Uploaded July 24th, 2007

This monstrous lizard is rumoured to be a pushover compared to others his level.

Pic by: Sintarrus Skyfist of Cazic-Thule

Category: EverQuest
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Level: 50
Expansion: Original
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Missing Loot
# Oct 17 2013 at 7:56 PM Rating: Good
Just took him down and I noticed the only thing not listed on the loot list that I looted was Lizard Meat.
still spawns
# Jul 22 2007 at 10:44 AM Rating: Decent
69 posts
after the zone revamp

-random spawn, no apparent PH anymore, no Aqua Goblin Sacrifice
-found on the "elite goblins" island, south-center on the map
-spawned on west beach, paths up and down beach
-runs at low health along path, doesnt run into ocean
-the mountains on the island are now taller and hide the Allizewsaur from some views
# Oct 18 2006 at 2:22 AM Rating: Decent
Just dropped Words of Restraint also
# Feb 08 2007 at 10:56 PM Rating: Decent
Also dropped Words of Restraint for me
Destination mob
# Mar 06 2006 at 8:18 AM Rating: Good
Seems to me that a mob this unique should drop something useable, The OoT has really nothing to make me want to go there, If I wanted to get cash gems Id go to Dulaks, this guy should have some lodi type gear ( maybe alittle less as the level is less ).

Safe hunts and rare drops!
# Aug 03 2005 at 9:48 AM Rating: Decent
Popped after I killed one gobby sacrifice. He's got some HP to him. Blue to my 54dru. Seems like my nukes aren't sticking when I'm out of meleerange. Dotting the crap outta him using Winged Death, Drifting Death, clicky Drones of Doom, Breath of Ro. Can hit hard and fast if you let him beat on ya, of course, I have some crap gear ;)

Dropped TWO precious garnets ... Lore, so /shrug.

Got the beta KOS faction hit... no idea.

Edited, Wed Aug 3 10:54:25 2005
Odd faction
# Mar 04 2005 at 8:18 AM Rating: Decent
I was in OOT just the other day killing Nyuae the Cruel for KoA faction and this guy popped up. He is BIG. First kill went easy <61 mage mage using 59 earth pet>. Second time I got sloppy and almost bit it. Here is my issue though. On the second kill I got negative Beta KOS faction, though not on the first kill. Anyone know what faction that is?

Sueil Magicaster
RE: Odd faction
# Jun 21 2005 at 4:37 PM Rating: Decent
50 posts
I was wondering the same thing. I've killed this guy many times and not once have I had any faction hits from him. But, I just killed him recently and I too get negative Beta KOS faction. It's really weird that you didn't get the faction hit the 1st time but did the second time. The Beta KOS faction isn't listed on Alla so maybe it's a bug in the game, lol who knows!
# Sep 16 2004 at 8:59 PM Rating: Default
Dropped this bugger in my last week playing EQ after 4yrs. Rather a milestone.
# Jun 21 2004 at 10:32 PM Rating: Default
Is he REALLY that gigantic sure wouldnt be hard to spot :P does it have a PH and what is it?
# Aug 18 2004 at 4:27 AM Rating: Decent
Yes, he's really that big :) His placeholder is an aqua goblin sacrifice. Spawns usually 2 to the PH.
new item
# Apr 26 2004 at 7:55 PM Rating: Decent
Just got Words of Bondage drop from him.
Solo fabled?
# Apr 05 2004 at 1:21 PM Rating: Decent
Was feeling like trying something nuts today and am doing the Phylactery quest.

Went out to OOT and saw the Fabled version up. I read about him and how tough, but decided to try to solo with a DC pet and fear kite (65 enc).

I DC'ed a seafury cyclops, dragged it to the island. After so careful positioning, I get too close and he starts to charge. His agro range has to be > than typical spell range. So I send in the pet. The pet takes one swing, then poof, gone. He must not have done any dmg either, because I didnt get summoned.

After establishing enought distance I was able to get a gate off and bail.

a)DC pets don't appear to work against him.
b)Huge agro range!
Fabled `saur
# Mar 22 2004 at 3:48 PM Rating: Decent
Fabled one hit for 1997.. ouch lol

1026 now.. still ouch though ;)

Edited, Thu Mar 25 10:33:33 2004
easy kill for bards
# Mar 22 2004 at 4:57 AM Rating: Decent
pushover to my 51 bard... and i dont even have good equipment...
killed him about 5 time now ... got 2 crowns and a bunch of snakescales and meat
# Mar 19 2004 at 9:31 AM Rating: Decent
Just saw him yesterday..the Fabled version hit my 65 monk for 2k damage. Not as much as a pushover as before :S
RE: Fabled
# Mar 19 2004 at 12:51 PM Rating: Decent
92 posts
Fabled one hit me for over 1900 damage/hit heh. Be ready for a fight!
Wikkin :)
Fabled Allizewsaur
# Mar 18 2004 at 6:37 PM Rating: Decent
He may be a pushover, but there's a fabled one now. Get ready for a cool fight.
# Mar 03 2004 at 10:20 AM Rating: Decent
Camping him with my 53 druid, hoping for some gems. Killed him about 8 times now and not one gem. Does he still drop gems? So far he dropped a Fire Emerald Ring, Ruby Crown, Sapphire Necklace some words runes and snake skins. Oh and Precious Garnet. Was hoping for the Blackened Sapphire and Jacinth. Need them for a trade skill.

