Raid Expedition: Terror in the Dark  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Expedition
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Loot
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:House of Thule
Group Size:Raid
Min. # of Players:6
Max. # of Players:54
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Wed Dec 1 16:29:54 2010
Modified: Tue Aug 21 10:18:11 2012
This is a Tier 2 raid expedition that begins with Mortimer in the Well (located just inside the tunnel south of the zone-in).

Pre-requisites for requesting this raid:
- Dtaemi's task arc (Down in the Hole; All Alone; At Peace I Will Be)
- No Freedom in Death (group mission)
- Completion of the "Tick Tock" and "Ritual of Terror" raids

Pre-requisites for participating in this raid:
- Completion of at least one of the Tier 1 raids ("Tick Tock"; "Ritual of Terror")

You say, 'Hail, Mortimer'

Mortimer says 'Revenge! All I seek is [revenge] on the creature that did this to me!'

You say, 'Revenge against what?'

Mortimer says 'The creature. . . It is a tentacled monstrosity that lies in hiding, waiting to eat the unwary. Please! You must [help] me!'

You say, 'We'll help you!'

Mortimer says 'If you could [destroy] it, perhaps I could find some sort of peace.'

You say, 'Destroy it?'

Mortimer says 'I fear that you may end up as I have, but if you have come this far, you must indeed be powerful. If you are ready to confront this terror, let me [know].'

You say, 'You know we'll do it!'

Mortimer says 'It is rare to find such a brave soul, willing to help one he knows not. You are truly a hero. May you strike fear into the beast's dark heart!'


- Set up the raid in the far east cavern.
- Say "stop" to Mortimer to spawn the event.
- Kill the tentacle terrors and their 50% splits while killing off add spawns and not stepping over the oozes.

Triggering the Event

You say, 'Hail, Mortimer'

Mortimer says 'The creatures! They come! You must [stop] them.'

You say, 'We'll stop them'

Mortimer says 'Please hurry!'

This spawns numerous tentacle terrors in the eastern cavern (only one of which is active at the start). It also starts a 40-minute timer.

The Timer & Reset

You have 40 minutes to complete the event. As your time ticks down, you'll see:

Mortimer shouts, 'The creatures grow in number! Please hurry!'

If you let the timer run out, you'll see:

All hope is lost! The creepie crawlie creatures of the Well have prevailed!

Everything despawns at this point.

NOTE: The event can also reset if it's left idle for too long. If not engaged, you'll see this warning emote before a reset:

Mortimer shouts, 'The Terrors are getting restless! Please hurry!'

The Tentacle Terrors & Splits

After the event's trigger, numerous mobs called "a tentacle terror" spawn around the center of the east cavern. They are all permanently rooted. Only one of them will be aggro at a time.

The tentacle terrors hit for a max ~18,000. They do not flurry or rampage. They don't summon until they're damaged. They cast the spells "Fear" and "Spinning Tentacles":

Fear: Single Target, Magic (-670)
1: Fear up to level 100

Spinning Tentacles: PB AE 100', Chromatic (-670)
1: Knockback (5) and Toss Up (2)
2: Decrease Hitpoints by 50000

Once a tentacle terror reaches 50%, you'll see this emote:

The tentacle terror has split into two!

The tentacle terror AEs the spell "Protofission" and despawns:

Protofission: PB AE 100', Poison (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 25000
2: Add effect: Sticky Sap

Sticky Sap: Single 0', Disease (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 7800 per tick (Although listed as 7800, the DOT may be higher than this)
2: Increase Poison Counter by 60
3: Decrease Movement by 65%
4: Decrease Attack Speed by 35%
5: Silence

You can avoid this AE by hiding behind a rock or anywhere else out of line of sight of the mob, or simply by being outside its casting range.

In the tentacle's place, 2x "a voracious tentacle terror" spawn. These mobs are NOT rooted in place. They hit for a max ~18,000 and are immune to mez, stun, and conventional snares.

Also at the time of the split, another "a tentacle terror" (one of the permanently rooted mobs part of the original spawn) becomes active.


About every 60-70 seconds, an add set spawns in the event area. There are two types of possible spawns. The first type is a single mob that will hit for a max ~14,000. It'll be one of these mobs:

a deadly scorpion
a rock golem
a rust monster
a sonic screecher
a venomous lightcrawler
an acidic ooze

There doesn't appear to be any difference in ability or difficulty in the above mobs. None are mezzable or stunnable. They have the same amount of hitpoints and don't summon until they're damaged.

