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Level 71+

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Once you get to this point,the quest for gear outweighs the quest for XP. You still need to earn levels and AA's, but now is where you really have to farm gear, to be able to earn XP at a reasonable rate.

You can still get pretty good XP from the hotzones. If it is not to your liking you can XP in Dragonscale Hills, or Loping Plains, with a well geared group at 70, and a moderately geared group at 76. There you will get items that will help you hit the next set of zones, Hills of Shade, etc. following if a further breakdown.

Level 71+ it is MUCH easier to get spells needed to advance. This is where you will find it easier to get groups as well, but that may not be the case when SoD comes out.

You may also have started seeing Elaborate Defiant armor and weapons drop.

The first thing you now want to do is continue leveling, maybe ensure you have run 3 AA, but other then that, level up to 76. the reason for this is so that you can get in groups with lvl 85 people, the increased cap when the new expansion Seeds of Destruction comes out Oct 21st.

Now that you are level 76, if you have less than 250 Alternate Advancment points earned, you have two options depending on your play style:

  • 1. Get comfortably into the level, say, 1 yellow bubble, and go max AA XP. This is discussed in the AA section, but if you find you need the AA's to survive against the mobs you are encountering, you may need to work on this now.
  • 2. Or, depending on your role and class, you can keep 100% to normal exp and worry about AA's after you reach level 80.

Now that you are 76 and (optionally) have over 250 AA's, you can start on levels again. You will also start seeing Elegant Defiant armor which is now the highest tier of random armor. After this you need to start on the quests or killing mobs to get gear.

Other options are as follows:

Until the Elegant Defiant armor came out, you had to do older content to gear up to handle the content in the latest expansion, That is no longer the case. You can jump straight into Oceangreen Hills and start working on the armor here. You may be a bit weak until you get some of the gear, and the AA's needed to progress, so you may decide to hit the Secrets of Faydwer expansion where you can get droppable gear that is attunable and upgradable further into the expansion.

Start with groups in Dragonscale Hills, and Loping Planes, then head to some of these zones: Bloodmoon Keep, The Mechamatic Guardian, The Hills of Shade, The Crypt of Shade, The Fortress Mechanotus, and the Gyrospires Beza and Zeka. These are where you will start getting the SoF armor. Then head to the S.H.I.P. Workshop, The Steam Factory, and Meldrath's Majestic Mansion, getting the upgrades you need there, and learning how to fight tougher mobs.

After this, you will need to go to the new zones in Seeds of Destruction.

Mostly you just need to go where your friends go, help as you can, and you should be able to gear up with them.

If you have joined a raiding guild, you most likely will not be hurting for gear, and are more than likely needing spells and AA's. You will raid but on off time you may be encouraged to get your AA's up in the group areas, and again, go where they go, and you will get there in no time.

Once you hit level maximum level (currently 105), all you can then earn are AA points. With each new expansion the challenges become greater, and AAs and gear are vital to you success and survival.


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