Neriak #2: Fourth Gate Investigation  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Money
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Call of the Forsaken
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Modified: Sat Feb 8 15:50:13 2020

Call of the Forsaken Info & Guides: Overview | Progression & Task List | Raiding | Visible Armor

This task is the second in a series of three. It is a solo task that begins with Noxhil V`Sek (click for map image) in Neriak Fourth Gate.

Pre-Requisites for Requesting:
- Completed "The Missing Scroll" (Neriak #1)
- Must be a Dark Elf (whether naturally, or illusioned)

You say, 'Hail, Noxhil V`Sek'

Noxhil V`Sek says 'I see you made it into Fourth Gate. I will warn you once more, _____: It's not a safe city to wander. We're on the brink of civil war, and it's getting worse by the day. With the whereabouts of the scroll unknown, I'm more troubled than ever. Something so powerful cannot land in the hands of royals, who will use it only to increase their hold over the city. We should begin the search immediately, assuming you're still [interested] in helping.'

You say, 'I am interested'

Noxhil V`Sek seems pleased with your willingness to help. 'I'll start the search by investigating the barracks and the library. You should see what information you can find within the Halls of the Dead and the palace. We'll regroup here and discuss our findings.'

You have been assigned the task 'Fourth Gate Investigation'.

Noxhil V`Sek has asked you to help gather information that may lead to the missing scroll.

Investigate Darklight Palace 0/1 (Neriak Fourth Gate)

Task Window Says: Explore Darklight Palace, searching for someone who might be willing to speak candidly about recent events.

This is the complex in the south-central part of the zone - updates near the royal bed chambers at around -1685, -1200, 115 (click for map image).

If you speak with NPCs in and around the palace, you'll see these kinds of responses:

a Teir`Dal sentry says, in Dark Elvish, 'Out of the way. Tarant will have my hide if I miss my rounds.'

a Teir`Dal sentry says, in Dark Elvish, 'All praise Innoruuk, our lord and creator.'

Xavier T`Ser sharpens his rusty blade with slow and steady movements. 'Move along, _____. I'm not looking for work.'

Guard Vo`Dani says, in Dark Elvish, 'Perhaps you'll join me for a jug of red wine later? You're buying.'

Guard Vi`Rix says, in Dark Elvish, 'Should you witness anything suspicious, let me know immediately.'

Guard Vis`Moor smirks. 'We're going up to Nektulos later to hunt leatherfeet. You should join us. There's nothing so satisfying as skewering a halfling.'

Guard T`Sanne says, in Dark Elvish, 'A blade can never be too sharp. A mind can never be too focused. A hatred can never be too severe.'

Guard G`Efia says, in Dark Elvish, 'It is an honor to be so near our king, Naythox Thex. May Innoruuk protect him.'

Rysva T`Azzl glares. 'I have nothing to say to the likes of you.'

Issia D`Unnar says 'You need to prove your dedication to our cause before I can discuss such matters with you.'

Guard Zexus says, in Dark Elvish, 'Hate be with you, _____.'

Guard S`Kor stretches, flexing muscles in an obvious attempt to impress you.

None of them will be of any help, until you get to the royal bedrooms in the far south part of the zone. As you enter, you see:

Manservant Ryzal laughs. 'It's a good thing the queen has been away for quite some time. I don't think she'd appreciate these thin walls.'

a manservant scolds his friend. 'With walls so thin, you should be more careful with your words, Ryzal.'

Find someone willing to speak about recent events 0/1 (Neriak Fourth Gate)

Task Window Says: You can hear the servants gossiping in the corner. Maybe they'd be willing to include you in the conversation.

Speak with Manservant Ryzal (click for map image). Upon running through his dialogue, two guards spawn and attack.

You say, 'Hail, Manservant Ryzal'

Manservant Ryzal says 'Can I help you, _____? It's a busy night. The king has a [visitor].'

You say, 'What visitor?'

Manservant Ryzal glances over his shoulder and whispers, 'A [lady] friend, I think.'

You say, 'A lady...'

