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Acolyte's Anklet  

Slot: FEET
AC: 3
CHA: +3 WIS: +2 AGI: +2
WT: 1.2 Size: SMALL
Class: CLR DRU
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)
Slot 2, Type 21 (Special Ornamentation)

Item Type:Armor
Color (RGB):0, 0, 0
Submitted By:Mustard
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-07-27 02:20:49
Page Updated:Mon Apr 10th, 2017

Expansion: Original Original

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 15

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This item is the result of a quest.
Expansion List - Premium only.
Quest Name
The Acolyte

Zone(s) Found In:

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Uploaded October 15th, 2019 by stickleback
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# Feb 24 2004 at 12:13 PM Rating: Decent
You don't have to swim to get the waterlogged flesh. I killed one wandering in the hallway and it dropped.
# Jun 18 2002 at 6:22 PM Rating: Decent
I was wondering if a character could complete this quest and give the skins to another character to turn in. It says here that the skins are not no drop. Does anyone know.

RE: Possible?
# Aug 20 2003 at 7:46 PM Rating: Decent
Well, looks like I get to be the one to verify for you that you _can_ trade all three skins. I just got an Algae Covered Flesh today myself. It too is Lore, but tradable (not NODROP).
RE: Possible?
# May 08 2003 at 8:43 PM Rating: Decent
167 posts
The Swollen Flesh from the Greenblood Zombie in Feerott is magic, lore, and tradeable.

Edited, Thu May 8 21:06:20 2003
RE: Possible?
# Feb 05 2003 at 3:37 AM Rating: Decent
313 posts
The Waterlogged Flesh is Magic and Lore, but it is Not no drop. So you can give it away if you wish... I don't know about the other two items for this quest.
Henrian Illinoid -
80th Level Half Elf 4000AAs/Epic 1.5
Ranger of Tunare - The Rathe
Woote I can show off my Feet!
# May 04 2002 at 10:51 AM Rating: Good
90 posts
I did this quest late.. @ 34 he he but love the anklet. With this and my othmir cap I look like a newb. Wis foot items arent easy to come by.

My general advice is this: The flesh looks like zombies skin but isnt stackable.

So my advice for drowned citizens is .. of course.. Enduring breath, whatever skin you have plus all damage shields. Then after you've killed all four.. ( you'll have to ) gate out. I had to kill 12 of them to get the flesh ( 3 spawns )

I found the greenblood zombie on track wandering no where near the spot where he supposedly spawns. I had to kill three before I got the flesh. ( tried once nothing... came back and got it )

The zombie sailors have a pretty far aggro range so expect to fight at least two .. probably three at once. I had two kill 2 spawns to get the flesh and they also dropped a blurred map.

Actually in all cases ( cept maybe the greenblood..) expect to fight all of them at once.. so bring a friend or root first.
This is a very nice quest IMHO

