The Iksar are a race of lizardmen hailing from the continent of Kunark. As creations of Cazic-Thule like their troll brethren, Iksars are considered an evil race. The two races share a fluency in Dark Speech, faster than normal health regeneration, and a status of being kill-on-sight in most cities in the old world inhabited by good and neutral races. Unlike trolls, however, Iksars are unwelcome even in cities that host evil races and classes.

In addition to their innate regeneration, young Iksars have a comparatively high starting skill in swimming (starting at 100) and the ability to forage (capped at 50). Their racially innate regeneration came at a cost of not being able to wear plate armor until the Shadows of Luclin expansion. This was offset by a natural boost to armor class provided by having scales.

While not among the playable races when EverQuest was first released, Iksars have a long history that starts with counting them as slaves of the Shissar. When the Shissar were driving from Kunark by the Green Mist, the Iksars rose to create an empire. Their empire stretched to the ends of Kunark, rivaling the strength of dragons of the Ring of Scale.

The Iksars' empire was eventually fractured, but they still work to regain their lost glory. Young Iksars begin their careers in Cabilis, and may elect to become beastlords, monks, necromancers, shadow knights, shamans, or warriors.

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