Manservant Ryzal continues with a smile, eager to share his opinion on the matter. 'I'm not certain who she is, but it's not her first time visiting the palace. She first showed up a few weeks ago, welcomed with drawn blades and uncertainty. Quickly, it seems, the king has warmed to this strange woman. A new ally, I presume? Their relationship couldn't be anything other than business related, for certain. Even so, I'm sure the [queen] wouldn't be too pleased.'

You say, 'Where is the queen?'

Manservant Ryzal says 'She hasn't set foot within the palace in weeks, which can't be good for her marriage -- though it has been good for my ears; they needed a break from the constant yelling. I hate to think how their squabbles affect the [prince], though.'

You say, 'The prince?'

Manservant Ryzal continues without taking a breath. 'He's such an impressionable young man -- far too eager to prove himself, if you ask me. He's a capable and callous warrior, no doubt, but he lacks the experience of his father and the patience of his mother -- though I really shouldn't be saying such things. I'd lose my tongue if anyone important happened to over --' The Teir`Dal is cut off by the sound of guards storming the room.

2x "a Darklight guard" spawn and attack.

a Darklight guard says 'I'll win the king's favor for this, for sure!'

Defeat the guards who ambushed you 0/2 (Neriak Fourth Gate)

Task Window Says: Nearby guards must have heard your conversation. Kill them before they have a chance to report what transpired.

You have 2x "a Darklight guard" to contend with. They each hit for a max ~10,000 and are stunnable and mezzable.

a Darklight guard says 'But I was so close to retirement...'
a Darklight guard has been slain by _____!

Investigate the Halls of the Dead 0/1 (Neriak Fourth Gate)

Task Window Says: Explore the Halls of the Dead, searching for someone who might be willing to speak candidly about recent events.

This is the complex in the northwestern part of the zone. On the highest floor are the Queen's chambers (click for map image). This updates around 775, 470, 32. Upon reaching this location update, you'll be knocked out and ported to the barracks.

Elite Guard D`Bious calls out, 'Detain this trespasser! Outsiders will not be permitted within striking distance of the queen.'

Eavesdrop on the guards holding you captive 0/1 (Neriak Fourth Gate)

Task Window Says: As you regain your bearings, you overhear the guards speaking about the queen.

a barracks guard sighs. 'Looks like it'll be another long night for us.'

a barracks guard replies, 'I think we'll have a lot of long nights until we find out who tried to assassinate the queen.'

a barracks guard nods in agreement. 'At least it'll be a quiet night. How much trouble can a passed out prisoner be?'

Defeat the guards who hold you captive 0/2 (Neriak Fourth Gate)

Task Window Says: Kill the guards so you can escape!

2x "a barracks guard": They hit for a max ~10,000; are splittable (not aggro-linked); mezzable; and stunnable. They aren't rootable.

Report what you've learned to Noxhil V`Sek 0/1 (Neriak Fourth Gate)

Task Window Says: Noxhil V`Sek will want to hear what you've learned.

You say, 'Hail, Noxhil V`Sek'

Noxhil V`Sek listens carefully as you recount the information you've just learned. 'These are interesting developments, indeed. I'd like to find out more about who's behind the assassination attempt and who's been visiting the king. The two could be unrelated, but I have a hunch that with a bit of digging, we'll find out how these pieces fit together. See if you can sneak your way into the king's bedchamber and find anything that might help us discover who the king's new friend is and what she is doing here.'

Sneak into King Naythox's bedchamber 0/1 (Neriak Fourth Gate)

Task Window Says: Return to Darklight Palace and see if you can find evidence of a visitor within the king's bedchamber.

Head back into the south-central part of the zone and to around -1690, -1120, 115 (click for map image).

Slaughter the servants before they alert the guards 0/2 (Neriak Fourth Gate)

Task Window Says: Dead dark elves can't talk.

Kill 2x "a servant" in the room. They each hit for a max ~12,500 and are stunnable and mezzable.

a servant says, in Dark Elvish, 'Could you be so kind as to die for me?'

a servant says 'Oh, dear. This will never do.'
a servant has been slain by _____!

