2001 at 5:03 PM Rating: Good
I'll tackle this since no one else seems to want to:

1. 55ish

2.maybe, unless they are unlucky or clueless. No insult intended, but YOU sound clueless. You need to go along on an organized raid before trying it. You can't learn enough about it by reading the boards, although it can help.

3.Bad stuff, you need HIGH resistances and the buffs need to be put on in a particular order. ...why, you might ask? If you cant figure that out, you arent experienced enough to raid her. ...And then she can complete heal herself.

4. Multi hundreds, not really paying attention to numbers at that point.

5.Yes although a big guild should have high enought chars in it that your leaders should have plenty of experience killing her and Naggy.

6.Figure at least 4 GOOD groups and most importantly ...a good experienced raid leader.

7.Yes, but if you can't handle them, you can't handle her.
RE: what about vox?
# Mar 28 2001 at 10:33 PM Rating: Decent
8 posts
aye we just got whacked with 52 50 plus char on her tonite organization is key.
Colmir Chosinone
GM Keepers of Fortitude
RE: what about vox?
# Mar 31 2001 at 1:59 AM Rating: Default
Third night ina row now-- Shes still alive , this time there were 45 of us, high 40s mostly, and i think the problem was the lack of enchanters present to mana-sieve her. Being my first raid i hardly expected to live, but it was a learning experience. Forget AC- what you need to bring is a separate set of MAgic and Cold resist jewwelry/equipemnt. ( im a cleric) it sucked i was feared all over couldnt even heal people let alone gate out!
More raids planned for this weekend!
Trublu- Saryrn, level 47 ( died 5 times, now im 46 ) cleric
RE: what about vox?
# Apr 19 2001 at 5:57 AM Rating: Excellent
This is horrible, not to mention embarassing.

You need 4 enchanters to mana sieve.

You need 3-4wizards to deal the finishing touch(and bind rush her)

you need 2 tank groups. One with a cleric, a bard and 4 tanks. another with 2 clerics, a bard and 3 tanks. The tanks with the two clerics taunt, NO ONE ELSE IS TO TAUNT.

Put druids with the wizards and enchanters, as well as the shamans.

Now, this is all we need on my server. Can't be different on yours. But, we're pretty well equiped.

You need:less than lvl 45:160MR
level 45-50:145MR
lvl 51-52:130MR

That will resist fear.

Cold resist you want as high as possible. Hands down. Bards are a MUST.

Everyone that can should bind close to Vox's Lair. The tank groups will keep the battle going long enough for wizards to respawn with full mana, mem a spell and run in and die again nuking. Clerics can mem a heal and run in and save the day. This is "Bind Rushing"

Sartorial Sin'Vrall
~Rallos Zek
Chanters and Vox
# Oct 10 2002 at 2:08 PM Rating: Excellent
Enchanters a huge help for Vox but are by no means necessary. I have personally led four raids against here and been along for 3 others totaling 5 kills. Have yet to be on a raid with more than 2 chanters, most have had 1 if we were lucky.

The key to killing her is strategy. Need to have organization above all else. Most raids that I have seen drop her have used 25-35 people, one with a whopping 20. MA needs to have plenty of time to get taunt, cut it close if you need to but if they cannot hold taunt there is no point to having a MA. With all of Vox's damage, bar AoE's, focused on one target the healers can match it and keep the tank going.

2 clerics is enough if they are experienced, more never hurts. Bards are an absolute must, make sure they realize they are there for the sole purpose of feeding mana during the buffing/prep phase, and then to strap on the drums and boost resists for their respective groups. Never had too much luck with casters on my raids, but have yet to have a problem using melees. Pallies and SKs should have a shield and 1hander equipped for bashing, and all barbs (wars, rogues, shammies, etc...) should have slam ready as well.

Unfortunately players are restriced to levels 52 and under but that doesnt affect the prefight buffs. One lev 60 Cleric with aegolism, shaman with focus, chanter with epic... etc will give you a huge edge should you be having trouble with her. Usually Clerics wont mind helping at all if you give them a fair warning and more importantly provide them the peridots needed for aegolism (4 per group cast). Also it never hurts to have a group of 53 and up to help clear the giants on the way to her lair and to help keep the raid protected (not an issue on a blue server)

MA leads off into the lair and should engage as close to the middle of the room as possible, when the rest join in they should be behind Vox to avoid extra damage from ripostes and should all be pushing her to help interrupt her spells. An experienced MA will keep taunt as well as turn himself and thus Vox to lead her around the lair and keep her away from being pushed into a wall.

Sorry nearly rambling now, could go on and on...

Chanters are not required but if you have them, make them Mana seive/Theft of Thought for all they are worth.

