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Nathsar Vambraces  

Slot: ARMS
AC: 8
DEX: +4 WIS: +4 AGI: +4
WT: 0.9 Size: MEDIUM
Class: ALL except NEC WIZ MAG ENC
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)
Slot 2, Type 21 (Special Ornamentation)

Item Type:Armor
Appearance:Velious Leather 1
Color (RGB):30, 0, 140
Merchant Value:0 pp 0 gp 2 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-08-09 04:30:45
Page Updated:Thu Oct 9th, 2008

Expansion: Ruins of Kunark Ruins of Kunark

Average Price: No Data Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 45

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This item is found on creatures.

NPC Name
Watch Sergeant Riz`oul

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name

Uploaded August 24th, 2019 by Drewinette
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Drop in value?
# Nov 02 2002 at 12:12 PM Rating: Decent
These have really dropped in value.

Picked mine up for 100pp last night on RZ.
RE: Drop in value?
# Apr 10 2003 at 7:33 AM Rating: Decent
Nah. I'd say you got lucky. I would say 500pp is a good deal now. Average seems to be 700pp. I will probably dye my sleeves 255, 255, 255 now (back to what they were before I put these vambraces on) so my armor matches.

Edited, Sat Apr 12 08:37:16 2003
Nathsar Drop Area
# Mar 01 2002 at 3:08 AM Rating: Decent
Nathsar BP drops ONLY in the royals area from random mobs, leggings drop from Underboss Myli'ki, Observer Aq'touz drops the bracer, Watch Sergeant Riz'oul drops the vambraces, gauntlets are random from any mob
# Jan 14 2002 at 1:52 AM Rating: Decent
just in case people care about how they look, these are the same texture as Gnome Skin, but purple. Well, the sleeves are....I dont know about the rest.

My wife will not let me wear them, and instead, insists I give them to her druid instead.
RE: Style
# Apr 10 2003 at 7:48 AM Rating: Decent
To the color blind:

These are not purple, they are dark blue. Adjust your monitors. The biceps part is a little brighter blue than the shoulder, the result of shading. On a BL Vah Shir if you have all leather looking gear, which is brown, this definitely throws off the whole look but still worth it to get these arms.
on par with Druid ToV arms
# Nov 12 2001 at 4:24 PM Rating: Good
If you look at the stats on the druid ToV armor

Woven Grass = 7 AC +2 STA +5 WIS +30 hp/mana

Nature Walkers= 10 AC +2 WIS +2 SV magic +20 HP +30 mana

Rowyls= 7 AC +2 WIS + 30 mana

Nathsar 8 AC +4 WIS +4 DEX +4 AGI +2 SV poisen

the Nathsar is easily on par with the SS and Kael armor and better then the Thurg armor in terms of total stats. Just a thought for those that cant hit up ToV yet or those that want great armor for their twinks.

Injektilo Val'Noir
<Aegis of Athas>
nice balance
# Nov 02 2001 at 6:22 PM Rating: Default
Good AC, Low weight, some melee modifyers, some resists, and nice wisdom. Very nice balancing addition to any druid, shaman, cleric, or monk wardrobe.
RE: nice balance
# Nov 06 2001 at 9:00 AM Rating: Excellent
Those sleeves are better then the Thug quest sleeves for druids in my eyes.
RE: nice balance
# Nov 06 2001 at 7:03 AM Rating: Decent
Got a pair last night.....
Funky purple look ..great on me (Human)
Headed to Hate Friday lets hope i can get some other purple stuff to go with it :P
Elrin Lifeforger
52 Cleric
Divine Legend
Terris Thule

# Oct 27 2001 at 2:32 PM Rating: Decent
anyone got an idea on how much they cost. I have the ulthork arms and need something better.

Jensen Greatwar
lvl 42 human druid of brell serilis
RE: price
# Sep 04 2002 at 12:12 PM Rating: Decent
Paid 1.6k for these about 6 months ago in North Freeport. Wouldn't be surprised if the price has dropped a bit since the bazaar has introduced much more competition between sellers.
RE: price
# Oct 27 2001 at 10:01 PM Rating: Decent
Paid 1K for these the other day, my monk is very happy. Prolly couldve and shouldve gone for MUCH more. Ty, Artemis for holdin them for me.

