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Trivia for the Day
The Wanderlands, the Swamp of Bile, and a structure known simply as "The Keep" are sites in...
A. The Dead Hills
B. The Blightfire Moors
C. The Plane of Disease

.........C. The Plane of Disease.........

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November 27, 2014

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

New Items: Highwater Gloves of the Frozen FlameCountry Estates Half WallDreambringer OrnamentPale Moon OrnamentCountry Estates Full WallCountry Estates ColumnToxic Mists Robe OrnamentSantug's Helper Robes OrnamentUmeria MagiusHumis UmeriumAmiculua HumasUmeria NoceisUmeria MemoriasAmiculua FortitiasScribis UmeriumUnguisio UmeriumAmiculua MemoriasUmeria LumbiusUmeria FortitasAmiculua NoceisAmiculua UnguisisAmiculua UmbraculoAmiculua SerpentiaNitoraFaclutictusDarkwater Spiritwalker CoifDarkwater Soulforge ChestwrapsDarkwater Spiritwalker CoatDarkwater Soulslaver RobeHastaduriaPugnoriuAmiculua MagioSerpentis UmeriumCalix Quirinus' KeyScroll: Hand of the Stormbound Keeper Rk. IIScroll: Ardent Fury Rk. IIScroll: Force of the Darkened Sea Rk. IIScroll: Crush of Povar Rk. IIScroll: Brilliant Vindication Rk. IIScroll: Aurora of Dayspring Rk. IIScroll: Protective Proclamation Rk. IIScroll: Malosenete Rk. IIITome: Insult Rk. IIICorsair's Flamboyant Belt

New Recipes: Solo Elder Legging Seal of the BerserkerSolo Elder Legging Seal of the TravelerSolo Elder Legging Seal of the VenturerSolo Elder Glove Seal of the CryomancerSolo Elder Glove Seal of the DrummerSolo Elder Helm Seal of the ArcanistSolo Elder Helm Seal of the FarseerSolo Elder Sleeve Seal of the FirechiefSolo Elder Sleeve Seal of the HealerSolo Elder Sleeve Seal of the PyromancerSolo Elder Sleeve Seal of the WarchiefDarkwater Soulslaver RobeDarkwater Spiritwalker CoatDarkwater Spiritwalker CoifDarkwater Soulforge ChestwrapsBoundless Penetrating Symbol of BelowBoundless Penetrating Symbol of CompassionBoundless Penetrating Symbol of DecayBoundless Penetrating Symbol of DevotionBoundless Penetrating Symbol of GrowthBoundless Penetrating Symbol of HateBoundless Penetrating Symbol of InfestationBoundless Penetrating Symbol of IntegrityBoundless Penetrating Symbol of JudgementBoundless Penetrating Symbol of MalignancyBoundless Penetrating Symbol of StillnessBoundless Penetrating Symbol of StormsBoundless Penetrating Symbol of TerrorBoundless Penetrating Symbol of ThaumaturgyBoundless Penetrating Symbol of WildfireBoundless Penetrating Symbol of the BroodBoundless Penetrating Symbol of the DepthsBoundless Penetrating Symbol of the FarceurBoundless Penetrating Symbol of the Fire LordBoundless Penetrating Symbol of the SkepticBoundless Penetrating Symbol of the WarmongerBoundless Legging Symbol of BelowBoundless Legging Symbol of BelowBoundless Legging Symbol of BelowBoundless Legging Symbol of CompassionBoundless Legging Symbol of CompassionBoundless Legging Symbol of CompassionBoundless Legging Symbol of DevotionBoundless Legging Symbol of DevotionBoundless Legging Symbol of DevotionBoundless Legging Symbol of GrowthBoundless Legging Symbol of GrowthBoundless Legging Symbol of GrowthHighwater Gloves of the Frozen FlameHighwater Gloves of the Frozen Flame

