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Grotesque Mask  

Slot: FACE
AC: 3
DEX: +7 CHA: -9
WT: 1.0 Size: SMALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)

Item Type:Armor
Merchant Value:20 pp 0 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Submitted By:Doriath
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-07-27 02:40:29
Page Updated:Tue Apr 11th, 2017

Expansion: Original Original

Average Price: 58pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 30

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This item is found on creatures.

Clan RunnyEye
NPC Name
Lord Pickclaw

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Clan RunnyEye
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still dropping
# May 16 2002 at 12:19 PM Rating: Decent
just got one today
RE: still dropping
# Jan 07 2006 at 10:43 AM Rating: Decent
Lord Pickclaw dropped one for me today.
It drops !
# Jan 03 2002 at 6:04 PM Rating: Default
it does drop! I just looted it last night !
The old drop
# Dec 05 2001 at 5:41 PM Rating: Decent
204 posts
anyone know if the price has changed any on the old one since it doesn't drop anymore?
RE: The old drop
# Jan 01 2002 at 10:44 PM Rating: Decent
Got one of these in a trade today on Xev server. Person said he paid 200pp. 7 Dex is a nice boost to proc rate, but not THAT nice, considering the low AC, IMO.

Haven't gotten to a auction zone for a PC, yet, but I'll probably end up selling it to a merchant for 25pp just to get rid of it.

Slathgar Ebonscale, 38th monk of Xev
# Sep 06 2001 at 8:37 PM Rating: Decent
THIS mask didnt get updated, its the same thing that happened with the black iron armor. now its black alloy. the grotesque alloy mask is the updated version of this.
Changed Stats on Mask
# Sep 01 2001 at 11:36 AM Rating: Decent
Not sure if the price has now changed on this item...because the stats sure have:

Ac 6
Dex +7
Agi +2
Cha -15
Save vs Magic +5
How do you camp this?
# Sep 06 2001 at 11:34 PM Rating: Decent
I currently have the previous version of the Grotesque Mask, which I bought from someone. I am a lvl 40 SK.

After seeing this post I tried camping it. I went to room 3 on Runnyeye lvl 4 from map on EQ Atlas where the Goblin King is supposed to spawn according to the map. According to the info on the item, the Goblin King and 3-4 spawns are supposed to spawn here. This room is barely big enough to hold one spawn.

I killed every greenie that I saw on lvl 4 of runnyeye, and could not get the King to spawn after 6 hours.

Did Verant change Runnyeye like they did Befallen or what?

I would love to get this mask!

Djrasnia Nyghteyes
Innorukk Server
Shadow Knight of the 40th Season
It IS grotesque ;o)
# May 16 2001 at 4:37 AM Rating: Decent
39 posts
Seems to be quite common and often on auction channel in Ecommons/Gfay.
My HalfElf Pally (unmodified 85 CHA) has one of those - bought it for 50 PP from another Player. Just have to remember to take it off befor i go shoppin' - it makes about 10% difference for the price u have to pay.
May not seem very much for a ratio or bottle of water, but if you count that without forage and/or summon food you'll have to buy loads of them plus arrows/fletching supply and sometimes quite expensive stuff (100pp without 109pp with mask f.ex. :o)
But the Dex+ is surely worth it. Also seems to affect the speed you learn a certain weapon skill. I try to keep 1HS and 2HS maxed every lvl, which is almost impossible without high dex and fast weapons
# Apr 29 2001 at 2:59 PM Rating: Decent
With the argument that Dex is no longer as important as it once was thought for Warriors, what would be the next logical upgrade from it? I like the Dex bonus ('cuz it makes me believe that my Acid-Etched Sword will fire off more often) but, this is way old-school gear. There must be a better Kunark or Velious Equivalent.
Yes Very very Common
# Mar 23 2001 at 9:17 AM Rating: Default
5 droped for us in a space of 4 hours.
Very common
# Feb 18 2001 at 9:56 PM Rating: Default
I camped king and the warlord for about 2 hours today. Got this mask of king 3 times out of the 5 kills=)
-braveone 51 ranger
rodcet nife server
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