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Glowing Stone Band  

Lore Item
AC: 2
Effect: Serpent Sight (Worn, Casting Time: Instant)
WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)

Item Type:Armor
Merchant Value:3 pp 6 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-12-15 03:02:58
Page Updated:Sun Apr 23rd, 2017

Expansion: Original Original

Average Price: No Data Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 29

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This item is found on creatures.

Solusek's Eye (Solusek A)
NPC Name
goblin high shaman

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Solusek's Eye (Solusek A)

Uploaded June 24th, 2022 by Drewinette
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Sold for
# Oct 12 2005 at 2:41 PM Rating: Decent
Bought this off of a merchant in the lighthouse in Gunthak for about 50 plat on Prexus server...sold in baz for 375 while in trader for 2 hours.
# Sep 10 2005 at 10:54 AM Rating: Decent
34 posts
Tributes for 85
# Jun 02 2003 at 3:56 AM Rating: Decent
Two are currently being sold on Stormhammer Bazaar. Cheapest is 1k and highest 2.5k.
Way too expensive imho, but hey! What do I know?
I wonder how long they are waiting to sell those...
25 platinum?... I dont think so...
# Mar 19 2003 at 8:58 PM Rating: Default
Dang, on my server (Torvonnilous) these suckers go for 500-600pp. I havent seen them go any lower then that... I sold one for 400pp.. It was the lowest price in Bazaar... The rest were all 500-600pp.. I think I got a good price though!

Tazain Trailrunner <Ring of Faith> Outrider of Tunare
Nice Ring
# Mar 31 2002 at 3:38 PM Rating: Default
I bought one of these rings for 400 pp from a fellow Barbarian on Innoruuk server. Very nice addition to any of the night blind races. Only wish it was Ultra Vision instead of only Infra Vision.
#REDACTED, Posted: Nov 17 2001 at 12:24 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) this ring says band and theese are some great bands: weezer,alkaline trio,nofx,the getup kids,lagwagon,and goldfinger
RE: bands
# Feb 18 2002 at 12:49 AM Rating: Default
omg, the trio!!!

best race
# Nov 08 2001 at 1:49 PM Rating: Default
barbarian, erudite, human.
poor guy...after 10 long hours to find the truth
# Aug 15 2001 at 5:28 AM Rating: Default
Yesterday I was in sou a for a raid with the guild, there was a guy there complaining on the spawn time on the High shaman. Said that he has never spawned in the 10 long, hours that he has camped there, said that not once has he ever seen the H.S. I was shocked, I've camped the HS many times and see him, at least once every 40 minutes or so. Well the guy asked me what he should do to kill time, I told him to clear the other room next to the H.S. room. He then stated that he didn't want to bother with the Exiled chick. I (LOLed him) telling him that if he wanted to camp the H.S that he would have to kill her if she spawned also, cause they were in the same room. He then stated that Allakhazam states that the H.S spawns in 1 room, and the Exile spawns in the next. He didn't believe me, when I told him that the H.S spawns in the same room, and offered him 100pp if I was wrong. Anyway just to let people know the H.S does infact spawn in the Exile room behind the table, not the room with the bed in it.
RE: poor guy...after 10 long hours to find the truth
# Sep 17 2001 at 7:32 AM Rating: Default
HAR! Dunno what HE was doin... three of us jumped the room and killed the TeirDal priestess... ten minutes later the Shaman spawned with no RING! (Grrrrr) Within the hour, he spawned again and the ring was on him. And being a Northman (some say Barbarian...bah!) Warrior, tis a FINE item fer ye.

Be patient, kill the DE... its worth it! ;)

# Aug 07 2001 at 11:23 PM Rating: Default
do you have to right click on this to get it to work, or does it automatically work when you put it on?
RE: effect?
# Sep 07 2001 at 8:14 PM Rating: Default
If you check out the data above the picture you will see that it says:

Type: Permanent

That means that its always on.
I want one
# Jul 02 2001 at 8:13 PM Rating: Default
I have a human monk of S. Ro server and want to buy one if anyone has one for sale. Let me know 'cause I will pay any reasonable offer.
Camp time
# Jun 18 2001 at 4:00 AM Rating: Default
I camped the High Shaman for app. 3,5 hors yesterday, He only showed once. PH´s are as I recall, Fire Goblin, Solusek Champion, Solusek Mage, Inferno Goblin Shaman, Inferno Goblin

He spawn on the far side of the table.

He spawns in the same room as the Exiled DE, cant remember her name.

I would just kill all the Gob´s around waiting for spawn.
When I left I had around 80PP, and 300Gp in cash.
Not bad if you are only there for the ring.

The room and spawn is easily broken if you take it slowly.

Sincerely / Dhazheal 44th Necro of Rallos Zek
# Jun 12 2001 at 12:37 AM Rating: Default
This ring is awesome on humans and erudites, I try to keep it on all my chars that are these races. BTW, friend sold one for 3k.... so these things are valueable too.
who sold this?
# May 11 2001 at 7:51 PM Rating: Default
I picked this up for my erudite wizard at a vendor in Qeynos...I couldnt believe it, what could possibly make a level 3 erudite happier? OK I know there are things but this was still awesome...right around 65pp
Does it work?
# May 06 2001 at 6:54 PM Rating: Default
I got it yesterday, it really does work (Barbarian Warrior). I assume that if you are a race that already has some sort of night vision this item would be pretty useless. Maybe that is the reason why it will not work on you.

As for the spawn time: it is very long, there are lots of Place Holders in the room where he spawns so prepare yourself for a long camp.
# May 01 2001 at 10:06 AM Rating: Default
Someone said a meager light source. On my barbarian warrior, it never is night time now. I can see goblins blending into the hillside at 1000 paces at 2am.

This thing is my favorite item on my warrior. To me it's priceless, I wouldn't sell it (unless you give me an INSANE price, hehe). I could use a Blackened Crystaline Robe :)
Works great
# Feb 13 2001 at 6:31 PM Rating: Decent
26 posts
My Barb Warrior loves this ring. The Goblin High Shaman spawns in the castle area of SolA in the back. Goto to get a map if you need directions. When I got it I only had to kill one placeholder before the shaman spawned and he droped the ring. The easiest cure for nightblindness suffered by Humans, Erudites, and Barbarians for only a small sacrifice of a ring slot.
RE: Works great
# Mar 11 2001 at 6:07 PM Rating: Default
This ring is one on my Human Monk....I CAN SEE NOW =D
# Feb 08 2001 at 5:10 AM Rating: Default
I have one, but it doesn't seem to work. When I put it on, I can't see better or invis people. Same as when I right click it.

40th warrior
The Rathe.
RE: Broken?
# Apr 09 2001 at 8:48 AM Rating: Default
It works. Infravision has varying degrees of effectiveness with each race that has it. This ring provides you with a meager amount of nightvision. You will still need a light source in certain areas to get around but all the NPC/PC's should appear with a reddish hue to them.
RE: Broken?
# Feb 08 2001 at 3:43 PM Rating: Default
Are you a blind class or do you already have infra or ultravision? If you are a blind class then I need to stop trying to get this for my human char.
# Jan 23 2001 at 10:56 PM Rating: Default
Where does this drop? And are they very common? I would REALLY like to have one on my Human Monk!!! Please help! /cry
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