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Level: 43
Expansion: Serpents Spine
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Before you start these tasks, I suggest you do your best to farm the area of pelts/furs/etc, plus the spider silk/spiderling silk, due to the fact, you have to raise your tailoring trade-skills(Just to make the bag itself, for these quests.), to combine and make the special bag, for Dorina(You get to keep the bag.), and it takes forever(It has taken me more then 3days now, farming the spider silk, and I still do not have it done, yet! I have used, more then 100 of the spider silk, and the tailoring ability is sitting at lvl 32 right now., and I cheated, by buying the tailoring to 21, before I started, there in CR, at the guildmaster!), to make the bag, since you have to keep building your tailoring up, and you have to make the "sewing needle"(You have to get the "small brick of steel" from the Surefall Glades zone, from the merchant, that is not on the "find" list, his name is "Qaelin Hailstorm". You also have to make your own files, and etc, the only tools you can buy are the smithing hammer and the chisel, and that is it.), which can be a pain, but, the good thing about that is, you can box your toons, and have 1 make the sewing needles, and pass them onto the others! Also, you have to have a reasonable tailoring, for really anything to stick, when you have to make the "spider silk threads", "spool of spider silk thread" and etc, so, best to work on that, before you even start the quests!
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anyone got an loc for dorina?
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Sorry, I do not know the actual "loc", but, I can tell you where she is. If you zone in from the Moors zone, and once you are zoned in, and the river is to your right, follow the river to the first bridge, and cross it to your right, then veer to your left a bit, towards the mountain looking place(The top of the Mesa zone.), that is somewhat to the left of the bridge and forward, then follow the pathway up around the mountain, and once you reach the top, and it opens up to you, she is the 2nd one to the left-hand side, just past Kathryn.....
Dorina's Potion
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After you've done the Silkfang Pack quest, Dorina asks you to speak to Alchemist Naeema in Crescent Reach:

You say, 'Hail, Alchemist Naeema'

Naeema says, 'Vasha, friend. You look like you might be interested in the [philter of inamorata].'

You say, 'philter of inamorata'

Your task 'Dorina's Potion' has been updated.

Naeema says, 'A philter of inamorata? So you have a secret love do you? Well, there are much better ways to do it than to use a love potion, but who am I to refuse a costumer. Collect the supplies on this list for me and I will make your potion. They must be fresh, so I cannot use any that you may have already collected.'

Loot 1 Bear Heart from a bear - Goru'kar Mesa
Loot 1 Spider Brain from a cave recluse - Goru'kar Mesa
Loot 1 Snake Skin from a diamondback snake - Goru'kar Mesa
Loot 1 Blood-soaked Patch of Fur from wolf - Goru'kar Mesa

Deliver all items + 10 gold to Alchemist Naeema

Alchemist Naeema says, 'I hope you use this wisely and don't blame me for any regrets you might have later.'

You receive Philter of Inamorata, Quest Item, WT:1.0, Size: Small, Race: All, Class: All

Deliver 1 Philter of Inamorata to Dorina

Dorina says, 'This looks like it may do. Please give it to Simu, and when he asks, bring him to me.'

Deliver 1 Philter of Inamorata to Simu

Simu says, 'Is this a drink from Dorina? This is really getting amusing. Gah... this stuff is awful, what was she thinking? And what are you waiting for. Go back to her and tell her to never make stuff like this again; was she trying to poison me?'
You have tried your best, but Simu still does not appear to be interested in Dorina.

You gain experience!

Speak with Dorina again

Dorina says 'What? He did not follow you? That spell he is under must be really strong. That alchemist must be a [charlatan]! I will have to take matters into my own hands then. That is, unless you want to [continue to help] me.'

You say, 'charlatan'

Dorina says 'Yeah. The potion she made must have been mostly water. I bet she even implied it was a [love potion] and charged you gold for it.'

You say, 'love potion'

Dorina says 'A love potion? Is that what that alchemist said it was? She was just pulling your leg. Simu already loves me. That was supposed to break the spell he is under that prevents him from seeing that.'

You say, 'continue to help'

Dorina says 'Go find Ethaniel and tell him you want the list of Items I asked from him before. He owes me.'

Go to Blightfire Moors, Scout Ethaniel is in the small camp in the swamps.

You say, 'Hail, Scout Ethaniel'
Your task 'Dorina's Lament' has been updated.

Scout Ethaniel says 'Ah well yes. I guess I do owe her that much. You will need to go collect four honey samples from within Stone Hive. Only the ones in the room where they make magical honey will do. You will also need to collect some pollen from the jum-jum in their fields.'

Go to Stone Hive
Loot 4 Cultivated Jum-Jum Pollen (dropped randomly from any mob inside the building)
Loot 4 Honeycomb (dropped also from any mob)

Give Cultivated Jum-Jum Pollen to Dorina
Your task 'Dorina's Lament' has been updated.

Give Honeycombs to Dorina
Your task 'Dorina's Lament' has been updated.

Dorina mixes the pollen into the honey and blows lightly into the jar. Her breath sparkles as it mixes with the honey. 'Yes, I think this will do. Take this and give it to Simu with my apologies to him for the bad taste of the previous. Please protect him as he comes to me.'
Your task 'Dorina's Lament' has been updated.

