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"She Likes to Try New Spa Remedies;
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October 17, 2014

Save on Station Cash at GameStop!

Sony Online Entertainment and GameStop have teamed up to save you some bucks on Station Cash!

Receive $5 off when you purchase any of the SOE pre-paid game cards at GameStop, valid October 13th - October 28th, 2014. This promotion is valid at US GameStop locations only.

While some snafus were initially reported with this promotion, SOE has posted that they've been resolved, and we were able to receive this discount when purchasing cards today.

October 16, 2014

October 15, 2014

As of about 12:00 P.M. Pacific Time, SOE forums, login servers, and some game servers are down. They will be "back online as quickly as possible." (Links: Server Status | SOE Twitter)

Update: As of 2:00 P.M. Pacific Time, logins look to be back to normal and all EverQuest game servers show as being back online.

Here are some midweek updates for you:

New Items: Ballista Bolt Ornament5 Dose Essence of Earth Elemental

Updated Items: Axe of Storms OrnamentStaff of the Ancients OrnamentStaff of the Inferno OrnamentDark Blade of Fear OrnamentShield of Fear OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Shortsword OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Truncheon OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Shortbow OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Staff OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Wand OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Short Spear OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Sabre OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Cestus OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Crest OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Hammer OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Long Spear OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Hand Axe OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Scimitar OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Longsword OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Rapier OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Kris OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Dirk OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Sceptre OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Kite Shield OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Axe Ornament

Updated Bestiary: an enraged gnoll brewmaster

Updated Quests: Orc Scalp CollectingOrc PicksBreakdown in Communication #2: BarinduColdain Shawl 2.0 #4: Bring Him a Brew!Xorbb #1: The Halfling TrailGates of Discord Progression #4a: Martyrs Passage

October 14, 2014

Halloween events will be returning tomorrow: They'll be around through to Wednesday, November 5.

Here are today's updates:

Updated Items: Spell: Monster Summoning IIISpell: Cannibalize IVSpell: Death PeaceOakleaf GirdleSpell: Wrath of the ElementsSpell: Shroud of DeathSpell: Circle of Cobalt ScarNoctivagant Vambraces

Updated Quests: Spiderling SilksA Guide Beyond the Rift

Updated Bestiary: Guardian of TakishGrahl Strongbacka spirit flux wolfa thifling spriteAil the Elder

October 13, 2014

The Darkened Sea: Caverns of Endless Song

The Caverns of Endless Song make up one of eight new zones coming with EverQuest's 21st expansion, The Darkened Sea, launching November 11, 2014 (with an early release for All-Access members on October 28, 2014). Here is a look:

Ahh, love. A tale as old as time. But what’s this - a tale of unrequited love? Perhaps. We are not all as lucky as you, hero. This is the tale of Sillsia, one of the most entrancing sirens you will ever meet. And yes, you will meet her.

Long ago, the fair siren Sillsia, whose silvery flowing hair shone like the moon, sang the song of her people. This was much like any evening, really. Hoping to ensnare some half-witted pirate or hapless merchant, she sung as beautifully as ever. That night, however, a man came. He was unlike any she had ever met. His willpower allowed him to be unaffected by her song. This perplexed the watery maiden. She was the one ensnared by him! Overjoyed with this new sensation that washed over her, she expected that they be wed immediately. The handsome stranger agreed to marry, but only after he returned. That day never came.