Gates of Discord Progression #4c: The Summoner Ring  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Loot
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Gates of Discord
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Wed Jul 2 18:41:45 2014
Modified: Thu Feb 3 02:23:56 2022
This part of Gates of Discord progression follows your completion of the Temple of the Damned quest (note that some elements of Kod'Taz progression can be completed outside of the order outlined here, which is but one path you can take).

Rumors of an Invasion

After finishing the "Martyrs Passage" and "Temple of the Damned" quests:

You say, 'Hail, Kevren Nalavat'

Kevren Nalavat says 'Welcome back, _____. I've studied the glyph as much as I can for now. In addition to what we uncovered with the translated glyph, we've received word that the rumors of a dark summoning are indeed true. The truth of these rumors is no surprise to me at all with all that we've uncovered thus far. The Legion of Mata Muram is evil indeed. Are you here about those [rumors], or are you looking for some [other tasks]? I have a moment if you want to talk a bit [more] about me. You're also more than welcome to attempt the trials again. If so, just let me know you're [ready to test] again and we'll proceed down that path. What'll it be, _____?'

You say, 'What rumors?'

Kevren Nalavat says 'It looks as though the invaders are planning on bringing beasts into this world by means of a collective summoning. We're unsure if they're even able to do this, but we do know that they cannot be allowed the chance to succeed. You are charged with finding the Muramites attempting this summoning and putting a stop to them at once! Is this something you [think you can do]?'

You say, 'I think I can do it'

Kevren Nalavat says 'I hoped as much. What I ask of you now won't be easy. You must gather a raiding force several times the size of your normal party. We fear that only sufficient force will be enough to stop this threat. Once you have your party in tow, make your way to the summoning circle, and vanquish the threat of the evil legion priests before they bring their minions into this realm. I have one [final warning] for you before you go.'

You say, 'What final warning?'

Kevren Nalavat says 'I am unsure of the Muramites' timing. It is possible that I have heard incorrectly and that the summoning force may not be there at this time. Do not take this to mean that I was wrong! The force will be there, but it may take them a few more hours to assemble. Be patient. They will arrive. Lastly, the rumors have stated that these legion priests will be using some special artifacts they have collected. We do not know what these artifacts are, but you must return one of these artifacts to me when you have finished so that we can examine it. Good luck, _____, I fear you may need it.'

The Summoner Ring

The Summoner Ring is located due west of the Temple of the Damned. Don't get too close to it until you're ready to engage the event. You'll have to stay within the circle. If mobs are pulled outside it, they regenerate to 100% every tick.

In the circle are 10 mobs: 1x "Pixtt Grand Summoner" + 9x "Pixtt Priest Summoner". When ready for the encounter, enter the circle.


- Kill all 9x "Pixtt Priest Summoner" (perma-rooted; summon when damaged).
--- Some come with pre-spawned pets (just kill these).
--- As you're killing these, mobs called "Rav Priest Guardian" rush your raid (up to 3 at a time).

- Upon the death of the last Pixtt Priest Summoner, 6 golems spawn and aggro the raid.
- 3x "Deranged Greater Stoneservant" + 3x "Deranged Lesser Stoneservant".
- Golems are a mixture of blue and grey in color.
- Upon each golem death, the health of the Grand Summoner lowers a bit.
- Golems instantly respawn upon their deaths, up until the Summoner reaches 10%. Once at 10%, kill off remaining golems.
- If you're having a problem where golems keep respawning even though the Summoner is already at 10% health, try this kill priority:
--- Kill blue "greater" golems first.
--- Kill blue "lesser" golems second.
--- Kill grey "greater" golems third.
--- Kill grey "lesser" golems last.

- Upon the death of the last Stoneservant, "Pixtt Grand Summoner" goes aggro.
--- As it is now at 10% health, it immediately summons (is perma-rooted).

- Upon the death of the Pixtt Grand Summoner, you get 1x "Hexxt Chaos Provoker"
--- This mob has significant damage output and about 350,000 hps.

- Upon the death of the Hexxt Chaos Provoker, you get 6x "Deranged Supreme Stoneservant".

- Kill the six supreme golems to complete the event.

- The Hexxt Chaos Provoker and Pixtt Grand Summoner each drop two pieces of stat loot.
- Each Supreme Stoneservant drops 6x "Grand Summoner's Glyph" (progression turn-in item).

Mob Types

Pixtt Grand Summoner

- Non-aggro until triggered, but casts a mana drain called "Energy Siphon".
- Hits for a max ~1,750; perma-rooted; summons when damaged.