Deliver 1 Soporific Honey to Simu

Simu says 'Well this certainly looks much better, and smells like honey. I'm willing to give it a try.' Simu sips the liquid. 'Wow, this is delectable, you say Dorina made this?' Simu gulps down the rest of the drink.'
Your task 'Dorina's Lament' has been updated.

Simu speaks in a monotone voice, 'Dorina wants me, must go to Dorina.'

Follow Simu to the top of the Mesa. He passed through bear territory, but wasn't attacked. Halfway on the path to the top a tuffein raider (approx. level 50-52) attacks.

a Tuffein raider says 'Die invader, die!'
Simu says 'Will these battles never end?'

Kill the raider. Pet classes should make sure that they call back their pet immediately after the fight, in case Simu used his AeE stun spell, to avoid that the pet attacks Simu.

Simu walks on, following the path to Dorina.

Dorina says 'Simu you have come to me! Thank you for bringing him back to me, here is your reward.'
Your task 'Dorina's Lament' has been updated.

You have succeeded in bringing Simu and Dorina together, but somehow your success feels a bit hollow.
You gain experience!!


Dorina says 'Ah Simu, I have broken the spell! You really do love me!'
Simu says 'Yes Dorina.'
Dorina says 'I knew that that nasty Naeema was wrong! You really do love me!'
Simu says 'Yes Dorina.'
You have successfully been granted your reward for: Dorina's Lament

Dorina's fist bursts into flame
Dorina is surrounded by a thorny barrier
Dorina's skin turns hard as diamond

And they lived happily ever after.

All are:
Magic Item, Lore Item, No Drop, Augmentation
Race: all, Class: all
Restrictions: none

Option 1

Dryad Tender Bauble
Slot types: 4
Effect: Dorina's Lament (Combat)
HP: +5, Mana: +5, Endurance: +5
Slot: Range, Primary, Secondary
Required Level: 35

Option 2

Dryad Focusing Bauble
Slot types: 7
Focus effect: Extended Enhancement II
Mana: +20
Slot: all except charm
Recommended Level: 35, required 28

Option 3

Dryad Protector Bauble
Slot types: 7
HP: +10, Mana: +10, Endurance: +10
SV Fire: +5, SV Disease: +5, SV Cold: +5, SV Magic: +5, SV Poison: +5
Slot: same as Option 2
Recommended Level: 35, required 28

Option 4

Dryad Maiden Bauble
Slot types: 7
STR: +5, DEX: +5, STA: +5, CHA: +5, WIS: +5, INT: +5, AGI: +5, HP: +10, Mana: +10, Endurance: +10
Slot: same as Option 2
Recommended Level: 35, required 28

A very lovely quest that takes some hours to finish, but I think it's worth it and very well designed.

Longlador Dragoncritter
53 drakkin mage
Antonius Bayle

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Dorina's Potion
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Naeema gives a Philter of ANAMORATA, not quite what Dorina asked for, which
ties in with the story.
Thought it was a spelling error at first, but it isn't.

Very well done quest arc, I wish it could be repeated to get all 4 rewards.
Donbayne 100 Rng - Uinian 100 Dru - Breru 100 Sk - Nyenie 82 Brd - Ruusan 76 Clr - Braru 75 Mag - Syqen 100 Shm EQ Stromm/Luclin
Folded Silkfang Pack
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Trivial for the final combine is 170 in tailoring, I was lucky and succeeded after 3 failures with a skill of 103.

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Quest NPC
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She is at the fairies at the top of the Dryad Plateau and gives quests of love.

She is in love with Simu from the Minohten Camp and if you hail her she will tell you that she loves him and she wants you to report on what he does all day.

You need to go to the Minohten camp and follow him to see what he does. Its very dull and boring as he is very dull and takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour for him to go everywhere.

He wanders around the camp and the guard areas on top of the hills and to the bears and spiders and back to the camp and his tent.

He is very dull and seems to have no interest whatsoever in Dorina.

Return back to Dorina and she asks you to take him a letter.

Return to the Minohten camp and hand him the letter he needs some time to read it and after about 5 minutes or so your task is updated.

Back to Dorina again and now she wants to get him a gift........

Yep you guessed it she wants you to collect the following for the first part.....

32 x Silks from Recluse Spiders (Quest ones not normal silks)
1 x Recluse Spider Fang from Recluse Spiders
4 x a Wolf Canine from the Mesa Wolves
1 x Supple Wolf Pelt from Mesa Wolves
5 x Large Snake Fangs from Mesa snakes or similar

This brings the result of an item she makes called a Folded Silkfang Pack - Magic Item - Lore - No Trade - Quest Item

Effect Unfold Silkfang Pack Cast time 1.0

The pack stats are :

Lore Item No Trade Weight 0.5 Weight Reduction 50% Capacitty 8 Giant

You give him the pack and he laughs and says he doesnt even know Dorina how can she expect a pack to make him love her.

You go back to Dorina and she gives you another quest to make an item for him.

Have to log now but will add to the post later when i do the next part.

Quisha Kinkipants
68th Mage
Druzzil Ro

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