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Site Update #2

We're still updating info for Night of Shadows, stay tuned for more updates!

Click on Read More to see the updates for the month of January.

Game Update 1-18-2023



January 18, 2023

*** Highlights ***

- Added an Auto-Fill button to the Overseer offered quest tab that will attempt to assign the best possible agent to each quest slot.

*** Items ***

- Added the quest flag to many TSS items that are used for back flagging and The Serpent Seeker's Charm of Lore.
- Small Bottle of Soy Sauce, Jewelers Glass, and Etching Tools are no longer flagged no-trade.
- Luclin Cream of Mushroom Soup and Cheese-Stuffed Flank Steak Rolls can now be added to the Tradeskill Depot.
- Royal Antonican Katar Ornament can now be applied to weapons equipped in the off-hand.
- The Shar Vahl, Divided partisan quest item Seal of Shar Vahl now has a description for the right-click effect.
- Teleport items available from Heritage Crates now have recast times of 30 minutes.
- Description on the Tradable Level 85 Heroic Character Boost has been corrected to reflect that they can be created at character select when Call of the Forsaken is active.
- Bonespider Staff Ornament and Caster's Companion Ornament can now be applied to secondary slot weapons.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Animist Khalan will only offer the When One Door Closes mission if the requestor has completed the Power Corrupts task.
- Mean Streets mission - The "No You Don't" achievement will no longer be completed automatically when the event succeeds.
- Holiday and expansion quest and collection achievement rewards that previously granted AA or XP have been updated to grant both AA and XP.
- Experience rewards have been removed from Darklight Caverns mercenary quests, and coin rewards have been adjusted.
- Wakkadon Muru in Firefall Pass will speak to you if you are not on his quest.
- The final step of the quest "Yokaw, Ameek" can now only be completed by speaking with Za`Aknila Kingi.
- Typos in Darklight Caverns' partisan quests text have been corrected.
- Shar Vahl, Divided - A Peace Offering - Consolidating the grimling reports in the satchel can now grant quest credit in any zone.
- Only the correct NPCs in Firefall Pass will accept quest items.
- Only the correct NPCs in Basilica of Adumbration will accept quest items.

*** Spells ***

- Reduced the level of the following spells (all ranks) by 10 levels. Cure Corruption, Resist Corruption, Shared Purity, Expunge Corruption, Chant of the Napaea, Wishka's Favor, Absolve, Minohten's Purifying Panpipes, and Staccato Rhythms.
- The spell "Protection of the Primal Spirits" now has its Absorb DoT damage effect in spell slot 7 instead of spell slot 3.

*** AA ***

- Shadow Knight - Added a new rank to Dark Lord's Unity (Azia and Beza) that casts Impenitent Demeanor.
- Necromancer - Added a new rank to Mortifier's Unity that casts Flesh to Toxin.

*** NPCs ***

- Maera Kerrath and Rahamin Kerrath can no longer be attacked in Shar Vahl, Divided.
- Mobs set for low health and damage in Night of Shadows have had their damage set to an appropriate value. An example is a fire ant in Firefall Pass.
- Fixed a typo in Tarson Lonewolf's dialogue for the task Fungal Corruption.
- Shar Vahl, Divided is now a little more active with additional NPC conversations.
- - Shar Vahl, Divided now has two updated newsletters available at the Town Crier, Laanas Sejiir. He is located near the bank in the South Gate district.
- - Multiple typos resolved in Shar Vahl, Divided dialogues.

*** Overseer ***

- A mysterious presence in Plane of Knowledge now offers many more rewards in return for coin gained through Overseer Quests.
- Added an Auto-Fill button to the offered quest tab that will attempt to assign the best possible agent to each quest slot.

*** Progression Servers ***

- Vaniki: Added the level 1 grace to the script that assigns player flags for the level locked server achievements.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Added additional achievements for purchasing AAs to the General >> Advancement achievement category.

*** UI ***

- Fixed a bug that prevented newly deposited guild bank items from being selected as expected.
- Fixed a visual bug with the seller's item quantity when selling to a PC buyer in the bazaar.
- Experience messages no longer display 0.000% if you received less than 0.001% experience, or if you had all of your experience allocated to AA.
- Increased the maximum amount of container windows that can be opened at once from 40 to 43.
- Enabled the ability to withdraw items from your Personal Tradeskill Depot via the Find Item window when interacting with a banker.
- Adjustments to Tradeskill Depot Window column widths should now persist after logging out.

