For the Sake of the Forsaken  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Money
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Call of the Forsaken
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Call of the Forsaken Info & Guides: Overview | Progression & Task List | Raiding | Visible Armor

This is a non-repeatable solo task that begins with Denrik Serbold (map image) in the Dead Hills. He paths around the far southeastern part of the zone, between the Ethernere portal and north into the hills, and towards the dock area.

Pre-Requisites for requesting:
- Level 95
- Completed Ethernere Tainted West Karana tasks:
--- "Overcoming the Cataclysm"
--- "Not of This World"
--- "Answering the Call"

You say, 'Hail, Denrik Serbold'

Without pre-requisites, you see:

Denrik Serbold says 'The tide calls for you and you march blindly into the sea.' He shakes his head, 'No, there is much you must learn before your presence in these hills has any meaning. Return to the plains of the Rainkeeper and gaze upon the rivers of death. When you have gained audience with 'him' the time will be right for your return.'

With pre-requisites, you see:

Denrik Serbold says 'So you have forded the river of death and found yourself once again in the audience of the Ungod. Well, at least what became of him. The millennia have muddled the mind of our prophet and we are now left with the wild-eyed shell that now stands at the end of the world. Still, there is [hope].'

You say, 'Hope?'

Denrik Serbold says 'The enormity of all time in all worlds has overwhelmed the Ungod's mind. Visions of innumerable existences haunt his undying hours, an unparalleled punishment for Norrath's greatest mortal. It seems so many wish for immortality with no consideration for its consequences. I believe you can [help] me though, and for that we will help him.'

You say, 'How can I help?'

Denrik Serbold says 'Upon learning what occurred in the plains of the Rainkeeper, I was ecstatic to find Norrath charting a new course in history. The laughably tenuous barrier between possible futures means new opportunities to seek the tutelage of the Ungod, as every course of history shapes what he has seen and knows in a different manner. Yet in this history his mind is too clouded to offer us anything substantial. That's where you [come in].'

You say, 'Where do I come in, exactly?'

Denrik Serbold says 'I sailed here in the vain hope that somewhere buried under these moving mountains of death and colossal cadavers would be the remains of the Forsaken City. Many of my gullible brethren have accepted the city of Tanaan in the shadow of Myrist to be that fabled place, but I am not so easily dissuaded. Unfortunately, my excursions were quickly cut short by the inhospitable landscape and generally irate inhabitants of the hills. So I need you, adventurers uncursed by the gods as I am, to [explore] this place.'

You say, 'I'll explore it...'

Denrik Serbold says 'Very good. Familiarize yourself with these lands and I'm sure we'll find something to jar the mind of the Forsaken.'

You have been assigned the task 'For the Sake of the Forsaken'.

Denrik believes the key to deciphering Zebuxoruk's madness lies in finding the Forsaken City, the legendary location where believers who have fallen from the grace of their gods gather to pay respect to the 'Ungod'.

He believes the city may have once stood in these hills. Assist him in finding its ruins in the hopes that whatever clues turn up will help make sense of Zebuxoruk's commands.

Map Points

For your "deadhills.txt" map file:

P 1280.0000, 1615.000, 132.000, 0, 0, 0, 1, Partisan_Step_#1
P 1355.0000, -1110.000, 90.000, 0, 0, 0, 1, Partisan_Step_#2
P 650.0000, -1880.000, 235.000, 0, 0, 0, 1, Partisan_Step_#4
P 415.0000, -40.000, 80.000, 0, 0, 0, 1, Partisan_Step_#6
P -990.0000, -1760.000, 175.000, 0, 0, 0, 1, Partisan_Step_#8
P -200.0000, 445.000, 46.000, 0, 0, 0, 1, Partisan_Step_#10
P -800.0000, 690.000, 156.000, 0, 0, 0, 1, Partisan_Step_#12

Note: Some of these locations are only accessible through heroic adventures. Details below.

Map Image

Inspect the area around the southeastern behemoth 0/1 (Dead Hills)

Task Window Says: To the southeast of the Doomscale cultists' portal rests the body of an ancient monster. Archaeological findings suggest that these beasts have been nothing but petrified stone since the end of the Age of Scale.

Step #1 updates in the far southeastern part of the zone, near the Karana portal stone.

