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Unlisted Item Drop
# Jan 06 2010 at 10:41 PM Rating: Good
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Also dropped a Gold Disc tonight.

Edit: Also dropped Dyzil's Deafening Decoy (mage spell) on the second spawn of the night.

Edit 2: Dropped Scars of Sigil (mage Spell) during second spawn.

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mob cycle
# Jan 26 2009 at 8:50 PM Rating: Decent
this zone really sucks freakin 4 hour spawn cycle for mobs on azeracks what a crock as for soloing it my 80 ranger did it with no prblem never got below 80% health lol newbies even killed boss had whole island on me at one time thats 18 mobs i am the superranger
# Mar 28 2008 at 7:11 PM Rating: Decent
Copied from Vorish...

Note: mob corpses decay in 8 minutes, make sure people loot as soon as the mob dies (even if mid-fight). Otherwise you will have to wait 4 hours for the next spawn cycle in order to get more keys. (Or spend money to do the coffin route.)

Been here 1 hour after and odd death of the Boss before the others.

Previous informationt is missleading and rong
# Feb 28 2008 at 3:49 PM Rating: Decent
the 80k hit is bogus

they do hit you with a root not a stun - makes you levitate 200 hp per tick - they dont hit hard

they will Agro each other

hit for 80000hp
# Sep 12 2006 at 8:34 PM Rating: Decent
Myself and a friend went to iland two for my epic took down 5 off the nine azaracks and got hit with 80000hp of damage. Realy think there is a bug I dont know anybody that can take a mob that hits like that it took out whole raid party in seconds. How can a person do epic if you dont have any chance to fight back I mean one hit 80000 hp. Has anybody else had this problem.
hit for 80000hp
# Apr 10 2009 at 1:57 PM Rating: Decent
Actually I believe this person!! Not crazy, if you get too close to some of the edges a mob can death touch you from another island. I have had it happen, and now deathtouches happen based on how many hit points I am told. Seen some say they got hit for 100k some say 32k~
hit for 80000hp
# Feb 28 2008 at 3:51 PM Rating: Decent
BOGUS - Not True - Or Fixxed - they hit you with a levitation Root - not stun - 200 hp per tick
What's up with this?
# Aug 26 2006 at 2:12 PM Rating: Decent
Was helping a Shammie friend with his epic and on the second An Azarak, I was 98% health and the next second i woke up in PoK Nekkid? He cast his spell that lev, root and whirl one time and I took 98,000 points damage. Like he pulled a Hendon Shadowmaster stunt on me or a Velatorkin stunt. It MUST be bugged, I don't think these little LB con critters are supposed to be able to do that. I was not near the edge and at any rate had my back to the center of the island. Anyone else had this problem?
# Jul 24 2006 at 1:57 PM Rating: Default
Dropped Spell: Zumaik`s Animation.
# Mar 28 2005 at 11:43 AM Rating: Decent
tried soloing my way to isle #4 recently. I had one of these to 70% (yey paladin dps), then noticed i was getting too far from the mob cuz they chain cast lev/root which makes you go higher and higher so you cant fight back.. but they CAN. 1min later another 5 took me out (lots of wanderers
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RE: punks
# Apr 26 2006 at 2:43 AM Rating: Default
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Lvl 53 my shinny hinny ... all I can say is Bullshivick !! Group of 6 lvl 65-70 and got our rear ends handed to us. Lol oh you can flame now and tell me how bad my friends and I suck and how you solo'd this island with your lvl 46 Mag wearing nothing but Silk gear. Well as they so in Missouri (sp) SHOW ME !!!
Feel free to nail me with your flames .. check my spelling .. punctuation .. what ever makes you happy. I am not here for an E-***** building Experience ... these forums are for info not Ego's.
Don't see invis
# Oct 09 2004 at 9:20 PM Rating: Decent
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They do not see invis.
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# Apr 22 2004 at 10:31 PM Rating: Decent
FYI, there is no more levitation in PoS. And Azeracks now DO see invis.
Last azerack Awol again
# Aug 24 2003 at 12:00 AM Rating: Decent
Our guild went to POS tonight. And when we got to the last Azerack, he was nowhere to be found on the island, although he was on track. We tried petitioning, but GM didn't contact us till about an hour after raid had broken up. GM was going to pass on the details, as he went and saw the problem himself. Now we just need some sort of cage to keep this things on their own island.
We might try again next weekend, I feel bad for those that were hoping for their epics pieces and planned this and were unable to get far :( On a lighter note I did pickup a belt of iniquity for my shd from the first isle:)
Missing Azarack
# Jul 21 2003 at 10:40 AM Rating: Decent
My guild raided the Plane of Sky last night..or at least we tried to. We got to the Azarack island and killed all the azaracks but one. Our druid had the azarack on track to the southeast of the island. We could not see the azarack although our spellcasters were able to find it with their magic eyes. We had no way to kill it and ended up having to petition and leave. A guide answered the petition and said the issue would be referred to a gm.

