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Darkforge Helm  

Slot: HEAD
AC: 13
INT: +5
WT: 3.0 Size: SMALL
Class: SHD
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)
Slot 2, Type 21 (Special Ornamentation)

Item Type:Armor
Color (RGB):73, 7, 1
Merchant Value:1 pp 0 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-12-11 11:00:14
Page Updated:Wed Apr 12th, 2017

Expansion: Original Original

Average Price: 100pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Uncommon
Level to Attain: 33

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This item is the result of a quest.
Expansion List - Premium only.
Quest Name
Darkforge Helm


This item is used in quests.
Expansion List - Premium only.

The Overthere
Quest Name
Shadowknight Epic: Innoruuk's Curse

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Temple of Solusek Ro
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RE:Char and taunt/fear
# Oct 23 2003 at 8:08 PM Rating: Decent
My char is currently like 25, and while I'm not 100% sure,scientifically, I do agree that it seems to help quite a bit. I've been able to out taunt warriors 4 to 6 lvls above me, and frustrate quite a few monks and rangers that bragged of their ability to steal aggro.
how to do it
# Aug 13 2002 at 11:34 AM Rating: Default
Ok, I know it says "freeport militia helm", but if you get "damaged militia helm" it works.(I did it it's why I know).
Next, go to the FP zone that is north of NRO, it's eFP.
There is a guard there named "Fentallin"(push over when you are 32nd). I killed him 2 times, and both times he dropped: "short sword"; "damaged militia helm".
Next detail is he does walk back and forth between the main gate to the desert and the gate to the xroads to dock and wFP.
Guard Goemin does this also, however he goes a lot further (your needed window, he cons red to lvl 32 sk).
The place to drop Fentallin without aggro is as he starts walking to the desert gate. I made sure to time my spell casting to land just as he is standing in front of the "Soulbinder".
Ht will make you feel safer if he runs. But do yourself a favor and cast darkness, heatblood, siphon str, and anyother spell to kill him faster. Oh yeah, a shield to "stun" bashing him is also a good idea.
This is all safe and easy, and I started on dubious faction and left that way...nice note, I think the paladin and clerics in FP are going to fall in love with me soon... =P
Azeitona D'Billis
32 Shadowknight of Innoruk
Lanys T'Vyl
RE: Which...?
# Jun 20 2002 at 5:28 PM Rating: Decent
16 posts
Actually, which stats to lean towards when selecting gear depends ultimately upon which race you play. If you play a troll or ogre, odds are you're pretty much up there str and sta wise coming out of the gate, but you are dumb as a box of rocks. Conversely, if you're a dark elf or iksar(or gnome as of the recent patch), you most likely possess a certain degree of mental acumen that the big guys lack, but arent particularly hardy. The stats you'll want to raise will vary accordingly....and it balances out, the large races arent quite as dependent upon casting to win fights as the smaller less hardy least until higher levels where the difference in hit points between the big and little sk's becomes meaningless relative to how damned hard everything hits.
Beornegar Frostwolf
51 Champion

26 Troll SK

Order of the White Fang
Can be multi-quested
# Jan 05 2002 at 3:14 PM Rating: Default
Just a quick FYI, just did this quest for my brother's SK. I had the Decayed Helm and 2 Freeport Milita helms. My buddy had the Decayed Visor. I am amialbe to Temple of Solusek Ro and by buddy is apprehensive.

He gave the Undead Knight the Visor, then I gave the Knight the rest and wallah! Darkforge Helm for the bro's SK. One of the nicest mid level quest helms. Much nicer than the Helm of Ro I had at his level!
An alternative
# Nov 23 2001 at 2:25 PM Rating: Decent
Skull Shapped Barbute. Drops in L Guk off of Undead Lord (iirc) AC 13, + 35 HP.

Usually sells cheap.
RE: An alternative
# Mar 23 2006 at 3:16 PM Rating: Decent
+10 MR.