PS - any of you bards looking for the scale, keep trying, 4 kills without one showing itself, 5th raid led by my guild and 3 drop, one to each guild represented that night =)

Kirus Atraides
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RE: what about vox?
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One more critical piece of strategy you'll want to know about: Do NOT push Vox into the wall. As soon as she gets backed up against a wall she will start chain-complete healing herself. This is where your raid dies. Your raid has to be prepared to switch sides on her so she stays in the centre of the room. I've seen raids with 50+ low 50's people die, and I've seen raids with 4 or 5 groups of low 50's succeed, and this one point has been the deciding factor every time. If you're just starting to do dragon-level raids, start with Naggy. He can't heal himself and is much easier. I've seen him taken down by three well-equipped groups.
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RE: what about vox?
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Finally... a good post on Raid composition and strategy. Sartorial, you get a 5.0 rating from me! :-)
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RE: what about vox?
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Shouldn't there be a few Dashing rogues? We are always forgotten.
Mammoth Hide Cloak
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I'm a 35th druid in Brell Serilis and I wanted to check out some items to improve wis. I read about this and found its not too far inside permafrost. I was wondering if anyone had any good strategies as how to keep and control the room the ice goblin alchamest spawns in.
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 24 2001 at 11:38 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) i do use wolf form and root them all and use harmonyit all works but use harmony
RE: Mammoth Hide Cloak
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wow I find that hard to belive considering Permafrost is a dungeon. No sow, no wolf, no harmony....none can work in there. The room is cake, but the spawn is slow. Just sit in there and root kill. Also, if you are low level, you can kill the ones outside in front of the door if they are casters to prevent healing of the alchemist or such.
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Hopefully more people will flock to permsfrost, with the new xp patch coming in 1 day. Because permafrost is alot of fun and isnt just there so you can go kill vox (althought i dont blame ya heh.)
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At the gates to the king room there are several triggers that you can push into the wall. Any idea what they do?
RE: triggers
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No clue, but if it helps, I did the Big Red button thing, and kept pushing them one day. I think that it can raise a gate of to the side... but that might have been timing. I didn't think about doing a sense traps near it. it might be like the ones in Sol A that when they hit you will knock off your invis (good thing I have hide, and can hit it again real quick) as happened to me several times last night.

Heirick Von'Hermes
Permafrost Crystals
# Sep 22 2000 at 7:43 AM Rating: Default
Does anyone know what Permafrost Crystals are for?
they have the fairy/pixie dust look exept there deep blue and stackable. Are they research? how much do they go for? It dropped off a normal ice goblin in Alchy room.
New Use
# Jun 02 2001 at 9:01 AM Rating: Default
As of the patch on 5/30/2001, there is a new recipe for "Imbued Idols." As part of the recipe, it calls for Permafrost Crystals. Check out for more details.

Old use for the crystals: making blue dye for armor.

Possible sales of Crystals: If you want, try selling to a Shaman below about level 30 so that they can try to get their Alchemy skill up by "practising." Recipe for extract: empty vial (sold in High Hold Keep), one permafrost crystal, one flask of water. Combine in potion bag or in mortar and pestle (rogue device)
RE: Permafrost Crystals
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Aye, those crystals are used for dyes. They make the blue dyes for the new armor. Save them, and either sell em to a smith or keep em for yourself to make colored armor
RE: Permafrost Crystals
# Sep 22 2000 at 5:50 PM Rating: Default
thanks for the info =)
I've been told they go for 10pp but sounds a little high. Is that an accurate amount or should they go about half that? IMHO 10pp sounds crazy.
RE: Permafrost Crystals
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I was yesterday in Perma and they where sold for 5 to 7 pp each...hope it helps

Solusek Ro
RE: Permafrost Crystals
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As a smith, dying fine plate adds nothing but color prestige to value of armor. Market value of the crystals will be limited. dying armor is also incredibly complex process, and personally, I doubt I'd ever pay more than a few plat for the crystals. I have a stash of them now, and not sure I will use them, need a high level alchemist, and other barriers are just miserable to overcome.
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permafrost zone guide
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ahhh permafrost, a zone hardly visited by most adventurers, tis a great hunting ground filled with great loot and exp. here is my guide to permafrost....
here is the types of goblins in the zone: ice goblin- basic warrior, goblin diviner-low level wizzard, goblin mendicant- low leveld healer ( uses light healing ), goblin preist- mid level healer ( uses healing ), goblin prelate- higher leveld healer (uses greater healing ) goblin evoker- mid level wizzard, goblin wizzard- high level wizzard, elite goblin and elite honer gaurds- high level warriors ( in king room ) also the spawn time in permafrost is about 28 min