Qianxun Zhen of The Kindred Order

# Oct 19 2001 at 2:59 AM Rating: Default
397 posts
These look like nice druid sleeves. i'm not sure what the stats on giant scalemail sleeves are, but I'm pretty sure these would be more worth wearing. I wouldn't wear them personally as a shaman, but some less well off shamen might.
What drops this?
# Oct 16 2001 at 5:07 PM Rating: Decent
Hi guys,
Glad we are excited about the new class, but what drops this? Chardok has a lot of named spawns now so any help would be appreciated.
Twink Item
# Oct 12 2001 at 4:55 AM Rating: Decent
Verant put this out there so we can have items to twink the 2000+ Beatlords that will be coming out with the SoL expansion.
# Oct 10 2001 at 4:54 AM Rating: Default
Beats the hell outta Ulthork Hide Sleeves, gotta get me a pair!
# Oct 10 2001 at 12:30 AM Rating: Default
No way does it make the Magician or Necromacer obsolete...

Weak DoTs, tiny DDs, few non-pet spells... (at least according to what Caster's Realm has posted so far.)

Not to mention that the class will have better melee stats than a Magician or Necro.
RE: Obsolete?
# Oct 17 2001 at 10:37 AM Rating: Default
Apparently you haven't seen the pet spells they'll be getting. Pet hastes and buffs out the ***, and they'll be getting a lot of shamen spells as well (like slows, I think -- I'll have to check the vendors). From what I've seen though, they WILL be getting at least a lot of the utilities (summon food, SoW, again, I'll have to check).
RE: Obsolete?
# Dec 02 2001 at 3:11 PM Rating: Decent
Also notice that they get one pet spell, and then pet BUFFS that increase level and all that... That is basicly a timed pet, without the buff, it is nothing... Magicians/necros ect summon one pet and it can do fine just as it is... Keep this in mind :-)
RE: Obsolete?
# Nov 20 2002 at 3:49 PM Rating: Decent
If you didn't know recently VI changed it so that one summon does everything for the pet no longer is it a ability but a summon spell, just like the mages, necro and pets of other classes. I do my fair share of grouping and at lvl 39 I have quite a bit of knowledge on solo n group techniques for the Beastlord clas and I'l speak from experience this class makes none of the others obsolete
Calling all Druids
# Oct 09 2001 at 7:52 PM Rating: Excellent
Okay, something is wrong here.

Druid useable, lightweight, good stats, wisdom armor?!?

No way! About friggin time!
#Anonymous, Posted: Oct 10 2001 at 1:42 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) ah, get off yer keesters and get some withered leather sleeves from the hole
RE: Calling all Druids
# Oct 17 2001 at 3:55 PM Rating: Decent
These are better than Withered Leather Sleeves from the Hole, except for FR gear purposes.

Same wis, higher AC with +agi to compound the AC.
RE: Calling all Druids
# Oct 10 2001 at 12:57 AM Rating: Excellent
Hehe, thought about the same :-)
# Oct 09 2001 at 5:36 PM Rating: Default
Sorry... someone had to do it

# Oct 09 2001 at 2:20 PM Rating: Decent
Beastlord is going to be a Class for the Vah Shir in the upcoming Expansion Shadows of Luclin which should be out this December :). It will be a pet class thats kinda like a shaman from what I last heard.
RE: Beastlord.
# Oct 09 2001 at 2:44 PM Rating: Decent

It's supposed to be a hybrid of Shaman/Monk with a pet and a pile of pet-only buffs.
RE: Beastlord.
# Oct 09 2001 at 3:29 PM Rating: Decent
Beastlord can be played by any race that can be a shaman, I think wood elves would make more sense than an ogre or iksar though.
RE: Beastlord.
# Oct 09 2001 at 10:14 PM Rating: Decent
Anyone who plans to make a Beastlord when Luclin comes out should probably wait a while. Pet class with better pet buffs. This would make the magician and necromancer basically obsolete. I'm expecting a huge nerf. Like maybe making the pet weaker but the PC stronger so they might melee together. Or something else could be making this the equivilant of a necromancer except it deals with the living.
What is a Beastlord?
# Oct 09 2001 at 1:43 PM Rating: Default
Beastlord must be a new class. Anyone know what it might be?
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