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Great Shadow Platemail  

AC: 80
STR: +25 DEX: +25 STA: +25 WIS: +15 INT: +15 AGI: +25 HP: +125 MANA: +125 ENDUR: +125
SV FIRE: +30 SV COLD: +30
Attack: +50
Recommended level of 60.
WT: 5.0 Size: TINY
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)
Slot 2, Type 21 (Special Ornamentation)

Item Type:Armor
Color (RGB):40, 40, 40
Light:Large Lantern
Lucy Entry By:Mavik
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2022-01-12 08:20:22
Page Updated:Wed Jan 26th, 2022

*This item is the result of a raid event.
Expansion: Shadows of Luclin Shadows of Luclin

Rarity: Rare
Level to Attain: 60

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This item is found on creatures.

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Vex Thal

Uploaded December 23rd, 2022 by halfridge
Updated December 26th, 2022
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# Nov 06 2003 at 2:21 AM Rating: Default
my guild for the 9th time just took her down... tonight is the first time she has dropped the BP... /crys cause he lost the roll
RE: Rare
# Oct 17 2004 at 3:04 AM Rating: Decent
For the last 4 weeks AHR is been droping this BP...

This week was my turn to pay some insane DKP for it but I guess is better than the Ornate BP I was wearing...
RE: Rare
# Nov 06 2003 at 7:17 AM Rating: Default
What disturbs me most is your guild rolled on it?!?

I own one of these and I can tell you its buy fates hand alone.When I first joined my guild they were Warr only pretty much...still cost dkp but were assigned to a warr upon drop.

Ive been to at least 7 VT clearings and its dropped about 4 times.Thats pretty uncommon in my book, and yes I think i only got this because.
A:all our warr had this already or seru BP
B:I had enough dkp/raid points etc
C:Some other people who could have gotten it decided to let me have it instead cause it wasnt so much of a big upgrade. <3 my guildies
RE: Rare
# Nov 07 2003 at 10:17 AM Rating: Default
In our guild we bid our Earned Raid Points and when 2 or more people tie in what they bid it goes to a roll. basically we can earn about 15 points on a good night and someone bid 225 for this... big spender and well spent i should say.
RE: Rare
# Nov 06 2003 at 9:00 AM Rating: Decent
He probally means rolled it between the Wars/Tanks that needed BP upgrade
RE: Rare
# Jan 19 2004 at 7:44 PM Rating: Default
aye but still odd they should have used raid/or dragon points in my old guild after items were dropped you'd say in guild say me if you needed item and leader and co leader would randomly chose who would get the item
RE: Rare
# Mar 08 2004 at 9:20 PM Rating: Default
We use DKP and when two players are within 5 points of each other, they roll off on an item. I hated seeing loot assigned by anyone as you risk nepotism or favouritism, DKP systems no matter how varied irons alot of this out.

All guilds use variations so I fail to see how any of this is strange.
#REDACTED, Posted: Oct 31 2003 at 4:25 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) why am i a little dissapointed? =/
#REDACTED, Posted: Apr 12 2003 at 9:36 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Fraid my warrior smokes you all guys, not the real thing but quite possible.
#REDACTED, Posted: Jun 07 2003 at 10:53 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Nope not until you add a raex bp
Some points about this bp.
# Mar 09 2003 at 4:34 PM Rating: Default
It's actually a pretty common loot from Aten, I'm in a guild that clears VT everytime it pops (yay sullon) and we get this bp pretty often.

The effect Vengeance X, gives a worn +50 atk boost to the owner. Overall it's a great bp, and I can't wait to upgrade my Chestplate of Vindication to this.

Hope that clears up some stuff about it. :)
RE: Some points about this bp.
# Jul 31 2003 at 11:43 PM Rating: Default
Your guild must be as lucky as hell. In all the VT clearings I've been to(must be closing to 10 now), I have never ever seen this BP.