- Changed -

- The EverQuest Team

Site Update #1

Here are the site updates for the month of December.

Click on Read More to see all the updates.

Night of Shadows and November Site Updates

Well here it is folks, Night of Shadows releases tomorrow. We've been busy gathering info and working back behind the scenes to get as much work done as we can. We're going to release the wiki tonight so folks can look over it for the release tomorrow.



There's is plenty of work to be done still so we'll keep plugging away at it and filling in information. Have fun folks!

Here are the patch notes.


December 6, 2022

*** Highlights ***

*** Night of Shadows ***
Welcome to EverQuest: Night of Shadows, the 29th expansion for EverQuest!
Norrathians have ended the conflict between Mayong Mistmoore and Luclin herself, but can they relax their vigilance? The recent attention of Luclin has emboldened the Akheva, and they continue their plans to conquer the moon!
As war rages across the surface of Luclin, disaster has befallen Shadow Haven deep below. The mysterious sealed door has been smashed open, and the great spirit trapped behind it has rampaged through the city, leaving death and destruction before retreating to the unknown caverns it escaped from. What maddened the spirits? How can the Akheva be stopped? Can Shar Vahl survive as war threatens to engulf the city? The truth lies in the shadows -- will you survive to find it?
- Learn new spells, combat abilities, and Alternate Abilities.
- Find new items and learn new tradeskill recipes.
- Explore seven new zones.
- Participate in new raids and quests.
- Complete new achievements.
- Enter Firefall Pass through a new passageway in Umbral Plains opened by the moonquake.
- Store and use tradeskill components like never before with the new Tradeskill Component Depot. See details below.

*** Items ***

- Merchant Olwen in Western Wastes no longer has quantity restrictions on oranges, limes, lemons, or medicinal herbs.
- Corrected an issue that prevented the Journeyman's Compass from gaining additional progress.
- Potion Merchants that sell distillate potions now offer XX and XXI versions.
- Royal Antonican Weapon Ornament Pack now stacks to 20.

*** Quests & Events ***

- The Kar`Zok (Raid): Restored the missing currency reward to this event.
- Updated the "Master of" text to correctly reflect what is needed to complete the achievements for the following expansions:
- - Veil of Alaris
- - The Ring of Scale
- - The Burning Lands
- - Torment of Velious

*** Spells ***

- Updated the description for all ranks of Enhanced Minion so that they indicate the levels they affect.

*** AA ***

- Wizard - Destructive Adept - Increased the percentage damage modifier at all ranks, up to 160% at max rank.
- Renamed the following AAs to Innate Prowess and moved to the Archetype tab:
- - Berserker - Innate Rage - Increased the percentage damage modifier at ranks 18/19/20 to 100/110/120.
- - Beastlord - Innate Fury - Increased the percentage damage modifier at ranks 19/20 to 100/110.
- - Monk - Innate Innerflame - Increased the percentage damage modifier at ranks 19/20 to 100/110.
- - Ranger - Innate Natureblade - Increased the percentage damage modifier at ranks 19/20 to 90/100.
- - Rogue - Innate Duelist - Increased the percentage damage modifier at ranks 19/20 to 100/110.
- - Bard - Innate Songblade
- - Paladin - Innate Holyblade
- - Shadow Knight - Innate Darkblade
- - Warrior - Innate Fellstrike
- Enhanced Decay (and equivalent) AAs have slowly but surely increased DoT damage at an untenable rate, leading us into a situation where DoTs are outperforming just about everything else in far more scenarios than intended. We've adjusted these AAs to ensure that they can continue to receive healthy upgrades for the foreseeable future.
- Made the following additional changes to the below AAs: renamed to Enhanced Ruin, moved to the Archetype tab, and updated the minimum duration value in the description of all ranks to be in seconds instead of ticks.
- - Druid - Enhanced Maladies - Reduced the percentage damage bonus from 36 seconds worth of increased damage to 32 seconds at max rank.
- - Enchanter - Enhanced Torment - Increased the percentage damage bonus for DoTs with a minimum duration of 36+ seconds to match the indicated seconds worth of increased damage at all ranks.
- - Necromancer - Enhanced Decay - Reduced the percentage damage bonus from 41 seconds worth of increased damage to 38 seconds at max rank.
- - - Note, the display value for this AA at max rank inaccurately indicated that it provided a damage bonus equivalent to 56 seconds worth of damage when it actually capped at 41 seconds at the specified minimum DoT duration.
- - Shadow Knight - Enhanced Decay - Reduced the percentage damage bonus from 38 seconds worth of increased damage to 34 seconds at max rank.
- - - Note, the display value for this AA at max rank inaccurately indicated that it provided a damage bonus equivalent to 48 seconds worth of damage when it actually capped at 38 seconds at the specified minimum DoT duration.
- - Shaman - Enhanced Pestilence - Reduced the percentage damage bonus at ranks 8-10 to match the indicated seconds worth of increased damage.

