The Emerald Circle  

Established after the short reign of the last emperor, Emperor Chottal, the Emerald Circle assumed control of the Sebilisan Empire. Composed of a five member council to represent the original five tribes of Iksar left on Kunark after the Greenmist drove the Shissar away, Kunzar, Kylong, Nathsar, Obulus and Jarsarth.

After the fall of Emperor Ganak and Jaled Dar and the revenge of the Ring of Scale resulting in the death of Chottal and destruction of the royal rookery and thus all descendants of Sathir the Emerald Circle was formed and governed in the apparent peace gained. While neither side could really continue the war the dragons were not content to sit idly by and allow the Iksar to rebuild and become a threat again. In lieu of direct confrontation the Ring of Scale reverted back to their prefered method of dealing with "lesser" races, through subtlety and subterfuge. Through use of their agents the Ring of Scale slowly turned the council against itself, eventually breaking the empire into five states and eventually turning these states against each other as well.

To add to the turmoil during these end days the slaves began to revolt, encouraged and aided by the Ring of Scale, goblins from Faydwer arrived on Kunark as well to add to the pandemonium and the gods of Tunare, Karana and Brell unleashed great natural disasters to destroy the cities of the Iksar. The final blow came from Trakkanon himself who led the assault on Sebilis, giving rise to the worst slave revolts and taking the Imperial capital for himself, never allowing the Iksar to return and scattering them to the wilds.


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