Neriak #1: The Missing Scroll  

Quest Started By:Description:
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Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Money
Related Zones:
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Era:Call of the Forsaken
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Call of the Forsaken Info & Guides: Overview | Progression & Task List | Raiding | Visible Armor

This task is the first in a series of three. It's a shared task (1-6 players) that begins with Zebuxoruk in The Void (H). Note: Only the "Zebuxoruk" in The Void (H) will initiate this task (the Seeds of Destruction versions in Void A-G won't work).

To enter The Void (H), go to the portal area in the very far northeastern corner of the Ethernere Tainted West Karana and use the westernmost portal.

Pre-Requisites for Requesting:
- Completed "Answering the Call" (third Ethernere Tainted West Karana task)
- Completed "The Bixies of War" (Bixie Warfront partisan task)
- Completed "For the Sake of the Forsaken" (Dead Hills partisan task)

You say, 'Hail, Zebuxoruk'

Zebuxoruk says 'Your journey is not yet complete. The Fourth Gate is home to items that hold immeasurable power - the first, a staff that connects the living and the dead; the second, an ancient scroll whose words allow one to commune with their god. To obtain the first, you must obtain the second. You cannot do this alone. There is [one] within Third Gate who may seem an unlikely ally, but you must trust in him, and he must trust in you.'

You say, 'One?'

Zebuxoruk says 'A devout member of The Dead, a loner who has spent a lifetime searching for the scroll. He will need your help, and you will need his. A partnership must be formed if you wish to navigate Neriak - Fourth Gate undetected. I can [send] you to him now, if you wish.'

You have been assigned the task 'The Missing Scroll'.

You need to recover two powerful artifacts from Neriak Fourth Gate. Zebuxoruk claims you will need the help of an unlikely ally.

Find your unlikely ally and ask him about the missing scroll 0/1 (Neriak Third Gate)

Task Window Says: Zebuxoruk claims an ally awaits you in Neriak Third Gate.

Say "send" to Zebuxoruk, and he will port you to Neriak Third Gate. There, you find Noxhil V`Sek. Ask him about a "missing scroll", and then follow his dialogues. You are assigned an expedition called "Northern Felwithe" (minimum players: 1; maximum players: 6). Tell him "send" to port into the instanced version of Felwithe.

NOTE: If you have low faction with "The Dead", Noxhil V`Sek won't respond to you, but you can still say "agree" to update the task and trigger the expedition (the dialogues will just be a little off).

You say, 'Hail, Noxhil V`Sek'

Noxhil V`Sek says 'Yes, _____? What is it? I don't have time for idle chatter.'

You say, 'Tell me about the missing scroll'

Noxhil V`Sek gives you his full attention, 'What do you know of the missing scroll? It was scribed long ago by the great necromancer G'han. With it, we can commune directly with Innoruuk. Unfortunately, one portion of the scroll was taken from us by a rogue who was hired by the Koada'Dal. In Felwithe, it doth lie. The Indigo Brotherhood now attempts to [reclaim] it.'

You say, 'Reclaim it?'

Noxhil V`Sek says 'A power struggle between the royals is playing out within Fourth Gate. All assets are being divided by any means, including subterfuge and thievery. If the legend of the scroll is true, it is an item that would considerably increase the power of whoever possessed it, swaying the city in favor of either the King or the Queen. Fourth Gate would fall into utter chaos. There are those that may not approve of my methods, but I serve Neriak, and no one else. I'd be willing to assist you with your entry into Fourth Gate if you [agree] to search for the missing half of the scroll.'

You say, 'I agree'

Noxhil V`Sek says 'I do not know the exact location of the scroll, though it is rumored to be kept under guard within the Paladin's guild. I can [send] you there quickly, but I cannot enter Felwithe myself.'

You say, 'Send me...'

Noxhil V`Sek says 'Be careful. I imagine the guards are on edge as of late.'

You have entered Northern Felwithe.

Enter Felwithe and make your way to the Paladin's guild 0/1 (Felwithe)

Defeat the guards blocking your way! 0/4 (Felwithe)

Task Window Says: Noxhil insists the missing half of the scroll is being held in Felwithe, and he wants you to retrieve it. Many guards stand between you and the Paladin guild!

From the zone-in, head due east. The paladin guild hall is just inside the entrance gate, and stairs to the basement can be found on either side of the entry room. Kill at least four guards along the way. Guards hit for a max ~12,000, are mezzable and stunnable, but not rootable.

Defeat General Jyleel 0/1 (Felwithe)

Defeat Seria Woodwind 0/1 (Felwithe)

Task Window Says: General Jyleel and Seria Woodwind do not want you to pass!