Edited, Thu Mar 23 14:18:18 2006
# Nov 20 2001 at 7:32 AM Rating: Default
DEF SK's main ingredient is AC .....STR is a bonus and so is INT. The reason for this is because we are tanks.... whats the point in having a tank that gets killed too fast. You would become a clerics (healers) worst nightmare. An SK with high AC gets hurt less and lives longer. Your STR stat comes second then your INT. Lets face it SK spells are useless in battle until lvl 39. I can do more dmg hitting then I can with spells (HT excluded of course). So in short always go with AC first.

44 SK
of The Rathe
Spells rock
# Feb 04 2002 at 2:07 AM Rating: Excellent
Anyone who thinks a SK's spells are useless at any level has obviously never played one.

1) Fantastic taunting - I can taunt a mob off of a caster, bard or rogue before they can even hit thier help key

2) Self buffing and mob debuffing - siphon STR alone makes spells worth it - that's 10 free STR points forever

3) Lifetaps - you heal yourself and hurt the mob all at once - I've burned full mana bars in battle doing chain lifetaps while soloing - I wouldn't have been able to win most of those battles if I didn't have lifetaps

4) Gather shadows - being able to invis myself is *so* useless - you're right

5) Pets - free dot and when it hits the fan, the mobs will usually turn on the pet first - that means that it's just bought you a few extra free seconds to run as well as taken a few points of damage - so it's a combo ruin/dot/uber-short root - oh so useless

6) Vampiric embrace - 16point lifetap proc for your weapon - you hit mob, weapon procs 16 point damage on mob and 16 point heal for you - that's on top of any proc weapon already has

7) Darkness line - rangers are only taken into groups for thier snare spells - well the SK snare isn't resisted as much plus it's a dot to boot - twice as useful as a ranger snare

8) Fear and feign death - everyone knows that no-one has any use for either of these spells - everyone who's never played that is - ever use FD to break a spawn or save your butt? Ever heard of fear kiting?

Yeah, SK spells are really useless, so I wonder how I've been so successful using them all the time?
RE: Which.....
# Dec 07 2001 at 6:13 AM Rating: Decent
We're hybrids, our spells are a joke till high lvls. You claimto be a tanking SK and then call your spells crap? What the hell do you think is keeping the aggro on you? Do you realize the aggro you get from disease cloud? I've been able to out taunt rogues and monks my entire career thanks to that spell. They're the most useful to us when it is called upon us to tank. I agree that at high lvls str is a bit of a bonus but int never become merely 'a bonus' you can get buffed out the *** from shammie's in high lvl groups and raids but enchanter's brilliance/gom whatever is not going to be mean crap really(sorry, plus 5 int froma spell is nice but not THAT helpful). Getting high int is paramount in an SK's career, not necessarily a deffining mark but is very very usefull. For any SK the order should be AC - resists - int - str. All told this is a sweet piece and well worth the effort to obtain, the int boost is sweet the ac is damn nice for it's lvl and the resists own.
RE: Which.....
# Jun 18 2002 at 12:10 PM Rating: Decent
As playing a very successful Tallon Zek Shadow Knight, I know that without spells and trying to play an SK, I couldn't be a tank. It's too tough to aggro the mobs with just one weapon, even with double attack. But, one little dash of darkness or disease can easily help me aggro the mobs, & the higher the int, the more likely the spell will catch.

-Renmazuo of TZ
# Sep 30 2001 at 1:25 PM Rating: Decent
Anyone know which guards in the West Freeport Militia are need to be killed in ordre to attain the Visors need for this quest? =P
RE: Guards?
# Nov 21 2001 at 10:38 AM Rating: Decent
Okay. I'm assuming you mean freeport militia helms. I'd guess any of the guards could drop the helms, but there is one guard in particular (Guard Fentallin) who is considerably lower lvl as compared to the other guards. This lvl16 guard can be found (all reference points are on the map at this link )

He spawns between buildings 4 and 5 and paths from there to just south of building 8 and back.

Best spot to take him from my experience is between building 4 and 5. Do NOT let him try and run/walk near the end of the fight. Watch for Guard Goemin(lvl36) his path is just near that alley. You get agroed then FD or just head up to west freeport zone (it's not too far).