Oftenly, we get a pair of leggins or even 2 pairs, plus casters rings, etc.

I do wish this BP was more common in general, since it is probably the best we can get our tanks until we enter elemental planes(besides Seru).
# Mar 07 2003 at 6:02 AM Rating: Default
how much atk does it give ? I heared 100.. (at 65 ofcourse)
RE: atk?
# Apr 01 2003 at 2:11 AM Rating: Decent
The atk you heard is cause of str added into the atk bonus
#REDACTED, Posted: Oct 07 2002 at 6:33 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Imagine when you kill a mob in PoP and you see a bp that has 100ac? /Drool.
#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 07 2003 at 10:41 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post)
Vengeance X
# Sep 30 2002 at 5:24 PM Rating: Good
Guildmate sent a link of this over guildchat, and it has Vengeance X as the effect now.
RE: Vengeance X
# Nov 23 2002 at 7:03 PM Rating: Default
Yea I saw this yesterday myself its Vengeance X now.
#REDACTED, Posted: Aug 02 2002 at 6:33 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) GIMP GIMP!
#REDACTED, Posted: Jul 29 2002 at 9:34 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) bye bye primals for buffing
# Jul 18 2002 at 6:54 AM Rating: Default
heheheheheehehehehe, HAHAHAAHA, man this set up would rule (no he aint real). Would be nasty though eh? =) *says to himself, I only got myself 8khp and 2200ac.....*

Yes I know its sorta off the subject....
RE: Rarr!
# Oct 15 2002 at 10:42 PM Rating: Default
I prefer this one...(At present, I don't believe there can be a better all-around setup for any Warrior).

Someday, this setup will be mine. Oh yes, it will...
RE: Rarr!
# Jan 19 2004 at 7:52 PM Rating: Decent
try afterlife set up :) MUCH better or furror i think his name is.. he is best warrior on EQ
RE: Rarr!
# Jun 12 2004 at 11:26 AM Rating: Decent
Heres a proper dream profile.... only difference is, this ones actually real!
RE: Rarr!
# Apr 13 2003 at 2:35 PM Rating: Default
this is my dream warrior i made

he would own you all =P

Edited, Sun Apr 13 14:58:42 2003
RE: Rarr!
# Nov 05 2002 at 8:20 AM Rating: Default
This thread was started a while back, when this bp was the best, now only second to elemental bp. There was a discussion about the best gear a war could have so I put in my link of my test war I put together to see max hp a war could have.

This is it right there, the BEST setup imo, you got this guy tanking for you an your set, if Im missing any right clicks lemme know k? =P

Edited, Wed Apr 23 19:53:55 2003
RE: Rarr!
# Nov 05 2002 at 10:55 PM Rating: Default
I wouldn't say ownz. Close, though. Mine has higher saves and AC, but a few less HPS. I went for all-around great with mine.
RE: Rarr!
# Nov 08 2002 at 7:19 AM Rating: Default
hehe, i was just fooling around, would be quite a duel =P
RE: Rarr!
# Mar 10 2003 at 2:57 AM Rating: Decent
You'd win easy dark, he's wielding 2 piercers, caps at 240 :P.
RE: Rarr!
# Mar 18 2003 at 9:48 PM Rating: Decent
Hehe, that isnt my real profile, just a warrior I put together on my spare time to see how many HP a war could have =P
The original post isnt showing up anymore so the above posts seem kinda pointless =P
RE: Rarr!
# Oct 03 2002 at 4:59 PM Rating: Decent
This bp is nice. That Raxe's bp has 100ac though. So this is no longer the best bp in the game. It's still very nice though. I hope to wear one one day :)