*** NPCs ***

- Corrected an issue where NPCs (such as raid chests) could only hold 36 items.

*** Progression Servers ***

- Increased the number of keys granted on progression servers for Empires of Kunark and The Burning Lands.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Added the Personal Tradeskill Depot:
- - With the purchase of the new expansion your account will gain a Tradeskill Component Depot that comes with 250 - 490 slots (depending on the expansion edition purchased) for stacks of different tradeskill items. You can purchase additional slots via the marketplace.
- - Each slot ignores the standard stack sizes and can hold up to 99,999 of an item.
- - To withdraw or deposit items from/to your Personal Tradeskill Depot, you'll need to be at a bank. However, you can consume items from anywhere as long as you have Personal Depot checked in the Tradeskill Window.
- - - You will only be able to deposit stackable tradeskill items that are not attunable, temporary, lore, no trade (and also not heirloom), containers, or no storage.
- - Items in your Personal Tradeskill Depot can only be used in normal tradeskill combines. You cannot experiment using your depot, the items must be in your inventory.
- - Your Personal Depot can only contain a single stack of each item. For example, if you have 99,999 Cup of Flour in your Personal Depot, you will not be able to deposit any more.
- - All characters on an account on the same server will share the same Personal Tradeskill Depot, much like the shared bank. When a character is transferred to a different server, their Personal Depot will not be included.
- - Updated /outputfile inventory to include items from your Personal Tradeskill Depot if it is loaded (either by opening it at a bank or using it for tradeskill combines).

*** UI ***

- The atlas now correctly displays Luclin in space instead of in the ocean.
- The Tradeskill Window now has a checkbox to consume items from your Personal Tradeskill Depot. When checked, it will pull items from your Personal Tradeskill Depot before pulling from your inventory.
- Added a button to view your Personal Tradeskill Depot from the Tradeskill Window. You will only be able to view items this way, you'll need to open it from a bank to withdraw or deposit items.

- Added -


- Changed -


*** Previously Updated ***

- Corrected an issue that caused mercenaries to not receive the correct focus equipment which could result in them being underpowered.

- The EverQuest Team


To see November updates, click on



Game Update 11-16-2022

Here are the patch notes.


November 16, 2022

*** Items ***

- Fixed a client crash when inserting an augment you can't use into an item you are currently wearing on Free Trade servers.
- Shadowsilk Sash has had its spell description fixed.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Recipes should once again award the most significant product(s) before returned components such as tools.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Kill Kangur (Raid) - Altered this event so that the main loot is in a chest that is opened as the last step of the event.
- Primal Vampire (Raid) - Updated the fail chat text to reflect the correct name of the Achievements 'No Ascent' and 'Feastless'.
- Quoth the Raven... - Ravenous gorals will no longer give credit for this quest.
- The Hero's Journey - Neriak Quests - Death of Lyda Nasin (Achievement) - This achievement has been restored as the target of this quest, Lyda Nasin, can now be found in East Freeport.

*** Spells ***

- Warrior - Altered Determined Reprisal and Wade into Battle to fix a stacking conflict with Spire of the Warlord.
- Rogue - Added Thief's Eyes and Thief's Vision to a stacking group to ensure that lower ranks will not overwrite higher ranks.
- Enchanter - Arcane Disjunction has been adjusted to no longer conflict with the Wizard Class AA, Trifurcating Magic.
- Corrected an issue with the text of the description for Yeti Chill.

*** AA ***

- Magician - Theft of Essence - The proc rate for this ability has been updated to 100%.
- Magician - Elemental Conversion - This has been updated to ignore damage mitigation factors on the pet.
- Magician - Elemental Conversion - Several ranks have been adjusted to consume slightly more pet health while returning slightly more mana.
- Enchanter - Beguiler's Synergy - This will now buff chromatic spells in addition to fire, ice, and magic spells.

*** NPCs ***

- Drifter Minki will now leave the Nexus when he is not needed. Fear not as he will return during the Anniversary.

