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Faction numbers
# Nov 23 2015 at 11:43 PM Rating: Excellent
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Disciples of Rhag`Zadune -3
Brood of Ssraeshza -1
Emperor Ssraeshza -3
Faction numbers
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Baron von Oxgoad wrote:
Disciples of Rhag`Zadune -3
Brood of Ssraeshza -1
Emperor Ssraeshza -3

Updated, thanks.
Farming these
# Jun 05 2009 at 6:42 AM Rating: Excellent
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Been Camping these guys for a few hours now.

Darkseb, 64 Paladin of Prexus, 927 AA's, HP 9200 ,Mana 6600, AC 1900,
Self buffed only with DS pots (Skinspikes VI). No mercenary.
You will find 8 (or they migth be 10) of them in a room.
All are LB to me at 64.

A kill grants me 5-6% of an AA (going 100% aa and with 900+ already in pocket...).

I camp inside the room, in one corner.
On logging in, will aggro the nearest one, often another one, sometimes 2 others if I'm unlucky (haven't died yet, but had to use LoH once).
Once this done, next pulls will bring only one.
They can go down quickly, especially if Slay Undead procs.
They got 10K HP.
They are magic resistant : they resist procs of my blade very often
Vampire Talon, hp tap proc
Planar Stun, stun proc
Ward of Nife, DD Undead proc
They hit me in 100-300 range approx.
I resist most of their spells, except the occasional Splurt.
When figthing a single opponent, without self healing, I would finish at 40-50% health.
That to say there DPS meleing is not too crappy.
They never resist my Deny Undead (DD Undead spell)

I clear the entire room and next small one containing 3 others before or just after first one will repop.
Would say approx 15 mins repop.
They never run on low health.
They Summon very often if you are out of melee range (=> no escape!).

Pulling the small room : I open the door, step back, cast a non damage stun on the Lich in line of sigth.
He will never summon (DD spell would make him summon instantly most of the time), and run to me.
Never had 2 others come with him this way at 64.
Can repeat for the next one.

One last thing to know : when figthing in a corner of the room, if they push you back into the wall,
it disable your auto attack, you have to step forward to be able to attack again or cast spells.
Can be very annoying when 4 on you...

Drop table :
Spell: Spirit of Zehkes, BST 56
Spell: Spirit of Khurenz, BST 58
Spell: Mass Mystical Transvergance, MAG 56
Spell: Transon's Phantasmal Protection, MAG 58
Spell: Torrent of Pain, SHD 56
Spell: Torrent of Fatigue, SHD 58
Spell: Voice of Terris, SHD 60
Spell: Spell Shield, WIZ 58
Song: Purifying Chorus, BRD 56
Spell: Healing Wave of Prexus, PAL 58
Spell: Eagle Eye, RNG 58
Spell: Crippling Claudication, NEC 56
Spell: Horrifying Visage, ENC 56

(Exquisite,Gold,...) Gem Dusted Rune (worth a few pp)
Shissar Fangs
Simple Binding Powder
Binding Powder
Crystallized Sulfur
Rotting Shissar Scale
Undead Shissar Scale
Undead Shissar Venom Stack
Exceptional Shissar Blood
Sunshard Pebble
Rarely a piece of jewelry
Sometimes some words (Virtue,Misery,Tenancy)
Scrolls or papyrus (Dirty Runic Spell Scroll,Shabby Rough Spell Scroll, Shabby Fine Spell Scroll, Grimy Spell Scroll, Smudged Rough Papyrus)
Sometimes Gems (Fire Opal and Star Ruby so far)
Rarely Intricate Defiant armor

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