You look to see the petrified beast turned on its side facing the ocean. The living hills seem to shift the beast's body in one or another direction every few years.

Denrik Serbold says 'I find it fascinating that the bodies of those creatures are the only thing that touches this soil and does not wither into dust. Head north to see what you can find there.'

Inspect the area around the northeastern behemoth 0/1 (Dead Hills)

Task Window Says: These petrified creatures have remained intact while everything else in the hills slowly withers away into death. Their bodies have stood so long that the hills have begun swallowing them up.

Step #2 updates in the far northeastern part of the zone (accessible in the non-instanced version of the Dead Hills).

In the valley behind the beast you hear what sounds like ogres speaking, though their dialect is distinctly less brutish than normal.

Denrik Serbold says 'Perhaps these reclusive ogres hold the treasures we seek. I believe one of those roguish brutes by the docks is recruiting adventurers to assist with the exploration of the ogre village.'

Speak to Skulk the Madaxe about the ogres he saw in the hills 0/1 (Dead Hills)

Task Window Says: It seems a tribe of ogres has made their home in the shadow of the behemoth. Find someone who might have more information on this tribe.

Hail Skulk the Madaxe (map image).

You say, 'Hail, Skulk the Madaxe'

Skulk the Madaxe says 'So yer looking for them strange ogres. I saw 'em, don't know much though. If yer lookin' for something in particular from 'em that's your business. I'm after a particular artifact, something important, something valuable. You help me [investigate] and I'll give ya second pick of the loot.'

Saying "investigate" leads into Skulk's heroic adventure task arc.

See if any relics rest in the ogres' burial grounds 0/1 (Dead Hills)

Task Window Says: The ogres have lived in these hills since the Age of Monuments. They must have escaped Rallos' ranks before his march on the Rathe Council. If there are any remnants of the Forsaken City to be found, they may rest in the tribe's ancestral burial ground.

Step #4 is completed in the heroic adventure "Death Peace". Note that you have to actually progress through most of the task in order to unlock and open the gate that blocks the way to the burial grounds.

The treasure you seek must be buried somewhere around here.
You spot the sparkle of tarnished silver near the pit.
You reach down and brush the dust of a pair of foreign looking shackles.

You receive "Emblazoned Shackles" on your cursor.

Return the Emblazoned Shackles to Denrik 0/1 (Dead Hills)

Task Window Says: The pair of shackles you found look very out of place in the graveyard. They are obviously not of Stonecap origin. Denrik may be interested in them.

Denrik Serbold says 'What is it you say you have found?'

Denrik Serbold holds the shackles in his hands and bows his head staring at them intently for a few moments. He raises his head and makes eye contact with you. A single tear rolls down his cheek. His words are quiet, 'There is much more to be found in these hills. While strange, these are no indication of a fallen city.' He pauses a moment to set the shackles in his rucksack before continuing, 'Make your way west of the roads to the Stonecap clan. Seek what new mystery hides to the north.'

Denrik Serbold says 'West of the trail leading to the caves of the Stonecap Clan's is a colossus that has become a road itself. Go see what creatures inhabit that area.'

Inspect the fallen behemoth to the north of the archeologists' camp 0/1 (Dead Hills)

Task Window Says: Lady Beddia of Myrist holds a number of tomes that detail what little history is known of the noble race that built Lxanvom, or Lxanvon depending on your translation. While it was previously believed that the xulous were completely wiped out by an ancient Bertoxxulian plague, our recent encounters suggest that a shadow of the ancient empire has lived on in undeath.

Step #6 updates in the east-central part of the zone. This location is accessible in the non-instanced version of the Dead Hills.

Shadowy figures long thought to be extinct seem to roam these deadly hills.

Denrik Serbold says 'So the xulous yet live.' He pauses, 'This land reveals yet another secret. Seek out someone interested in studying their storied history. I am sure such a once mighty empire will house at least some remnant of the Forsaken City, should it have ever existed here.'

Speak to Gribble Grobblenobber about his missing allies 0/1 (Dead Hills)

Task Window Says: The shadow of the ancient xulous empire is making itself known to more than just the Stonecap clan. Speak with the cowardly gnomish explorer to see what you can learn.