Good luck !
Former Heirophant of Cazic Thule
Gonna add Paladin?
# Mar 29 2002 at 5:08 PM Rating: Decent
Does any one know if they are gonna add the hafling pally to this item? Let me know if they already have.
RE: Gonna add Paladin?
# Apr 22 2002 at 9:30 PM Rating: Decent
Serious doubt they will since dwarves could always use and they could always be pallies.
#REDACTED, Posted: Apr 15 2002 at 8:04 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) give us a good reason why they would
# Mar 22 2002 at 10:27 AM Rating: Decent
Does a halfling druid start with good enough faction to complete this quest?
# Mar 09 2002 at 4:19 PM Rating: Default
Quest is currently broke on the legends server due to mauders mire :(
you cannot get hte second flesh piece due to teh monsters using 'alternate' data sets in teh area
Got it tonight
# Jan 23 2002 at 4:39 AM Rating: Default
I'm a lvl 22 Halfling Druid and the worst thing about this quest is the trip to the Feerrott. Hated that alot!!. I'd never been south of Oasis and didn't know the lay of the land at all. Stayed in Superior Camo, SOW, and levitate the entire trip from Oasis (where I bound) to Rathe Mountain zone line (where I bound). God the Feerrott is an icky place, but then so is Innothule. I ran along the zone edges all the way with my heart in my throat, but had no trouble at all. I didn't know the Feerrott is pitch black and, at least on my server, Thouluxe Paells, lags like crazy. It must be all that moss graphic. Once I bound myself at the Rathe zone line I went back to the river in Camo and enduring breath and spent a half hour or so underwater tracking. Believe me keeping track up is the only way you can find anything in that opaque water. I had to kill eight or nine alligators (moss green to me) to pop the Greenblood, but he had the swollen flesh on him, so I didn't have to spend any more time there. I don't know how anyone can avoid the bouncers if they try to stay on shore. Death waiting to happen in my estimation.
The other two zombies (Sailor and Citizen) are MUCH easier to cope with, though the Drowned Citizens hit hard, came at me three at a time, and didn't drop the waterlogged flesh for the longest time. I had to kill 10 or so to finally score it. The Sailors were a snap. Easy to kill and the second one dropped the Algae Covered flesh. I think my anklet is very fetching! But before I go back to the Feerrott I'll be in my 40s believe me!
RE: Got it tonight
# Mar 22 2002 at 10:37 AM Rating: Decent
Wow, congratulations! You had one difficult time!

We were chased out and nearly killed by the ogre guards so often, we eventually asked for an ogre inside to help us. It took him an hour to get a piece of flesh, but he got good experience for it (he was only level 8 or so). We gave him 22 platinum (all the money we had), plus a stack of food and water. It was worth it to us, and he seemed to be satisfied with the arrangement also.
# Jan 19 2002 at 6:31 PM Rating: Decent
61 posts
Hey guys, don't laugh at me too much for this one hehe. I did this quest, took about an hour and a half, maby 2. Go to equip the anklet and , darn, i can't. Lol im a wood elf, guess i should have looked at the races too instead of just the classes.

Here are my tips though. The 'a zomebie sailor' in Erud's crossing is not the same as 'Zombie sailor' . The 'Zombie sailor's are waaay out in the ocean and the 'a zombie sailor's are right near that sunken ship.

Also in The Ferrot, just kill aligators and piranahs and the Greenbloods will spawn. Spwaned in about 3 minutes of slaughtering fishies. Was conviently the top mob on track too :)) . I just went over the bridge so I wasn't so close to Oggok and the bouncers.

Hope this helps. Too bad I already handed in the flesh or I would give em to some lowbie halfling druid. Oh well, best of luck to you all.

22 (Wood Elf!!!!) Druid of Tunare
Greenblood Zombies
# Dec 30 2001 at 2:16 PM Rating: Default
21 posts
Started this quest last night with my Halfling Druid (16) and my buddy who is a Halfling Rogue (13). The drowned citizen were just as advertised. Nasty and aggressive. We were looking around the south tunnel of West Freeport when all six of them aggroed. Took my buddy down quickly and I got one of them before they got me. Went back in a little wiser and got two of the citizens away from the others and took them down fast. Both dropped the Waterlogged Flesh. Ran to Innothule and bound just inside the entrance to Grobb after Camoing on the way in (a great idea by my buddy). As it turned out no worries about the bind point. We went into Feerott, followed the wall to the left of the entrance, cast enduring breath on both of us and started swimming. Swam the whole length of the river once without seeing a thing. I went back down the east branch while my buddy went down the west branch. Went all the way back down the east branch and got aggroed just before getting to the south end. Killed that one easy with my etched stone mace and flame burst. Dropped the swollen flesh. Went about another 200 yards got aggroed again and killed that one the same way. He also dropped but my buddy couldn't make it back before the zombie corpse despawned. Went to get my buddy and swam back down the river for about 5 minutes and another spawned in the same spot right around -1000, -750. We go for the zombie sailors tonight. From my experience the spawn point seems to be right around -1000, -750 and they are easy to solo at lvl 16.