Edited, Wed Mar 3 10:21:11 2004
# Feb 23 2004 at 4:26 AM Rating: Default
54 mage soloed easy, his HP are nothing, chained 5 pets and each pet was taking about 15% his HP, last pet i chained 4 scars of sigil. used earth pet with clicky burnout III and self cast DS (robe DS takes too long to cast). went down and had over 50% mana, this without any sort of mana regen except sitting on horseback. he is EASY!!! dropped lizard meat rofl, at least i can say i soloed him now. he does run very slow, with run speed 3 i could easily outrun him if i wanted to.
location please
# Jan 19 2004 at 1:18 PM Rating: Decent
where is this guy located??
RE: location please
# Jan 31 2004 at 9:46 PM Rating: Decent
28 posts
He is located on an island in the south/middle of the zone. I dont have a /loc for you, but it is almost directly south of the two rock spires the boat goes through when traveling from Freeport to Butcherblock. The Allizewsaur is on a six minute timer, with "Aqua Goblin Sacrifice" as the PH. I would say that the ratio of Allizewsaur to AG Sacrifice is about 2 to 1. He spawns anywhere on the island, and will fight and kill the necromancer npc there if he gets close enough. Interesting solo as a 49 necro, if I get more than a couple resists I am usually screwed, lol.

Edited, Sat Jan 31 21:47:05 2004
RE: location please
# Sep 02 2004 at 2:39 PM Rating: Decent
His location is NEG3503,NEG1221
# Dec 25 2003 at 1:09 PM Rating: Decent
anyone know the spawn time in OOT? i wanted to know the spawn time on Allizewsaur. and if anyone knows his spamn spot. thanks...
soloed him today
# Dec 04 2003 at 11:58 PM Rating: Decent
I soloed him today a 56 ranger.Killed him three times too.Was fun Had my good buffs on and KEI.Went in with a 1000 arrows .Took me about 15 mins each time to kill him.SO I think Anyone with the right sfuff on can sole him.One guildie to me he has 15K HP too.

Tisdole Silvertip
56 Outride Fellowship of the Wolf
FV server.
easy peasy
# Dec 01 2003 at 8:29 PM Rating: Decent
26 posts
I'm a 61 wizard, snared, rooted, and burned him down in less than 3 mins
# Nov 26 2003 at 4:27 AM Rating: Default
That guy used to be a rite of passage for necromancers: back in pre kunark and kunark eras, when you dinged 49 (and had your spells obviously) you "had" to go solo him, with your ****** gear your waterdrop sized mana pool and your inexistant hps

Fear kitting during ~ 8-10mn is the way to go (took me 8mn to down him back then)
57 chanter
# Oct 10 2003 at 2:55 PM Rating: Decent
Soloed him today and I noticed he TOTALLY ignored my pet. So he might be easy for pet casters to whom he is still red (say 44) to kite in circles. You'll need SoW, and Expedience is highly recommended. My fight took longer because he seemed to be slightly faster than my pet.

He never stopped chasing me the whole 10-15 minute fight, unless he was rooted, stunned or mezzed. I didn't do all that much to **** him off; once I realized his tendency to chase me I just let him do it, and he never stopped.

He does have a good bit of hit points. 640-point nuke took him down maybe 5%.

oops, double post...oh well. The first post didn't show up for awhile.

Edited, Fri Oct 10 15:49:42 2003
Solo as chanter
# Oct 10 2003 at 2:48 PM Rating: Decent
Soloed him today (57 chanter).
It's posted how easy to kill so I wasn't expecting such a long fight...except I watched him kill the 45 necro NPC and she only got him down to 97% health, hehe.

It was long, but not especially fact, maybe people much lower than 57 could kill him, BECAUSE: he completely ignored my pet, always chasing me unless he was rooted, stunned or mezzed, without exception. I didn't do anything to **** him off more than normal: just tash and slow, and he never ceased chasing me. Has a lotta hitpoints though: the pet took several minutes to wear him down by chopping at his tail.
Precious Garnet
# Oct 09 2003 at 10:52 AM Rating: Decent
I looted a precious garnet (lore, no drop) off Alli today about 20 minutes after the patch. Looks like a ruby.

-- edit --
I can add he has dropped 3 of these in 4 kills, so it would be a "common" item unless they decide to change that in a future patch.
-- end edit --

Hrothgarr Shadetree
Xegony Server

Edited, Thu Oct 9 12:39:33 2003
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