You say, 'Hail, Gribble Grobblenobber'

Gribble Grobblenobber says 'So you're the one who's planning to 'intentionally' march into the north?' The gnome shakes his head in a confused manner, 'Well, I have a proposition for you in that case. You help me [investigate] where the rest of my party has been disappearing to and I'll offer you what little reward our crew has, if they make it back safe.'

Saying "investigate" leads into Gribble's heroic adventure task arc.

Denrik Serbold says 'Return to me once you have exhausted your search of the xulous remains. Though they are but a whisper of their former selves, I am convinced they possess some article of history.'

See what you can recover from the Xulous ruins 0/1 (Dead Hills)

Task Window Says: The xulous have lived in these hills longer than anything else. Though little is left of their once great empire there may be something of interest in the deepest depths of the ruins.

Step #8 is completed in the heroic adventure "Disrupting the Ritual", in the far northwestern part of the zone. NOTE: You must progress through the task up to and including, at a minimum, completion of Step #3 in order to trigger the location update.

As you reach the end of the valley, you take notice of the great stone creature's corpse.
You think you spy something under the maw of the great beast.
You kick a heavy stone as you walk forward. You look down and notice its consistency matches the beast overhead.

You receive "Behemoth's Tear" on your cursor.

Return the Behemoth's Tear to Denrik 0/1 (Dead Hills)

Task Window Says: The xulous once rivaled the Ring of Scale in power, though their power never extended beyond the bounds of southwest Antonica. It is interesting to think that Lxanvon once stood on this very ground before 'ascending' to the Plane of Disease.

Denrik Serbold says 'Your expression tells me that you have found something in the depths of the ruins but are hesitant to share. I take it you are unimpressed with what you saw.'

Denrik Serbold holds the heavy rock in his hand and gazes at it intently. He nods, 'So for all their history there is nothing left of the mighty xulous but worn stone and legend? It is strange how far the mighty fall. Just like that looming tower. The pinnacle of human ingenuity reduced to rubble by time. To look upon that colossal wreck, lonely in its haunted ruins and think that the hopes and dreams of my ancestors are now dust is unsettling. Go now, look upon it for yourself.'

Denrik Serbold says 'To the west you will see the work of my ancestors, a crumbling tower of decaying wood and stone that slowly sinks ever further into the dead ground. I find it curious that they built it so close to the remains of a behemoth. Then again, it would have been an amazing sight...'

Inspect the behemoth standing over the road to the Tower of Rot 0/1 (Dead Hills)

Task Window Says: It was within many mortals' lifetimes that Antonius III sent his son Kyle Bayle along with a sizable army of men to explore these lands. As the mountains shift and twist the landscape every few years, they must have set out at a time when the roads allowed passage. It's unknown why the expedition did not return to Qeynos upon seeing the bleak, uninhabitable landscape.

Step #10 updates in the river area just west of Captain Russell Cooper's camp at about -445, 200. This location is accessible in the non-instanced version of the Dead Hills.

The crumbling tower stands at the face of the creature, as if the men who built it did so to mock the dead gods of the land.

Denrik Serbold says 'Our last hope is that my ancestors came upon some remnant of the lost city of the Forsaken. I believe the archaeological crew to the west is seeking adventurers to assist with their dig.'

Speak to Captain Russell Cooper about his scouts 0/1 (Dead Hills)

Task Window Says: The archaeological investigation into the Qeynosian ruins may be our last hope at finding anything related to the Forsaken City. However unlikely it may be, if you can make your way to the base of the sinking tower and search for anything that could possibly relate to Zebuxoruk, we might find an answer to the Ungod's current madness.

You say, 'Hail, Captain Russell Cooper'

Captain Russell Cooper looks you over and shrugs, 'You couldn't possibly be any less equipped to clear a path through the hills than these other scouts. How these ineffectual dolts managed to pitch tents and set up camp but are suddenly too weak to perform any of their expected scouting duties boggles my mind. If you're up for some [work], we could certainly use the help.'

Saying "work" leads into Captain Russell Cooper's heroic adventure task arc.

Denrik Serbold says 'Our last hope is that my ancestors came upon some remnant of the lost city of the Forsaken. There is no doubt if any such relic was found that it would have been kept near the Tower. Let us hope it was only near and not 'in' the sinking monstrosity.'

