Drakkin were added in TSS; their hometown is Crescent Reach. The Drakkin are an artifical race created by six breakaway dragons of the Nest. The breakaway dragons, calling themselves the Circle of the Crystalwing, kidnapped humans and infused them with draconic power. The six dragons, now found in Crescent, created six unique types of Drakkin.

Drakkin get a unique series of AoE breath skills (aka Dragon Breath), that are DOTs + resist debuffs, with the exact effect depending on what color (aka Heritage) the Drakkin is.

  • You determine the heritage, when creating your Drakkin, under the "appearance" tab.
  • These progressive abilities are quested, and start here.

Drakkin may only serve (choose deity) Veeshan. This creates an interesting faction mix for those inclined to do old-world and Kunark era questing and travel. Evil class Drakkin (i.e., necromancer)are not liked in either the Fironia Vie outpost or the Overthere Outpost (where they have turn-in spell quests). A Drakkin with illusion Dark Elf (i.e., from a potion) will be amiable to much of Neriak depending on class. more definitive list/explanation is needed

The Drakkin also have a series of groupable armor quests (although any race can do them) starting with the level 20 quests offered by Kimem Saydel and culminating with those offered by Tenish.

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