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Augmentations were introduced with the Lost Dungeons of Norrath (LDoN) expansion. Originally, they allowed for some customization in stats and resists that were previously unheard of. Augments come in many forms, but all are incomplete and unwearable / unequip-able by themselves items, without being first added (augmented) to a piece of armor or jewelry. Also, not all items can be augmented.

To determine if a piece of equipment can be augmented, you need to examine it. You examine an item by right-clicking and holding until a window appears, then continue holding down the mouse button while moving the mouse to get the window to stay up without holding down the mouse button. See the example of Simple Wirewood Cuirrass in this picture]

There are several things to note on the inspection window. First is the new (as of fall 2012) slot 4, type 21 with big Buy Now button on this display; it changes if you have purchased Hero's Forge via Station Cash. This is a special aug type for special ornamentations, primarily Hero's Forge ornamentations. The next thing to notice, is the enumerated series of slots and their types at the bottom of the inspection window. The series always starts with slot 1, and continues upwards with additional slots. The type next to the slot number is the key part however. See Aug Types for more details.

Simple Wirewood Cuirass ***_______________*** Blessed Chest Symbol of Growth

Radiant Titanite of Pure Dexterity

Once you know what slot types your armor will take, you can look for augments that will fit those augmentation slot types as well as the equipment's slot and any other special restrictions (such as diety in the example above of the Blessed Chest Symbol of Growth.

Inserting / Removing

The new way, is simpler and only involves getting the augment you want on your cursor (left-click and hold until it goes there), then placing it in the icon to the left of the slot you want it in (and that it will fit in). The old way using the bird baths no longer works, and instead you get a dialog box which states the following:
Adding and removing augments no longer requires an Augmentation Sealer. You can now modify an item's augments by simply inspecting the item. To add an augment, pick up the augment and left-click on the desired slot. To remove an augment, left-click on the augment you wish to remove while you aren't holding anything and have the required distiller in your inventory. To destroy an augment, right-click on the augment you wish to destroy and select the Destroy option (this no longer requires a solvent).

You can find the required distiller information on the augmentations inspection window. See the example augment windows above.

Aug Types

Augmentation Types
Type In-game Sources
1 General: Single Stat LDoN Armor; LDoN Augs
2 General: Multiple Stat LDoN Armor; LDoN Augs
3 General: Spell Effect LDoN and SoF+ Armors; LDoN Augs and SoF+ purchased Focus Augs
4 Weapon: General Group Weapons; Group Weapon Augs
5 Weapon: Elem Damage LDoN Weapons; LDoN Augs
6 Weapon: Base Damage LDoN Weapons; LDoN Augs
7 General: Group Group Armor and/or Weapons; Group level Augs
8 General: Raid Raid Armor and/or Weapons; Raid level Augs
9 General: Dragon Points DoN Purchased Armors; DoN Augs
10 Crafted: Common New Crafted Jewelry Items; New JC Augs
11 Crafted: Group DoN Cultural Armor; SoD+ Cultural Weapons; New Crafted Trio Jewelry; DoN+ Crafted Group Symbols; SoD+ Cultural Weapon Augs; New Crafted Jewelry Augs
12 Crafted: Raid DoN Cultural Armors; DoN+ Crafted Raid Symbols
13 Energeiac: Group TBS+ Armors; Group level Purity Augs
14 Energeiac: Raid SoF+ Armors; Raid level Purity Augs
15 Emblem SoF+ Armors; Purchased Emblem Augs (Increases in power with the amount of chest slot type armor worn)
16 Crafted: Group UF+ Cultural Armor; UF+ Cultural Group Symbol Augs
17 Crafted: Raid UF+ Cultural Armor; UF+ Cultural Raid Symbol Augs
20 Ornamentation Standard Ornaments
21 Special Ornamentation Hero's Forge Ornaments

Estimating Effects of Augmenting an Item

Simply add the item and aug stats and attributes together, while effects stay as separate effects, they all show up individually none-the-less. The caveat to this, is restrictive stats and attributes such as Class, Race, Diety, Recommended Level, Required Level, and the like retain the most restrictive parts. As an example, lets take a look at some items on a 32 level Bard. First is the Armguards of Repentance Unmodified, that is shown at max stats, ignoring the recommended level, and Armguards of Repentance Modified, that is shown with the recommended level for a 32-level, as well as the Ornate Defiant Harmonagate Unmodified Augment and Ornate Defiant Harmonagate Modified Augment. Now to estimate, you add up all the unmodified stats to get Armguards of Repentance (Augmented) Unmodified. And note the new limitations, of Req Level of 26 and Rec Level of 66. Clicking the modified / unmodified button back to modified shows stats for Armguards of Repentance (Augmented) Modified. Note how it doesn't equal the sum of the individual item and aug in modified state, since the aug now has much higher Rec Level restriction.


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