See what you can recover from the ruins of the Tower of Rot 0/1 (Dead Hills)

Task Window Says: If Bayle's men came upon anything of interest in their exploration and construction, it would have been kept near the tower.

Step #12 is completed in the heroic adventure "The Descending Tower". The update triggers in the deepest part of the crack at the base of the tower. Four undeads and one beetle are down in this area. You must progress through the task up to and including, at a minimum, completion of Step #4 in order to trigger the location update.

You approach the glowing light and pick up a small sphere off the ground. Within its bounds are strange projections.

You receive "Sphere of Corporeal Visions" on your cursor.

Deliver Sphere of Corporeal Visions to Denrik 0/1 (Dead Hills)

Task Window Says: You have discovered a small globe. Inside the crystal sphere you see visions of emaciated figures walking through a dimly lit library. As you stare into the projection you get the sense that they are slowly losing their sanity. You should return this artifact to Denrik.

Denrik Serbold says 'Your expression suggests you have good news. What is it?'

Denrik Serbold looks aghast as you hand him the artifact. The luminescent globe glows blindingly bright and you begin to feel lightheaded.

You feel your consciousness leaving your body.

Watch your spirit's travel 0/1 (Dead Hills)

Task Window Says: Your heart races, your vision dims, and your breath slows. You feel your consciousness slipping away from your body.

You get a unique perspective of the Dead Hills, and see the following unfold:

It is upon these dying lands bare,
That traveler's folly finds just recompense.
Where shadows whisper to deafened ears,
'Look upon what here once stood,
And know us now by labored deed.'
Yet nameless lay in history they.

You have entered The Void.

Speak to Zebuxoruk 0/1 (The Void)

Task Window Says: Though you did not find concrete evidence of the Forsaken City, you may have gathered enough information to spark a moment of clarity in Zebuxoruk's mind. Speak to the Ungod at the end of time.

Speah with Zebuxoruk in The Void (H) - entered through the Ethernere Tainted West Karana (map image).

You say, 'Hail, Zebuxoruk'

Zebuxoruk looks upon you rather than through you for seemingly the first time. A brief moment of clarity shines in his maddened eyes, 'Look upon what here once stood, yet nameless remain in history they.' He holds his hand out, motioning toward the shattered remains of Norrath. 'Do you not hear it? The distant drum of the thwarted muse beats incessant from the Underfoot. Answer its pained cry to ford the river's current.'

Experience (2.5 AAs at Level 100)
150 platinum

Note: This task is not repeatable.

Other Chatter: Ogres

While not necessary to the progression of this task, you can speak with the non-hostile NPCs in the area to get an idea of what's going on:

Three ogres in the area:

Moobab says 'It seems the native creatures are becoming more and more restless as you adventurers tromp through here. Even scarier is the fact that our fallen have begun rising up from their graves and roaming the roads back home... These are troubling times.'

Frolunck says 'It appears my companions have closed the gate behind me. I pray they notice my absence and return for me soon.' He blinks then looks back at you, 'Funny, it's been a while since we've seen folks that look like you around here. Many years in fact...'

Mirachooz says 'We've closed the gate to the burial ground until we can figure out what's waking our dead from their slumber.'

Other Chatter: The Archaeologists

The NPCs in Captain Russell Cooper's expedition camp:

Officer Jay Hagstrom says 'You'll want to talk to Rusty if you're interested in exploring the ruins. I just oversee the scholars.' He pauses, 'And before you ask, no, we have no openings in that division at this time.'

Scout Monte Burns says 'Excellent, another able bodied recruit to help us uncover priceless bits of history.' He pauses as you look at him confusedly, 'Why am I not out in the field?' He points to his seemingly undamaged foot, 'Old hunting accident messed up my leg. I'm not good for much more than enjoying a campfire and tellin' Rusty here to shut up once in a while.'

Supplier Derek Taylor says 'Hail to you, _____. There's no telling what dangers lay just over the next hill. Can't hurt to have a few extra potions on hand!'

Scout Jason Dortch says 'Hopefully you didn't attract anything more dangerous than the wharf rats when you tromped down into our camp. I'm not too fond of the idea of meeting up with some of the things the other scouts have reported seeing in these hills.'