Looking forward to showing off my feet again and am replacing my Vail imbued boots with this just for cosmetic reasons.
2 things
# Dec 15 2001 at 11:33 PM Rating: Default
1) I used my lvl 24 druid to get everything, had to kill a few zombies just to get the lore skins, You have to becareful in Feerott as the Orge Bouncers roam the area, i could only find 1 zombie there, in Erud Crossing I saw 4 on track, 2 close to the boat and 2 really far in the water, in W FP there were 4 in the secret passage. All were easy kills for my druid, gave the stuff to my cleric and got the anklet.
2) Show me a halfling, dwarf or gnome beastlord, there is something wrong with this item or the description above.
# Aug 24 2001 at 10:50 PM Rating: Default
You have to have better than indiferent faction to complete the quest. ;< I turned in the items and got the 'i wont help you' response.
RE: faction
# Jul 24 2002 at 3:58 AM Rating: Default
23 posts
To get your faction up do the cleric supplies quest
You will need to do it about 20 times so you will need 40 Ruined Wolf Pelts, 20 Black Wolf Pelts and 20 Foraged Berries

Edited, Wed Jul 24 04:46:47 2002
# Aug 24 2001 at 1:51 PM Rating: Good
to get the drowned citizens, go left out of the gate in WFP, drag along the wall, you'll eventually fall into it, follow it. boom, drowned citizens, not that hard, pull with swarm. if you get into trouble, follow the sewer, take every left you get, you'll zone into nfp. no problem.

the zombie sailors.. get on the boat in erudin (easiest for druids, we can port to toxx), ride it over, then back, it stops at the island. OR ride it from erudin, hit track, when you see something like "kerran beatle" or "kerran", jump off and follow it. watch out for the sharks, i heard they suck, although i never saw them. follow the island around until you see the sunken ship sticking out of the water. swim through it and you'll **** off a couple of sailors. kill kill kill, loot, port to west commons, or feerott if you can.

throw on enduring breath, swim up and down the river, i've been told they spawn under the knocked over pillar, but they didn't for me. kill everything in sight, aligators, pirahanas, blah blah blah. no need to pull out of the water, the bouncers will kill you. i never had a problem with the bouncers, but again, i never left the water. eventually the zombies will spawn, and because they are dumbass undead, they'll agro on you, so you don't really have to look that hard for them.

give them to that japepeers guy in the rivervale cleric guild (it's the first building after you zone in from kith, he's in the back right room). he'll give you the anklet and some mixed change. after carrying around my heavy-*** scarab boots, this anklet isn't so bad. plus wis, and charisma, which my halfling could also use. the lower weight countered my recent purchase of a brown chitin protector, which is way too heavy.

p.s. if you are a halfling druid, and need some charisma items just for buying/selling, go look for a gnoll necklace in south karana, +5 cha. you can buy them cheaper than you can buy crafted charisma jewelry too.
# Aug 23 2001 at 10:03 AM Rating: Default
Evidently, this is fixed now. I was talking to Rorer for the Shakey Quest and he seemed to be "Bugged" for the evening and wouldn't stop running. So,I re-camoed myself and decided to track the Greenblooded Zombie. He was in the River right next to where I was standing. I jumped in and pulled him out. He dropped the skin first time. At that point, I was hit by a Bouncer and had to run for my life. I made it. Whew! I Gated to Rivervale and BINGO, I got my anklets, since I already had the other skins in the bank. Yeah for more Wisdom.

Durlion Windroar
Druid of 23 Seasons
Drowned Citizens Back
# Aug 15 2001 at 1:20 PM Rating: Default
I got on immediately after the patch today and headed to West FreePort since the patch message said the Drowned Citizens were back. Sure enough, there they were. Took about 5 kills to get the water logged skin...remember this is what you want, not the zombie skin that they also drop.

Now I just need the skin from the Greenblood Zombie. Haven't been able to track him yet.