Takata K'Trazz
LVL 61 Darkelf Warlord

Edited, Wed Apr 9 12:01:43 2003
# Jul 17 2002 at 9:09 AM Rating: Default
(in awe)WOW!...... pretty.
#REDACTED, Posted: Jun 30 2002 at 11:25 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Here's a sign that eq is going to die. They traded the most powerful DRAGON from an rpg and basically replaced him with something that i ASSUME has four arms and lives on the moon. I'm not sure if this guy in an akheva or what and if he isn't I'm wrong. ALSO i say he replaced Vulak even though his loot is much better because loot is that much better now. So I just hope that eq2 is good.
RE: Vulak
# Jul 18 2002 at 3:45 PM Rating: Default
82 posts
From what I've seen so far, EQ has not been (primarily) an RPG for a long time (if ever). That doesn't mean it's going to die, just that it's a new hybrid....sort of a chat room with nice graphics, or a way for little "cliques" to form --- in the good cases, for peeps to learn to work together, and in the bad cases, like schoolyard gangs that strut around with a sad sense of mistaken self-importance.

But there is a place for this style game as well as true rpgs, so I doubt it will die as long as it's fun and rewarding for a large enough group that Sony keeps a revenue stream flowing.
Dread Lord of Greenmist
RE: Vulak
# Mar 03 2003 at 6:07 PM Rating: Default

This is a nice BP. It's a shame that 99.9% of people will never see one. Truthfully, EQ is a chatroom for most and a good RPG for the one or two uber guilds on each server.

It's a shame too, just because you have a job and aren't still in high school, you have a snowballs chance in hell of getting an item like this.

Just wait until some of the newer RPG's that let you build empires and collect taxes come out. I have absolutely no desire to be a "subject" of a 14 year old who spends FAR too much time playing on the computer.
RE: Vulak
# Nov 23 2002 at 6:15 AM Rating: Default
well said , my fellings exactly
#REDACTED, Posted: Jun 16 2002 at 3:37 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Don't you hate when people complian about "blue" servers and think there on a true PvP server when in fact they are on a half blue/half PvP server?!?!? I know I do.
<huge letters> WOW!!
# Jun 10 2002 at 10:07 AM Rating: Default
GOOD LORD!!!!!!!!
80 AC i would trade all my gear for just this BP
/DROOLS enough said about that...
RE: <huge letters> WOW!!
# Jun 27 2002 at 8:39 PM Rating: Default
Yea too bad EVERYTHING is no drop nowadays... so much for savin up ur pp's
RE: <huge letters> WOW!!
# Jun 29 2002 at 11:46 PM Rating: Default
Things like this better be no drop cause the day that a newbie walks by my 51 Pally with something like this is the day i stop playing. :)

RE: <huge letters> WOW!!
# Aug 11 2002 at 4:56 PM Rating: Default
That would be kinda funny..../ooc 10 warrior lfg, TWINKED......YAAAAAAAAAAAAAR

Edited, Sun Aug 11 17:45:16 2002
RE: <huge letters> WOW!!
# Jul 23 2002 at 7:11 PM Rating: Default
I aggree totally.
#REDACTED, Posted: Jun 07 2002 at 2:42 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Man verants a bunch of ********! Most people will see this gear by the time the expansion after Planes of Power comes out. /grumbles to himself about the capitalist pigs and all the bloobie severs that support them
Bloobie whining
# Jun 18 2002 at 10:56 AM Rating: Default
82 posts
Let's take this "whine about how peeps-who-are-not-me enjoy the game" to logical conclusions....

Anyone who plays pretty chatroom games instead of Quake isn't a purist shooter..and is really blue ;-)

And anyone who started gaming much after the originals and D&D in 1976 is a Noob...;-)