Pixtt Priest Summoner

- Hits for a max ~1,450; perma-rooted; summons when damaged; immune to all forms of crowd control; procs "Aneuk Grasp" and "Lull of the Aneuk II".
- Some come with standard ukun pets (just kill these).

Rav Priest Guardian

- Hits for a max ~1,200; single-target rampages; AE rampages; immune to all forms of crowd control; procs "Chaos Claws".

Deranged Greater Stoneservant

- Hits for a max ~1,000; immune to all forms of crowd control; summons when damaged.

Deranged Lesser Stoneservant

- Hits for a max ~800; mezzable; immune to stun/root; summons when damaged.

Hexxt Chaos Provoker

- Hits for a max ~2,400; flurries; immune to all forms of crowd control; summons when damaged; has ~350,000 hp.

Deranged Supreme Stoneservant

- Hits for a max ~950; immune to all forms of crowd control.

Event Scripting

Upon entering the circle, you see:

Pixtt Priest Summoner begins his attack, hoping to sustain the circle!

When "Rav Priest Guardian" adds spawn, you see:

Pixtt Grand Summoner says 'Minions of the shadows, come forth and aid your masters in their plight!'

Rav Priest Guardian has been slain by _____!
Rav Priest Guardian's corpse has failed in its purpose to protect the priests during the summoning.

Pixtt Priest Summoner has been slain by _____!
Pixtt Priest Summoner's corpse has failed to keep his part in the circle. It now falls on the rest...

Deranged Lesser Stoneservant readies itself for battle against those who would cross its master!
Deranged Greater Stoneservant engages the threat that encroaches on its master!

As you kill the golems, the Grand Summoner's health lowers, and you see:

Deranged Lesser Stoneservant has been slain by _____!
The death of the lesser stone servant diminishes the life force of the Grand Summoner a small amount.
Pixtt Grand Summoner says 'I'm not through with you yet! Come forth minions and destroy these fools!'

Deranged Greater Stoneservant has been slain by _____!
Deranged Greater Stoneservant's corpse loses connection with the summoner, causing agony in death.
Pixtt Grand Summoner says 'You may have weakened me, but you haven't bested me yet! Prepare to die, scum!'

Upon the death of the last golem, you see:

Pixtt Grand Summoner says 'You haven't beaten me yet! I'll finish this rite if it's the last thing I do!'

After killing the Grand Summoner, you see:

Pixtt Grand Summoner has been slain by _____!
Pixtt Grand Summoner's corpse says 'You're too late! Idiots! Now you will experience the pain and power of a grand summoner that has come to life!'

Hexxt Chaos Provoker phases into reality and goes on a rampage!

As you kill the Chaos Provoker, you see:

Hexxt Chaos Provoker has been slain by _____!

In the wake of the death of this beast, the final power of the summoner has been released. New stone servants arise to fulfill their master's whim - the death of you and your comrades!

Deranged Supreme Stoneservant lumbers toward you, its fists glowing with magical might.

Kill the Deranged Supreme Stoneservants to finish the event.

Deranged Supreme Stoneservant has been slain by _____!


The Grand Summoner and Chaos Provoker each drop 2 items from this loot table:

Aneukian Gorget of Eradication
Aneukian Sole Linings
Cape of Aneukian Amelioration
Dusty Mudstone of Life
Muramite Death Shroud
Muramite Flurry Armcovers
Nebulous Pixtt Oculus
Pixtt Brow Mesh
Staunch Pixtt Chain Wrappings
Tempered Pixtt Skull Cap

Progression Turn-In

Give the "Grand Summoner's Glyph" to Kevren Nalavat:

Kevren Nalavat says 'You've done well to stop the summoning, _____. I know it wasn't easy, but you are quickly becoming known as someone who can do what needs to get done. I fear I have run out of things for you to do for now, so you must find Tublik Narwethar and speak with him for further tasks to complete. You can find him to the south of the Martyrs Passage. If I recall, he's been having some troubles with something in the [Pit of the Lost] as well as something to do with the [Crumbled Sanctuary] of the Divine. You may want to inquire to him about either one of those. Farewell for now, _____.'

"Pit of the Lost" and "Crumbled Sanctuary" lead into Tublik Narwethar's quests.

You say, 'Give me a progress update'

Finished! - You can now retry any of the trials at any time!
Finished! - You have completed the trial at the Temple of Singular Might!
Finished! - You have completed the trial at the Temple of Twin Struggles!
Finished! - You have completed the trial at the Temple of the Tri-Fates!
Finished! - You've been commissioned to investigate the Martyrs Passage!
Finished! - You've returned four relics from the Martyrs Passage!
Finished! - You've returned valuable information as to why the Muramites are in the Martyrs Passage!
Finished! - You've been commissioned to investigate the Temple of the Damned!
Finished! - You've recovered important glyphs from the Temple of the Damned!
Finished! - You've successfully translated the glyphs you found in the Temple of the Damned!
Finished! - You've been charged with stopping the ceremony at the Summoning Circle!
Finished! - You were able to recover a rare artifact from the Grand Summoner's goons in the Summoning Circle!
Kod'Taz still has secrets left to uncover...