Good Luck all!
Greenblood Zomble's.......Where?
# Aug 14 2001 at 5:11 AM Rating: Default
I've looked all over Feerott yet I can not find the zombie's anywhere. I have the other two skins already but there doesn't seem to be any Greenblood zombie's. Has anyone seen any lately?? Or maybe sell me a swollen flesh skin?

18 Halfling Druid
Tallon Zek
Drowned Citizen Where???
# Aug 07 2001 at 11:56 AM Rating: Default
I have looked in all area's of the hidden tunnels (that I can find) for the "drowned citizen" and still no luck. I have gone exactly where the post and details indicated and have never seen one, been able to track one and I even had a 50 Paladin use his skills and he was unable to locate them.

Where Are They???

RE: Drowned Citizen Where???
# Aug 08 2001 at 8:36 AM Rating: Default
This quest has been bugged for the last few weeks. I personally have talked to 2 GM's and 1 Guide. The guide useless, the GM's told me there was an issue and that they were aware of it. That was as of July 10... it has been broken for a bit longer as far as I can tell.
Greenblood zombie
# Jun 19 2001 at 6:55 AM Rating: Default
Tracked this guy last night. He was swimming in the river near neg500/neg500. I kept losing sight of him since the water was dark and he was on the move. Once I DOT'ed him and pulled him up on shore, I had no problem finishing him off.

Last time I tried this without track, and Bouncer came and smacked me around - keep an eye out for him!
greenblood finds me
# Jun 17 2001 at 1:32 PM Rating: Default
I leave cazic thule and make a sharp right ,staying on the wall all the way to the river where I stop upon its banks to fish.
It seems he spawns every hour and his pathing passes right by my secret fishing spot.
this is where i leave my mule whilst loadin up on fine steel in Cazic...i might as well make the best of it:)

Master Angler
# Jun 08 2001 at 11:19 PM Rating: Default
Hehe, I ran into this guy while on a corpse run, and had to punch him to death (with the occasional slam). I was swimming when he attacked me, mebbe that'll help. My path was from oggok to cazic-thule, try that.
where is the greenblood zombie in feerrot?
# Jun 02 2001 at 5:24 AM Rating: Default
I run around in feerrot and I haven't found any greenblood zombie yet. I used my track to find it, but i am still stuck on it.
RE: where is the greenblood zombie in feerrot?
# Jun 02 2001 at 3:54 PM Rating: Default
I did this quest a while ago so I dont remember the loc. But at the edge of part of the river you will find a place that is just swarming with gators. Just kill all of the gators and then wait. Just keep looking on track and you should find the greenblood within a few min. I hope this helps you.

Treejogger Treewolf
(Druid of the 32 season on the Xegony server)

-If your on my server and have any questions on the quest just give me a tell and I'll be happy to answer them. )
swolen flesh
# May 18 2001 at 10:36 AM Rating: Default
a problem killing the green blood zombie
bouncers will kill any one even ogres tying to kill this zombie in feerrot i found this out the hard way...

AWOLF lvl 20 druid
i need to know!
# Apr 17 2001 at 2:58 PM Rating: Default
how high must your faction be to get this quest from the cleris in rivervale? is a dwarf clerics starting faction good enough? and one more thing, what can i fight that will give me good faction to the rivervaler clerics?
RE: i need to know!
# May 25 2001 at 11:56 AM Rating: Default
There is only one quest to raise your faction if you're a dwarven cleric and that is the cleric supplies quest that starts with Beek in Rivervale. You are required to turn in two ruined wolf pelts, a black wolf skin and foraged berries (found on the ground in Misty Thicket on the ground). For myself, it required about 16-18 repeats of this quest to be able to have Gapeers allow me to gather the skins. At level 24, it actually required me more time to gather the cleric supplies than it did the skins (paying for ports, of course, to get to the skins). Good luck!
# Apr 14 2001 at 7:06 PM Rating: Default
For the dwarven clerics doing this quest, make sure you have good fac with the clerics in Rivervale.

