Tribes of Iksar  

The Iksar were originally divided into six different tribes all the way back to their days as slaves of the Shissar. After the Greenmist drove the Shissar race away to Luclin and freed the five tribes of Iksar that remained on Norrath they quickly spread across Kunark and governed themselves until they were later unified or wiped out by Venril Sathir of the Kunzar. These six tribes were:

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The Kylong

The Kylong were the intellectuals of the Iksar race. Many of them had been among the Shissar trustees that had been introduced to the basics of scholarly magic. They retained much of the Ancient Lore gathered by the Shissar, and kept these ancient tomes in vast libraries. They took up residence in the Mountainous regions of Kunark. During this period the Kylong establish the small trade village of Veksar over a magical spring of healing waters situated in a valley where the Lake of Ill Omen now sits.

There are actually more canon references to the Kylong tribe than nearly any other to be found within the world of Everquest. One such reference can be found via the quest dialog of Professor Akabao in the Lake of Ill Omen:

''Professor Akabao says 'Salutations traveler I dont get many visitors in these isolated regions. Have you come to learn of the ancient tribes of the Iksar?

You say, 'i have come to learn of the ancient tribes of the iksar'.

Professor Akabao says 'There were five tribes of Iksars that rose from the ashes of the Shissar Empire and founded their kingdoms on the continent of Kunark. Three of the tribes were extinguished many years later by the Kunzar tribe which is the tribe that the current Iksar are descendant from. I focus my studies on learning of the extinct tribe of Kylong.

You say, 'who are the kylong?'.

Professor Akabao says 'The Kylong were a mountain dwelling tribe of Iksar that strove for esoteric knowledge. They had vast libraries of ancient magical tomes that had been acquired from the Shissar sorcerers, and strove to understand and put the rituals documented in the tomes to practical use. When the Kunzar armies marched upon the Kylong, the three greatest Kylong mystics shattered the Medallion of Kylong, a holy relic of their tribe and fled their mountain homes in order to prevent the Kunzar from reassembling the Medallion of Kylong.

You say, 'where is the medallion'.

Professor Akabao says 'I have been attempting to learn of the destinations of the three Kylong leaders that held the fragments of the medallion. I know only that they sought shelters to hide and continue the practice of their mystical arts In order to one day return their tribe to it's former glory. Their remains may exist beneath some of the fortresses that are centers of Iksar and Sarnak necromancy. I have seen indications that some of the tomes within those fortresses are in fact the very tomes once cherished by the Kylong. Should you manage to recover the broken pieces of the Medallion of Kylong bring them to me so that I may restore the ancient artifact. ''

Another reference to the Kylong and more specifically to the three leaders of the Kylong Professor Akabao mentions appears later with the eventual release of the ruins of the city of Veksar via the quest dialog of Syrix Iceblood also found in the Lake of Ill Omen:

''You say, 'Hail, Syrik Iceblood'

Syrik Iceblood says 'Oh, hello. You caught me while I was in thought. Currently I am researching the methodology used in smithing weapons during the age of Veksar. If you wish to help, let me know. I will take any help available, be it friend or foe to the legions of Cabilis.'

You say, 'What is Veksar?'

Syrik Iceblood says 'Veksar was an opulent resort enjoyed by privileged nobles and generals of the empire. It was built near a small freshwater spring with legendary restorative properties, this small outpost was considered one of the finest treasures of the realm. Highly-ranked Iksar from the empire came here to cure their illness and extend their lives with the mystical [1]. This town was originally created by the Kylong tribe of Iksar, but was assimilated into the ranks of Venril Sathir when he united the five tribes. Many legendary Iksar lived there.'

You say, 'What about the legendary Iksar?'

Syrik Iceblood says 'When the Kunzar armies marched upon the Kylong, the three greatest Kylong mystics shattered the medallion of Kylong, a holy relic of their tribe, and fled their mountain homes in order to prevent the Kunzar from reassembling it. These three Kylong were Verix Kylox, Dakon Sythrax, and Sirk Vemat. As they fled from their tribe they knew that the chances to form the medallion together would be less if the Kylong split up. Verix attempted to hide in the hills of the Dreadlands. Dakon headed north to the Field of Bone. Sirk Vemat headed to the Burning Woods to hide in the forest.'

You say, 'Who is Verix Kylox?'

Syrik Iceblood says 'Venril Sathir found Verix Kylox the shaman while he was combining the lands for undead. Venril was angered by his lack of devotion. For his punishment he was sacrificed, but resurrected to become a part of Venril's undead army.'

You say, 'Who is Dakon Sythrax?'

Syrik Iceblood says 'Dakon Sythrax the necromancer fled to the Field of Bone. It was here that he raised a small troop of skeletons to build an underwater dungeon where he could hide his treasures. He hid the amulet and some of his more powerful tomes here. One of which was a great book of necromancy. The possessor of the book could have full control over an army of undead. He left the skeletons to do his work and returned to surrender to the Kunzar's forces. He was sent to Veksar to work through his days studying the effects of the spring.'

You say, 'What about this Book of Necromancy?'

Syrik Iceblood says 'Xalgoz later discovered the cove and he took the medallion back to the five towers of Teraaz, which is now referred to as Kaesora. He left all of the tomes because he did not find them of particular interest. Decades after the war between the dragons and Iksar, a troll that fell from a passing ship found Sythrax's small cove. The skeletons milled around in disarray. After finding the book and reading what of it he could he found that the skeletons would do his bidding. I have heard rumors that Sythrax was able to assume the form of a great lich to live through the decades. His hatred for being trapped, and for being forced to work for Venril has built over the ages. He only wants to escape this place so he can retrieve his medallion and books that he believes to be in the Field of Bone.'