General Jyleel calls out to Seria, 'Alert the guards! We have intruders. Do not let them pass!'
Seria Woodwind says 'Time to die, _____!'

These two NPCs are in the basement, and are believed to be aggro-linked. Each hits for a max ~15,000. Both are stunnable, but not rootable/snareable. Only General Jyleel is known to be mezzable (Seria, unknown).

Search for the scroll in the secret area behind the Paladin's guild 0/1 (Felwithe)

Task Window Says: The scroll should be somewhere within the halls behind the Paladin guild.

Head through the false wall in the back of Seria and Jyleel's room and into the tunnels. This step updates at around /location 50, -160, 32 (this is a chest on the north balcony overlooking the city entrance). Upon update, two guards spawn and attack. A third guard (static zone spawn) may also add, but isn't a necessary kill.

Guard Hutain says 'Time to die, _____!'
Guard Jassong says 'Time to die, _____!'

Defeat the guards who ambushed you 0/2 (Felwithe)

Task Window Says: Do not let the guards stop you from obtaining the scroll!

Unlike the previous two mobs you dealt with, these two guards are NOT aggro-linked. They are standard mobs for the zone (hit for a max ~12,000; stunnable; mezzable; immune to root/snare).

Speak with Lieutenant Rosaed 0/1 (Felwithe)

Task Window Says: A Lieutenant of the Emerald Warriors wishes to call a truce.

Lieutenant Rosaed spawns upon the guards' deaths.

Lieutenant Rosaed shouts 'Enough of the bloodshed! It is clear what you're looking for, but the scroll is no longer here.'

You say, 'Hail, Lieutenant Rosaed'

Lieutenant Rosaed says 'The scroll was in our possession, it is true, but I swear on my honor as an Emerald Warrior that it is no longer within the walls of this city. There is no need to spill more blood. A better thief than you breached our defenses and made off with the scroll. One of my guards caught a glimpse of the bandit, but could only describe her as a cloaked Teir`Dal. My advice to you is to [return] to whoever sent you, and demand to know why they set you up.'

Return to Noxhil V`Sek in Neriak Third Gate 0/1 (Neriak Third Gate)

Task Window Says: Return to Noxhil and assess the situation. You must be near Noxhil to receive your reward.

You say, 'Hail, Noxhil V`Sek'

Noxhil V`Sek appears genuinely shocked by your report, 'The scroll has been stolen once again? I promise you, _____, I had nothing to do with this. A cloaked female, you say? Someone from the Dreadguard or Dark Arm, I'm sure; a blatant grab for power, orchestrated by the royals. If either party is successful, then I fear Fourth Gate will fall into civil war. That must be avoided at all costs, even if it means sending you into the city to put a stop to it. I warn you though, the city is in turmoil. I would not wander Fourth Gate without a [disguise].

You attempted to recover the scroll of G`Han from Felwithe, only to find it has been stolen once again.

You say, 'What disguise?'

Noxhil V`Sek says 'I will help using what little I know of illusions. While within Fourth Gate, you will be cloaked in magic that will cause others to see you as a dark elf. This should allow you to safely pass through most parts of the city. Be warned, however, the royals still bicker. Those loyal to the King or Queen will attack on sight any who don't share their loyalty. I will head to Fourth Gate now. Find me once you've arrived, as we have much to discuss.'

150 platinum

From here on, when you enter Neriak Fourth Gate you will be illusioned as a Dark Elf, making you non-KOS to the city's residents.
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# Sep 04 2015 at 5:46 PM Rating: Good
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Trivial fights for a 105 group. The only annoying thing is finding the chest room. Go thru the secret door in the paladin basement (behind where the two guildmasters you killed were) and keep following the tunnels until you get to the outside bridge. Cross over the bridge and watch for a left-hand tunnel. Easy to miss if you're moving fast. Move down that left-hand tunnel and quickly you will find the chest but even before you see it you'll get the update and then aggro'd by 2 or 3 mobs. Kill the mobs and then go back and find the Lieutenant back near the bridge.

To get back to Noxhil V`Sek, go back to Third Gate and keep in mind he's a necro guildmaster so he can be found with FIND.

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Jyleel / Woodwind combo
# Feb 26 2015 at 4:04 AM Rating: Decent
514 posts
Defeat General Jyleel 0/1 (Felwithe)
Defeat Seria Woodwind 0/1 (Felwithe)

104 Bard with only Rank 1 spells for CotF / TDS...

Attempted AE mez on both, partially failed since I was getting hit, faded, figured it out.
I mezzed Jyleel, getting agro from Seria, pulled her into one of the rooms across the hall.