Gondred Ironheal
Rallos Zek
#Anonymous, Posted: Mar 15 2001 at 11:54 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) do we have to have big feet as a druid to wear this stupid thing.. i mean sheesh.. had i known about this when i started a druid i would have made a halfling.. this is one of the few feet slot druid items i have seen that gives wisdom and i can't wear it cause im not an ugly halfling.. i mean come on.. ankle braclets are for cute little woodelfs =P
#Anonymous, Posted: Mar 26 2001 at 8:28 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) fisrt off, everyone should hate keebler elves because they are so stupid looking. halfys rule.
#Anonymous, Posted: Apr 03 2001 at 12:47 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Heh.... this is wrong on so many levels.
#Anonymous, Posted: May 03 2001 at 9:24 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) sooooo sorry... All those useless elves do good is run backwards. I see more dead wood and high elves then any other race. If the dang Dorfs wearn't only one zone away da useless elves woulda, coulda, and shoulda been booted out of GF by the Crushbone pORKs. Any smart elf ends up running (backwards) to Steamfont to hide behind a gnome's pet as soon she can. I must admit... some of the women are generous sweeties... the problem is finding a real one, most are cross dressers!
#Anonymous, Posted: Mar 26 2001 at 4:06 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Back off spock.. Watch it or I'll kick you outta that tree city on ye pointy ears !
RE: wtf?
# Mar 18 2001 at 12:45 AM Rating: Decent
It's a well known fact that the best way to prove one's loyalty to a deity is to have a ring placed on your ankle that cannot be removed due to the abnormal size of your feet. You elves and your cursed tiny feet will just have to suffer and be less wise than us short, balding halflings.
# Feb 08 2001 at 11:19 PM Rating: Default
are the guys you kill to get the skin rare? i have been camping freeport one for about 3 days
RE: Where?
# Mar 13 2001 at 12:52 PM Rating: Decent
With the drowned citizens and the zombie sailors, it was about one in four that drop it. Not sure about the greenbloods yet, I haven't made it over to Feerrott yet.

For the zombie sailors, go to the sunken ship on the other side of the island in Erud's Crossing. I used Sense the Dead to find them, nuked them, and then looted...took me about four or five to get what I was looking for. They didn't swarm me, but I think I might've been lucky.

For the drowned citizens, yeah, the pool in WFP is the place to go. Be sure you can handle four at a time, that's how they spawn, so have somebody backing you up...I almost made it at 16th level (getting nailed by DC # 4), so one other person would be all that's required.

Priest of Brell Serilis, 18th order of initiation
Crusaders of Drunken Might
Fennin Ro
RE: Where?
# Mar 21 2001 at 3:49 PM Rating: Default
If your facing the W. FP gate go right and run into the corn of the wall. Follow the passage until you come to the pool. My partner and I are both 20 lvl druids so we bound at the top of the pool, memmed gate, cast enduring breath, and levitate and jumped in. Cast careless lighting and meleed until they all droped. Looted but nada. So gated back to top of pool. Waited got a Ranger friend ran around to other undergroud tunnel and then came back. More DC were there so we buffed, cast endure breath and levitate and jumped into the pool. Nuke and melee this time 5 spawned. Got two of them had flesh but I got the one I wanted so we found the passage out ran around the rim and out. As we were doing the a ogre friend went to Feerot and got me a Greenblood zombie skin. So now I only have the crossing.

RE: Where?
# May 04 2001 at 9:00 PM Rating: Default
the a zombie sailors are in the water by the sunken ship. there were 4 there so i killed a 4 and got the flesh
RE: Where?
# Feb 11 2001 at 1:07 AM Rating: Default
I am working on this quest and there were no Drowned Citizens in the first spot I checked in the tunnel...which is spot #1 on the EQ ATlas page...but there were 3-4 in the #3 spot which is the Flooded Water Cistern...just make sure that you know the secret way out of there....
RE: Where?
# Feb 09 2001 at 3:05 PM Rating: Default
Read my response to Drowned Citizens on the quest page.
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