The zone line has goblins from level 14-16 and can be hunted for exp untill around 20.
when you zone in there is a hall with a turn to the right. at that turn there is a ladder leading to a tunnel that goes to the flag room. there is about 7 goblins in the hall. the flag room can be split up without an enchanter because its fairly big so not all the goblins aggro at a time. once you pass the flag room you can go left or right. if you go left that way is twords the preacher and archeologist room. once you get past the first 2 doors there will be a square room there will be a door straight ahead and a hallway to the left. the door leads to the archeologist room and the hall goes to the preacher room. you need a group of 20's to take preacher room. its exelent exp there and since there is a lot of down time you can pull dire wolves from behind the stage that are around levels 15-25 one at a time ( if done right ). the preahcer drops a runed circulet and a cold iron morning star. the archeologist room has lots of goblins in it but they are lower leveld than the preahcer room, but there is a lot more goblins. you need an enchanter for this room.
back to the flag room...... if you go to the right there will be another hallway leading to a gate, and then another gate to the left and a hallway leading to a door straight ahead. if you go through the gate, thats the king room, you need a group of around lvl 30-35 with an enchanter to do this room ( safely ) and the gobs here see invis (most of them). the king room is at the bottom, and thats where the names spawns are, up top there are just regulat gobs and some elites. the king is level 35 and hits for around 60 so be careful around him. the patriarch should be youre first target because he heals REAL fast and REAL good, then kill the sage, he is a wizzy and those ae nukes are a pain, then kill off youre elites and souch, remember NO RUNNERS! loot droped in this room is as follows: 1h silver war axe 6/22 magic, 2h silver war axe 21/48 effect serpant sight magic, crystaline blade ( off champion and you have to kil diplomat to get him to spawn, he is a lvl 35 cleric IG with low hp that can only be casted o niin melee range) 11/38 1hs magic, zharns cornet 5ac 3str 25 mana, symbolt of loyalty to vox 7ac 7svs cold, icy greaves 8ac 10svs cold i think, white wolf hide cloak 8ac 3str 3dex 5svs cold, and the totem from the warrior crafted armor.
if you chose not to go through the gate and go forward to the door, thats where the sage and jailer are, but to the left of the door there is a rock which you can move, thats the alchemist room. this room only has 2 gobs around level 25 so a gorup of 3 lvl 25s can do room, alchemist if he ever spawns drops mammoth hide legs, 7ac 5stam and some svs cold i think, and if youre extremly luckey he drops a mammoth cloak 7ac 4wis 5svs cold ( big cash ). through the door is the sage and jailer. most gobs past this door see invis.
if you go straight, not taking any turns you will come to sage room, before the room has a lot of torches and in the room is an ice block with some weird looking gob frozen inside. you need a group of 35 with enc do do this room, there is 8 gobs in there. sage drops wolf fur slippers, 2ac 7agi 20 mana, and an ice crystal staff 5/28 effect of some 10 dam ice spell. if you go right you will come to a room with a platfrom with an ice ramp leading up to it, there is about 6 gobs in this room. behind the platform is a hallway with lots of doors, thi is the jail area. if you go all the way to the left and go in the room with no door, thats where the jailer spawns, there is also 8 gobs in this room, jailer drops an ivy etched charm, not sure of stats but it adds str, wis, and agi. also in this area there is an icy goblin which drops a book needed for a necro quest i think.

hope you liked my perma guide and remembr.... *NO RUNNERS!!! YOU WILL DIE!!*
also....... IGs ( ice giants ) can only be hit with spells in melee range in this zone. great exp and loot here. good luck, smash those goblins good!
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RE: permafrost zone guide
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thanks this is a good guide thanks
RE: permafrost zone guide
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To Thorg and Lemming.....Your posts in regard to PermaFrost Keep are extremely helpful to a character entering Perma for the first time. I applaud your efforts in assisting other players.
I have had some close calls, but have learned to adjust to the surroundings. Your advice on not letting RUNNERS get away is the best advice for the novice entering the passages of Perma. Thanks again.

Dantius Determinator
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RE: permafrost zone guide
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Just wanted to clean up a few small bits from that post.

First of all, you can do the archeologist without an enchanter. When you enter the arch room, you will see a ledge directly across from you. There are 3 goblins on the ledge. One is either the arch or his PH. Stay invisible (you ARE invisible, right?) and hop up onto the ledge. Do NOT, under ANY circumstance, attempt to pull the goblins down. Rather than hopping down the ledge they will run down some back tunnels and bring 15 of their nearest and dearest friends with them.

Once you hop up onto the ledge, make your attack. Concentrate on one goblin at a time. If you have good runner control, you will only have to kill these 3 goblins, the rest won't aggro on to you.

The loot is as follows:
Ice Goblin Preacher: Runed Circlet, Cold Iron Morning Star
Ice Goblin Archeologist: Archeologist's Pack, Dented Brass Mask
Elite Guard: Icy greaves (needed for bard lambent quest)
Elite Honor Guard: Silvery War Axe, Silvery 2 Handed Axe
King Whaasisname: Symbol of Loyalty to Lady Vox, White Wolf Hide Cloak
High Priest Zaharan: Zaharan's Coronet
Goblin Alchemist: Mammoth Hide Leggings, Mammoth Hide Cloak

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