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Leafbringer Nathanial was born in the Lesser Faydark, in the days before the lush forests were ravaged by brownies and were instead populated by peaceful and sturdy wood elves. Not long after his birth, Nathanial's parents adopted another boy, Mycah. Mycah was a sickly child, and always very pale in complexion, but the truth of his mysterious origins wouldn't come to light until adolescence, when Mycah's skin began turning a telltale shade of blue. And then there's the odd tale of the family "pet", the Leafcat. When the brownies did finally lay waste to the elvish communities of the Lesser Fay, the brothers were separated and grew into distinctly different lives, certainly shaped by the brutal murder of their parents. Communication between the two brothers is rare, each having his own agenda with the other, and as for the Leafcat? His role may turn out to be the most bizarre of all.