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Born in the tree city has found much love with many others of her class and outside of her class.. She is the first born to me and has worked very hard for everything she has gotten... She now runs with her sisters of the Feles Mala Guild.. If you see her in the game or one of her sisters please stop and say hello :) She is usually in the company of her sisters Supae and Katanja...If you would like to be a sister as well and join Feles Mala just apply or hail one of us on sz and we will talk :) Shasheena Silverdawn Virago's Sharpshooter Keeper of The Heart <3 Shasheena is currently working on her Fletching as you can see she is able to make magic arrows if you desire to purchase some from her check her trader (Kikismart) if none on trader send an e-mail with time and how many you desire to purchase or if you just need higher regular arrows as well.. All buissness welcomed as she is in dire need of new armor being as all of her pp has gone into her tradeskill *Giggle*