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coerced gnome
# Jan 02 2006 at 2:14 AM Rating: Decent
Drops Velishoul's Tome Pg. 67. And have to get you a new pic of this one also.

Apparently there are different types of these also, because out of the 10 I've dealt with one has backstabbed me (rogue) and the others have just punched and kicked, haven't seen one with pet yet.
A Coerced Gnome is underrated
# May 13 2002 at 7:14 PM Rating: Default
36 ranger and 37 monk got a surprise visit from this NPC. Conned blue but it will blast you close to 200. Make sure you guys wear some MR equipment.
Coecered Gnomes are a Pain!
# Dec 22 2001 at 11:44 AM Rating: Default
My Lvl 29 necro Barley Soloed one of these in hopes to get a Sap for a guildy. At 24 most necroes can solo Yellows fairly easily and some reds. Bearing this in mind i thought it's be easy. God was that STUPID. I sicked my lvl 29 Pet on this mobs Earth Pet and Tried Chain Casting SoP, the dmg is so so but it almost always interrupts spell casting. Fortunatley it casts faster than what the Gnome was casting. Unfortunatley, the Pet was kicking the crap out of my pet. If you are a Necro, Enchanter or such mez the Gnome and kill pet first
Misc Dalnir info and the sap pt1:)
# Oct 15 2001 at 9:11 PM Rating: Decent
I am 35 and spent some time in an awesome group of levels 30-36 and we basically dominated the entire first floor. In clearing out the entire place for about 4-5 hours I saw a Goblin Flamberge (15/40 2hs +5 dex), Iskar Stave ( ?/? 1hb), and Froglok Smasher (12/36 2hb). I didn't see a sap of piety but I expect it drops just as often as any of the others. A few mobs conned green to me but almost all where blue and none where black on this floor. It is soloable at 35 as warrior but can be tricky because mobs tend to wander just about everywhere even at the zone line so it can be hard to find a place to rest and bind wounds. With a good group this place can be safe, fast pulling and a lot of fun.
Coerced Gnome pets
# Sep 11 2001 at 5:38 PM Rating: Decent
Do the Coerced Gnomes always have pets?
Solo Mage
# Aug 19 2001 at 3:47 PM Rating: Default
In response to several posts.

1. A 29+ mage, or 2 24 Mages, CAN AND WILL OWN the entire first floor (aside from temple), with some strategy and good understanding of dungeon crawling/aggro management.

2. The drops on all of these weapons, Tower Guard Blade, Sap of piety, Charred Tulwar, Gob Flamberge... The drops are random, not rare. I have walked out in ONE night of xp grinding solo (with 34 mage) with a bag FULL of these weps.

I leveled from 24-35 in this dungeon and gave away a good 10-12 saps of piety and kept 2 for myself. I will say that the saps and the Tower Guard Blade are dropped a little less frequently than the others.

Bottom line. If you spend 2 or 3 levels on the first floor and dont get any of these drops... Well, I suggest you get yourself a coin and flip it, call it, and if it lands opposite of what you called... Go get yourself a gun and shoot yourself. Because you are the Incarnation of Bad Luck.

Happy Travels.
RE: Solo Mage
# Jan 25 2003 at 2:14 PM Rating: Default

"Well, I suggest you get yourself a coin and flip it, call it, and if it lands opposite of what you called... Go get yourself a gun and shoot yourself."

Classic right there, classic.

My 2cps
# Jul 15 2001 at 8:20 AM Rating: Decent
I came to Dalnir at 24 with a full group. Me(druid), shaman, 2 monks, enchanter and warrior. We camped the entrance which is one of the nicest camping spots in the whole world. A small room right next to the zone, your tank goes down the tunnels and pulls back to the room. Dying almost never occurs unless you pull so much stuff you can't run the 5 feet to the zone. We sat there for eight hours and got totally awesome experience with only 2 deaths. Also the loot is pretty good. Mobs drop usually a couple platinum as well as fine steel weapons and then there are some rare drops as well. We saw 2 Brass Goblin Flamberge and 1 other rare drop. These coerced on the first level are not too tough when pulled as singles, however this is with a good, well rounded group. Also they all have pets, almost 100% of the time.

Far and away of all the coerced these gnomes were the worst due to the pet they had which was some type of elemental. Fortunately being a druid I had dismissed summoned, however the MOB will aggro you immediately as this is a huge amount of direct damage. Have another healer available as you will be in the heat of it for a couple minutes.
# Jun 03 2001 at 12:25 PM Rating: Default
just to warn all of you new to dalnir...when you zone to this hell hole, you may be getting attacked as your computer zones...I zoned in and got a long spamming line of "a coerced gnome casts a spell", "you are hit for 237 non-melee damage." He conned yellow and has spells that hit for 200+! I only have 600 HP! VERANT, SOMETHING IS GOING A LITTLE WRONG HERE!!
# Feb 07 2002 at 11:22 PM Rating: Default
Dude, chill... I usually don't post, but this is wierd. this guy is posting that he hates every enemy in the game, and that verant is made up of morons. I would like to see his feeble attempt at a MMORPG. Something is going more than a little wrong, this freak is obsessing about the fact that not all mobs are melee types and therefore have spells of an appropriate level. A pure caster SHOULD have a 200+ dd spell at 25-30. chat boards would be great if they weren't filled with flamers, jerks, and morons. This guy manages to be all three at once.
- Xebeo Whitewyvern <Lords of Light> E'ci server
# Sep 11 2001 at 3:42 PM Rating: Decent
Of all the coerced on the 1st level I think that the gnomes are the most annoying. As a 31st level Iksar warrior I tried to solo one of these and nearly got WIPED. At first I was gonna whack the hell outta the pet and then come back for the caster, I realized that this was a bad idea as the gnome was nuking the crap outta me. Luckily I had my Mithril 2 Hander and was able to give the little ****** a nice little a$$ spanking and then decided to teach his pet a little lesson in pain. When I started I had 1078hp, By the time I limped out of the zone I had 68. These things are not for the faint of heart and NOT for the low level player. Unless you have a full group you should NEVER try and solo a yellow mob.
# Jul 31 2001 at 8:20 PM Rating: Default
some coerced can harm touch you. This can do up to about 300 damage i've taken to date, but they can only do it once per mob. watch out for the elemental pets, they'll happily root you and then you are in trouble.

