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Raid Progression

Participating in Raids

Raid progression and flagging looks like this:

The plan is that the first two zones (Sul Vius: Life and Sul Vius: Decay) will drop keys you need to get to the second set (Plane of Health and Crypt of Decay). Those two drop stuff you need for Crypt of Sul raids.

  • Part 1
Raids from Lashun Novashine in the Plane of Health

  • Part 2
Raids from - Kerath Punox in Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life

    • Crypt of Decay: Emollious
    • Crypt of Decay: Grannus
    • Plane of Health: Stem the Tide
    • Plane of Health: Grummus!

  • Part 3
Raids from - Lashun Novashine in the Plane of Health

    • Crypt of Sul: High Bokon Boromas
    • Crypt of Sul: Enslaver of Souls

List of Raids

NOTE: The list here will fill in over time as entries are made into the Allakhazam database. See the quest entries for event details and loot information, the zone entries for the zone overview, and the bestiary entries for individual raid mob listings.


  • Plane of Fear
    • Expedition Entry
      • Event -
      • Event -
      • Event -

  • Plane of Hate

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