Updated Zones: Combine DredgeArx Mentis

Updated Items: Koada`Dal NeedleFroglok NeedleErud NeedleMinor Briny EssenceSun Bleached SandBlack Beach SandChlorophyll Infused SandExcreted SandFlower Dyed SandGolden Beach SandGullet SandLarge Turtle ShellTwisted Gorilla HandGhostly EctoplasmCrab MeatPristine Bird BeakYellow NibblerRed MiteRed BiterStinging InsectGrey BiterBlack StingRed NibblerBlue MiteTornaciusAnulia KaerusUnguisio LumbiusProculiasLeatumCollio UnguisisFaculta PrimiaDarkwater LeggingsDarkwater BootsDarkwater ArmguardsDarkwater TunicHarpy PowerstoneBlackfeather Protective StoneGaze of the GriffonEarring of the RoostEletyl's CharmHarpy FuryFenith's LunchboxGriffon Down CloakGriffon Tamer's MaskDorinda's Golden MaskBlackfeather AblestoneBlackfeather Noble's EarringBlackfeather Noble's RingBlackfeather Crested WristguardBlackfeather Rock

Updated Quests: Breaching the BarrierYrelia #3: They're Everywhere!

Updated Bestiary: Culturist DevariSerisariaResearcher Orbianaan undead peddlera chest (#1 - Defense of the City)a chest (#3 - Principal Vicarum Nonia)a chest (#4 - Principal Indagatrix Lucia)

SOE Black Friday Sale

Sony Online Entertainment has announced a one-day double Station Cash sale on Black Friday! This Friday, November 28th, when you buy Station Cash on the web, in-game, or with an SOE Game Card, the amount of Station Cash you get will be doubled! Double Station Cash will only awarded between 12:00am PT (U.S.) to 11:59:59pm PT, so don’t miss out!

Naturaly there will be in-game Marketplace deals on Cyber Monday, and special deals for All-Access Members that have yet to be announced. Stay tuned over the weekend for more information!

Fine Print: Cyber Monday deals and All Access member benefits apply only to SOE titles currently included in All Access. Promotion does not include Landmark, Dragon’s Prophet, or DC Universe Online (PSN Version).

November 26, 2014

SOE: Unscheduled Maintenance

Sony Online Entertainment is undergoing an unannounced maintenance which is affecting forum logins and commerce across all platforms. Players already logged into forums will be unaffected. Game logins seem to be fine. We're told they are working to finish it as soon as possible, but it may take up to an hour.

9:57am Pacific:  Commerce is now unlocked for all games. Login issues are still being worked on.

10:25am Pacific: Maintenance has been completed and everyone should be able to log in now.

November 25, 2014

Landmark Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Landmark Beta Key Giveaway!

Sony Online Entertainment has teamed up with ZAM to offer our community a Limited Closed Beta Key Giveaway for their sandbox MMO, Landmark! Here's how to get yours:

November 24, 2014

Here are some updates for today:

New Items: Amiculua ScribiaScroll: Promised Regeneration Rk. IIIScroll: Column of Ro Rk. IIIScroll: Windborne Chill Rk. IIIScroll: Shieldstone Skin Rk. IIIScroll: Daggerspur Bulwark Rk. IIIScroll: Chant of the Kromtus Rk. IIIScroll: Ferocious Growth Rk. IIIScroll: Brell's Stalwart Bulwark Rk. IIIDarkwater Soulslaver CapScroll: Nature's Fiery Wrath Rk. IIIScroll: Shieldstone Blessing Rk. IIIDarkwater HelmHighwater Breastplate of HavokScroll: Divine Indemnification Rk. IIIPrivateer's StudTideworn Breastplate of the PerformerIrridescent Coral SaberBuccaneer's CanteenBrigand's Trimmed CloakScroll: Mind Extraction Rk. IIScroll: Ilsaria's Swift Sickness Rk. IIDistillate of Replenishment XVIIIDistillate of Spirituality XVIIIDistillate of Celestial Healing XVIIIDistillate of Clarity XVIIIDistillate of Health XVIIIBoundless Glove Symbol of GrowthHighwater Robe of the Frozen FlameDark Elf PortraitHigh Elf's PortraitBarbarian's PortraitBlaze Lava Sword OrnamentTwin Fang OrnamentDruidic BookshelfSolo Elder WaterIron Wood BulwarkScale Mail Robe OrnamentBoundless Glove Symbol of the BroodRaid Elder WaterDistillate of Divine Healing XVIIIPower of Alacrity II 2 BenefitPower of Conservation II 2 BenefitTwinge of Pain II 2 BenefitVisions of Suffering II 2 BenefitPower of Will II 2 Benefit ;  more after the jump...