Humans are the direct descendants of the Barbarian race; the evolution a result of the last direct intervention of the gods of EverQuest. While Barbarians are physically larger and stronger, they are more warlike and tribal. The earliest humans were planted with the seeds of wisdom to move beyond the petty wars and set up more civil cities, as well as study more arcane magics. They became physically smaller than Barbarians, but gained both wisdom and intelligence.

Humans can become nearly any class in Norrath, aside from berserker, beastlord, or shaman. They can also follow nearly any diety, or can simply remain agnostic if their class allows. Depending on their class and diety, humans begin in Freeport, Qeynos, or Surefall Glade.

Much like Barbarians, humans have no night vision. Humans have no special abilities, no experience bonuses, and do not exceed in any particular class. While other races have a higher or lower specific statistic (akin to the higher intelligence in Erudites, or higher starting stamina/lower starting intelligence in Ogres), a human's starting statistics are average and well-rounded; no specific area is higher or lower than the other.

The Erudite race directly evolved from the human race. Humans also make up half the bloodline of Half-Elves.

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