Moving On

You are now done the Summoner Ring.

Next up is "Pit of the Lost" with Tublik Narwethar.
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not required
# Apr 01 2022 at 6:05 PM Rating: Good
166 posts
Can confirm, not required to complete in order to request Ikkinz raids.
Zare - Erollisi Marr
Zuggle - Aradune/Mangler
you dont need to finish the event
# Mar 28 2020 at 9:13 AM Rating: Good
328 posts
For those whose grand summoner isnt up - just get a deranged supreme stoneservant to spawn, kill it, loot the glyph, run away and turn it in.
pixtt high summoner?
# Mar 27 2020 at 11:44 AM Rating: Decent
328 posts
Im not seeing where he fits into this event from the writeup.
I thought at first that the grand summoner was up, but this is a different mob.
kill order not working
# Mar 27 2020 at 9:47 AM Rating: Decent
328 posts
27 golems up. Im trying to kill them in the correct order as stated above - blue greater, blue lesser, grey greater, grey lesser. I got all blue greater and blue lesser dead so I start in on grey greater. But they start respawning as blue again. Im guessing it is broken until server reset?
so broken
# Mar 26 2020 at 2:59 PM Rating: Decent
328 posts
When I got there the golems were already up but no grand summoner. How long till it resets?

Edited, Mar 26th 2020 4:49pm by svann
Reset time?
# Aug 28 2016 at 7:21 PM Rating: Decent
189 posts
If I fail on this and have to re-do it, how long before ring resets?
Buanu Connoy
Champions of Norrath
Best run through I can give
# Feb 18 2020 at 9:14 PM Rating: Decent
So I did this solo today as an 86 ranger roughly 6200 AA's on the Nameless Server. I cleared the trash mobs around the ring. Aggro'd all the pet's and killed them. You'll get random mobs sent after you try to med up so just kill them. After you clear all the summoners the Golems will start spawning non-stop. I just pulled them in all in the middle and kept them off my Journeyman Tier 1 merc. I AE'd the entire time until they stopped coming. Upon the last golem spawn I got summoned to the Grand Summoner. Kill him and kill the next few mobs and the event ends with a crapload of Grand Summoners Glyph's. I tried this before with a apprentice healer Merc with a really bad wipe so the paid subscription with a Journeyman Merc really made a difference. I hope this helps!
Buggy? No, its a featured sick developer brain ;)
# Oct 26 2015 at 10:26 AM Rating: Decent
321 posts
It seems the event like many events (e.g. PoAir Time Trials) have the problem, if you kill the mobs with too much firepower and they have to lock for a certain order, the key mob is killed before the other mobs necessary to end the event have been killed. This is surely not a way how things should "work as intended" because then the intention is a "stupid developers script BS...", but it seems the players have to live with that.
Try a specific order (like above said), don't kill the main mobs with a 150k nuke or try to "rain" with AEs through the event. Killed countless golems with that method, no chance. But a nice way to get your toons up with that respawn timer if they are not eaten alive at lvl65 ;)
# May 31 2015 at 7:52 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
Same issue keeps happening with me. Golems keep coming no matter what you do, or in what order, or at what stage. I have tried this on four toons without much luck. So what is the secret here to complete this task?
# Feb 01 2015 at 1:28 PM Rating: Decent
37 posts
Can someone explain how to complete this event without getting the golems to insta respawn after each kill? I killed the named and the Supreme Golems but their corpses just vanish and these greater and lesser stone golems keep respawning. I tries killing them greater the lesser, etc, but to no avail...

Just trying to get the progression item for BIC but instead each time i go into the ring the golems just keep respawning.
# Oct 19 2015 at 11:51 PM Rating: Good
37 posts
So I petitioned a while back and they say the event was working as intended. Need to kill them in a certain order. I was able to win by slowing down on the event. used a lesser weapon.
# Oct 21 2015 at 8:25 PM Rating: Excellent
4,580 posts
damalio wrote:
So I petitioned a while back and they say the event was working as intended. Need to kill them in a certain order. I was able to win by slowing down on the event. used a lesser weapon.

Thanks for following up and posting your insight.

Grats on the "scholar" ding here on the forums by the way.
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