*** Overseer ***

- Fixed a typo in the Overseer Quest 'Guard the Goods'.
- Several new event-specific Agents have been added to Overseer, available only during the Frostfell event in December.
- A new line of event-specific Overseer Quests, available at all Overseer levels, are also available for a limited time during Frostfell.
- New achievements, found in the Overseer >> Holiday category, have also been added for completing each of the new Frostfell event Overseer Quests.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Corrected an issue where a beta copy would not work if the character's name was taken.
- Fixed a zone crash that would rarely happen when moving items in containers.
- Temple of Veeshan will now spawn a pickzone if it reaches 25 players.

*** UI ***

- The Bazaar Search window's platinum column is now right-justified.

*** Previously Updated ***

- Corrected an issue that was preventing raid currency from being properly awarded after victories in Terror of Luclin raids.
- Treants and Giants in Blightfire Moors should now drop Diseased Ichor during Nights of the Dead.
- Corrected an issue that caused several combat skills to be hidden in the combat skills window.
- Corrected an issue where some tasks did not have a reduced level requirement on level locked servers.

- The EverQuest Team

Game Update 10-26-2022

October 26, 2022




*** Highlights ***


- New Overseer agents, quests, and achievements for Nights of the Dead have been added. See the Overseer section below for more details.

- Look to the Marketplace this month for the Erudite Heritage Crate. Each crate contains a random item. Trade these Erudite Heritage items to your friends or collect them all yourself!

- Continued reducing the amount of zone lag caused by spell casts and procs.



*** Tradeskills ***


- Crafting Planes of Power Timeless and Ornate armors no longer grants a small amount of experience.

- Failing to bake a Loaf of Bread no longer has a small chance to result in a Burnt Loaf of Bread. However, Burnt Loaf of Bread can now be crafted by placing a Loaf of Bread in an oven, no Bread Tin required.

- Recipes that consume a Flawless Conflagrant Diamond and whose failure had a small chance to result in a Crushed Conflagrant Diamond will now instead always return the Flawless Conflagrant Diamond.



*** Quests & Events ***


- Primal Vampire, Close the Gate, and Oubliette of Light (Raids) - Corrected an error that didn't award completion credit for beating these events.



*** Spells ***


- Bard - Removed the hidden requirement on the following 7 songs that prevented their use unless a matching instrument was equipped: Shauri's Sonorous Clouding, Cantata of Soothing, Melody of Ervaj, Occlusion of Sound, Composition of Ervaj, Harmony of Sound, and Harmony of Tone.

- Corrected a misspelled word in the description for Yeti Chill.



*** AA ***


- Attempting to trigger multiple AAs with cast times should no longer give a timer for the ones that don't cast.

- Necromancer - Reluctant Benevolence - Fixed an issue with the Disabled description.

- Monk - Technique of Master Wu - Ranks 36 and 37: Increased the percentage chance to hit for the first non-guaranteed strikes to be a 5% increase per rank.



*** Mercenaries ***


- Fixed a bug where, after server transfer or test copy, characters with open mercenary slots were unable to hire new ones.



*** Overseer ***


- Several new event agents specific to the Nights of the Dead event have been added to Overseer.

- A new line of event quests, available at all Overseer levels, are also available for a limited time during Nights of the Dead (and for an extra 2 weeks after Nights of the Dead ends!).

- New achievements, found in the Overseer >> Holiday category, have also been added for completing each of the new Nights of the Dead event quests.



*** Miscellaneous ***


- Bards can now begin improving all instrument skills starting at level 1.

- Logging into a pickzone from character select will now prioritize returning you to the same pick you camped out from.

- Made a speculative fix to a problem when reconnecting after going link dead:

- - Logging into the same world after disconnecting from a zone and landing at the server selection screen, rather than the character selection screen, will now automatically kick the link dead PC rather than prompting you to do so.

- NPCs can now respond to /emote messages in the same manner they do /say messages.

- Armor can now be dyed with red, green, and blue values below 25.



*** UI ***


- Fixed a client crash that could occur when upgrading a Heroic Character with a custom UI.

- Fixed a bug where experience gained percentages displayed were inaccurate while in a party with players of different levels.

- Fixed a client crash that could occur when using a custom Extended Target Window.

- Rewards that grant currency will now display the name and quantity being granted in a chat message.

- When merging two groups, the leader of the joining group's Advanced Loot Window will now flash if there is at least one item in the loot list. The confirmation popup will no longer appear if the list is empty.



- The EverQuest Team


Site Maintenance

We will be taking the site down for some scheduled maintenance on October 27th, 2022 at 6:30PM PDT.