EQ:Quad Kiting  

Quad kiting is a method of Soloing that be used by specific classes to kill up to four mobs at one time, making for an efficient way to gain experience.

Druids, wizards, and bards are able to cast area-of-effect (AoE) songs and spells that can land on up to four mobs at once. While snared and running in tight circles, people are able to eventually wear down mobs' hit points. Properly done, it can be a faster means of soloing than other methods, such as kiting or root-rotting.

Quint Kiting became possible when druid spells were introduced which hit 5 mobs at once. Those spells are Heliacal Flare (level 91), Lunar Chill (92), Heliacal Fire (96) and Frosthowl Chill (97). These spells are on different recast timers and while the recast timer is fairly long (12 seconds), since 4 spells are available, in chain-casting them there is always one available to cast. When enhanced with AA's and foci which increase damage and the chance for critical strikes, a skilled druid can take down as many as 18 mobs in less than 10 minutes, just using these spells.


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