The second possible spawn type is a spider swarm where the raid gets attacked by 8-10 mobs called "a spider swarm". These hit for a max ~8,000 and are mezzable (but not stunnable).

Which spawn type you get seems to be random. You can go an entire event without a single swarm spawn, or you may get several of them.

The Oozes

Large, non-combative, black oozes are found throughout the zone. If you step over one, you'll be ported to a random part of the zone:

You are caught in a sinkhole and have appeared in another part of the well!

Depending on where you're ported, you could meet with a quick death. You'll want to avoid the oozes.

The Other Cavern's Rock Aura

The large cavern to the west of the event area has a damage aura in it. Before the event is started, the damage is relatively light (you'll take 1950 dmg every few seconds while in the cavern). While the event is active, however, the aura grows to chain nuke you for ~5500 dmg about every second.

As this cavern has no bearing on the event, there is no reason to be in it. If you accidentally step on an ooze and are unlucky enough to be ported into this cavern, you'll want to get out as quickly as possible.

The Mud Golems

After the event is spawned, several mud golems spawn in the mud pit in the other part of the zone. These have no bearing on the event, however this area is one of your possible destinations should you step on an ooze. As there are several mobs here, each of which hit for ~16,000, you generally won't survive long enough to react.

Completion & Loot

Killing the last tentacle terror and its two splits complete the event. (There is no completion text, but a chest spawns nearby.)

Loot includes 2 Esoteric Remnants (first list) + 2-3 other items (second list) + 4 Dream Fragments (any type) + 2 Rusty Gate Keys (flag for next tier) + 0-1 Lucid Globe of Phantasmic Power (cultural aug) + 0-1 bonus item (third list):

Esoteric Remnant of Desire
Esoteric Remnant of Devotion
Esoteric Remnant of Fear
Esoteric Remnant of Greed
Esoteric Remnant of Knowledge
Esoteric Remnant of Survival
Esoteric Remnant of Truth

Baton of Trapped Souls
Cellgaze, the Red Eye of Darkness
Devious Felblade
Iridescent Shield of War
Majestic Dreamclaws
Moonstone Trinket of Reflection
Mournful Axe of Trapped Souls
Mud Encrusted Spaulders of Solitude
Remains of a Well Victim
Ring of Cold Dark Waters
Scepter of the Dark
Shield of the Unrelenting Sun

Beritoza's Bangle of Bixielording
Celestial Labrys
Glittering Gutripper
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Changes?!? - Its a bug? Or its a feature?
# May 30 2019 at 2:04 PM Rating: Good
315 posts
While the raid should get free ports into mobs, our raid got free ports outside the zone into the Grounds while raiding and stepping on the blobs. This is really highly annoying. That makes this event even with L110 support for the L85 noobs interesting.
More info
# Apr 22 2011 at 8:42 AM Rating: Decent
262 posts
When the permarooted terror mobs split, they cast very devastating AEs. You can use the boulders/rocks in the area to hide from the ae effects.

Fairly simple event, which basically boils down to:

1. Not stepping on blobs (you'll get ported into a room full of mobs and you won't be able to get your body back unless you port back into the zone).
2. Using rocks to avoid AEs, which have knockback effects that CAN push you into blobs if you aren't paying attention to where you are (a.k.a., put on lev).
3. Keeping the raid tightly packed so that people don't get killed when adds spawn.
4. Killing adds a.s.a.p. as they spawn, then go back to killing terror mobs (a.k.a., assist MA)

Terror mobs hit for around 17-18k (on a level 85 warrior, 7800ac with buffs). Adds hit around for 6-7k, averaging around 4k; none of them appeared to mezzible.
Basic info
# Mar 09 2011 at 1:07 PM Rating: Good
238 posts
From zone in, move to large cavern area where the "bucket" is (normal click to zone out object.)

In cavern are blobs on floor with particle effects on them. If you step into the area of these blobs you will get ported to random parts of the zone and possibly killed by mobs there.

A dozen or so tentacle terror-type mobs are perma rooted around the large cavern. You need to kill them all (each splits in two upon death) before time runs out on the event.

At frequent intervals during event, random adds spawn and will charge the raid. Dispatch these adds and get back to the task at hand.
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