Saedaen Iventhorizon <Dark Defiant Warriors>
51rst Reaver
Vallon Zek
# Jun 11 2001 at 8:56 AM Rating: Default
I currently use a Blackened Iron Coif (AV 8 +6STR Resist all +6) I'm a DE-SK and was wondering which shoudl i pick? I do need the STR thoguh
RE: Which...?
# Aug 03 2001 at 12:53 AM Rating: Decent
I believe you mean Blackened Alloy Coif. = P

Anyways, Strength items are about as common as gnolls in Blackburrow. If you need strength, try items like Jagged Bands for rings, Bloodstained Mantle for the shoulders, Hardened Kodiak Hide Bracer (Hero Bracer if you are really twinky, and Kodiak Hide are a little low on the AC side), stick a Ye Auld Ball Peen Hammer in the range slot if you need, Cracked Darkwood Shield, etc. etc.

The AC blows the BA Coif out of the water, the intelligence always helps, and you still get the saves of the Coif. Use this.

Eitsekur Eitfyndir
23 Shadow Knight (Erudite)
Heartbinder's Heroes, 7th Hammer
RE: Which...?
# Dec 19 2002 at 7:05 AM Rating: Decent
Ok no offense bro but ***** the AC on this helm i dont care if its a 105+ to int or -1 int even im going out of my way to get this item ya know why? because its for our epic as an SK and ya i know there are better weapons out there then our epic but keep in mind that a long time ago before kunark the pali epic was basicaly the ghoulbane then they added the soulfire then the fiery avenger and finally the fiery defender, they will eventually upgrade all the epics as they have before and personaly id like to not have to do it later on when i can do it now, so after this stupid patch goes through hopefully fixing the boat system or my poor little pali is gonna be stuck going to luclin or stayin in fay :( PoP is pimp but if ya dont have its not quite so usefull lol see all of you bertox pepz in 3 hours love ya even though ya seem to hate me lol peace all
Khur 46 shammy along with some other pepz too :)
RE: Nah they are right
# Mar 26 2002 at 3:23 AM Rating: Decent
There is both BI and BA armor in runnyeye. The BI stuff is ok but not worth it since you can spend the time and get the BA which is lighter. You gotta love RE to get some decent stuff to give out or sell :)
RE: Nah they are right
# Dec 19 2002 at 7:07 AM Rating: Decent
im not doubting ya "size" but is it true what they say about men with big feet bro? lol hehe ya i guess it is ya have big guts too lol peace dawg and no offense
khur 46 shammy of betox
Best piece
# May 20 2001 at 12:51 PM Rating: Default
This is probly the best Darkforge piece- I am currently using a 10ac 5str,char, and vs all saves helm but would gladly ditch the charisma for 3 xtra AC- besides, as a sk charisma is bad (or so im told)
RE: Best piece
# Jun 18 2001 at 4:01 PM Rating: Decent
that all depends on what you or others believe. its like with shaman. they have a belief that the higher the cha, the better poison, disease, and some of their other spells have of landing. its all theory though. but even the main guide that comes with EQ says SKs need cha to help land their status type spells.
RE: Best piece
# Sep 01 2001 at 1:43 PM Rating: Default
The reason that SKs don't want charisma is for taunting and fearing. The lower your charisma, the better they work. The grotesque(sp) mask is a great SK piece for this reason(-9 cha). It's not a bad idea to take negative charisma pieces off when not fighting tho, so NPCs view you a bit better.
RE: Best piece
# Feb 15 2004 at 8:21 PM Rating: Decent
i don't know why people think Char does anything other then help with charm and selling.

thats all its good for.

as a 63human sk i have 130unbuffed charisma and i can still, even after the patch, out tuant a 65 warrior using his disc's and wielding a BoC.

i use 2 spells, tuant and a proc off my weapon and i keep agro and hold it.

i use my best terror spell, best darkness line spell, tuant and the proc off my black bastardsword witch is my lvl 34 terror spell.

i cast my terror spell when needed to take agro back.

so the only thing other then how much yoyu buy/sell for to npc's that charisma helps is for charming, nothing more nothing less
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