Scholar Doug Bolaris says 'Ridiculous tables. Not only are they absurdly enormous they're hardly worth the scrap-wood used to construct them. Just look around you. Half of them have fallen apart already.'

Scout David Jenkins says 'Ya look like one of them adventurin' types. I'm sure Rusty has a job or two for ya. Brell knows I'm not going back into the field 'til them ghosts are done away with.'

Scholar Andrew Gutter says 'Hail, _____. Can I help you?' He pauses a moment, assuming you incapable of deciphering his tone, 'It was a rhetorical question...'

Scholar Graeme Araiza says 'You'd think we'd find at least ONE party capable of making some headway into the hills! But no, EVERY miserable scout we've recruited has come down with one or another disease rendering them fully incapable of helping us progress on our dig.'

Scout Gabriel Weikert says 'Have you seen them? Hideous beasts with mouths made of razors. I don't know what disease-ridden hole they crawled out of but I'm not leaving camp again.'

Scholar Scott Biltz shakes his head, 'Not a lot of progress these last few weeks. Maybe you'll have better luck dealing with the ghouls and ghasts that haunt the ruins...'

Scholar Asher Wrinn mumbles in his sleep, 'Shut it down. I don't care anymore...'

Officer Kevin Brewer says 'These are dark days for our group, _____. For as many scouts as we have sent into the hills we've recovered nearly nothing of historic value. Worse yet, most of our scouts never return.'

Officer Paul Worley mumbles something about the horrors of the hills but is otherwise unresponsive.

Officer Jeremy Pinckard spouts off a string of almost poetic obscenities and kicks the chair next to him before shouting, 'If these scouts could just produce ONE thing worth studying!'

Scout Steve Perricone opens his one good eye and glares at you before returning to his nap.

Supplier Zach Steiger says 'Greetings, _____. If you come seeking reagents, I have all kinds. A Scrying Stone or two would help you navigate the treacherous traps that lay ahead.'

Postmaster Dok Barroquillo sighs, 'When Rusty told me about this 'amazing opportunity' to help further our understanding of history I had much higher hopes for this expedition.' He shrugs, 'Anyway, I've a fine assortment of food and drink available and if you need a package sent or received our courier is 'probably' still alive...'

Scholar Eric Kucera sighs, 'Poor Charles. He was one week away from retirement when one of those enormous dire rats did a number to every organ in his body. Hardly a hero's ending to a life as rich as his...'

Scout Charles Bardakian coughs but is otherwise unable to respond.

Scout Victor Bayless nods his head, 'Aye, a fine day to be alive. The camp is safe and the management is quiet.'

Armorer Dach Aldridge says 'The management doesn't pay me well, but it's steady work. If you've done enough for them, then you can probably afford a thing or two. Finest wares you'll find for miles around... Well, at least less worn out than the stuff you'll dig up around here.'

Banker Richard Vercelli scoffs and speaks with a sarcastic tone, 'Plenty of business, they told me! They drag me all the way out into the middle of this decaying brown hell and all the business I get is a passing adventurer every other day.' He sighs, 'Oh well, happy to help ya, _____.'

Scholar Brian Wilson motions his hand toward the stone bridge over the river, 'These are fascinating specimens. While the land seems to swallow up and destroy everything built upon it, these beasts have remained intact for millennia. It's as if we stand under indestructible fossils.'

Other Chatter: The Pirate Camp

Most of the pirates aren't quite as welcoming or forthcoming with information:

a cheeky picaroon says 'Yooz like da flat fish too?'

a lawless bilge rat says 'These barrels are amazing. I could be drunk for a week off'a just one!'

a pressgang scurvy dog says 'Lot of rats sneaking on shore from the boat.' She eyes you distrustfully.'

a pressgang scurvy dog says 'Get outta my face before the pointed end of this bottle finds its way into yers!'

a pressgang scurvy dog says 'I don't know who you are and I aim to keep it that way. So just keep on moving.'

a cautious knave says 'I heard about some friendly natives living up in the northern part of these hills. I'm sure they'd be happy to meet you. Why don't you go exploring?'

a lawless bilge rat says 'I've been collectin' kneecaps with this here axe. Aiming to donate a pair, stranger?'

