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Double XP Weekend: September 5-7, 2015

Announced this evening for EverQuest was a double XP weekend (for all players):

We’ve noticed your intrepid questing, and we think it’s time for you to get a little boost on your adventures. Starting at 12:01AM PDT on Saturday, September 5, you will received Double XP on ALL servers! Yes, that INCLUDES the time-locked progression servers!

But this bonus won’t be around forever. Make sure you log in to game and boost your XP before it returns to normal on Monday, September 7 at 11:59PM PDT.

And for EverQuest II (for All Access members, but not on TLE servers):

This weekend is a great time to be an All Access member! Why? Because you’ll get DOUBLE XP (Adventure, Tradeskill, AA) all weekend long! The Double XP bonus will turn on at 12:01AM PDT on Saturday, September 5th and will last three full days. This means you have until 11:59PM PDT on Monday, September 7 to fill up those XP bars!

The Double XP bonuses will be available for All Access members on all traditional servers. While the bonus will not be available on Stormhold and Deathtoll, there are still mighty adventures awaiting All Access members there. Remember, you must be a member to access those special servers.

September 4, 2015

September 3, 2015

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Green Plate GauntletsPrime Breastplate

Updated Items: Figurine Collector's Chest: Denizens

Bestiary Updates: Lord Grimrot (live)a protector of Ro

September 2, 2015

Here are today's updates:

Updated Items: Fear Jewel of Mana

Updated Quests: Werewolf Hunters

September 1, 2015

Here are today's updates:

Updated Items: Dungeon Rot Spores of ZekHerald's Glyph

Bestiary Updates: Hendin Shadow Master

Ragefire to Lockjaw Transfers Disabled Soon

Posted on the EverQuest forums:

Greetings Norrath!

We will be disabling paid character transfers from Ragefire and Lockjaw starting this Wednesday at noon PDT. This is required as part of the preparation for the Ragefire progression server vote results next week particularly if the server votes to proceed with the expansion.

Transfers from Ragefire to other servers will still be available.

August 31, 2015