When mez dropped Jyleel had the same problem I had with a merc, got stuck in a wall trying to run straight at us instead of holding their hand and guiding them to a door and then through it.
When Jyleel did join I found the AE mez would stop him and we could finish one at a time.

Whenever I had an encounter where I could reduce the number of assisting mobs I never had more than one that would resist my mesmerizations.
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Faction after the task
# Feb 09 2014 at 11:33 PM Rating: Decent
116 posts
I finished the task and said disguise but am threatening to the mobs in Neriak D. Is there some other taker or step missing that I need to do to attain dubious or higher?
# Dec 07 2013 at 11:32 PM Rating: Decent
Confirmed on Dec 07 that General Jyleel and Seria are mezzable
Faction required
# Nov 20 2013 at 2:32 PM Rating: Good
171 posts
This seems to require at least Apprehensive faction with "The Dead" (The old faction from 1999 which encompasses the Dark Elf Necromancer and Shadow Knight guilds...of which Noxhil is on)

If you attempt to get the instance of Felwithe with a faction that is too low (in the case of my mage who has destroyed evil factions in favor of good ones, Ready to Attack) he will respond with:

You say, 'reclaim'

Noxhil V`Sek says 'How dare you enter my presence?! In the name of the Dead I should strike you down!'

...and you will not be given the instance. If you are at least apprehensive or higher (as is the case with my vah shir bard) he will give the dialgue in the quest write up above and your group will be given access to the Felwithe instance. Once the instance is obtained, people with low faction can enter the instance by saying "send" to him with no issues, however.

Long story short, this quest seems to require you to have at least one person in the group with at least Apprehensive level faction standing with "The Dead" to even get the instance.

EDIT: Scratch the above, it appears you can still get the instance with low faction by skipping ahead and just saying "agree" although the dialogue will all be broken with low faction, as i showed above.

Further interesting note, all npcs IN the Felwithe instance are on the same factions as their lower level counterparts. So the guards are on Clerics of Tunare/Anti Mage/King Tearis Thex etc. However, they do not give faction hits when killed. You can kill them all day and your faction will be unaffected, but people who are normally friendly to their un-instanced counterparts will be friendly in the instance as well. Likewise for KoS people. It functions the same way the ogre guards do in Feerrott, The Dream. They are all friendly/hostile to people who are friendly/hostile to Oggok Guards faction, but they do not give faction hits against them when killed.

Edited, Nov 20th 2013 3:38pm by MikuRBD
Guard Updates
# Nov 04 2013 at 1:34 PM Rating: Good
209 posts
There are three roaming guards behind the secret wall. You will want to kill at least two of them in the course of the mission. My advice is to use them for your task updates.
First Neriak 4th Gate Partisan Task
# Oct 30 2013 at 9:22 PM Rating: Decent
57 posts
This is an interesting task as it involves both a group task AND an expedition. When you hail Zebuxoruk you get the task. You must have the task to hail Noxhil V`Sek and get the expedition. You can add people but you must add them to both the expedition and the task.
General info
# Oct 19 2013 at 3:52 PM Rating: Decent
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Soloable (but difficult) by 100 necro

So the Guards have a large agro radius and are social with each other. I had to sit at the very edge of the zone and wait for the first guard to path up to get him alone.

The next two were static, and they are immune to snare / root / mez (necro mez, anyway). So pet tanked both of them, which didnt seem too bad after they were both slowed. The guards had ~1.5million hp each

I then invis'd down to the paladin guild and past General Jyleel and Seria Woodwind through the secret door. There is another guard roaming here who can and will interfere with your fight with the paladins, so I took him out as my 4th.

General Jyleel and Seria Woodwind were too close to split, so I could not tell if they were agro linked. They were too high for me to mez and immune to snare / root, but they were slowable. Pet was able to tank Jyleel down to 20% before dying. I popped EC invulnerability and finished Jyleel, pulled out my suspended pet, and killed Seria. By herself, Seria was a pushover. They both appeared to be paladins and casted (though my parser did not catch what they were casting, probably heals though). Both paladins had ~2.5million hp.

I then proceeded to the secret area behind the paladin guild. At the secret door, I took a right, followed by a left, and then went straight and was lead outside on what looked like the city walls. I came upon a chest in the next room and two guards spawned around me, agroing a third that was already in the area. They promptly killed me, so I ran back to Neriak Third Gate into the instance and rebuffed. I acme back to the area where I had died and the three guards were still around. Since they were so far apart, I grabbed the two on the far side of the bridge and my pet tanked them both while I took them out. The extra guard in the area did NOT update the task, but the two that DID update the task were not agro-linked, so they were splittable.

After taking out the third guard, the Lieutenant spawned, I hailed him, and it was done. :)
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