Rivervale is a whimsicle village located between the grassy, dark fields of Misty Thicket and Kithicor Forest in eastern Antonica. It is the home city of Bristlebane's mischievous Halflings. The first thing that most people notice, aside from its quaintness, is that there are no paved streets. Rivervale also has unique town music that is continuously looped throughout most parts of the city.

Many of Rivervale's buildings are simple burrows in the ground with woodwork to support. This especially be noticed where the druids and rangers tend to their vegetable farms in between training new members of the Storm Reapers. The clerics and paladins that guard the entrance of the city from the undead that haunt Kithicor Forest at night also make simple homes.

The mayor, banker, and Guardians of the Vale warriors keep themselves to a building that serves as a town hall, which can be located fairly near to the bar at the center of town. The town hall is the only building built of brick in the entire town; it is a fairly unassuming three-story castle-like structure that the Halflings may use to attempt to duplicate some of the regality of Felwithe or Erudin. Those taller than Half-Elves must be careful to duck when entering, for these three stories are built to Halfling specifications.

Fool's Gold, the bar, is situated at the center of town. It is run by a family of rogues by the name of Deeppockets.

While not protecting Misty Thicket from the goblins of Clan Runnyeye or receiving training from their guildmasters, young Halflings have the option of working on tradeskills, such as baking, blacksmithing, fishing, pottery, and tailoring, on the facilities provided in town.


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