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"An Expedition's Remains"

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Trivia for the Day
It seems that Ollysa Bladefinder is among those who didn't fare very well in the Ethernere's breach of West Karana; that is, if the presence of her "spirit" in one of the Ethernere portals is any indicator. Ollysa Bladefinder was (is?)...
A. a bandit
B. a shopkeeper
C. a Qeynos guard

..........B. a shopkeeper..........

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SOE: Unscheduled Maintenance

Sony Online Entertainment is undergoing an unannounced maintenance which is affecting forum logins and commerce across all platforms. Players already logged into forums will be unaffected. Game logins seem to be fine. We're told they are working to finish it as soon as possible, but it may take up to an hour.

9:57am Pacific:  Commerce is now unlocked for all games. Login issues are still being worked on.

10:25am Pacific: Maintenance has been completed and everyone should be able to log in now.

November 25, 2014

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Irridescent Coral TridentHighwater Sandals of the ExhumerTideworn Cap of the Exhumer

New Recipes: Tideworn Cap of the ExhumerBoundless Wrist Symbol of CompassionBoundless Wrist Symbol of CompassionBoundless Wrist Symbol of CompassionBoundless Wrist Symbol of DevotionBoundless Wrist Symbol of DevotionBoundless Wrist Symbol of DevotionBoundless Wrist Symbol of GrowthBoundless Wrist Symbol of GrowthBoundless Wrist Symbol of GrowthDistillate of Celestial Healing XVIIIDistillate of Clarity XVIIIDistillate of Divine Healing XVIIIDistillate of Health XVIIIDistillate of Replenishment XVIIIDistillate of Spirituality XVIIIAugust Infused Blade WhipAugust Uninfused Blade WhipAugust Infused Knuckle BladeAugust Uninfused Knuckle BladeAugust Infused Wrapped RodAugust Uninfused Wrapped RodAugust Infused Spear of BeautyAugust Uninfused Spear of BeautyAugust Infused Waterforged BladeAugust Uninfused Waterforged BladeBoundless Sleeve Symbol of BelowBoundless Sleeve Symbol of BelowBoundless Sleeve Symbol of Below

Updated Items: Lesser Briny EssenceScroll: Illusion: Cursed SirenSpiny Turtle ShellSpineback MeatFlawless Basilisk EyeSwordfish BillAncient Cartographer's ChartsDamaged Engagement BandAged Combine Sailor's Wine BottleCombine Officer's Silver BuckleSultry PerfumeSkeletal Sailor's Left HandPreserved Snow RoseCarved Siren FigurinePristine Gray Shark HideShark ToothRazor Sharp Beetle HornElemental EmbersEnchanted Stone ShardWater Elemental ResidueElemental FluidsElemental ResidueSpotted RockSmooth and Shiny RockRed GeodeBumpy RockPebblePearlescent RockPetrified Elf FemurBlack RockSpiced Freshwater Fish JerkyGarlic-Buttered Freshwater Fish JerkyGrilled Freshwater FishGrilled Freshwater Fish JerkySpiced Freshwater FishSmoked Freshwater FishLemon-Buttered Freshwater Fish JerkyGarlic-Buttered Freshwater FishLemon-Buttered Freshwater FishSmoked Freshwater Fish JerkyMushroomFancy HamFancy PumpkinFancy MushroomFancy Green AppleFancy Red AppleFilet of Freshwater FishFancy TurkeyButtered Freshwater FishBread CrumbsDried Freshwater FishFancy FruitcakeFancy DrumstickButtered Freshwater Fish JerkyBeer-battered Freshwater FishBeer-battered Freshwater Fish JerkyBarbequed Freshwater Fish JerkyBeer-braised Freshwater Fish JerkyBeer-braised Freshwater FishBarbequed Freshwater FishTeacher's TomeRing of HollowsBladebinder's MaskHighwater BootsHighwater LeggingsDarkwater LeggingsAdbreviuraRepentia

Updated Quests: Unveiling the MysteryHeart of Fear Event: Ulrich the AgelessTDS Progression #3: Clearer Skies

Updated Achievement: Achievement: Remnants of the Enraptured (Caverns of Endless Song)

Updated Bestiary: Culturist DevariLava MassAngry AlfredOld SpirespineFrachessa the FearedPrincipal Indagator GordianusPraetor Loricas the HollowAleondra FineclothErlics BrightstoneGloril IronsmithHerrul BakewellRando ColdforgeTorpex RockspeakerWelery Brightstonea chest (#1a - Captain Tita`s Ghost)Bindess LonKelpin Larch

Landmark Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Landmark Beta Key Giveaway!

Sony Online Entertainment has teamed up with ZAM to offer our community a Limited Closed Beta Key Giveaway for their sandbox MMO, Landmark! Here's how to get yours:

November 24, 2014

Here are some updates for today:

New Items: Amiculua ScribiaScroll: Promised Regeneration Rk. IIIScroll: Column of Ro Rk. IIIScroll: Windborne Chill Rk. IIIScroll: Shieldstone Skin Rk. IIIScroll: Daggerspur Bulwark Rk. IIIScroll: Chant of the Kromtus Rk. IIIScroll: Ferocious Growth Rk. IIIScroll: Brell's Stalwart Bulwark Rk. IIIDarkwater Soulslaver CapScroll: Nature's Fiery Wrath Rk. IIIScroll: Shieldstone Blessing Rk. IIIDarkwater HelmHighwater Breastplate of HavokScroll: Divine Indemnification Rk. IIIPrivateer's StudTideworn Breastplate of the PerformerIrridescent Coral SaberBuccaneer's CanteenBrigand's Trimmed CloakScroll: Mind Extraction Rk. IIScroll: Ilsaria's Swift Sickness Rk. IIDistillate of Replenishment XVIIIDistillate of Spirituality XVIIIDistillate of Celestial Healing XVIIIDistillate of Clarity XVIIIDistillate of Health XVIIIBoundless Glove Symbol of GrowthHighwater Robe of the Frozen FlameDark Elf PortraitHigh Elf's PortraitBarbarian's PortraitBlaze Lava Sword OrnamentTwin Fang OrnamentDruidic BookshelfSolo Elder WaterIron Wood BulwarkScale Mail Robe OrnamentBoundless Glove Symbol of the BroodRaid Elder WaterDistillate of Divine Healing XVIIIPower of Alacrity II 2 BenefitPower of Conservation II 2 BenefitTwinge of Pain II 2 BenefitVisions of Suffering II 2 BenefitPower of Will II 2 Benefit ;  more after the jump...

November 21, 2014

Hotfix Notes for November 20, 2014

A hotfix today added a temporary work-around for the bugged Degmar task "Crying for the Dead" and made Brother Island a little more kite-friendly:

*** Hotfix ***

- Crying for the Dead - You can now receive credit for creating the Full Degmar Inkwell by hailing Thubr Axebringer in Degmar (as long as you have the Full Degmar Inkwell in your inventory). The necessity to hail Thubr is temporary until the next patch.
- Fixed the issue that would cause some of the raids in Arx Mentis to reset after completion.
- Fixed the issue that caused some of the books employed by Principal Quastori Numicia to be immune to attack.
- Removed Summoning from almost all NPCs in brother island. Only the rare NPCs, furthick chargers, and furthick pounders continue to summon. Additionally, siren seekers, siren stealers, siren slashers, and brother guards no longer summon in the mission “The Cover of Night.”
- Fixed an unusual situation that prevented the Proloxis that fight for Principal Indagatrix Lucia from being snared as intended.

November 20, 2014