Dread Lord of Greenmist
RE: Bloobie whining
# Jul 01 2002 at 4:44 PM Rating: Default
Umm well I guess im blue since I personally think Quake sucks ***.
RE: Bloobie whining
# Jul 18 2002 at 3:48 PM Rating: Default
82 posts
Love it! Ditto, which is why I play on a blue server. But I feel irritated when peeps dig into someone elses style and choice.
Dread Lord of Greenmist
# Jun 15 2002 at 7:17 AM Rating: Decent
Actually its unlikely that anyone will get this... few people in the highest end uber guilds who do nothing but play EQ will get it, but the key itself is hard to get and the mobs are hard to kill... (Hard meaning VERY VERY hard). 2nd strongest guild on my server (who left now /cry) couldnt do this guy, and they were damn strong.
# Nov 05 2002 at 11:01 PM Rating: Decent
I've already seen guilds with 3 or 4 of these. They of course always go to the Prime and Backup tanks.
# Jun 16 2002 at 11:17 AM Rating: Default
Everyone said the same thing about ntov.
# Jun 24 2002 at 2:27 AM Rating: Default
Didn't need a key for nToV.
Nice BP, but.....
# Jun 06 2002 at 6:45 PM Rating: Decent
Nice BP, but a little hardcore for me. I'm not complaining but maybe I'll see it, I am pretty close to my VT key, just have to kill Emporer Ssraeshza. =P Hehehe....soon enough I tell myself.

-Spaz Munk

Edited, Thu Jun 13 20:44:12 2002
# Jun 06 2002 at 12:51 PM Rating: Default
/em ..sputters..coughs..curls up under his computer table in the fetal position muttering "IwantIwantIwantIwant".
RE: ........
# Sep 13 2002 at 11:53 AM Rating: Default
Easy, dude. Go get a soda and watch some Bugs'll be ok in no time.
# Jun 06 2002 at 11:53 AM Rating: Decent
Could someone submit a fashion shot so I can decide if I want to replace my crafted BP? ;-)
# Jun 05 2002 at 5:03 PM Rating: Default
What does the effect do?
RE: Vengeance??
# Jun 05 2002 at 5:55 PM Rating: Good
That's a good question....Vengance is listed 6 times in the spdat. On the first one it says it increases atk by 5...on the next 10, then 15, 20, 30, and 50. So...question is which one is on the BP? I'd guess that it'd be the last one with +50, but I really have no idea...heh.
RE: Vengeance??
# Sep 19 2002 at 5:50 PM Rating: Default
Magelo lists this BP as having Vengance 6
RE: Vengeance??
# Oct 12 2002 at 4:22 AM Rating: Default
I saw a link to this item today that said Vengeance X.
It was typically relinked about a million times, so finding the wearer and asking what the effect did was kind of hard...

Edited, Sat Oct 12 05:08:58 2002
RE: Vengeance??
# Jun 05 2002 at 7:55 PM Rating: Default
Maybe that means that at level 1 Vengeance increases ATK by 5, on up to 50 at level 60.
RE: Vengeance??
# Jun 06 2002 at 6:14 AM Rating: Default
No, that isn't how the spdat.eff works. If it changes by level, it's all listed under the same entry. Different entries means different versions of the spell (or different spells w/ the same name, depending on how you look @ it).
RE: Vengeance??
# Sep 07 2002 at 5:50 PM Rating: Decent
is it possible the the vengeance effects stack and increase the ATK per piece of vengeance armor you have? I mean there sure seems to be alot of it coming from that area.

for example, if you have a piece with veng. on it your ATK is upped 5. put another piece on and perhaps the ATK jumps up another 5 for a total of 10 bonus ATK. keep adding until max out of +50? who knows just an idea...
RE: Vengeance??
# Oct 13 2002 at 7:39 AM Rating: Default
Im thinking it works like flowing thought.
# Jun 05 2002 at 11:44 AM Rating: Decent
hey not a bad upgrade from the Statue BP! :) at least you get 25 more Hit Points.
# Jun 05 2002 at 11:25 AM Rating: Decent
Its about time that Pallidus wasnt the only 80ac and highest item in the game. Grats Verant on finally making sense too by having a BP that tanks can wear with higher ac than a cleric BP

Kindark Goodheart
52 Cavy of Brell
Kinlight Sinisterheart
30 Snaky SK
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