a salty dock hand says 'Piss off! Bad enough we let gnomes on the crew. I don't need some pushy _____ gettin' in my face now!'

a crusty lookout says 'Francine the Fine and Fair. Best prices you'll find on this miserable rock!'

a shady chandler says 'Welcome, friend, to the finest wares at the fairest prices. That's why they call me Francine the Fine and Fair.'

an injured gnome is unresponsive, but you can see as his chest rises and falls slowly, that he is still alive.

a feisty scallywag says 'I keep chipping my blade on tourist skulls. Damn things are thicker than you'd guess!'

a drunken provost says 'Glad we had a store of flattened fish before we landed here. Ain't nothin' but disgusting rotten minnows for miles.'

a gritty rapscallion says 'Welcome, stranger. Feel free to eat of our supplies and rest in our lodging. We're happy to host guests in our camp.'

a crusty lookout says 'I hear the captain's offerin' a reward to anyone that recovers the head of a stowaway. Know where I might find one?'

a salty dock hand says 'Sit a while, stranger. Nap if you want, we'll stand guard for ya!'

a crusty lookout says 'Ya should consider a quieter purse. I could hear yer platinum coins jingling from a mile away.'

a pressgang scurvy dog says 'I don't know who you are and I aim to keep it that way. So just keep on moving.'

a jolly carouser grunts dismissively.

a drunken provost says 'Stay away from the flat fish supply, stranger.'

a gritty rapscallion says 'Ever wonder how fast a gaff will pull a _____'s eye out?'

a briney boatswain says 'Keep walkin', stranger.'

a cheeky picaroon grins unnervingly but is silent.

a feisty scallywag says 'You look dumber than this inky here.'

a cautious knave says 'Bug off, stranger. I've got business to attend to.'

a briney boatswain sighs heavily.

a feisty scallywag giggles at the ogre, ignoring you.

a jolly carouser says 'Yooz go away. Yooz scare off da pretty girlies!'
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This mission requires doing NINE other missions!
# Sep 01 2015 at 12:43 PM Rating: Good
2,709 posts
It looks like this mission requires items found in three Heroic Adventures, all of which are the third in an arc of 3. Which means if you haven't already done them, and don't want to obtain these third-of-three HA's by having a friend who's already done them get them for you, you will have to complete NINE Heroic Adventures to complete this progression mission. I say "complete" the NINE since you have to do so much of the third missions to obtain the quest drops that you might as well finish them off and earn the generous AAXP for their completion.

Edited, Sep 1st 2015 2:44pm by Sippin
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Step #12
# Feb 05 2014 at 10:35 PM Rating: Good
98 posts
Step #12 updates in the deepest part of the crack at the base of the tower. 4 Undead and one beetle down in this area. Clear all of these but you wont be able to get your update in The Descending Tower until you get the name to pacify and the shiny things spawn. "A few glints of light catch your eye" or something like that. Once you get the emote you can literally run right over the top of that area as you're heading to beat down the Vicar's chest located on the top of the 2nd scaffolding on the side of the tower. Happy hunting cause this mission is a wee bit challenging.
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Step #12
# Aug 02 2014 at 11:45 AM Rating: Decent
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tanalos wrote:
Step #12 updates in the deepest part of the crack at the base of the tower. 4 Undead and one beetle down in this area. Clear all of these but you wont be able to get your update in The Descending Tower until you get the name to pacify and the shiny things spawn. "A few glints of light catch your eye" or something like that. Once you get the emote you can literally run right over the top of that area as you're heading to beat down the Vicar's chest located on the top of the 2nd scaffolding on the side of the tower. Happy hunting cause this mission is a wee bit challenging.

Small correction, but otherwise correct: The mobs in the ditch or whatever you want to call it next to the tower don't need to be cleared. You only need to have completed step 4. I was able to levi over the area with the mobs still roaming below to get the task update.
Step 4
# Oct 27 2013 at 5:20 PM Rating: Good
87 posts
Any suggestions on how to get through the door for step 4 the burial grounds?
Step 4
# Nov 17 2013 at 12:05 PM Rating: Decent
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You need to do this during Death Peace quest. You need to inspect Oracle Udwoona and get her amulet to unlock the door
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