Search the room for any evidence of a recent visitor 0/1 (Neriak Fourth Gate)

Task Window Says: There must be something in the king's bedchamber that will tell you more about his recent visitor.

On the dresser in the west bedroom is a note (click for map image), which you need to click on. This spawns two mobs that attack.

On the nightstand is a handwritten note which reads: Naythox, my dear, you allow your lingering affections to get in the way of what is best for this city. Your wife already possesses the scroll, and soon she will have the staff as well if you don't do something to stop her. You must act now, before it's too late. I trust you'll have made a decision before we meet again.

a Teir`Dal patroller says 'I'll win the king's favor for this, for sure!'
a Teir`Dal patroller says 'I'll win the king's favor for this, for sure!'

Kill the patrollers that discovered you 0/2 (Neriak Fourth Gate)

Task Window Says: Nearby guards have been alerted to your presence. Kill them before they have a chance to call for help!

2x "a Teir`Dal patroller" spawn and attack. They each hit for a max ~10,000 and are stunnable and mezzable (immune to root/snare). Kill them to update the task.

Tell Noxhil V`Sek what you read in the note 0/1 (Neriak Fourth Gate)

Task Window Says: Return once again to Noxhil V`Sek and report what you've discovered.

You say, 'Hail, Noxhil V`Sek'

Noxhil V`Sek doesn't seem surprised as you tell him about the note you found within the king's bedchamber. 'So it appears we have a third party at play here, one who preys on the king's desire in order to manipulate his political actions. That is a threat we cannot ignore, but the more pressing matter is locating the scroll. At least we know it is in the queen's possession. She would keep an item of such importance locked away in the Great Library, which is under heavy guard. Neither you nor I would be able to breach its defense alone.'

After investigating Neriak - Fourth Gate, you uncovered the location of the missing scroll.

Experience (4-5 AAs at Level 100)
262 platinum, 5 gold
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# Sep 05 2015 at 7:15 AM Rating: Good
2,803 posts
Trivial at 105, just some running around. Helps to have toons with TL to Bind ability. The part with picking up the note, every toon has to do it and each time you get 2 guards pop and attack immediately so be prepared to do this 6x.
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weird aggro on Neriak 2
# Dec 30 2013 at 4:45 AM Rating: Good
103 posts
Been doing this for several chars, and sometimes the agro is really weird
This last time, when the character klicked the note in King's room, the two guards agroed several other white and yellow conning mobs. Evac can be handy sometimes... So, back to room again, and the two guards spawned and got killed. Before we had left the room another pair of guards spawned. No one had clicked the note, no one was on that stage of the quest anymore.

Also, when rezzing chars who is at either of the "kill guards" stages - once rezzed, they get instant agro, so be ready
This one wasn't too bad...
# Oct 19 2013 at 4:04 PM Rating: Decent
123 posts
Not a horribly difficult task, but a bit of running

Darklight Palace:
Go past Naythox's throne room and to the far back of the palace where the bed chambers are located. In one of the far southern rooms, you'll find Manservant Ryzal. Hail him and follow his dialogue to spawn two "a Darklight guard" at the doors of the room with ~1.3 million hp. Kill them to update the task. They are not agro-linked, but I had one respawn immediately after I killed it. They were immune to snare / root, but they were slowable.

Halls of the Dead:
Approach the Queen and be teleported to the barracks. After their dialogue, kill the two "a barracks guard" in front of you. Despite the fact that they are right next to each other, I pulled the left guard and it did not add the right guard. These guards both had less than ~1.4 million hp. I believe they were also immune to snare / root, but the room is so small that snare wouldn't have really helped much.

Darklight Palace (again):
Go to Naythox's bed chamber (through the west door of Manservant Ryzal's room). Here, there are two "a servant". They are rootable / snarable / slowable and each had ~1.7 million hp. After the room is clear, walk over to Naythox's bedside table and click the note. This will spawn two "a Teir'Dal patroller" with 1.2-1.5 million hp each. They are immune to snare / root, but they were slowable and didn't seem to hit pet for very hard after being slowed. Kill them and return to Noxhil V`Sek near the Ethernere portal.
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