Has anyone else had problems getting that last azarack?

Zebuxoruk Server
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RE: Missing Azarack
# Aug 02 2003 at 5:56 PM Rating: Good
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I've been on three Sky raids in the past 10 days and each raid has gotten stymied at this isle, we have to petition and wait for a senior GM to come by and move the damn azrack to the isle it's supposed to be on.
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RE: Missing Azarack
# Feb 20 2004 at 10:33 AM Rating: Decent
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Worked yesterday, so hopefully it's been fixed. We did have problems pulling some of the mobs though, but nuking, dotting and sending in the pets seemed to do the trick. Probably a good idea to root them when they're low on health too, as they did seem to run for the edge of the island a lot :).

Incidentally, we got two silver disks clearing this island.

Edited, Fri Feb 20 10:35:05 2004
# Jun 29 2003 at 4:00 PM Rating: Decent
Ok folks. this lovely imp looking guy now roams the plane outside of his nice little home island. He will aggro a whole island on you if he passes you. Just got aggro from him again while trying to do the monk epic. we got the drop off of Gwan, but imp showed up just after fight and took out a couple of our people. just some fyi- 20 min timer on his roams. so be wary and careful folks can end a raid on a depressing note if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. he hates everybody btw. (
# Mar 25 2003 at 8:38 PM Rating: Decent
these buggers also drop Silver disk, Meant for the Necromancer Test of Power. Which with this and a few other items gives you the Cloak of Spiroc Feathers. Which with a bunch of other stuff gets you the Sycthe of the Shadowed Soul (Necromancer Epic)

Just so ya know
Damage output, strategy
# Oct 07 2002 at 10:40 AM Rating: Decent
These hit for 190 (the ones that wander), so be prepared for that kind of damage (they will take down a careless caster very quickly). They do not see invisible, so invis up, port to their isle, run to the right edge, and your MA/SA/BA should all drop invis and wait to be attacked. Very difficult to mez, although GoK is rumored to work. They DO summon, as well as casting the unresistable 500 pt DoT that lifts you up and roots you in place. Do not fight or stand near the edge, or when the mob has DoT'd you, it will hit you and push you over the edge (so that when the DoT wears off you fall to East Freeport and lose your keys).

The static Azarack spawn (that spawns the isle end-boss) hits for 220. You will find that it is not possible to pull this Azarack from it's spawn point until it has been damaged enough that it starts summoning (at which point, it can be re-positioned).
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RE: They drop the Mirror needed for next island
# Oct 07 2002 at 10:37 AM Rating: Decent
Note: mob corpses decay in 8 minutes, make sure people loot as soon as the mob dies (even if mid-fight). Otherwise you will have to wait 4 hours for the next spawn cycle in order to get more keys. (Or spend money to do the coffin route.)

Each of the Azaracks drop 2 mirrors, plus quest pieces. There are (9) regular Azaracks, yielding 18 mirrors (for the key quest). The boss Azarack (hits for 220) drops 2 more mirrors and the protector of sky drops 4 mirrors.

Which yields 24 keys to get to the next isle.
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