You say, 'Who is Sirk Vemat?'

Syrik Iceblood says 'The Sarnak captured Sirk Vemat the warrior. They took him to Chardok where they forced him to work in mining out caves that would be used as their city. He still carried the medallion of the Kylong. He knew that in death they would find it on his body so he decided to hide it. He dug a hole as deep into the mountain as he could and placed it in the hole and covered it over. I have heard tales that a slaving rat by the name of Niblek would find the necklace. Niblek's love for shiny things meant that he would keep it with him, but would offer it as trade to anyone that had his favorite type of gems. '''

The Jarsath

Proud and primitive tribe who made their home on and around the islands in Timorous Deep. They were very fierce, and frequently raided the other tribes to satisfy their Canibalistic bloodthirst. One in game reference to the Jarsarth Tribe comes from the quest for the Medallion of the Jarsarth via Xiblin Fizzlebik in Timorous Deep:

''Xiblin Fizzlebik says 'Hello, I am Xiblin Fizzlebik, renowned archeologist and historian of Ak'Anon. I'm currently in search of artifacts and relics on the Iksar Jarsath tribe. If you stumble upon anything, please bring it to me.'

You say, 'What Jarsath tribe?'

Xiblin Fizzlebik says 'About two thousand years ago, there were five different tribes of Iksar who dwelled on the continent of Kunark. One of these tribes was the Jarsath. They were a very primitive sort, proud and tribal, but also cannibalistic. Often, they went to war with the other tribes that co-existed with them, back then. The ruins found on this island were of structures created by the Jarsath. I've been excavating for quite some time now, but haven't been able to find anything of significance.'

You say, 'What are you looking for?'

Xiblin Fizzlebik says 'In my studies, I have learned that the Jarsath believed they could draw power from a holy symbol... specifically a medallion that represented their tribe. When Salthir became king of the Iksar empire Sebilis, he had the medallion broken into three pieces and hid them on the Kunark continent so that they would never be found. I'm searching for the pieces so that I can put it back together and learn more about this tribe. Perhaps you wish to help?''

The Obulus

For Iksar, the Obulus may have been fairly peacefull. They had an affinity with nature, although they bent nature to their wills, and not addapted themselves to it, as Druids would. The Iksar Shamen and Beastlords are no doubt a remnant of the Obulus.

The story of the Obulus was cut short when the huge meteorites rained down on their land and destroyed their cities in the area now know as Burning Woods. The skeletal remains of the last Obulus Elder, Slixin Klex, still roams the area, lamenting the loss of his people.

Venril Sathir's Wife Drusella Sathir was the eldest daughter of the wizards of the Obulus tribe.

A reference to the Obulus Tribe comes via quest dialog from Slixin Klex, an Iksar Skeleton found in the Burning Woods:

''Ask Slixin Klex "What burning of the land?".

Slixin Klex says 'Fiery death from the sky. Rock and fire burning our lands. Death and destruction splintering our tribe. Once strong we were but the fiery rocks from the sky crushed our proud cities and weakened our tribe."

Ask him "what tribe" and Slixin Klex says "Obulus was our peoples. The hills and trees were our lands. We tamed the dark and wilds and bent the forests to our needs. But all is gone, all our peoples, all our works, even the medallion that was the symbol of our power.

Ask him "what medallion" and Slixin Klex says 'Medallion of the Obulus. Symbol of our proud peoples. Broken into pieces long lost to the dark forests now. I know where they are now but I am no longer flesh. If I were I would find them to bring them back together."''

The Kunzar

Strong and Warlike, and no doubt the most organized of the five tribes. The Kunzar settled in The Overthere among the ruins of the Shissar Empire, and created the cliff-city Charassis.

It was the Kunzar who eventually marched on the four other tribes under the leadership of the would-be Emperor Venril Sathir culminating in the Sebilisian Empire. It is said that all remaining (Imperial) Iksar are Kunzar.

The Nathsar

A mysterious tribe of the Iksar. Not much is known about the small Tribe of Iksar that called themselves The Nathsar, and their role in the History to come is presumably neglible.

The Soriz

This unfortunate sixth tribe of the Iksar were not freed by the coming of the Greenmist like the other five and were brought with the Shissar on their exodus to the moon of Luclin to continue serving the evil snake men on their new home. They can be still found to this day toiling in the lowest level of Ssra temple, worked until death and then into undeath by their cruel Shissar taskmasters.

The discovery of the fate of both the Soriz and their Shissar masters was related in this story from the Shadows of Luclin Manual:

''Return of the Shissar

Grand Master Glox sat silently staring into the black waters of the Cabilis aqueducts, his thoughts tracing and retracing the recent visions that had upset his nights. The Lord Cazic was trying to tell him something, but he could not yet decipher what it was. The hand on his shoulder startled him and he turned quickly, striking the intruder with a quick blow to the chest. The figure crumpled to the cold ground.

Glox stood over him with a look of horror; it was one of his own pupils he had struck. He lay bloodied and bruised at Glox's feet breathing heavily with much effort, he was obviously dying. The pupil reached up toward Glox with something in his hand. Glox took the items from his hand and peered at them intently. There were two items; one was a glistening serpentine scale, the other an ancient stone symbol. Glox recognized the symbol almost immediately with horror. It was the symbol of the Soriz, the ancient Iksar tribe that had been the slaves of the Shissar Empire. Glox looked down at his pupil again. "Where did you get this?" The dying Iksar used his last ounce of energy to point up toward the night sky and the moon of Luclin. "sSs... Ssraeshza... has... returned..."''


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