Planar Fruit Pies  


Icon Count Item Name
EverQuest icon 1 x Planar Fruit Pies


Icon Count Item Name Obtain Info
EverQuest icon 2 x Celestial Essence Crafted
EverQuest icon 1 x Clump of Dough Crafted
EverQuest icon 1 x Frosting Bought
EverQuest icon 1 x Muffin Tin Crafted, Returned on Failure, Returned on Success
EverQuest icon 1 x Planar Fruit Foraged


No-Fail Combine: No
Tradeskill: Baking
Counts Toward 350 Skill: Yes
Learned Recipe: Yes
DNL (Not Learned) Recipe: No
Innate Recipe: No
Race: Not Set
Class: ALL
Expansion: Planes of Power Planes of Power
Daybreak Recipe ID: 2262
Recipe Created: 2002-10-23 19:28:07
Recipe Last Updated: 2022-11-18 22:53:26

Portable Containers

Icon Item Name
EverQuest icon Collapsible Spit

Static Containers


Sub-Combines - Premium Only
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Name change
# Mar 17 2004 at 12:14 AM Rating: Excellent
34 posts
Item has new name Planar Fruit Pies since 3/16/04 patch.
RE: Name change
# Dec 29 2004 at 8:28 AM Rating: Decent
Was most likely copywright infringement on Dextor's Laboratory. The Cartoon had a gimmick commercial selling "Justice Fruit Pies"
justice fruit pies
# Jun 22 2003 at 11:53 AM Rating: Decent
I made these last night in pok in the oven there and didnt have any difficulty. Possible there was a bug, i would advise to try it again or re-read your recipe maybe you left something out.
Smiley: yikes
Tanaan Oven
# Feb 26 2003 at 9:55 PM Rating: Decent
15 posts
Tanaan Oven, that is an Oven in PoK, any oven in that zone. seems to work for me.
Tanaan Oven
# Feb 19 2003 at 2:18 AM Rating: Decent
Can anyone tell me where the Tanaan Oven can be found?

Marlee Wolvesblood
Druid of 49 seasons
# Jan 08 2003 at 9:26 PM Rating: Decent
cant get this recipee to work anyone got any info that might help?? some of the things i was wondering is the recipee lvl restricted, racial or maybe ya need to use a specific oven. please help!!!! Smiley: banghead
RE: help
# Jan 11 2003 at 10:39 AM Rating: Good
69 posts
According to the recipe under Notes: "Make in the Tanaan Oven."
RE: help
# Aug 17 2003 at 12:04 PM Rating: Decent
These have to be made in a pok oven or a collapisble spit made by a tinker. Good luck to ya! Smiley: grin[Black][/Blue]

Edited, Sun Aug 17 12:58:03 2003
# Nov 18 2002 at 11:46 PM Rating: Decent
Bought these today in Bazaar on Brell Serilis for 5pp each. Awesome buff for the price.
RE: Confirmed
# Dec 16 2002 at 7:22 PM Rating: Decent
I'm getting about a 33% success rate in making these little pies. They're selling for, hold on to your chair, 45pp on Druzzil Ro.

I'll have a pony in no time !
# Oct 24 2002 at 10:01 AM Rating: Excellent
I dunno.. I kinda hear the Tick extolling the virtues of the Justice Fruit Pie myself.. ;)
Who's the Dexter's Lab Fan?
# Oct 24 2002 at 12:31 AM Rating: Excellent
177 posts
Justice Fruit Pies? LOL, these are from a fake commercial in the Cartoon Network series Dexter's Lab where the Captain America clone called Major Glory advertises them.
Artulyn Starsummoner 120 Grand Summoner of Omani Winter on Bertoxxulous

For the Light of a Candle to be Seen, It must be taken to a Dark Place -- UKLG
RE: Who's the Dexter's Lab Fan?
# Oct 29 2002 at 5:39 PM Rating: Excellent
Major Glory-"Furnt fank me! Fank Fusfice Fuut Fies!"

Dexter "What?"

MG- "Fi Faid, Fank Fusfice Fuu- DOH!"

I think that's how the quote went. I remember those old ads from Hostess in the comic books. Guess I'm showing my age eh? hehe
RE: Who's the Dexter's Lab Fan?
# Oct 29 2002 at 5:56 PM Rating: Decent
That's ok, you're showing mine too ;-)

I have considered starting a guild for players over thirty...the "Geezers of the Apocolypse" or something.
30 over
# Oct 30 2002 at 5:41 PM Rating: Good
Too bad you aren't on the Druzzil Ro server, cuz I would consider joining a 30 over guild anytime. (even though I would never admit I was 30 or over)
RE: 30 over
# Oct 30 2002 at 5:55 PM Rating: Decent
Well, there's always EQ2 next year! ;-)
RE: Who's the Dexter's Lab Fan?
# Oct 24 2002 at 3:24 AM Rating: Decent
The delicious fruit treat you'd have to be CRAZY to heate!
RE: Who's the Dexter's Lab Fan?
# Oct 24 2002 at 10:36 AM Rating: Decent
(speaking with mouth full)

"Effry buvvy luffs Juffficfe Fooof Fies"

"Eddy fummy lemms Juiffife Foot Fieys"


Smiley: laugh
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