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Born into Tier 'Dal nobility, Darklance would have led the Noble's life..until his parents were horribly slain in one of the many Human crusades against his kind. He was raised from childhood by his master Loveal, excelling in both the necromantic and warrior arts, he quickly gained noteriaty as one of the youngest to have passed the tests into becoming a Shadowknight. Darklance serves only Innoruuk, dedicated to total servitude to his god. Married to the beautiful and dangerous Kamixa, together they rule the legions of dark followers who will once again reclaim the land of Norrath for their own... All who oppose Innoruuk shall be cut down, noone can stand in their way. "Serving the faith. Abduction the oath. It lie in wait for the offering. Religion is old for drawing the young. Purity withers and dies. Never return to the ones that provided. Children draining parents of will. I hold out my hand to bloodless child, I'm taken by the one I was saving... From death... By Demons...Be driven...Beckon the call" With decline in mind. End not far. We're left hanging alone here. He pulls us from nails. Shatters our bones. Leaving us crippled and strewn. Boiling your corpse in the blood of Ro's children, Praying for his god to prevail. Burying us with loved ones. To sleep with shelled children...of the Plane of Hatred.... By Demons...Be driven...Beckon the call..."