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--global drops--

both Ultra rares can drop in TBL ultra-rare loot (Descending moon) ultra rares EoK

from a DEV It is by accidental design. I put them in to have something when I wasn't sure if I would have time to make new ultra-rare loot. I managed to make new ultra-rare loot (Descending moon) and added them to the global drops for TBL, but then forgot to remove the EoK ultra rares. It does not affect the chance for the newer ultra-rares to drop, as it is a separate table and separate roll. (NPC's can now hold a hundred or so items... so... no issue with the NPC having too much loot) I'm not sure I want to remove them. It's another very rare chance for some good loot.


Here is a listing of chase items in The Burning Lands.

Item Name
Blazing Paradise Assaulting Fire
Blazing Paradise Assaulting Magic
Blazing Paradise Attacker
Blazing Paradise Casting Fire
Blazing Paradise Casting Magic
Blazing Paradise Defender
Blazing Paradise Defending Fire
Blazing Paradise Defending Magic
Blazing Paradise Dorsal Defense
Blazing Paradise Enhancement
Blazing Paradise Protecting Fire
Blazing Paradise Protecting Magic
Blazing Paradise Soothing
Blazing Paradise Ventral Defense
Blazing Paradise Warding Fire
Blazing Paradise Warding Magic
Djarns Tarnished Amethyst Ring
Fate's Accumulator
Secret Dawn Baraea
Secret Dawn Dire
Secret Dawn Hikma
Secret Dawn Qua
Supplicant's Weighted Tabard
Tattered White Satin Gloves
Threadbare Weighted Tabard
Torn Efreeti Boots
Weeping Heaven Baraea
Weeping Heaven Dire
Weeping Heaven Hikma
Weeping Heaven Qua
Whispering Midnight Assaulting Fire
Whispering Midnight Assaulting Magic
Whispering Midnight Attacker
Whispering Midnight Casting Fire
Whispering Midnight Casting Magic
Whispering Midnight Defender
Whispering Midnight Defending Fire
Whispering Midnight Defending Magic
Whispering Midnight Dorsal Defense
Whispering Midnight Enhancement
Whispering Midnight Protecting Fire
Whispering Midnight Protecting Magic
Whispering Midnight Soothing
Whispering Midnight Ventral Defense
Whispering Midnight Warding Fire
Whispering Midnight Warding Magic


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