no good loot so far, i wish more people knew about this awesome zone, coz noone is ever here. i'm spreading the word on mith marr tho )
Quest for Iksar
# Apr 17 2001 at 4:50 AM Rating: Default
This is for an iksar quest, you give him a wire off Gnomes, and he does somthing, he gives you somting for Iksar warrior armor quest.
Drops Sap of Piety
# Oct 02 2000 at 11:40 AM Rating: Decent
16 posts
A lovely 13/36 1hb weapon. I don't know if any other critters do too, but only seen on this one.
Not that rare
# Aug 29 2000 at 4:14 AM Rating: Default
The sap is not that rare, I've hunted Dalnir on and off for 5 lvls and personally had 3 saps on me at one time. I had so many I was giving them away in newbie quests a friend and I held.
RE: Not that rare
# Dec 27 2000 at 8:05 PM Rating: Default
If what your saying is true, then you are lucky. I have been in Dalnir for 4 levels now, have to had killed at least 20 gnomes, and have only seen one drop. I would say it is pretty rare.
RE: Not that rare
# Sep 23 2000 at 2:45 AM Rating: Default
lol, that is the most stupid crap I have ever heard. I have hunted n Dalnir for about 4 weeks, and I only seen a few drop, like 2-3. They are really rare
RE: Not that rare
# Feb 18 2001 at 9:58 AM Rating: Decent
i got 2 in one night i guess i'm just lucky
loot was verry good that night got a fighting batton too
RE: Rare or not?
# Mar 13 2001 at 3:44 PM Rating: Good
It might be based on the server and it's random generator. I know on Veeshan, I saw about a dozen drop to groups I was in (got 2 myself) during my 6 levels that I about lived there. I wouldn't call them rare on my server, but it might also be affected by where you are hunting. During the time I saw so many I was usually on the first level either in the left room, or the temple.

On the second floor, I don't remember any dropping, but since I've made 40, that was long enough ago I could be mistaken.

However, on the whole, the dungeon drops a lot of loot on Veeshan. I've seen 2 battons in one night (I got one) and I think we had about 10 rares that night including a sap, and several of the swords. We started on the first floor, and when we had a good group moved down to the exit room on 2.

I've also seen quite a bit of Crecent rot because no one needed it and that was with several monks in zone.
Answer and question
# Aug 07 2000 at 10:07 AM Rating: Decent
The gnome does not spawn in a specific spot -- I have killed maybe a dozen of them grouped, and yet, no Sap of Piety.

I really want that SAP! A nice stepping stone to the Jade Chok Prod in about another 10 levels.

RE: Answer and question
# Aug 19 2001 at 11:13 AM Rating: Default
if you are high enough to get this weapon camp the undead jester for his weapon much better bet.
# Jul 14 2000 at 11:27 AM Rating: Decent
Does the gnome spawn in a particular spot?
# Jun 30 2000 at 1:23 PM Rating: Decent
Sure enough it's rare, as are all the weapons dropped by Coerced MOBs (excluding the fairly common Fine Steel). I've seen one drop in about 20 or so.
Not rare my friend
# Jun 22 2000 at 10:23 AM Rating: Decent
My friend Gotenx, a now 27 but was 26 at the time and I, a 24 camped this thing and he got one on his first ... he gave me his runed falchion since we have the hand-me-down rule in my guild... next 3 s it dropped again... somehow i dont think this to be rare... best of luck to ya....

Atheno Thunderpaw
of the Rathe
RE: Not rare my friend
# Jul 05 2001 at 9:22 AM Rating: Default
Yeah right!

These gnomes are all magicians, and I'll set up the scenario that has happened to me twice.

A gnome is alone, with it's earth pet.
Earth pet roots you and starts beating on you.
Gnome starts chain nuking for around 200, I was getting partial resists for 179.
You DIE!

I'm a level 27 monk trying to pull it, and I got killed. There is NO way a 24 and a 26 could kill ONE of these, much less get a sap on first try

Tyrseil Kaidin, Monk of the 27th Season (Prexus)
One of the Few...A Prophet of Illusion
RE: Not rare my friend
# Jul 31 2001 at 8:28 PM Rating: Default
take a tank and a cleric or two along, root the pet, then get the clerics to chain stun the gnome. the tank can quite happily beat on the helpless caster, if your clerics are quick enough!

there is a danger tho, that on zoning you could be faced with two mobs in the entrance. it's best therefore to take a well balanced, full group to deal with everthing dalnir will throw at you
RE: Not rare my friend
# Aug 08 2001 at 5:59 PM Rating: Default
All you really need is a Druid, they can dispurse with the pet in a matter of seconds, take a monk or warrior along with you to deal with the cast-happy gnome. this CAN and HAS been done at mid-upper 20th level in a group of 2.

The Sap is a very rare drop on my server, or maybe i'm just unlucky. I have made quite a few trips there in small groups 25-35th levels. I looted on once but ended up loosing the it to a roll off.

Loyanna Wyldwolfe
31st season Ranger
# Jun 14 2000 at 9:16 AM Rating: Decent
Rare Drop is Sap of Piety 1hb 13dam 36delay magical 2.5wt. OH MY!!!
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